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    So bear with me because I have a long list to get through here regarding a lot of the issues I've noticed during my stay on the site and must of it has stemmed from the member base itself. So with us now losing members and Drak stepping down from Staff, I think it's pretty safe to say a lot of things need to be reconsidered and changed. What I've seen as a whole is every man is out for themselves in regards to getting what they want for their Characters. The systems have been changed time and time again because this person thinks this is unfair, or this person loses out on something. This has also been the case with staff and the evidence of such disagreements has wound up on the Chatbox for the site as a whole to see. Which brings me to my second point. Punishment for breaking rules needs to be harsher. Time and time again rules of the Chatbox have been broken where one individual has started a topic of conversation which has led to an all out argument between many people. While not necessarily an offense, the toxicity of the chatbox has been atrocious and is not something new or old members alike should be seeing. The reason I say this is the fact repeat offenders are seeing no repercussions of their actions other than a tiny slap on the wrists. The reason I bring this up is a situation that arose between one member and a member of Staff which resulted in that member getting an ADMIN COMMAND WARNING. I've yet to see any others get any kind of ''Warning'' and to me, it seemed more like that command was used to settle the persons pride more than anything. I've sat and watched as people like Kiyoko, Rei and Drak have slaved only to be bitched at for simply following the grading guidelines. They take the time out of their own Rping and free time to help people get their shit approved so to me they need to be treated with more respect. Next I think it safe to say we need better communication between our staff because it's evident we have already lost two great staff members over issues on-site. I can't be bothered writing much more but to me, a lot of the issues like these need to be considered before Systems start changing. Now is the time to tread carefully what with now losing 3 Staff Members and 1 being away on Vacation.
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    I'll be wrapping up my open topics this weekend, but I am done here. The people that matter know why I'm leaving, so I won't go into detail. It was fun while it lasted and I thank everyone that contributed to my good memories of this place. I wish SG and its community the best of luck.
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    What Rue said about harsher punishments. There's been A LOT of fuckery around lately. Some systems on site have gone from functional to shit real fast, and this is mainly due to carelessness on a few staffs' parts and a few members' abuse of that carelessness. Which brings me back to harsher punishments. I think 6 warning points are too many. Bring it down to 3 or 4. I personally prefer a zero tolerance policy, or even a 2 strikes - 1 site ban policy. Some fuckery is being cancerous to the site, and in my own view, the site's got stage 4 brain cancer. Now about the cancer cells, aka trolls. In the midst of the mess happening with staff at the moment, trolls and duckweeds are coming on site and thinking they can do whatever the damn hell they please. Something I partially blame the advertising contest for. And a few, I have spotted, have managed to encourage trolling in some way. My suggested solution to this is to close registration to the site. We have a solid member base for now, with it being a site that's only a few months old, and in honesty not enough staff to manage it as is. The ratio of staff to members is super unbalanced. So I suggest closing registration to the site from the public, and going invite only. At the very least, until things onsite have been situated and balanced again. Clean house before we open house. Right now I'm half in, half out with wether or not I even want to be on site anymore. Arguing and starting fights in the cbox has led to A LOT of toxicity on site, and it's ruining all the fun everyone was having here.
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    G'day everybody! The name is Karlos but on here you can call me Kaii! I'm an Australian Roleplayer who has been doing this since about 2009? Been on multiple shonen anime RP's such as One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragonball and even delving into an Avatar the Last Airbender Rp which sadly didn't last as long as I had wished. I'm here to finally get my foot into Naruto RP which I must say was the Anime/Manga that got me friends back in Highschool. I am excited to join you all in this journey and I hope to leave a good impression on everyone so we can all be friends and there be no drama! (Believe it!) As I said, I'm Australian so my Timezone is GMT + 10 at the time of writing this it is 4:34pm just for you to all get an idea.
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    So my computer has started making this horrendous clacking noise that varies in repetition patterns and speed, and after wiping my computer and saving everything externally, it still didn't go away. [It's so loud and obnoxious that I have named it Victor] So since I learned the hard way that internal clacks are a sign of an impending hard drive failure, and my 6 year old child has been well loved, I'm preparing for it to suddenly crash at any time. Best scenario is this goes fixes itself by magic and or my computer manages to hang on for a few more months. Worst scenario is my computer dies forever right after I post this. However no matter what happens, I will still continue to do my best to rp and respond to threads that I am currently in. If my computer does die and I vanish for a bit, I apologize and ask that you please be patient with me in regards to response times.
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    Well, I'm leaving the site for multiple reasons. Thanks for the good times, I'm out. p.s. I'm taking Lark (Kiroyashi) and Rin (mirato kizune)
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    So I'll be doing exit posts in the threads I'm in over the weekend but I'll be leaving the site. I'll be in touch with some of you, working on a project I'll fill everyone in on, been fun though.
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    Ohmygod you guys are adorable! Have fun ^0^ *hugs*
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    I would like to do some missions and make frieeeeends!
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    Welcome to SG, Kaii! We're glad to have you in Lightning with the other lovely Australians we've managed to capture recruit. @Rue // @Kiroyashi // @mirato kizune
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    I mean if you are writing quality then the current bonus system should be making it worth your time. The staff may need to adjust the bonus handouts to make that the priority, but the grinding thing is created by members who just want to word dump in a mission and then get out. Can't blame the staff for people treating this like a video game rather than a ROLEPLAY. If we were more focused on writing stories rather than just ranking up really fast then we wouldn't have the issue at all, I see this as a member issue not a staff issue. I'd like to see the systems cleaned up, simplified where necessary, write the systems that need to be written, and for Bloodlines to be completely redone because right now the only incentive to have one is for flavor text. I mean you could make a bloodline cost a lot, making a fresh character with a bloodline start behind a character without, but as they are I wouldn't even bother. I'd also really love to see an event board so that stuff we do IC shows up in the world so people from one village to the next can react to the changing world they see. I have a HUGE list of things that should get an update/fix, but I just wanted to try my member legs out
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    Name | Aoitsuki (青い月 lit. Blue Moon) Type | Village Leader | Utsubyō Description | The true name of the Water Police Force, and in a way a separate organization. Attire | Aoitsuki have no specific attire for the purpose of not giving any affiliation away. They sometimes wear mask and dark clothing depending on the mission though. History | An organization that stemmed from the Water Police Force. Utsubyō realized the name Water Police Force was a name that would basically give away the purpose of the organization and allow criminals accessed to public information on its members and their activities that would endanger not only them, but their families. Because of the organization was given its true name, Aoitsuki which is mysterious and does not give away a clear purpse nor give away information on its members. No one knows about this except its members, and the Kage council. However, the name "Water Police Force" still stuck around as a decoy to distract the crime syndicates away from who was really enforcing the law. Currently, crime syndicates see the Water Police Force as a "soft" organization that isn't about anything they promote to the public, which is true. Goals | Controlling the crime syndicates in Water. List of Members | Kazuo Enomoto
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    Jinpachi had of course been paying attention as everyone spoke and cast their votes and he knew that as the floor was opened to him that he was currently tied with his brother Daichi to be elected to the position. That made his decision easy. "I vote for Daichi. I understand some peoples trepidation about electing him to the position but that's exactly why he should be Kage. Public opinion of shinobi is at an all time low. The new Kage needs to break the mold. He needs to be someone who can show his face in the light and be openly known to the village and everyone in it for his goodness. That man is not me. I appreciate the faith you have in me but I cannot be Kage. I refuse all nomination." After withdrawing himself from the running the people who voted for him would have to recast their ballots. Yoshinori already stated that he'd vote for Akahana if Jinpachi refused the posistion so that was one for her. Hannah didn't care which brother was elected so hers would then go to Daichi and between the other to Jounin one would vote for Daichi and the other would vote for Yoshinori bringing the total to; Daichi; 6 Akahannah; 2 Yoshi; 3
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    Didn't know you too well but I had fun rping with you during my short time here. Good luck wherever you end up, man. Lightning gonna be weird without you and Saisaki.
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    Name: Jinpachi Reason for wanting staff: I know the staff is very tight right now and overworked and I'd like to be able to alleviate that stress. Past experience: I've never been staff before but as far as Naruto rp goes I am exceedingly knowledgeable. I've been rping in this setting for the better part of a decade and I would be very good at any kind of approval situation whether it be jutsu, weapons, summons, etc. Field interested in: I'd like to help clear out the back up of things waiting for approval. Whether that be helping Kiyoko with Jutsu or attending the other things like puppets, parts, and equipment. I'm very good at sussing out how things logically should work and now I have a pretty good grasp of the approval process. I've been reading older approved jutsu to see what kind of things the staff looks for in that as well as my own experience from getting my own things approved. I believe I'd be able to effectively work in any of those areas.
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    +1 Rue +1 Reimei Agree with those points 100%. The lack of punishment in the CB is starting to get a little irritating, it has stopped people I have invited from joining the site and the toxicity levels are just starting to rise day by day. Not punishing people has made others think that it's alright to troll or be toxic in the CB.
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    I feel anything significant could be included in this. Stuff like the Kage position changing in Fire. It would be nice because I asked before, "Hey if someone decides to just make a topic somewhere attacking the village how do I know about it? Do I just have to go through every board every day?" and while yes if anything significant did happen someone would probably notice and tell others I feel like that shouldn't be the go to solution.
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    Name | Mikazuki Type | Katana - Sub-Type | One-Handed Ranking | D-Rank Material(s) | Blade = Strengthened Titanium Handle = Hardened Ironwood with tightly interwoven fabric wrapped around it. Dimensions | Blade = 77cm length | 2.5cm width Handle = 15 cm Appearance | Abilities | None Description | A simple family heirloom that was passed down from Kurai's mother to her. A great straight edge cutting sword that can cut through flesh and wood easily. Availability | Personal Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 200 ryo
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    @Katsu I'm comfortable with starting but I'd like you to start just because I really don't know what kind of missions to do with multiple people. I need to still look through a lot of them.
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    Sure, Kaii! Just let me know if there are any missions you'd like to do in particular. If you're not comfortable starting the thread, just let me know and I'll go for it! If you do start, just tag away and most of us will go with you.
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    "Um, yeah. Uh, sorry, yes. I'm Taka. I guess expected someone else to partner with me. And I thought this mission was... urgent." The rather timid girl that was stood before Shimo looked apprehensive about whether or not his greeting was genuine, or just unintentionally oblivious to the situation at hand. The mission they had been set was relatively time sensitive yet he had not really considered this aspect of the mission. "There you go again overlooking details..." Muttering under his breath while exhaling rather loudly. "You haven't done a mission before? What's your name?" "Oh um, Shimo Chiyome..." Taking a pause he grew tense for a second trying to think of a plan to make himself seem less idiotic. "Well... you see... um... we- we have no clues to go by on the identity of these ninja other than that they have gone rogue and they both seem to be well equipped innn" Pausing to take a quick look back at his mission briefing. "Earth Style! Yes, Earth. Furthermore they came into the village without alerting a single shinobi and were able to go into hiding unscathed. Security is going to be at its peak currently so for them to try and leave now would be suicide. I- um... was thinking maybe we had some time to spare, I've never gotten to know a partner outside of the mission. I thought perhaps it could play to our advantage" Shimo tried to catch his breathe while feeling rather pleased with himself. "I'm always open to peoples opinions though" Forcing an awkward smile he hoped that she didn't completely see through his excuse for a mission plan.
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    Chat box rules have been updated.
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    SG Regulations | Chatbox Rules General Conduct No flaming, trolling or harassing other chatters. The chat box is meant to be a fun safe place for people to hang out and enjoy conversation when not role playing. If you have an issue with someone keep it to yourself. If you do not have nice things to say or talk about, then say nothing at all. No fighting or arguing if it is not productive. It is ok to disagree with someone and have a civilized conversation but the moment the discussion turns toxic or peoples feelings start getting hurt, it has gone to far. No advertising or posting links in the chat with the intention of diverting traffic from the site. No posting pointless, annoying or repetitious messages with the intent of spamming the chat. If you are trying to reach a member or staff and they are not responding, contact them through pm. If you feel like you are being ignored, there is probably a good reason and you need to change your approach. No arguing with members of staff once a decision is reached. Submit any complaints to a higher ranking staff member. Staff has final say and fighting with staff will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with something that was said or decided, take it up with an admin in private messages. Do not air your dirty laundry out in the chat. Racism, sexism or any other form of discriminatory abuse will not be tolerated. Benign jokes are exempt. We want the general conversation in chat to remain pg-13. We have members of all age, race, and preference groups, toxic behavior towards someone in this nature will not be allowed. No foreign languages may be used in the chatbox except in the cases of referencing things of Japanese nomenclature. Do not disparage the site or complain in the chatbox. Click Here if you have a reasonable cause for complaint. The chat box is not a place to complain about things you do not like. If you have questions or concerns about the way something is done then please forward it to a member of staff in a polite manner. Do not instigate trouble for the sake of doing so. It is not acceptable to cause trouble. Staff will judge these cases harshly and if you are found to be stirring trouble then you will be dealt with. Staff Conduct No abuse of power, such as kicking or banning a member for an unsubstantiated or personal reason. No escalating tensions beyond their current level if it can be avoided. Trolling is not tolerated for anyone. You may only discipline a member for cursing if it is in a threatening or harassing nature. Maintain a mature attitude and level head, as far as your decision making process is concerned. Do not argue with another member of staff unless you out-rank them. In cases of stagnation, refer to higher ranked staff. Do not delete content unless it is in violation of the rules or causes harm to the site in some shape or form. Punishment for rule breaking If a member of staff believes you are breaking a rule or just causing trouble they will be allowed to step in. Staff are not to be argued with or fought against, their word is final. If you believe you were mistreated by a staff member then screen shot the issue and report it to an admin. There are a few levels when it comes to breaking rules, and staff will be allowed to issue these based on the level of the offense. If a staff member believes the situation calls for a higher punishment or you are a repeat offender, soem of these levels may be skipped. You will be asked to stop and will be given a warning. If the bad behavior continues you will be issued a 2 hour ban from the chat box. The third strike will come with a 12 hour ban from the chat box. The fourth strike will come with a 24 hour ban from the chat box. The fifth strike will come with a month ban from the chat box. After six strikes or a consistent string of bad behavior, you will permanently be banned from using the site chat box.
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    Daichi - 1 Trepidation prevented most of the remaining Villagers from accusing another lest they bring their ranks down by one more yet again, but that didn't stop the village trashcan from giving her input. The Villagers stood around the acorn that had hatched a note for a few moments while they debated whether or not they should act on it, but no one seemed to have any better ideas. So they dragged DAICHI away from his gaggle of bitches. They cried and whined, but it didn't stop the Villagers. Perhaps they should have listened though because after a few moments of watching Daichi there was no noticeable change. Another one down and another night was just around the corner. The Werewolves were getting closer to their goal.
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    Since so much time has passed since our last advertising contest, I will be orchestrating yet another one. Whether you're drawn in by the money or the self-gratification of populating the site, everyone is welcome to participate. Even if you don't win, you will still win ryo just for participating! This contest will go on for the next two weeks, starting from today (August 9th @ 12 PM EST). At the end of the two weeks, every reply to this topic will be looked over and the winner will be chosen; with corresponding ryo being paid out to all participants. The Points & Prizes: The winners will be determined by the number of points they have. Each link to a posted advertisement will earn you 1 point. Any Referral Claims completed within this period of time will be worth an additional 5 points per referee for the referrer. At the end of the two weeks, the winner will be whoever has earned the most points, with each subsequent runner-up earning the next prize. First Prize | Whoever accumulates the most points will be awarded 5000 Ryo, as well as an Award on their profile. Second Prize | Whoever places second in the contest will be awarded 2500 Ryo, as well as an Award on their profile. Third Prize | Whoever places third in the contest will be awarded the consolation prize, as well as an Award on their profile. Consolation Prize | Everyone else will receive 100 Ryo for each point earned, capped at 2000 Ryo maximum. Please include links to the advertisements and the names of your referees in your reply, as well as how many points you earned over-all. Our Advertisement: [center][url=http://shinobi-generations.org][img=http://shinobi-generations.org/images/sg-image-small.png][/url][/center] [center][color=#e81616][b]Important Links & Information[/b][/color] [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/systems/rp-systems/]Systems[/url] | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/forum/8-storyline-lore/]Story & Lore[/url] | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/world-map/]World Map[/url] | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/forum/3-rules-regulations/]Site Rules[/url] | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/forum/14-ooc-creation-center/]Creations[/url] | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/forum/42-guest-advertisements/]Advertise[/url] | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/1506-affiliate-with-us/]Affiliates[/url] | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/register]Register[/url][/center]
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    One down, many to go. https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000381-anime-and-manga-naruto/75618952 http://dragonballuniverse.freeforums.net/thread/3827/shinobi-generations-naruto-role-play http://imgur.com/gallery/2pkElVx https://www.reddit.com/r/Roleplay/comments/6qfis9/shinobi_generations_naruto_role_playing_site/