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Kegawa (Flame)

Suijin Umiken
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Kegawa was originally controlled by the Wind Village, remaining under their control for several decades as an outpost for hunters of their village. Thirty years after the establishment of the Flame Village, however, a shinobi war commenced between the two with the Flame Shinobi travelling to Kegawa by boat. The hunters present offered little trouble before they were overwhelmed and conquered. Kegawa became Flame Village territory and the Wind Village rushed to send reinforcements. After an unsuccessful attempt to recapture Kegawa, a truce was negotiated and it was left under the Flame Village's domain in exchange for a cessation of hostilities.


The hunters of Kegawa became docile towards the Flame Village in exchange for being permitted to stay. Unlike the Flame's hunters, those of the Wind would only hunt what they needed to survive. Although this has created some tension between the two, there have been no major incidences of violence.

Ships and boats from all over the shinobi world arrive throughout the day and night, unloading cargo, tourists and merchants. The harbor is protected by an earthen gate that can be opened and closed to allow ships passage and departure. Usually it remains open unless there is an impending threat anticipated. Shinobi experienced with Water Release patrol the harbor regularly to ensure there are no unwanted visitor and that no ships are damaged when the waters become more aggressive.


Kegawa, literally meaning fur, is notorious for exporting hide, leather, fur and various animal meats to villages and clans all over. The Flame Village economy is primarily fueled by the hunting industry, as well as various goods they export to a lesser extent. Towards the South of Kegawa is an extensive bridge leading to the mainland of the Flame Village. Other than the harbor, Kegawa is filled with hunting outposts and various shops selling critical goods to both travelers and hunters alike.

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