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    SG Regulations | General Rules [Site] Member Rules [Site] Staff Rules [Chat] Member Rules [Chat] Staff Rules Punishment for Violating Rules If a member of staff believes you are breaking a rule or just causing trouble they will be allowed to step in. Staff are not to be argued with or fought against, their word is final. If you believe you were mistreated by a staff member then screen shot the issue and report it to an admin. There are a few levels when it comes to breaking rules, and staff will be allowed to issue these based on the level of the offense. If a staff member believes the situation calls for a higher punishment or you are a repeat offender, some of these levels may be skipped. First Offenders You will be informed of your abusive behavior and warned to desist. You may have access to the part of the site misused restricted, as well as 25 Warning Points added to your account that disappear within 14 days. Should you reach 100 Warning Points, you may be subject to restrictions on your access to the site's features. Such as mandatory moderation of posted content. Should you reach 200 Warning Points, you will be subject to a site ban for a duration determined by the severity of the offenses. Repeat Offenders If you violate the same rule within the 14 day period, you will have twice the Warning Points added to your account, which disappear within 30 days instead of 14 days. You may also receive a 72-hour ban. If you consistently violate the same rule (more than 3 times) and no effort to change has been seen, you may be subject to a permanent site ban.
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    I havent read a single post of this thread. Nor do i intend to. This will be locked and moved. And everyone will move on. Anyone violating this by justxmaking a new thread to continue tgis will be banned for 24hrs. Whats done is done. We are moving forward from this point on.
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    I'm here you lovely lovelies! Link in sig.