Private District

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Located up on a hill towards the back of the village is the quietest and smallest district in the village. The most notable building here is the Kage's tower, however the shinobi training facilities and academy can be found here, along with the police force and other locations important to the survival of the village. Most of the shinobi live here with their families as well.


  1. Mizukage Tower

    The largest building in the district, where the Mizukage spends most of his time and where all matters of important business take place. Its a large circular building with about ten stories. Anyone wishing to meet with the Kage must make an appointment here.

  2. Training Grounds

    A large set of different fields used for training out of the class room. Shinobi come here to hone their skills, practice new techniques or spar other shinobi to gain strength and wisdom. There are several fields all with different types of terrain for heightening your skill.

  3. Residential Quarters

    Three towers soar high into the air, filled with apartments and homes for the shinobi and their families. These apartments can also hold the everyday villager with a little extra money in their pocket. They are nice apartments and are nestled close to the Kage's tower.


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