Mizumura Village

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The main village in the water territories, where most of the population lives, including the Mizukage and the many shinobi.



  1. Outer Rim

    The first district people entering the village come across, its a large tourist district designed to welcome new comers. Its the cleanest and most up to date part of the city, always looking to impress. Its filled with high class hotels, five star restaurants, and plenty of shopping locations.

  2. Market District

    In the center of the village is the largest, most populated district. This is where the majority of shops and business's are located. During the day it is a busy mess of shoppers, shop owners and workers alike, all going about their day. However at night it turns into a large party district. People looking to unwind and enjoy their evening come here to relax.

  3. Private District

    Located up on a hill towards the back of the village is the quietest and smallest district in the village. The most notable building here is the Kage's tower, however the shinobi training facilities and academy can be found here, along with the police force and other locations important to the survival of the village. Most of the shinobi live here with their families as well.

  4. Worker's District

    Dubbed the poorest and dirtiest part of the village, the workers district is located around the back edges of the village. Where most of the cities workers and lower income inhabitants reside. Its a maze of dark alley ways, clustered streets and dangerous secrets. The district is known for its high level of crime, with gangs running most of the streets.

  5. High Spire District

    Not actually located on the ground, the high spire district is a large collection of buildings that tower up into the sky. Its the highest point of the village, and also the richest. Here resides the higher ups of the village, nobles, royals and the alike. Its a nice quiet district filled with beautiful gardens and intense views of the village. Causing trouble here is normally met with actions.

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