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    The shinobi originated from a continent ruled by them. The three major villages: Water, Lightning, and Flame were all ninja villages, were feared by all the less prominent ones. Other than them, there were two other known villages, known as the major-minor villages, which weren't on the level as the three major ones, but were still more prominent and powerful compared to the rest in the world. They were the Earth Village and Wind Village. The Earth Village were a people who rejected the usage of chakra and focused on the innovation of technology, while the Wind Village were a village comprised completely of monks around the world that came together to worship the Sage of Life's son, but adopted the shinobi way to increase their success. Once upon a time, there were samurai villages, but with the creator of them, Kyūkyoku, being dead, and not able to defend them, the shinobi wiped every single last one of them out. But one day - a day remembered by the surviving shinobi to this day - twelve samurai showed up to the three major villages, four each, going by the name, "Odotai" (lit. Zodiac). And upon their arrival, they slayed every last ninja that they saw. Even the strongest ninja of the villages together couldn't stop these samurai, and were slain along with the weaker ninja. Noticing the assured victory of the Odotai, Pirates of Noumu Harbor - harbor of the Water Village - saw this as a perfect opportunity to take advantage of people in their most vulnerable time. They sailed across all the borders of the continent, offering ninja transportation to "a new land," as they called it, in exchange for their most valuable items. Ninja in fear of course took them up on their offer, viewing their items as worth than their life. This trade was done multiple times, and with multiple ships. Ship by ship, ninja were brought over to this "new land." Upon reaching the land, they would come to a jungle terrain. The ninja would discover a group of samurai there. They were scared at first, but after conversation they noticed these samurai were different, and non-harmful, at least now. The ninja being in a foreign place, felt it would be a good idea to be apart of someone else's village, so they asked these samurai to introduce them to their leader. The leader was a serious and intimidating man, so the ninja approached him with respect when asking to join his village. The leader said he understood that Taiyō no Kuni - the jungle could be a very dangerous place, and so with open arms he let the ninja join his village, Yorugakure (Village Hidden in the Night). But these samurai were not ignorant of ninja and their hands were on their hilt just in case any betrayal. Unfortunately, Yorugakure could not hold all of the ninja, so the samurai informed them of a village in the desert known as Higakure (Village Hidden in the Day). At sunset, after waiting around the oasis that connects the desert and the jungle, the ninja set out to find this village, and upon seeing the opening of the village that the samurai notified the ninja about, the ninja entered. The village appeared to be dead and the ninja weren't sure if this was actually Higakure. But as the sunset and the moon rose, footsteps and voices start to be heard and doors start to be open. The ninja did not want to be seen as a threat and made it clear to the citizens that they just wanted to speak to the leader. The citizens obliged, taking the home-seeking ninja to their leader. The leader was a nice man and had no problem meeting the ninja. After the two introduced themselves, it was discovered the leader had never even heard of a ninja. The ninja broke down who they were and what they do and the leader with a smile welcomed them to Higakure on the condition that they help fend off the many bandits of Tsuki no Kuni (Land of the Moon). With their home continent covered in blood, these shinobi sought to begin a new life here, and make the best of it, for new generations.
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  6. Name | Akira Fantasy Nickname | Fantasy Title Name | Kitsune of the Flame Village Gender | Female Age | 18 Birth Date | 08/26 [Character Image Here] Hair Color | Crimson Red Eye Color | Fiery orange fox eyes with slitted pupils Height | 5ft 4 Weight | 120 pounds Appearance | Akira's body is very slim and mildly built. Her tiny waist makes her bust splendidly curvy. Giving her a busty look with decent sized hips that she uses to her advantage. Her skin being quite pale but silky soft to the touch despite her love for fighting. Akira's right arm is covered from fingertips to her shoulder with black tribal - like fire seals that absorbs any red fire attacks. Helping to protect her from her own Jutsu as well as others that are normal red fire. She obtained her fire seals from her father before the death of her older brother. As some of the Nagakura is skilled in the art of sealing. Her hair is striking red and lays in wild layers that ends at the middle of her small back. Usually unkempt and tassled like bedhead. Her eyes gives away her animal side. Slitted and elegant like a fox with a fiery orange that gives off a faint glow. Kitsune is known for their beauty and how they take advantage of it for seduction and charming. Akira being this way as well. She's usually seen wearing expensive thin-silk gowns and kimonos decorated with beads and glittery ornaments or black leather tights with a black vest as her fighting gear. Under her clothes she usually has fire-proof silk gauze wrapped tightly around her form in case of a flaming accident. On top of her head is a set of red furry fox ears and a red fox tail protrudes from the position of her tail bone. These features which she usually keeps hidden with her kitsune abilities but fails to if distracted, angry, or drunk. Village | Flames Clan | Nagakura The Nagakura Clan are renowned for their Hiden-jutsu which allows the clans members to manipulate both Ash and Smoke through their Ash Release and Smoke Release respectively. Members of the clan are generally skilled in Fire, Earth and Wind Chakra natures who are well-known for their balanced skills. Village Ranking: | Shinobi Ranking | Genin Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Fire Jutsu Bloodline | Hiden-Jutsu Smoke and Ash Release Favorable | She can be fun company is she's not trying to trick you. Unfavorable | Not mentally stable, chaotic, and is a drinker. Personality | Kitsunes have a reputation as trickster spirits. They have a naturally deceptive and mischievous nature, depicted as not caring for the concept of right or wrong. They play tricks on people, i.e. committing thievery, subterfuge or seduction. At their best kitsune can be benevolent, while simultaneously behaving subtly, and malevolent or amoral at worst. Akira does not fall short from that. She's a little she - devil in desguise but tries to keep her manners. One second she could be respectful and just playful and the next she could be set off and ready to draw blood. It's commonly known that she's mentally unstable. Hotheaded and a little psychotic as well as being a Masosadist, taking pleasure in others pain as well as her own. Sometimes Akira can get along with people and might be able to respect them. She might find something interesting in that person and take a liking to them. That can be confused though by how often she tries to charm and seduce others. Which is often for how much she enjoys being in the center of attention. Either way she'll be good if it's in her favor or in her interest as long as nothing causes her mental state to corrupt. Philosophy & Beliefs | N/A History & Background | Akira's parents lived in the Village of Water like most of the clan members until some difficulties caused them to leave the village. Akira's older brother had been murdered before her eyes and had left the parents devastated. A few days after the death of her brother, Akira fell into a coma of sickness. Running a high fever and incapable of waking from her deep slumber. Akira's parents led the village that night without the Kage's permission. They had traveled near the land of flames when Akira had finally awaken from her coma. Her eyes was no longer blue and her teeth was now sharpened like canines. Ears and a tail now protruded from her body. She had been possessed by Kitsune spirit during the weak state of her depression after the death of her beloved brother. She had changed in so many ways and had became a devil child. Her parents dropped her off at the Village of Flames and left. Not wanting anything to do with a demon child. A year later news spread that a couple of the Nagakura Clan had been killed by Anbu of the Water Village. Due to them running away and becoming Ronin. Akira had grown and learned to control some of her new found abilities. She had taken an interest in fire and tricking other villagers. She had also learned that she had a thing for Genjutsu as well since kitsune had a specialty with Illusions. Now Akira plans to try to graduate from the Academy and be on her best behavior as possible. Keeping her masosadist thoughts to herself and hopefully keeping herself as well as her mental state under control.
  7. JCINK Premium ♦ 1+yr old ♦ 18+ ♦ relaxed freeform app ♦ 20+ species There was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic. It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere. This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay. Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it is supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people. We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it. SITE INFO -- SPECIES -- CLAIMS -- WANT ADS -- CANONS -- LINK BACK
  8. Bloodline Name | RENKOY Possessors | Konto Appearance | Gold eye with slit pupil Two large tomo at level 1, three at 2, rinnekoy is a whirlpool spiral with a white slit pupil in center Abilities | weaker version of sharingan; but can copy other bloodline traits if observed three times gains ability permanently(save the dojutsus and other major kekkai genkai in anime) Weaknesses | is easily confused if too many people/jutsus are attempted to be analyzed causing temporary blindness Chakra Cost | low in normal use high when attempting to copy
  9. Name | Akaro Konto Nickname | NONE Title Name | Demon Dragon Of The Leaf Gender | Male Age | 14 Birth Date | October 7 [Character Image Here] Hair Color | Black with red tips Eye Color | Gold Height | 6 Feet Weight | 176 Appearance | Thin scar through left eye, wears red and black Jump Suit (like Naruto except the neck fluff is a collar) Has gold dragon wings and tail that allow levitation like flight when flapped Village | Flame Clan | Konto Village Ranking: | ? Shinobi Ranking | B Element(s) | Fire, Wind, Lightning Specialties | Front Offensive Jutsu Bloodline | Dojutsu Rinnekoy (where do i go to request this?) Favorable | Excessive Loyalty to friends Unfavorable | vengeful Personality | Fun, Sarcastic, can be dark and moody Philosophy & Beliefs | To betray family/friends is to betray life itself History & Background | Ancestor was placed on an island because of bloodline trait. 'Madara' came and murdered the clan and attempted to murder Akaro but was saved by mother who also died. Akaro wakes up from seal with wings and fly's from island to land of fire
  10. This is boring how the f*** does anyone connect around ere!? 


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  11. a Latin term used to describe dangerous or harmful magic We are a Harry Potter Roleplay site set in 2011. It's been over ten years since Voldemort was defeated, and overall things have been quiet as the British Wizarding Community pulled itself up together again. Until recently. Over the past few months disappearances have started again - but this time it is purebloods that are going missing. We accept all level of experience and have no required word count for posts. There are many canons still available and we also accept original characters. | HOME | RULES | PLOT | CANON | APPLY |
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  16. PLOT & RULES | GETTING STARTED | WANTED ADSWe are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!
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  20. [align=center] Final Fantasy Tactics RP: The Brave War PLOT | RULES | POLITICS[/align] [align=center]Ten years have passed since the conclusion of the Lion War and Delita's son sits the throne. Ivalice finally knows peace, but it is a peace shattered when the boy dies, leaving the throne vacant with some nobles plotting to claim it and others still, to cede from yoke of Ivalice to form their own kingdoms. Your character enters the stage at this tumultuous tipping point in Ivalice's history and has a chance to change her fate.[/align]
  21. [align=center] CHAOS THEORY PLOT | CANONS | ADS[/align]
  22. <center><a href=""> <img src="" alt="Black Clover RP" style="width:500px;height:156px;"></a><p><i>A Forum RP based upon the Manga By Yuuki Tabata and Anime Series by Studio Pierrot</i></p> <p> Welcome to the <b>Clover Kingdom,</b> a peaceful and prosperous land under protection of the <b>Order of Magic Knights</b> and all-powerful <b>Magic Emperor.</b> A magical society, all citizens in the land have magical abilities, granted by magical tomes called <b>Grimoires.</b> However, only the strongest among them become <b>Magic Knights,</b> brave and powerful mages who stand as protectors of the people and defenders of the peace! </p><p>Begin your adventure and join one of the <b>nine elite squads</b> that make of the <b>Order of Magic Knights!</b> Earn Gold Stars for yourself and your magic squad, ranking up to <b>Grand Magic Knight</b> or earn <b>black stars</b> and become more infamously known... Wield powerful spells and magical items, either bought at the <b>Curio Shop</b> or discovered in a deadly <b>Dungeon!</b> <p>With a friendly staff and always growing community, we're ready to welcome you to the newest RP based upon the Shonen Jump Manga and Studio Pierrot Anime Series! Come by stop by our discord for a chat too! </p><p>We hope to see you in the Clover Kingdom!</p><p><a href="">Discord</a> | <a href= “”> Black Clover RP </a></center>
  23. So next to Mission Name, you have your title which is great. But in brackets, include who is putting the mission out. Is it Flame village, Lightning village, etc. That impacts who can take this mission. A lightning shinobi cannot take a flame mission, for example. It should be [Flame Village] if it is Flame village, for example. A clan or organization may also put out missions like this, but it must be a specific clan or group recognized on this site ( @Suijin Umiken right?) For Mission type, it should be listed as a Bingo book, Village, or clan mission. I see you wrote Recon, but you should clarify that the mission is given by a certain entity. The required word count for a C Rank mission is 700 words. Mission NPCs include villagers, enemy shinobi, bandits and the like. Mission description: You write that the Kage sent some on a mission, did you mean some villagers? Some shinobi? If there is likely to be any fighting or interacting between the person taking the mission and other NPCs, this is where you would want to fill out the Mission NPC section. Please, use this link and make some edits and I will work with you to confirm it as a viable mission!
  24. This area is for completed missions, that is missions that you finish. Where it says "Link to missions" There should be a link to your rp topic where you completed the mission, as well as a link to the mission that you took on from the mission section. Can you add the link of you completed it?
  26. Name | Rei Takumi Nickname | Rei Title Name | Rei Takumi Gender | Male Age | 22 Birth Date | December 17 [Character Image Here] Hair Color | Dark Brown Eye Color | Dark Blue Height | 181cm Weight | 57.6kg Appearance | Wears white polo, a long black coat, knee-high, black pants, sandal boots and a katana. Village | Konohagakura Clan | Takumi Clan Village Ranking: | Jonin Shinobi Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Fire and Lightning Specialties | Can create blue flames which are extremely dangerous Bloodline | Takumi Favorable | Spicy Foods, Ballad, Bonding with friends, Training, walking around Unfavorable | Loud Sounds, Traitors Personality | Cold at first, shows emotion when you develop a relationship. Quiet but selfless, scary when angered. Philosophy & Beliefs | No one was ever born evil. History & Background | He was the youngest child in the Head Family of his clan, the Takumi Clan. In his village, the Takumi Clan was feared because some members who gained a rare power, the power of the Amarok, had been eaten by power and killed innocent people. The village leader and the head of the clan had a deal that when an Amarok user is born, it would be killed immediately to avoid the villagers panicking. Unfortunately, the current head of the Takumi clan had two sons, the youngest being an Amarok user. He loved his son very much and decided to hide it from the village leader. But 7 years passed, the village leader eventually found out and had a meeting with the clan leader. The village leader forced the clan leader to kill the boy but he refused, leading to a fight, having the clan leader dying. The village leader turned to the eldest son and said to him the same thing, to kill his litlle brother who was 10 years younger than him. He had no choice but to do it, rather than risking more lives. He ordered the members to find and kill the boy, though he hated the thought of it. But unfortunately, the boy was smart and ran away, after witnessing the death of his father. He ran and ran until his legs gave out. Morning came and he walked again, his legs almost dying. Then he met two strangers to him, wearing green flak jackets and forehead protectors. The boy ran, but one of the strangers picked him up and wrapped a bandage around his leg. He smiled and asked his name. The boy answered and the man took him to a village, Konohagakure.
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