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  1. Site Information

    1. Rules & Systems

      Any rules and guidelines that you should be aware of, including the site's systems.

    2. Lore & Storyline

      This is where you may find critical and in-depth information and lore regarding the RP world.

    3. Questions & Feedback

      This is where you may post questions, requesting help from the community, or make a suggestion. Guest Friendly.

  2. (IC) Major Countries

    1. Hi no Kuni

      (Land of Fire) A lush, wooded land spotted with mountains and hot springs. Streams and rivers wind through the warm, fertile country. With a single mountain range stretching from the center of the country out to the northeastern border.

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    2. Kaze no Kuni

      (Land of Wind) A brutal, arid land dominated by an expansive desert. Small mountain ranges dot the land, comprised mostly of sandstone. The only greenery is found in the occasional oasis and the coastal regions.

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    3. Mizu no Kuni

      (Land of Water) An isolated island nation that is wrapped in a perpetual mist. Swamps, lakes, and rivers control the low-lying islands, as well as wet forests and often-flooded coastal beaches.

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    4. Kaminari no Kuni

      (Land of Lightning) A cool, wooded nation filled with bare cliff and plains that separate vast copses of dark pine forest. Powerful storm clouds drift through the sky, unleashing torrential rain and lightning at random.

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    5. Tsuchi no Kuni

      (Land of Earth) A ninja village built into the face of a mountain. The village is built of solid stone and is protected from all sides by the mountain it hides within. The only entrance is a massive maze that leads to the giant metal gate.

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  3. Discussion Boards

    1. General Discussion

      This is the forum where you may post topics to discuss anything and everything with other members.

    2. Role-Play Discussion

      This is where you may make requests for others to role-play with you, find others for your squad or just discuss RP.

    3. Spam Area

      This is where you may play 'Spam Games' or just post useless messages with other members.

    4. Advertising & Affiliates

      This is where you may find our advertisement, advertise for other sites and request to be an affiliate.

  4. Forum Archives

    1. Forum Archives

      Once a topic or forum is no longer needed and only clutters a board, they will be moved here for future reference.