Valley of Kings

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A large open fielded valley that expands itself out into open woodland. Named for the countless battles that took place here, its known for its rolling hills and vast fields. Nomads can be found camping out in this vast region, however it is better known for one of the few nomadic villages that have popped up in the center. (Region 47)


  1. Yanadi Village

    A large neutral village nestled in the vast open fields in the Valley of Kings. Its a massive collections of buildings, tents and out post where a variety of nomadic tribes call home. Although many people live here permanently, most of its inhabitants are families of nomadic tribes, who frequent the village to stock up or resupply. Its a very cultural village full of life and spirit, often keeping to themselves and staying out of the world of politics. Each year they have massive festivals to celebrate the seasons, or even each other.

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