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    ✿*∗˵╰༼✪ᗜ✪༽╯˵∗*✿ *puppy dog eyes* *stares at you expectantly* *offers chocolate chip cookie with extra chocolate on top of a chocolate coating with chocolate*
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    Characters Involved | Kazuo Enomoto & Tenri @Tenri Link to the Missions | A Night to Remember - based on B-Rank Open Sesame Brief Overview | Kazuo and Tenri are at each other's throats when they should really be at the throats of the criminal ninjas they're hunting. But what starts off as awful first introductions soon turns into deep revelations as they find that they share the same pains.
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    Normally, Kazuo would be furious that someone would question the Water Village. The village provided them stability, security, and a chance for a life. However, what Tenri said almost pointed to the opposite. Truth be told, Kazuo regularly visited the slums. But they were all patrols, keeping an eye out on suspicious activity and asserting that there was shinobi presence there too. Kazuo did it out of a sense of moral obligation. Not many other shinobi did that. Many of them would even try to shirk out of their patrol duties. Some even skim over the slums, preferring to go where it was more peaceful. Tenri was actively helping the citizens who lived there. And by the sounds of it, it wasn't a mission or anything she was asked to do. It was an act that she did because she truly cared for the people, something Kazuo definitely didn't expect out of someone like her. It was almost laughable now how Kazuo didn't view Tenri as a worthy shinobi simply because of her flashy apparel. "Let's do something about that." Kazuo's voice was full of conviction as he unconsciously tightened his grip on Natsumi's ninja card. He looked Tenri straight in the eyes. "My loyalty is to the people of the village, not the Mizukage or anyone else in charge. If protecting the innocent comes with the cost of changing the whole Water Village then I'm prepared to do so. I'll train as hard as I need to, fight anyone I must, and do what I have to in order to ensure men like Taru don't hurt anymore people." Kazuo stepped forward towards Tenri, getting within arms length of her. "Tenri, I swear to you that I will not stop until the people are safe. We can stop those who prey on the innocent. We have the strength to do so. And even if we were the only two who could do that, I would stand against the whole world alongside you."
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    Tenri could not hope to know how Kazuo's mind worked. Tenri knew how people like these criminals thought and in truth if she hadn't taken the path she had with her adoptive Mother by her side she may well have ended up like these poor deceased individuals. But Kazuo. Kazuo was not a man she could easily read. It was not like he was an open book like most she interacted with. He was the type of man who remained guarded which was no easy feat. The fact he felt a pang of regret for these people showed her he was not quite as open-minded about the world as she had originally thought. ''Betrayal isn't something that comes easily to people Kazuo. Sometimes the world with all its blight and bitterness sends people on a different path than the one they had originally thought to follow. They most likely did not see it as a betrayal. A fine example is the state of the Slums. While the Mizukage has started creating new ideologies for the Water Country to follow, he has not yet stopped to think about fixing things closer to home. Over the recent years, the Slums have become more plagued than it ever has been. The Mizukage has played his hand at closing down the Criminal Organizations that plagued this country and now rather than being open about their business front, they work in the shadows.'' the sigh that would escape the dame's plump lips would be heavy as her hand ruffled through her long golden locks. ''With that state of the slums no one can blame these people for following Taro, 50% of our Shinobi numbers are children who once lived in the slums or who were children affected in some way by its touch. These people likely chose the easy way out by reverting back to their roots thanks to sweet promises made by Taro himself.'' Tenri would finish before sighing once more. The blonde dame would gaze upon the picture in Kazuo's hand, a softness creasing the emotion on her face. Nariko Indeed looked happy and excited and while Tenri could not find it in her heart to say it, she looked healthy. Tenri's gaze would land on Kazuo's face, a look of compassion on her own mug ''Tell me Kazuo. When was the last time you visited the Slums? I may be a lot of things and I may not seem like the sentimental type but in my spare time, I like to visit the slums. I feed them and clothe them and while my actions are moral, they make no difference for these people. Employment is out of the question for them and most rarely live past a certain age which is why Taro's numbers are always increasing. Remember how I said I don't trust people simply because the Village tells me to? It is for this reason'' Tenri's hands would expand signaling the room before landing gently at her sides. ''Why should I do anything for a Village who does nothing to help those who really need it. The slums should not have remained in such disarray after all these years. '' with that Tenri would remain quiet. Truthfully she did not know how Kazuo would react to her words, so far their interaction had been rocky and while she normally had very little interest in what people thought of her, Kazuo's opinion mattered to her.
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    Updates Approved & Ryo Adjusted. (No problem, thanks for making it easier on me. )
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    I want in! How many people are you thinking? Just a team of three?
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    My understanding was that the weaknesses of having a bloodline (which are mandatory) basically served to even the playing field between bloodline users and those without. A bloodline user has access to certain advanced elements or special powers but at the cost of ability or flexibility in some other field. In general this should make people with a bloodline more specialized but worse in a general capacity, but they should always have some form of exploitable weakness. We could further incentive forgoing a bloodline, though it seems that many people here already do that. Plus, if non-bloodline people have a specific buff as compared to someone with a bloodline, isn't that basically just having a bloodline? Currently, no bloodline means no notable weakness and no real restrictions. If we give them some kind of perk, it's the equivalent of having a bloodline. I do think that Kazuo is spot on though and that clans, especially where they hold power, should pull more weight or do more stuff. That, I think, would be very difficult but would also be super cool.