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  4. This is boring how the f*** does anyone connect around ere!? 


    HMPH!!!! 😠

  5. a Latin term used to describe dangerous or harmful magic We are a Harry Potter Roleplay site set in 2011. It's been over ten years since Voldemort was defeated, and overall things have been quiet as the British Wizarding Community pulled itself up together again. Until recently. Over the past few months disappearances have started again - but this time it is purebloods that are going missing. We accept all level of experience and have no required word count for posts. There are many canons still available and we also accept original characters. | HOME | RULES | PLOT | CANON | APPLY |
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  7. I'm fairly new to this website...


  9. Hey

    I've done this before.. may do it again, though I'll probably just stalk the chat box... and engage in a convo or two. This place looks cool, props to whoever designed it. Anywho later.
  10. PLOT & RULES | GETTING STARTED | WANTED ADSWe are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!
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  14. [align=center] Final Fantasy Tactics RP: The Brave War PLOT | RULES | POLITICS[/align] [align=center]Ten years have passed since the conclusion of the Lion War and Delita's son sits the throne. Ivalice finally knows peace, but it is a peace shattered when the boy dies, leaving the throne vacant with some nobles plotting to claim it and others still, to cede from yoke of Ivalice to form their own kingdoms. Your character enters the stage at this tumultuous tipping point in Ivalice's history and has a chance to change her fate.[/align]
  15. [align=center] CHAOS THEORY PLOT | CANONS | ADS[/align]
  16. <center><a href=""> <img src="" alt="Black Clover RP" style="width:500px;height:156px;"></a><p><i>A Forum RP based upon the Manga By Yuuki Tabata and Anime Series by Studio Pierrot</i></p> <p> Welcome to the <b>Clover Kingdom,</b> a peaceful and prosperous land under protection of the <b>Order of Magic Knights</b> and all-powerful <b>Magic Emperor.</b> A magical society, all citizens in the land have magical abilities, granted by magical tomes called <b>Grimoires.</b> However, only the strongest among them become <b>Magic Knights,</b> brave and powerful mages who stand as protectors of the people and defenders of the peace! </p><p>Begin your adventure and join one of the <b>nine elite squads</b> that make of the <b>Order of Magic Knights!</b> Earn Gold Stars for yourself and your magic squad, ranking up to <b>Grand Magic Knight</b> or earn <b>black stars</b> and become more infamously known... Wield powerful spells and magical items, either bought at the <b>Curio Shop</b> or discovered in a deadly <b>Dungeon!</b> <p>With a friendly staff and always growing community, we're ready to welcome you to the newest RP based upon the Shonen Jump Manga and Studio Pierrot Anime Series! Come by stop by our discord for a chat too! </p><p>We hope to see you in the Clover Kingdom!</p><p><a href="">Discord</a> | <a href= “”> Black Clover RP </a></center>
  17. So next to Mission Name, you have your title which is great. But in brackets, include who is putting the mission out. Is it Flame village, Lightning village, etc. That impacts who can take this mission. A lightning shinobi cannot take a flame mission, for example. It should be [Flame Village] if it is Flame village, for example. A clan or organization may also put out missions like this, but it must be a specific clan or group recognized on this site ( @Suijin Umiken right?) For Mission type, it should be listed as a Bingo book, Village, or clan mission. I see you wrote Recon, but you should clarify that the mission is given by a certain entity. The required word count for a C Rank mission is 700 words. Mission NPCs include villagers, enemy shinobi, bandits and the like. Mission description: You write that the Kage sent some on a mission, did you mean some villagers? Some shinobi? If there is likely to be any fighting or interacting between the person taking the mission and other NPCs, this is where you would want to fill out the Mission NPC section. Please, use this link and make some edits and I will work with you to confirm it as a viable mission!
  18. This area is for completed missions, that is missions that you finish. Where it says "Link to missions" There should be a link to your rp topic where you completed the mission, as well as a link to the mission that you took on from the mission section. Can you add the link of you completed it?
  20. Name | Rei Takumi Nickname | Rei Title Name | Rei Takumi Gender | Male Age | 22 Birth Date | December 17 [Character Image Here] Hair Color | Dark Brown Eye Color | Dark Blue Height | 181cm Weight | 57.6kg Appearance | Wears white polo, a long black coat, knee-high, black pants, sandal boots and a katana. Village | Konohagakura Clan | Takumi Clan Village Ranking: | Jonin Shinobi Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Fire and Lightning Specialties | Can create blue flames which are extremely dangerous Bloodline | Takumi Favorable | Spicy Foods, Ballad, Bonding with friends, Training, walking around Unfavorable | Loud Sounds, Traitors Personality | Cold at first, shows emotion when you develop a relationship. Quiet but selfless, scary when angered. Philosophy & Beliefs | No one was ever born evil. History & Background | He was the youngest child in the Head Family of his clan, the Takumi Clan. In his village, the Takumi Clan was feared because some members who gained a rare power, the power of the Amarok, had been eaten by power and killed innocent people. The village leader and the head of the clan had a deal that when an Amarok user is born, it would be killed immediately to avoid the villagers panicking. Unfortunately, the current head of the Takumi clan had two sons, the youngest being an Amarok user. He loved his son very much and decided to hide it from the village leader. But 7 years passed, the village leader eventually found out and had a meeting with the clan leader. The village leader forced the clan leader to kill the boy but he refused, leading to a fight, having the clan leader dying. The village leader turned to the eldest son and said to him the same thing, to kill his litlle brother who was 10 years younger than him. He had no choice but to do it, rather than risking more lives. He ordered the members to find and kill the boy, though he hated the thought of it. But unfortunately, the boy was smart and ran away, after witnessing the death of his father. He ran and ran until his legs gave out. Morning came and he walked again, his legs almost dying. Then he met two strangers to him, wearing green flak jackets and forehead protectors. The boy ran, but one of the strangers picked him up and wrapped a bandage around his leg. He smiled and asked his name. The boy answered and the man took him to a village, Konohagakure.
  21. Characters Involved | Rei Takumi Link to the Missions | Mission: Find The Disappearing Villagers Brief Overview | Some villagers have gone missing for quite some time, it's up to you to find them.
  22. Mission Name [Entity] | Secure the coast Mission Type | Recon Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description |Villagers have been hearing strange noises near the coast of the village. The Kage sent some on a mission to secure the area, mainly the coast, and make sure there are no enemies lurking around. Fortunately, you are one of them. Mission NPCs | None. Word Count | 500 Requirements |None
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  24. Next generation. No word count. 3/3/3 rating. Naruto Uzumaki's sole goal was to bring about peace to the shinobi world. Despite this, he never really mapped out a method or process to achieving it. His road to becoming Seventh Hokage has left a trail of war and unrest. Now the world enters a typical lull of what can be perceived as "peace," but tensions still boil under the surface.It is now in the time of the next generation. The youth are coming forward, flourishing into new roles as genin and opening their opportunity for potential. They look forward to starting their journeys and choosing their paths as shinobi. With the legends of their parents coming to a close, it is now their time to rise up and shine. It is their time to prove their parent's legacy.Meanwhile, old and new foes alike bide their time and perfect past mistakes. They move undetected and unseen, moving their pieces across the board in preparation to strike. The semblances of peace covers them from suspicious eyes. Soon the pieces will be in place and they shall rear their heads, revealing peace for what it really is. An illusion.RULES | WORLD INFORMATION | CANONS | APPLICATIONS | ADVERTISING
  25. Gladius is a new text based Naruto roleplaying game where you can create your own shinobi, explore the world of Naruto, and create meaningful stories with others. We offer: A skill based progression system so that you can objectively track the abilities and path of your character as you move from Genin to Jounin A quest feature that allows you to seek out new and exciting techniques from the anime and manga. An active and engaged staff willing to assist you with getting custom techniques and abilities approved A dynamic storyline that is affected and changed by player actions ensuring that everyone has a chance to make their mark on site history. An in depth and strategic Village Resource system designed to enhance the stakes during war and conquest. Join us at Gladius and get others to join for a referral bonus!
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