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Noumu Harbor (Water)

Suijin Umiken
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Noumu Harbor was originally known only as Noumu, when it was still controlled by criminals and rogue shinobi. As time passed, few would go near Noumu out of fear for their life or goods. This began to develop a problematic reputation for the Water Village. The second Mizukage, in an attempt to rectify the matter, deployed multiple high-level squads to the territory, effectively conquering it by the following day. The docks that criminals once used to import illegal goods were transformed into a harbor surrounded by stalls and small shops. Noumu Harbor quickly became a critical cornerstone of the Water Village's economy, and essential for their trade with the South Eastern villages and clans.


Although the area remains plagued by petty thieves and thugs, there are small squads of shinobi from the village who patrol frequently and may be alerted if their assistance is needed. They are in place to enforce the village's laws and to ensure the protection of foreign diplomats, as well as merchants. Noumu Harbor is often filled with both people and ships alike, with merry singing and instrumental music often resounding from all over. Those who are homeless often play music in hopes of receiving ryo, food or other goods as charity.

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