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  1. I see no problems with this weapon.
  2. You still haven't given the abilities their own rankings, and also include that the power of the flames caps out at the shinobi ranking of the user. I would rank the first ability at least A, while the second ability is B. That would make the cost 1600 Ryo, as well. These are the final changes, then I'll approve.
  3. Everything looks good, so approved.
  4. Looks good, so approved!
  5. Approved. You may update your sheet.
  6. Alright, that should be fixed now.
  7. Thank you for posting up this thread. I forgot to create those forums, but will do so as soon as I'm inside.
  8. Due to the consistency of the broken sentence structures, improper punctuation and general lack of detail, I can not approve this exam for A-rank. Had there been a combat portion, and you done well in that area, I would have considered B-rank. However, since that isn't the case, I must approve you for C-rank so that you have adequate time to improve your writing skills and display an ability to combat RP effectively.
  9. SG Regulations | Role-Play Rules Starting Threads Regardless of where a topic may be posted, it is open to anyone and anything unless marked with one of the following tags: (Private) - No one may join unless invited by a topic participant. Private tags may only be utilized in a territory of the village, clan or organization that is aware of your presence in their territory and permits you to reside there. It may not be used in a village in which you have violated the law or given sufficient cause for the shinobi of that village to want to pursue you. It is also not permitted in neutral territories. It may be added later in the topic's course, if it has been approved by every participant. (NK) or (NA) - 'No Killing' or 'No Attacking', respectively. The NK tag may only be utilized in your home village, clan or organization, unless you are C-rank or lower, in which case you're free to use the tag anywhere. The NA tag is only allowed on your own property, or on the property of another (with their permission). Although, those who are C-rank or lower may use the tag so long as they are in a territory controlled by their village, clan or organization. In the case of an NA tag, no violence is permitted whatsoever (unless you give them a clear reason for their character wanting to do so, such as provoking them). In the case of NK, a lethal attack will instead leave the victim in a coma, preventing them from being able to role-play as that character for 72 real hours. These types of tags only require the permission of the topic-starter but may not be added in after the topic's creation. (Mature) - A Mature tag is required for any topic containing sexual content. Mature threads may not effect anyone who is not directly involved in the topic. Essential RP Rules God-Modding | God-Modding includes a variety of actions that would be considered impossible for your character, such as dodging every attack (avoiding all damage unscathed, especially when your opponent is of equal or greater rank) or using a technique, item or ability that your character should not even possess (you may only use something if it's on your Characer Sheet and has been approved by at least one member of staff). It can also take the form of auto-hitting, which is when you make your attack an absolute hit without giving your opponent the chance to avoid it. For example, "Sasuke lunged at Itachi with one quick stride, before immediately driving his fists into the face of his older brother, landing every other hit." will be considered God-Modding and, depending on the severity of the violation, your post may be rendered void. New role-players will be given one warning and the chance to edit before this is enforced, however. Afterward, any God-Modding will result in the nullification of their post. Keep in mind, controlling the character of others in any capacity will be considered God-Modding. You may not dictate the attire, attributes or actions of any character outside of your own and those you have direct control of. Meta-Gaming | Meta-Gaming is far simpler to understand. It is when your character makes use of information that you've acquired OOC in an IC capacity. If your character has no means of knowing of something, then it is imperative that you not give them that knowledge. It will be considered meta-gaming and it will be treated in the same regard as God-Modding. All actions derived from the violation will be rendered null, meaning that if you meta-gamed in order to defend against an attack, your defense will be voided and the attack will land. General RP Rules Any post or action that violates a rule or fundamental logic will be subject to staff review, particularly a Battle Moderator. Anyone who God-Mods or Meta-Games will have their post nullified and any impending attacks will be ruled a hit, after staff review. All post must be typed in the Third Person perspective. First person language, such as 'me, myself or I' is not allowed in RP. When engaged in Combat RP, you must include the jutsu and chakra used in a spoiler at the bottom of each post. Your signature must contain a link to your Character Sheet in order to maintain easy access for staff and other members. If you give someone IC cause to want you dead, the NK tag may be ignored with the approval of a staff member. You are limited to any amount of social threads, 2 training threads and 2 mission threads at any given time. Despite the above limits, you may only be in a real battle in a maximum of 1 thread at a time. This does not include sparring. If someone you're fighting takes longer than 72 hours to respond, you may claim an auto-hit. If it is only a spar, this hit may not be lethal. Any thread where a participant has posted a 'Departure' topic will be frozen until their return. If the thread is a social thread and someone takes longer than 72 hours to respond, you may post again to exit the thread. Timeline Rules & Progression The term 'timeline' here on Shinobi Generations has two meanings. It is used to define the point where a topic begins all the way to the point that it ends. It also refers to the overall timeline of the site, one that all characters must follow. As far as the timeline of topics is concerned, you are limited in which posts you may interrupt the actions of. For example, if someone is attacking another person, you will only be able to intervene if it was that person's latest post. If they attacked someone multiple posts ago, you have already missed your opportunity to act. Keep in mind, the post order is determined by the order in which everyone participating in the topic has posted. If Naruto posted, then Sasuke replied and Sakura joined in third, then the post order would be: Naruto, Sasuke then Sakura. If the post order is violated, you will be asked to delete your post or it will be deleted for you. As far as the over-all timeline of the site is concerned, it directly correlates with the passage of time in real life, with a year equaling one year. Your character's age will be determined based on their age when created and how long they have existed since. This will be handled as an update to your Character Sheet, which will have to be approved by staff. You are free to take this opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to your recent history, personality, attire or appearance. Time updates are purely voluntary and offer no substantial advantage. Travelling Rules The rules regarding travelling differ depending on whether you're travelling by land or by sea (Click Here to view the World Map). Travelling rules only apply when there are at least two territories between the last place you role-played and the place you wish to role-play in next, or if the place you wish to travel to is not accessible by land and requires you to travel by sea. Both work in a fundamentally similar fashion. You must create a topic in the Travel section with atleast a 250 word post. Topics may not be tagged as Private, NK or NA, with the exception of C ranks, if a travel topic consist of only C-Ranks it can be tagged as NK. If you are taking others with you when travelling, all participants must post atleast 250 words in the travel topic. In the case of travel by sea, you must first be in a territory or village adjacent to the water before you undergo the travelling process and you may only travel to other territories adjacent to the water. Travel rules do not need to be satisfied if you are traveling by land to a territory controlled by the village you were last in. Travel rules only matter when moving from region to region unless it is owned by the same group. Travel rules do not apply to the Significant Places board. Role-Play Styles Vague Manipulation | In this style, the role-player will take advantage of their opponent's lack of detail in order to direct the course of battle. This is restricted to combat RP and may not be used for the purposes of trolling your opponent, such as dictating their appearance or having them arrive to the fight in the nude. An example of Vague Manipulation would be if your opponent said something along the lines of: 'Naruto threw his fist at Sasuke' and you replied with: 'Sasuke stepped to the left, Naruto's right fist missing his head by an inch'. In this case, Sasuke was able to dictate which fist Naruto used, as well as where his punch was aimed. This is because Naruto had the opportunity to specify both in his own post, but failed to do so, leaving an opening for Sasuke to take advantage of. Code Role-Play | In this style, the role-player will provide just enough detail to signify the existence of an attack or action, without stating so in clear words. An example would be: 'Black flames appeared from Itachi's eyes, after a stream of blood.' rather than 'Blood streamed from Itachi's eyes as he activated Amaterasu, black flames shooting at his opponent.' Keep in mind, you must be able to explain when and where your character took the action and show that it could be reasonably determined the action was taken, if the time had been taken to do so. You may be requested to edit your post if you lacked sufficient detail, as determined by staff. Beware, code role-playing often leaves you susceptible to vague manipulation against experienced Combat RPers. Filler Role-Play | In this banned style, the role-player will load their post with tons of frivolous and irrelevant details with the intention of masking their actions and making it more difficult for their opponent to decipher what is going on without reading through block after block of text. It is perfectly fine to be as detailed as you wish, so long as it pertains to relevant subjects. If you take two paragraphs to describe your appearance or the scenery, you are within guidelines. However, if you spend two paragraphs talking about the old lady fifty feet away who's petting her cat, you will be asked to gut your post until it's found to be acceptable by staff. This will only be enforced if a participant in the topic requests you reduce your post, you refuse, and they file a complaint with staff. This is not a rule against long posts, as it has to be obvious that you're including unnecessary details just to lengthen your post to abnormal degrees. Transplant Rules Here on Shinobi Generations, there are certain rules and requirements that you must satisfy in order to transplant a KKG. What you must do will be determined based on what type of KKG you're attempting to transplant. However, all transplants will require a medical shinobi possessing the 'Sosogikomi | KKG Implant' technique. You may perform the procedure on yourself, so long as you possess Medicine as a specialty. The other rules concerning transplants may be found below. In order to transplant a doujutsu, you must first extract the eye(s) of whoever possesses the doujutsu. In cases of advanced elements or other internal abilities of that nature, you will require a vile of their blood. When it comes to abilities that are focused on certain body parts (such as a limb), you must remove that limb and have it either placed alongside of or in place of your own. No one is ordinarily permitted more than one bloodline at a time, however, if you already possess one by birth you are permitted to transplant one other so long as it's not of the same nature as your current bloodline. For example, you may not have two different doujutsu or two advanced elements. You may not utilize transplanted bloodlines until one real week has passed since it was implanted, so that your body has time to adjust. Bloodlines that have already been transplanted once may not be repeatedly transplanted. For example, if someone stole a doujutsu and transplanted it into their eyes, someone else could not come along and take it from them. An origin is only good for one transplant. If you wish to shorten the time it takes your body to adjust, you may type 1000 words for every day you wish to subtract. However, you may not reduce the waiting time to any lower than 48 real hours. If you wish to utilize a transplanted bloodline, all chakra costs associated with that bloodline are increased by 50% (including maintenance costs).
  10. SG Regulations | General Rules General Member Rules No Disrespectful Behavior | Blatantly disrespecting, harassing or flaming of any member, staff or otherwise, will not be tolerated in any capacity. So long as you can prove that you were personally insulted first, responding in kind is not punishable. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 12 Hour Ban | 3rd Offense: 24 Hour Ban ] No Arguing with Staff | In order to avoid unnecessary drama and ensure staff's ability to carry out their duties, you do not argue with staff. If you have a problem or concern, please bring it up with a staff member whose position is equal or higher. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 1 Hour Ban | 3rd Offense: 24 Hour Ban ] No Posting on Applications | Ordinary members are not allowed to post anything, regardless of message content, on Character, Clan, Jutsu or any other application that is not their own. If you have an opinion, please share it somewhere other than the application itself. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 2 Hour Ban | 3rd Offense: 12 Hour Ban ] No Spamming or Double Posting | Pointless posts that serve no purpose other than to take up space will be deleted. If the number of posts is too high, or malicious intent is obvious, severe punishment will be dealt to the offender. Punishments [ Varies; Determined by Disciplinary Staff based on Severity and Intent ] No Advertising | Posting links or advertisements for other sites with the intention of rerouting traffic on Shinobi Generations to aforementioned sites will not be permitted outside of the 'Advertisements' forum. Punishments [ Varies; Determined by Disciplinary Staff based on Severity and Intent ] No Foreign Languages | Although in certain cases, such as names and titles, Japanese will be permitted, generally only English may be used when communicating or in posts. This is for the sake of both consistency and the ability of staff to enforce rules. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: Warning | 3rd Offense: 12 Hour Ban ] No Going Off-Topic | You may not deviate from the subject matter of a topic you post in. This includes roleplaying threads, where you may not post something that is irrelevant to the events transpiring around you or the story being followed. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 12 Hour Ban | 3rd Offense: 24 Hour Ban ] General Staff Rules No Abuse of Power | Staff will not be allowed to abuse their power in any shape or form. This includes making up rules, dealing out unusual punishment or showing blatantly favorable treatment to certain members when carrying out staff duties. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 12 Hour Ban | 3rd Offense: 24 Hour Ban ] Minimum Application Review | If you are a Trial, Disciplinary or Global Moderator, you must check a minimum of 10 applications each week in order to retain your position, otherwise you may face demotion for not carrying out your responsibilities. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: Warning | 3rd Offense: Demotion ] No Challenging Specialist Staff | Battle, Chatbox and Disciplinary Moderators may only be challenged in their respective areas by Administrative Staff. They possess elevated seniority in their respective areas of expertise. Punishments [ 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 12 Hour Ban | 3rd Offense: 24 Hour Ban ] Administrator Override | If moderators find themselves at an impasse on how to handle a specific situation, they must either go to a Disciplinary Moderator or Administrator who will decide what should be done to resolve the matter. Punishments [ Varies; Determined by Disciplinary Staff based on Severity and Intent ] Maintain a Mature Attitude | This rule should not be taken as saying staff may not have fun. However, staff should try to maintain a positive attitude when representing the site. This means staying away from topics of sensitivity or insulting members. Punishments [ Varies; Determined by Disciplinary Staff based on Severity and Intent ] Capital Punishment If a member is found to be violating the rules above to a high degree or volume, they may be subject to an extensive, if not permanent, ban.
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