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    "Rise of the Legion" It is time for Shinobi Generations first ever plot event! This is going to be a site wide event that is open to all to participate in, regardless of rank, skill level or village affiliation. Now while taking part in the plot event is optional, the events that take place will directly affect both the world and the site, so make sure to get involved and help shape our world. This event will be the first in a series of plot based activities that will take place over the next few months, with each chapter leading into the next. The goal is to tell a complex and interactive story while giving the members something bigger to be apart of. Things can continue to go the way they have been, with you making creations, doing missions and interacting with each other, while the over arching plot will always remain ever present in the back ground. This is your moment to be apart of SG history, being apart of what shapes and forms our world. This event will work like any other story, being broken down into chapters, with the events of the first carrying over into the next. Every part of the plot will be guided with staff working behind the scenes to give you a deep and immersive story. This is meant to be a fun exciting opportunity for all members of SG to live out a more defined story line, so we ask that you keep the story in mind while participating. Now lets get on with the story! Chapter One: You Can't Kill an Idea! Over the past couple of weeks mysterious posters have been popping up through out each of the villages. It started small, with a poster here and there through out lesser known parts of the world, however it has begun to catch like wildfire, with every street corner in every major village now playing host to one of these posters. They are simple sheets of paper, all with different images or different slogans, but they all have the same message: Revolution. Normally the rantings and ravings of mad men get tossed aside, however the public has taken to these, and now groups of protesters are beginning to spring up across the villages, wearing symbols of revolt and chanting words of protest. And yet none of them really know what they are protesting against. There is some force at work here, someone behind the scenes who is working very hard to entice distrust among the populace, and they are succeeding. Who ever is behind these actions has yet to show themselves, and yet the effects are already starting to show. Tension is building, people are demanding change, but can change come when a problem has yet to surface? The leaders are beginning to grow unsettled, they are being asked to fix things that are not broken. With the uncertainty of what will happen next rising there has been a call to take action, all active shinobi being put on alert and are being asked to assist in the situation. The kage's and elders of each village have created task for their Shinobi, to patrol the village, investigate the area around these posters and to even remove the propaganda. The longer these adverts remain open to the public, the harder it becomes to control the growing tension. All Shinobi are being assigned to missions to help rid the village of these posters. It is important that as much information as possible can be obtained, if there is any hope of unveiling the mysterious person behind these actions, more information must be gathered. Mission Name | Investigate Propaganda Posters Mission Type | Plot (Open to all Villages) Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes, Mission must be completed by two man cells, can not be done solo Reward | 500 Ryo and 20 EXP to each participant. Mission NPCs | None Mission Description | Each Shinobi is being tasked with investigating the area around the location of one of the posters. They are to scope the area looking for any clues for who might have placed the poster. They should also remove any poster they may find and quell any unruly civilians in the vicinity. If the shinobi manage to locate a suspicious individual they are to take as much detail as they can, but are not advised to engage in open combat. With the growing tension of the civilians rising a dangerous riot is the last thing the leaders need on their hands. This mission must be completed by two man cells and can not be done solo. Word Count | The mission is considered complete when the area has been properly investigated. The mission is not considered complete until a total of ten post have been made, five from each participant. Requirements | The title must contain a (Plot) tag in the title line. Once completed you may turn in on your character sheets. These missions do not count towards the mission limit and can be done regardless of how many other missions you have going on. Unrest is growing, the villages are losing control of their population, and it is up to you to get to the bottom of this. What sinister plot lies behind these cries for revolution, what unknown force pulls the strings from the shadows. Will peace return to the villages or will this mysterious entity prevail at starting an uprising!
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    As of this topic, no characters can be made in a different village from where their bloodline/clan is attached to. This was a decision that was made earlier in the year and is now being enforced.
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    Things Are About to Get Better. I'll try to keep things both informative and brief. I spoke with Soul over the phone yesterday and we discussed some things. For the next 3-4 months, I am going to be in charge of things. I'm still going to be keeping Soul in the loop and trying to stay as close to his direction as possible, but I also have many ideas of my own to improve things in general. There are going to be some badly needed changes coming within the next week. I am going to be reworking the warning system, how warnings work and further iterate the etiquette expected of both staff and members alike. Also expect a crack-down on misbehavior in the chatbox. There will no longer be tolerance for the drama, flaming and outright toxification of the site. It's driven many away and it all needs to be squashed now. I'll try reaching out to some of you, unless you'd like to reach out to me instead, so that things can be discussed. But there is a time and a place, away from the chatbox. If your issue is with the site, you may post it in the Member Round Table. I will be reading over all of the posts there once again (since it's been a while), so if it's already been outlined there, your opinions will be heard and considered. If your issue is with another member (whether staff or otherwise) then PM a member of staff (preferably myself) outlining your thoughts and why you've come to the conclusions that you have. Try to remain civil and include as many as details as you think are relevant. The site needs to move forward and anyone who's sticking around, but has unresolved matters, is free to try to have them resolved (if possible). If you wish to never come back, then I ask that you stop returning momentarily just to stir the pot. I don't mind if you'd like to pop in, have a chat or even share your thoughts. Just keep it civil, within the rules and drama-free. Other aspects of the site you can expect to change are how things are organized, the staff team, guides and systems. We will be simplifying things that have become over-complicated, fixing things that are clearly broken or dated and finally completing things that have yet to be started on. This is going to take some time, although not nearly as much as it has thus far. Work is going to be distributed and the process is hopefully going to be streamlined. Thank you to those who have stuck with the site thus far, and especially to those who continue to do so. I hope that I can count on you all to work with me in guiding this site through a badly needed 'rebirth'. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress of things and what to expect once more details are available. If you plan on staying and keeping your current character, please post in the Activity Check. Until Next Time
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    Hi everyone, I'm happy that this site is getting a new breath of life. It's encouraging to see it coming back and people getting to back to role playing again. But with that said, I am leaving. I've gotten the chance to role play with a lot of really cool people and do a lot of interesting missions, and I'm thankful for that. However, I feel like we've been missing the point of all of this. This is all to tell fun stories together. But lately it feels like a slew of drama and the character system has gotten in the way of that. I had trouble setting up role plays because people were so scared of where this site was going. And it wasn't anyone person, and it wasn't faulty staff, it was because everyone -including myself- got frustrated that we weren't where we wanted to be that we threw our hands up and stopped caring. But lately there has been blame going around. First Yuri, now Kabel. It's fine to disagree with the way they've handled things. But it is still important to treat everyone with respect. I understand why the community choose to replace the kage in Flame, but I feel that it could have been handled with more respect towards Yuri. I felt bad that she had to leave on a sour note, especially when she already had a tough time in her real life. I also regret not telling her this when I had the chance. I feared that it wouldn't mean much coming from a stranger but looking back I think that it would have meant a great deal. And it was never necessary to call Kabel a tyrant. It was fine to disagree with him and his methods. An open discussion is always okay. We're people, we deserve to speak. Our thoughts and feelings are valid. But there was nothing to gain by name calling. At the end of the day, we're all people. No one should be made to feel over something as trivial as this. Even if his actions weren't popular, it wasn't right for us to make him feel like he didn't belong here anymore. We all deserve to feel welcomed and happy to be here. We have the power to brighten other people's days. We should make the most of this. I'm not saying any of this to make anyone feel bad. No one here is a bad person. I want to remind everyone that we can be better. I've seen a lot of people here go above and beyond to help welcome someone. I feel optimistic about the site regaining its footing again. I hope activity bumps up again and everyone can play their characters how they want. And I hope that this message reminds everyone to show just a little more compassion the next time things get frustrating. We're stronger than we think we are, we are capable of using that strength to raise others up. I'm sorry I won't be continuing with you all anymore, but I don't feel like this is the right place for me anymore. I wish you all luck.
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    Akane - 3 Rei - 5 Drak - 1 Unfortunately for the few people attempting to have cooler heads in the situation, the hysteria brought about by the sight of the mauled child Kao was now holding and what it truly meant for the Villagers stuck on the island until the ferry came back for them at the end of their vacation had taken a firm hold. To be fair, it didn't help that half of them didn't know how to wear clothes, lived in trashcans, or was dressed like a psycho clown while selling ice cream that suspiciously looked like gore as he licked it away from himself. Perhaps it was that odd behavior that brought the wrath of the Villagers against Rei. Or perhaps it was because he brought about the first of the proper accusations starting with Akane who's voice had definitely risen above the rest this time. Whatever the reasons, the majority had decided that REI needed to go. Rei wasn't the type to go silently though. As the Villagers approached him to string him up in the tree at the center of town, the bizarre ice cream selling clown stripped naked and covered himself with ice cream. After several minutes of chasing him down and then wrestling him to the ground, the Villagers led a trussed up Rei back to the tree where he was strung up good and proper, somehow manage to cackle until his final breath and end with a raging boner. Then the Villagers waited for the transformation. Surely they had been right! How could someone so clearly crazy not have been the Werewolf? Alas... there was nothing. The Villagers had lynched an innocent man! Now their numbers were lower and at least one Werewolf was among them. Trapped on the island getaway, the Villagers would spend their day trying to prepare for when night fell.
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    Well, I suppose this is my first step familiarizing myself with the site (I know, for those that know me, it's about damn time, right? To quote one of my favorite Naruto characters: "I got lost on the path of life."). My name is Court, I know quite a few people who have recently made this website their new RP home. Some of those include Momo, Evergreen, Kenta/Mathod. They're friends I've known for about 10+ years now, and strangely enough, we all met on a naruto based RP. We've all kind of moved as a group over the years to different genres and RP websites, but it never ceases to amaze me that despite our real life circumstances, we always seem to find a way back to one another. Ki/Momo has been pulling my leg for a while now about coming onto this site, and I've heard a lot of good things about it, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the creative writing zone, especially here... it's really been a long while since I've stretched my brain muscles (It'll probably hurt the first couple of times if I'm being completely honest), but I'm excited. I also plan on bringing some people along, so it should be really fun. I'm debating between flame and lightning, but lightning seems to be winning. I'll ponder more about character ideas, but it should be interesting! Anyway, thanks for reading this, and if anyone would ever like to message me or talk to me, don't be afraid to hit me up! It'll be nice meeting all of you eventually!
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    Reimei trailed along the streets, her footsteps carrying her after the wild sparkly moose of a man. True to her act, she kept her chin angled downwards, bloody hair cascading down to the small of her back and shrouding her further. Her arms crossed herself in a futile attempt to make discreet the bold, black and twisting tattoo that covered the entire half of her left side like a massive swirling beast of the deep, which was revealed to the world between her black bra and open vest. Her torn shorts left her alabaster legs to raise with goosebumps against the cool tundra air drifting in from the coast. Bruises peppered her skin like soot, marks of possession that stood stark against her flesh. She could feel peoples eyes on her, and she itched to give them a piece of her mind. She knew she stood out by merely being in the presence of the sparkly moose, however as soon as she had entered into the city with him, she knew she had no idea where they were going. Amethyst eyes darted around, taking in her surroundings and attempting to memorize their path, and she resisted the urge to anxiously finger the small hooped rings in her ears. She was keenly aware of her lack of citizenship here, which her sparkly moose friend was mercifully oblivious to. The pair reached the entrance of the meeting, and she mimicked her partner when he raised his arm. She stiffened as she was patted down, her toes curling with ire as she suspected one of the hands got too close to copping a feel. The guards would find nothing on her person, though they certainly raised a brow at her partner and at the girl's tattoo. They were allowed admittance and they piled in with the rest of the crowd. She took in the crowd and their sour looks as they all waited for the speaker. As people's attentions landed upon her sparkly moose friend, and therefore herself, she would yank the man, not too forcefully as to cause suspicion but maybe with enough force to make it seem asinine, into a back corner of the crowded room so that they were marginally less noticeable. She would push the man behind her, his large body making a an extra human shield between her back and anything else, and place his six fingered hands upon her shoulders with her five fingered hands atop. Their backs were also facing away from everyone else in the area, a plus incase they needed to fight their way out. If anyone looked back at them, they would see the small redheaded prostitute standing in front of the larger Boy-Toy -shielding some of his outrageous appearance from view- with their hands clasped over her shoulders as if they were an odd whore-couple.
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    The Shinobi Way began decades before the founding of the Lightning Village, the world's oldest shinobi village, in the year 0 A.S. Legends say that it all began with the Great Sages, each wielding vast and unimaginable power. Although all people possessed chakra, they were the only two at the time capable of utilizing it in any capacity. Their father, the original Grand Sage, did not live long enough to carry out his goals for the world. However, his abilities were passed onto his two sons in halves. One brother was known as the Sage of Life, due to his mastery of Yang Release, whereas his brother was regarded as the Sage of Creation, due to his mastery of Yin Release. The Sage of Creation wished to share their power with one another so that they could each master both Yin and Yang Release, and even spread it to as many as possible. The Sage of Life, however, was adamantly opposed to the proposal when it was presented to him by his younger brother. The Sage of Life thought it best that such great power was kept divided between two beings, as it would allow them to act as a check and balance on one another. He also did not believe that it would be used wisely by the common man and thus wanted to share their gift discriminately and only towards the betterment of all. The Sage of Creation insisted for some time but eventually surrendered to his brother's refusal, or so it seemed. With Yin Release alone, he could not undermine his brother as he needed him if he intended to carry out his goals. For decades, he went along with the Sage of Life, granting the first Kages their abilities and instructing them to establish villages in order to safeguard their people and prosper. In this time, the Sage of Creation developed Fuuinjutsu, particularly a technique that would allow him to absorb the power his brother inherited from their father and make it his own. And one fateful day, he carried out his subterfuge. As his brother slept, the Sage of Creation placed the seal on his forehead, absorbing the Yang Release and those elements that he did not already command through it. Even as he woke, there was nothing he could do; the seal suppressed his chakra and body, keeping him perfectly still until death. The Sage of Creation sealed his brother's body away and granted large portion of the world the ability to utilize chakra, from the weakest and least adept to the strongest and most powerful. Eventually, he vanished without a trace. Leaving behind the Legend of the Grand Sage, as well as a world founded on shinobi and violence. Those who were neither apart of a village nor a shinobi quickly died off, slaughtered by rogue shinobi and the sudden eruption of war in the neutral lands. For nearly an entire century, the villages fought to expand their territory and protect their people. However, sentiments of peace are budding among the once war-mongering lands. Years in the shinobi world, since the time of the sages, has been determined by the passage of time since shinobi were first introduced. In the year 0 A.S., the great sages granted the ability to combine the physical and spiritual energies inherent in all living things in order to produce jutsu of astounding might and power. With this introduction of ability came the establishment of the first shinobi village, the Lightning Village, in 25 A.S. It came to attract scores of shinobi from across the world who were seeking to expand their power and engage in a community of similar shinobi. Those villages that had yet to adopt the shinobi system quickly came to either succumb or perish to the might of the Lightning Village. The Water Village, which for decades had poured its resources into the arming and training of civilians, came to recognize the benefits of adopting the shinobi system, and thus followed suit in 32 A.S. Finally, in 54 A.S., the Flame Village came to be born, attracting some of the most talented and capable shinobi from throughout the world. In 80 A.S., tensions had finally risen to an unsustainable degree. There were more shinobi villages in the world than one could count on both hands. Disputes over territory and influence led to the Great Shinobi War, where the villages vied for conquest of the world around them. Within 6 years, this war came to an end, at the cost of thousands of shinobi lives. A truce was formed by the three major villages: Flame, Water and Lightning. They used their combined military might to crush any resistance to the peace, enforcing it upon the smaller villages which still longed to expand their territory. Although it created a deep resentment among those villages that either lost the shinobi war or did not have the chance to acquire as much land or influence as the major villages. The current year is 105 A.S., and shady organizations are plotting to overturn this peace established by the major villages, with the assistance of the minor villages.
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    Hello Shinobi Generation users! I felt like this is as good as time as any to bite the bullet and introduce myself to you all. First off, I am not the best at grammar, sometimes I make stupid spelling errors (in part do to my dyslexia) so sorry in advance if I trigger you. Other than that, I'm confident in my writing ability (this being a forum RP I feel like I'll be able to cut down on my errors. I'm also not new when it comes to RPing) I'm very happy I've managed to find this site, I've been looking for something like this for a long time now and can't wait to get started! Side note: as of now I haven't been able to finish all of shippuden (Still on Sasuke and Naruto VS Madera) Welp, that's all I have to say for now, I'll get started on clan creation (Not sure how long it may take for everything to get accepted bc of the site's re working) Feel free to ask me questions/Introduce yourself to me :]
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    Alright, you guys have been sticking around to see the changes so I decided I'd push out some of them tonight. Less important systems will be put on hold for the time being, but they will be done soon after the site re-opens officially. For now, I'd like to finish the core systems, move on to revamping the guides (making them simpler, converting them into rules instead, removing anything unnecessary or needlessly complicated, etc), and try to get the 'grand event' that will cause the merging of Water and Lightning underway so that role-playing make commence normally once again. As soon as the guides are revamped, we will be fixing staff so that applications (other than characters, missions and updates) may start getting checked once again. If you'd like to have something checked now, please PM the link to me and I will either check it myself or have another member of staff check it. Naturally, you're probably wondering what sorts of changes are coming. I have gone ahead and pushed out four of the systems that are complete. Keep in mind, they may be subject to further changes before everything is finalized, but that is unlikely. New Systems Bijuu System | Element System | Specialty System | Ranking System Old Systems Bijuu System | Element System | Specialty System | Ranking System You're probably wondering what this means for your character... If your character started with specialties/proficiency that is above what that ranking is supposed to start with now, they may still keep it. However, anything that exceeds the new limits must be removed. An example of this would be a B-Rank shinobi with more than one adept specialty. In the case where you must give some things up, you may turn them in for ryo. Specialties and elements, however, will simply be bumped down until your character is capable of that proficiency, at which point you will have it without needing to train it again. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to provide any other type of feedback, feel free to respond below!
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    I know that the site is losing people left and right, some of them have even been our own people, but I promise that I will not be going anywhere. And I will do everything that I can do keep activity going in the Flame. If there are any Genin looking for a mentor, let me know, or if there is even someone just simply looking for someone to RP with. Whether that be missions, training, just a casual RP, ect. As Hokage of the village, I will continue to remain open to each and every member of the village when they need me ^^ Feel free to post a reply here, or shoot me a message ^^ Either way, stay strong People of the Flame! But also the people of other villages who may read this message, things look grim now but I can promise that times are going to change. It is going to be rough for awhile but we can make it through this.
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    There was a left over rule which was looked over that limited private jutsu to be created by A-rank or higher, that is now removed. Jutsu count by rank still are in effect.
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    I was thinking the same, though it was mentioned by other members of staff that if we had an activity check that the ranks would not be reassigned. Which I am opposed to. Personally, I think an activity check should be held and those ranks lost redistributed to active role-players. If Soul approves, I'd be happy to handle the process myself.
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    So bear with me because I have a long list to get through here regarding a lot of the issues I've noticed during my stay on the site and must of it has stemmed from the member base itself. So with us now losing members and Drak stepping down from Staff, I think it's pretty safe to say a lot of things need to be reconsidered and changed. What I've seen as a whole is every man is out for themselves in regards to getting what they want for their Characters. The systems have been changed time and time again because this person thinks this is unfair, or this person loses out on something. This has also been the case with staff and the evidence of such disagreements has wound up on the Chatbox for the site as a whole to see. Which brings me to my second point. Punishment for breaking rules needs to be harsher. Time and time again rules of the Chatbox have been broken where one individual has started a topic of conversation which has led to an all out argument between many people. While not necessarily an offense, the toxicity of the chatbox has been atrocious and is not something new or old members alike should be seeing. The reason I say this is the fact repeat offenders are seeing no repercussions of their actions other than a tiny slap on the wrists. The reason I bring this up is a situation that arose between one member and a member of Staff which resulted in that member getting an ADMIN COMMAND WARNING. I've yet to see any others get any kind of ''Warning'' and to me, it seemed more like that command was used to settle the persons pride more than anything. I've sat and watched as people like Kiyoko, Rei and Drak have slaved only to be bitched at for simply following the grading guidelines. They take the time out of their own Rping and free time to help people get their shit approved so to me they need to be treated with more respect. Next I think it safe to say we need better communication between our staff because it's evident we have already lost two great staff members over issues on-site. I can't be bothered writing much more but to me, a lot of the issues like these need to be considered before Systems start changing. Now is the time to tread carefully what with now losing 3 Staff Members and 1 being away on Vacation.
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    Anyone that knows you and has spent time with you lately knew this was coming, but I'm still sad to see it happen. You'll definitely be missed on site. Like I told Jin, I wish you the best of luck and you know you've got some friends here that will stay in contact with you~
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    Hello everyone, As you are aware, I have taken some time off due to personal stuff & forum stuff. I have been on tentatively to say hi here & then, but I took a break to retain my sanity & RP muse. Long short of this post is that between some personal stuff and my best buddy Jin deciding to leave. I have decided myself after almost a week that I no longer desire to RP the narutoverse. Some of you knew it was coming & that I was waiting to make a decision... but yeah. Jin & I go way back. A large portion of the reason I stayed was to RP with him. I met a lot of interesting people! I can say I got along with the majority of you & if you wish to continue socializing with me, I won't say no. I do apologize in advance however, as my role as a jutsu grader has been slacking and now that I am leaving- it falls more so on Kiyoko than ever. So you guys have my sincere apology for inconveniencing everyone. I enjoyed my time here and it was a good last attempt at Naruto RP for me. Farewell!
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    This thread is just for posting what you look like in real life (if you'd like to) and seeing what everyone else looks like.
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    Me for both Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's day.
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    A homeless wanderer, Reimei opened up the lid of the empty metal trashcan in which she currently resided. She peered out from the itty bitty slit she'd created by lifting the can only a bit, light reached her eyes and she watched the odd ongoings. Suspicious, all of them. She'd been asleep when the poor boy was murdered, so she was just glad she must have smelled too much like a trashcan for the werewolf to find her. Good. She was safe in the trashcan. However she did retrieve one of the many acorns in her pocket. Quickly, fast like a sneaky sneak alley trashcan cat, she flicked the acorn towards the crowd. The acorn would land on the ground and crack open, revealing a slip of paper inside with AKANE scrawled in newspaper clippings. Her vote placed, Reimei went sneaky sneak back into the darkness of the trashcan.
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    Introductions are nice and stuff, I suppose I could do one. I've been RPing for quite a long time 10+ years, be it on forums, chat, or tabletop; I've been around. Lately the world of Naruto has piqued my interest and I was pointed in this direction by someone else who recently stumbled onto the site. I'm not entirely sure what I want to accomplish with a character here, but I'm certainly hoping to make things interesting. Me personally, I try to be friendly and kind to everyone--though I may be a bit scatter-brained at times. I look forward to (hopefully) slipping in seamlessly with the rest of you all. Anyway, hi all and I hope to not step on toooo maaaany toes~
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    Name: Mizukari Volcano ( Suirō Kazan, 水竜火山 ) Region: 46 Appearance: Rising approximately eight hundred and thirteen meters from the ground, immediately surrounded by two miles of saltwater and marshes that lead into thick jungle and higher ground, lies an active volcano. The black rocky earth shapes a triangular dome with tall spires of volcanic rock that give the volcano its spicate appearance. Grey smoke billows from its peak year round, and at night the smoke appears yellow from its sulfuric content. Description: In the forty-sixth region not too far from the coast of the Sandaa Sea. Though it is smaller than most of its kind, it is known to be much more volatile. Its first eruption was over two centuries ago, so it remains a fairly young volcano. Its first three eruptions were fifty years apart, but after the third the eruptions began to be more frequent, going from every fifty years to thirty and now it erupts about every twenty years. During its down times the waters of the area have become rumored to have medicinal, even healing, affects if one can handle the extreme heat of the waters. Mizukari's last eruption was during the Great Shinobi War, now it is due any time to erupt once again.
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    Bloodline Name | Borugan - Voltage Eye Possessors | Suijin Umiken [Public to Umiken Clan, With Limit of 3 Total] Appearance | Possession of this bloodline is typically accompanied by golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes. However, once activated, a bright yellow ring forms around the inside and outside of their iris, with three fins spiraling outward from the center and their pupil turning from black to a brilliant, glowing yellow-white light. The Ginborugan is slightly different, with their iris around the fins becoming silver rather than remaining dark gold, and a bright white ring forming along the center of the iris. Their eyes turn from a deep blue to a bright goldenrod. Abilities | Borugan | The Borugan is a rare mutation found in certain members of the Umiken Clan that results in the formation of a doujutsu different than that of the Suigan. Rather than being born naturally adept at combat in the water, those in possession of this bloodline wield the element of Lightning, instead. Although they typically still possess water as a secondary element, it is not required, however Lightning Release is. This doujutsu grants the user two abilities, that allow their unique fighting style, the Denki-Ha, to be utilized effectively. Those who possess it are granted the ability to see any source of electricity within their field of view, even through objects, organisms or other substances that might obscure one's view. This ability is so sensitive that they can view the nervous system of any living organism and the signals sent from their brain to their body, with an effective distance depending on the shinobi ranking of the user. D-C are limited to 25 meters, B-A are limited to 50 meters, S-SS are limited to 100 meters and X is limited to 150 meters. The user is granted telescopic view, so that they may zoom in on the nervous system of any target within this effective range, or zoom in on any other target within their field of view. The Denki-Ha will be created separately as a Fighting Style. Weaknesses | Due to the sensitivity of the Borugan's ability to perceive electricity, lightning-style techniques that shroud the body or get in the way of the user and their target will obscure their view of the nervous system, as well as their target. The user is limited to two elements in total: lightning and water, obtaining water at S-rank. Once the Borugan has been deactivated, it has a mandatory 3 post cool-down before it may be activated again. Chakra Cost | 20 CP to Activate; 10 CP per Post to Maintain (D-A), 25 CP to Activiate; 15 CP per Post to Maintain (S-X)
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    Hey everyone! I'm Eri, and I've been roleplaying for about maybe 3 years (this year will mark my 4th year! but I feel like a baby compared to other roleplayers that have been in the game longer than me) but I had some breaks here and there. I haven't gotten really far with Shippuden, but I'm catching up! Anyways, I'm a highschooler (I'm a youthful senior kiddie) who's going into animation, so that's a thing! I hope we all get along well and I'm sure to enjoy my stay here.
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    As you all have heard by now Hurricane Harvey came through and tore some **** up. Being that I live in Houston that included me and as you know when something life threatening is happening you aren't worried about a text based game. But I am back just will be replacing small things like carpet and clothing but I'm in full effect.
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    Name | Matsumoto Chinatsu. Nickname | Reimei. Title Name | Water's Wayward | The Stray Shinobi | The Wanderer Queen Gender | Female. Age | 22. Home Link | Matsumoto "Reimei" Chinatsu Village | Ex-Water Clan | NA Village Ranking: | Ex-Jounin Shinobi Ranking | A Rank Element(s) | Fire Release, Lava Release Specialties | 1. Ninjutsu- Primary (Adept) 2. Bukijutsu - Secondary (Adept) Bloodline | Yōgan Chakra | 400 Stamina | 300 Experience | 20 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | Current Location: Water Country
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    I think activity checks should be a thing. I see people who have been here 5 months with 33 posts and are A-Rank and alot more newer players who start off at C-Rank are already more active for the few weeks to maybe a month they've been here. I think some of the ranks should be reevaluated and redistributed to the active lower ranks and even limited positions such as Bijuu and Village ranks should be looked at aswell. Just my .75 cents
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    I'll be wrapping up my open topics this weekend, but I am done here. The people that matter know why I'm leaving, so I won't go into detail. It was fun while it lasted and I thank everyone that contributed to my good memories of this place. I wish SG and its community the best of luck.
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    G'day everybody! The name is Karlos but on here you can call me Kaii! I'm an Australian Roleplayer who has been doing this since about 2009? Been on multiple shonen anime RP's such as One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragonball and even delving into an Avatar the Last Airbender Rp which sadly didn't last as long as I had wished. I'm here to finally get my foot into Naruto RP which I must say was the Anime/Manga that got me friends back in Highschool. I am excited to join you all in this journey and I hope to leave a good impression on everyone so we can all be friends and there be no drama! (Believe it!) As I said, I'm Australian so my Timezone is GMT + 10 at the time of writing this it is 4:34pm just for you to all get an idea.
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    So my computer has started making this horrendous clacking noise that varies in repetition patterns and speed, and after wiping my computer and saving everything externally, it still didn't go away. [It's so loud and obnoxious that I have named it Victor] So since I learned the hard way that internal clacks are a sign of an impending hard drive failure, and my 6 year old child has been well loved, I'm preparing for it to suddenly crash at any time. Best scenario is this goes fixes itself by magic and or my computer manages to hang on for a few more months. Worst scenario is my computer dies forever right after I post this. However no matter what happens, I will still continue to do my best to rp and respond to threads that I am currently in. If my computer does die and I vanish for a bit, I apologize and ask that you please be patient with me in regards to response times.
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    I don't believe that is the case here. You can mark threads as NK but that can be worked around if someone has a reason to kill you, you can kill someone without their permission if you have valid IC reason to do so. As for me there are a couple things I've noticed that I would like to be thought about. One is the consistency of how mods grade things like jutsu. I don't know if there needs to be a more in depth guide about the approval process, I think mods just need to provide more explanation about their decisions. Example, on one jutsu Drak asked me to change the chakra cost from a turn based to a flat cost. But he did not say why. Not trying to be mean, but when stuff like that happens it is confusing. I feel sometimes that the decisions are based more on how the mod is feeling that day then any real rigid structure. So I guess I'd just like mods to explain their decisions more and make the process easier to understand and perhaps expand upon how the approval process works. Another thing I would like to see reconsider is the canon clans being village locked. I understand the point but I think it is a shallow way to encourage diversity by going "Oh you joined this site and want to be an Uchiha because it is a site based on the Naruto manga well you HAVE to be a Water ninja or be marked for death." Very few people want to put up with that. I think the villages should be encouraged to make their own custom clans and have THOSE be village locked, because no one is going to have any preconceived notions about those clans and how they work. That way we can go "Look all of our villages have different unique clans you can join." rather than, "This village is holding your favorite clan hostage so you MUST be a nin there." I don't see any real benefit to keeping them locked vs opening them to everyone. People have already mentioned the mission system and sparring but I'd like to expand on the sparring aspect. It makes no sense that you cannot gain experience from a fight unless someone is seriously maimed or dies. You're telling me a D rank mission where I pull a cat out of a tree is more valuable towards my experience as a Jounin than a knock down drag out fight with my fellow A ranked brother? If the staff is concerned about people "farming" exp this way I have several suggestions. One if the staff thinks the fights are "fixed" you cannot use them to get exp. If they think it is fishy then they say no, end of story. Two, consider adjusting the exp gain. As it is now it scales based on the rank of a defeated nin. you get 50 exp for beating an A rank whether you're D or X rank. Instead make it be "If you beat someone of equal rank get 50 exp". That way you always get around the same amount and higher level people can't use it as a more effective way to level up than missions. Other small ideas would be to make the canon clan pages have an OOC roster so you know how many PC's a clan has before you try and join it. If I think of anything else I'll make more posts.
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    Bukijutsu Index E-Rank In the Shadows Cloak of Invisivility Technique D-Rank Weaponry Multiplication Lightning Release: Conducted Flash Lightning Release: Zero Charge C-Rank Senbon Strike Pluck Fire Release: Triggered Burst B-Rank Roaring Steel Senbon no Ken no Sutoraiki Hiding in the Cloth Technique Moon Style: Rapid Slashing Fire Release: Forest Fire A-Rank Iaidō Howling Steel Wind Style: Vacuum Blade S-Rank Singing Steel Variable Witch Hunt: Cleansing Lightning Release: Lightning Infusion Fire Release: Fire Infusion
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    Uh...Hello. I would like to see plot driven and character development threads given more meaning. I want to roleplay and be successful...this is my first roleplay site after all...but from what I have seen discussed in the chat and seen on the board you get more from grinding out rather meaningless mission post then you would for actually advancing personal or site plot. So I humbly ask that you reconsider your stance of mission, exp, and so on, in order to encourage quality over quantity. After reading up about the Naruto series I understand that missions for lower level characters is something very important to the series, but I'd rather see people earn more EXP for quality story advancement and character development. Also...I understand that fights happen and characters can die in some cases, but I'd like if you would consider some way to discourage it. I understand that soon the Villages will be enemies and may have wars and fights and that people die in wars, but maybe consider offering more EXP for not killing another character when there is no plot reason for it. Such as...uh...like if Lightning and Flame have a war people must mark the thread a Warzone thread in which joining they understand they can be killed, but they are also offered triple the EXP for participating or something. This is my first ever try at doing roleplaying so maybe I am just being naive about how it is suppose to work. I would just like to be rewarded something for playing the character and growing their story and not just grinding out meaningless post.
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    Lot on my mind. Taking a few days off to cool down. Tag me in Discord if emergency.
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    I'm going to tell a story. Long long ago, there once was a itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka-dotted dinosaur. His name was Itsmeelizebub and he really really liked to sing. Itsmeelizebub could sing so well, his beautiful voice resounding the best squallsqwuackgrrsharghs the other dino had ever heard. Itsmeelizebub, however, had never learned how to make friends. So as beautiful as his voice was, there was not often anyone to ever hear his squallsqwuackgrrsharghs. This made him quite lonely, and eventually his squallsqwuackgrrsharghs grew silent. As Itsmeelizebub's voice was not heard, the other animals and dines in the area also grew silent. Until no one in all the lands could even remember how to make noise. However one day, a traveling fish-man wandered into Itsmeelizebub. Trampled over him, actually. Itsmeelizbub fell over into a nearby tree, and knocked the whole forest down in a massive domino effect. All the creatures inside the forrest were trapped and none of them knew how to make a sound. Itsmeelizbub fell over into a nearby tree, and knocked the whole forest down in a massive domino effect. All the creatures inside the forrest were trapped and none of them knew how to make a sound. No one could call for help. They too were all alone. The fish-man, a foreigner to the land, knew how to speak. So he returned after accidentally trampling Itsmeelizebub to ask him if he needed help. Itsmeelizebub stared at fish-man for an eternity, until he moved to stand. Once on his two yellow polka legs, he acted like one of them was broken. Itsmeelizebub, who had not forgotten how to noise, because he had only just been being edgy. He demanded the fish-man give him compensation for his not really broken leg. The fish-man snorted like a hog and poked a fin at Itsmeelizebub's chest. He was not giving him any compensation. It was the stupid yellow dinosaur's fault for not looking where he was standing. Itsmeelizebub digressed. It was the fish-man's fault for not seeing the no trampling sign outside the forest. The two bickered for the next 3 days about exactly whose fault the incident was. Meanwhile, the animals trapped within the dominoed forest were dying off one by one. Eventually Itsmeelizbub and fish-man came to an agreement. They would fisticuff for the right answer. However they both quickly discovered that neither of them could hit each other. For the dinosaur had itty bitty arms, and the fish-man's arms were thin fleshy fins with no real punching power. So they then entered into a staring contest that last for three days. It only ended because Itsmeelizebub was a dinosaur with eyelids, and the fish-man had no eyelids. So since it was determined that it was Itsmeelizebub's fault for being the loser. The fish-man went to leave, only to realize that the forrest blocked his way. He suddenly had no choice but to depend upon the emo dinosaur's strong jaws to lift the trees away for both of them. One by one Itsmeelizebub lifted away tree after tree. Sometimes they discovered the corpse of an unfortunate animal. Other times a fortunate animal was freed from their starving prison to spit in both the Dino's and fish-man's eyes. However they continued on and eventually the trees were all stood back up. Peace was once again around the world. But still, no one knew how to noise. As they lived for ten minutes. Suddenly a massive comet with a purple tail sped towards the surface of the planet. They were all in imminent danger. However due to his love of the rock he'd befriended during his dark days. He couldn't allow this to be. So Itsmeelizebub threw his tiny body into the impending comet. And the comet struck. Itsmeelizebub ceased to exist. However his screams reminded them all of his once beautiful squallsqwuackgrrsharghs. And so everyone on the planet remembered how to noise again. But the comet was not entirely gone. it's gases spread into the atmosphere to poison them all. But the fish-man. Inspired by the dinosaur's efforts decided to summon his secret weapon. A pebble from the deepest ocean floor. It had the power to save them all. Fish-man threw the pebble into the gasses. The pebble erupted into a gooey white liquid. Which dispersed the gasses. And suddenly the entire sky poured drops of water all along the land. The water cleaned away the grime of the planet. Drawing all living forms upon its terra firms. Into death with drowning. All of them. Except for 8 small seeds survived the wipe out. The leader of the seeds was named Noah. Noah rescued his family of seeds from the waters until the water has all sank deep into the ground. When the water was gone, the seeds sprouted into the earth as well and are the human race. Millenia down the line, this site was birthed. THE END.
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    I love Town of Salem, so I'm definitely up for this
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    i solemnly swear i'm up to no good!
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    Name | 林 績 [Hayashi Isao; Last First] Nickname | Sai, Hana, Hashi-san Title Name | Owner/Master [For the people working at his inn] Gender | Male Age | 24 [Twenty-four] Birth Date | June 13 Hair Color | White Eye Color | Purple Height | 178 cm [5.8 ft] Weight | 66 kg [147 lbs] Appearance | Isao ha several distinguishing features, but bulk isn't one of them. He stands relatively tall, and usually on short heels as well, with a light build, almost feminine. Favorable | Unfavorable | Personality | Philosophy & Beliefs | History & Background |
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    We can say I enjoyed that photography class I took in college
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    Nomination for CotM is Akane Higurashi. Due to her outstanding ability to deliver me into the world she creates with her words and her quick replies. She also is able to stick her character is all sorts of different threads without accidentally changing her overall character's attitude and feel. Nomination for MotM is Drak. Despite him being swamped by various other things he still replies to my countless questions and posts in a timely manner. Offering help when asked and clarifying anything that isn't evident. I have seen him extend this same attitude to other members. By far he deserves MotM.
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    Daichi would listen to the three of them and then let out a soft breath as he proceeded to watch Akane walk around the room in a pace,"So much energy..." He muttered under his breath as he would finish up a couple pieces of bacon and ham before hopping off the desk and letting out a soft grunt,"I am just going to get ready for the mission, I'll look for an update and the plan when I come back." He was still in his morning clothes, there was no way that he was going to go on a mission like this. Jin would be able to make up a good plan, he was sure of it, otherwise Daichi would just go in swinging. It usually bore good results. He would wave to the people in the room as he would walk out and into the hallway, going to get ready.
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    Well i was thinking perhaps gather up all the jutsus that have been registered so far, and organize them into a sort of jutsu index that way things would be a lot neater and easier to find. put gen with gen etc.
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    Ok so, here is the thing: april the 25th is an important national holiday in Italy. And well, I live alone in a big city, away from my hometown, in order to attend university: like every year, I was going to return to my hometown in order to spend the Easter week-end with my parents, but since this year said week-end happens to be so close to the aforementioned national holiday, I'm going to remain there the whole time, departing from the city this upcoming night and only returning in the late evening of april the 25th, after celebrations are over. So yeah, while in my hometown, I will prioritize spending time with my family for obvious reasons, and I will also have very limited windows for surfing the web, because I share my computer there with other people, and the connection is already bad to begin with. Factor in that tomorrow I have my last IRL D&D session before I depart (the kids in my group wanted to "send me off", that's so nice of theirs :D), and you see that, for the upcoming eleven days, my activity is going to be SEVERELY reduced. I will do my best do drop by regularly, to reply to topics involving Yumi and, most importantly, to train Garou's stats, but it will be at very different hours compared to my current schedule, and for much less time each day. Expect my presence in the chat to be minimal, as well. My activity will return to normal on april the 26th. Welp, this is all. Please don't get too crazy in my absence!
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    Hey Darkness Here, Or Ethan which ever makes you happy. Everyone in the chat was awesome; I'm enjoying the site so far hope to get to RP with everyone.
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    Hello my name is Essien, Master Sage calls me E. I'm new to the whole rping scene and thought it would be cool to check out this one (Soul showed me it). I love talking to people and helping wherever I can. If you see my in the chatbox don't be afraid to say hi or private message me. Hopefully I get to rp with everyone soon!