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    I like this; I feel this is a definite compromise. It prevents people of the same rank from always being equal, yet destroys the idea of people distributing their stats to wreck other members (and also stops math). @Nuitari Kouga @Suijin Umiken
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    So this is how the Skill System works: A character's sheet will contain the following categories - Strength: Self explanatory - The strength your character currently possesses Speed: Self explanatory - How fast your character is Stamina: Tied with speed, how long you can maintain your speed Experience: How experienced your character is (In the realm of knowledge) Will: How determined your character is Tolerance: How much pain your character can tolerate (If this idea pulls through I can write these in more detail!) The ranking system will be similar to that of the Specialty system, just different on how they're distributed. The rankings are as follows: Beginner Novice Adept Advanced Master Ultimate (These will also be provided explanations if this idea pulls through) There are different ways the ranks are dispensed per rank as you start off with them. Any methods of pulling them up through the ranks must be accomplished by training threads. For the sake of fairness and a second opinion, ONLY the staff member checking your application can decide which area gets what level depending on the quality of your app and your individual character to prevent any sort of mismatched skills with the character's abilities stated in the application/CS. The maximum level for each skill to start out at is distributed below - E Rank - All skills must be beginner D Rank - All skills must be beginner C Rank - You are allowed two adepts and the rest beginner B Rank - You are allowed three adepts, one advanced, and the rest beginner A Rank - You are allowed two adepts, two advanced, and the rest beginner S Rank - You are allowed one adept, three advanced, one master, and a beginner SS Rank - You are allowed four advanced and two masters X Rank - You are allowed three advanced, two masters, and one Ultimate Methods to rank up can be discussed and decided if this idea is willing to be built upon!