(IC) Major Countries


  1. Hi no Kuni

    (Land of Fire) A lush, wooded land spotted with mountains and hot springs. Streams and rivers wind through the warm, fertile country. With a single mountain range stretching from the center of the country out to the northeastern border.

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  2. Kaze no Kuni

    (Land of Wind) A brutal, arid land dominated by an expansive desert. Small mountain ranges dot the land, comprised mostly of sandstone. The only greenery is found in the occasional oasis and the coastal regions.

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  3. Mizu no Kuni

    (Land of Water) An isolated island nation that is wrapped in a perpetual mist. Swamps, lakes, and rivers control the low-lying islands, as well as wet forests and often-flooded coastal beaches.

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  4. Kaminari no Kuni

    (Land of Lightning) A cool, wooded nation filled with bare cliff and plains that separate vast copses of dark pine forest. Powerful storm clouds drift through the sky, unleashing torrential rain and lightning at random.

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  5. Tsuchi no Kuni

    (Land of Earth) A ninja village built into the face of a mountain. The village is built of solid stone and is protected from all sides by the mountain it hides within. The only entrance is a massive maze that leads to the giant metal gate.

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