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    From the album Places of Significance

    Byaku Mountain is among the Hiraishin Mountains of the Lightning Territory, being famously known as the tallest mountain in the world. Originally a mountain that no shinobi dared to travel to due to its incomparable weather and furious creatures, after the Lightning claimed all of Hiraishin Mountains, many of their jōnin took on the challenge of climbing the mountain whether to train there, try to survive, or to face the beasts that inhabit it. Unfortunately, the animal inhabitants and fierce weather conditions of the mountain claimed many lives. If it was any other village, Byaku would've most likely been closed off, but being the battle-hardened shinobi that the Lightning consist of, it would've contradicted the very nature and culture of the village to do this. Therefore, Byaku Mountain remained and still remains open to any ninja willing to take on the challenge, and rather than being looked upon as fools by the community for taking on a challenge with a low chance of survival, they are honored and respected for their courageousness. Byaku Mountain's creatures consist of giant S to X-Rank mountain animals that roam along it's paths and slopes. From people that live at the base of Byaku, or have climbed it and returned alive, there have been numerous claims of sightings of Dragons, although never confirmed to be factual, and often times disregarded by other ninjas as hallucinations caused by the effects of the extreme conditions of the mountain.