The New Continent (WIP)

Forced, from their old land, with the help of Noumu Harbor's pirates, the ninja have found a new place to call home. A place with various mysteries and wonders to discover.


  1. Taiyō no Kuni

    (Land of the Sun) A vast jungle abundant in rivers, plant life, creatures, and tribes along the surface of many cliffs and waterfalls.

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  2. Tsuki no Kuni

    (Land of the Moon) A brutal, arid land dominated by an expansive desert. Small mountain ranges dot the land, comprised mostly of sandstone.

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  3. Taiyōtsuki Oasis

    (Sun-Moon Oasis) The area that connects Tsuki no Kuni and Taiyō no Kuni is the border between the two. It is an oasis, and around it has pyramids, a strange statue, and other sand structures.

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  4. Ōrora no Kuni

    (Land of Auroras) An icy land whose skies blur the line between night and day. A place of even. Considering that the shinobi were settled in each village on a "first come first serve" basis, many clans were split apart. For that reason, they use the neutral Land of Auroras to set up clan headquarters and host meetings to keep their traditions strong and passed on through the generations.

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  5. Tsuchi no Kuni

    (Land of Earth) A ninja village built into the face of a mountain. The village is built of solid stone and is protected from all sides by the mountain it hides within. The only entrance is a massive maze that leads to the giant metal gate.

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