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  1. Move them from archieves and please approve them?
  2. So Here i am looking at the kaguya clan and i see something that really bugged me. Skeletal Manipulation: Those blessed with Shikotsumyaku are able to infuse their skeletal structure with chakra to control their bone growth, calcium deposits, and even skeletal structure and shape. The user is able to expel bone through the skin from the body or create extra; any removed bone will near instantly regenerate while the skin heals over. The regeneration does not prevent the user from experiencing pain as the bone leaves the body. I would like very much to disagree with that. Since this ties in with Living in Pain: Manipulating the skeletal structure and causing bone to protrude through the flesh is a painful experience, using techniques will cause the user varying degrees of pain. Cannonly speaking Kimimaro didn't even bat a eye when he pulled bones out from his body. Heck he ever ripped out his own spinal cord and was darn near smiling. Now I'm not saying eh was a masochist like hidan But i think it stand to prove that that is a benefit to the kaguya clan. Its the whole point of the bloodline to be able to create bones without experiencing any discomfort for the user. Could say the same thing with kaguya when she made her ash killing bones. The bone protrusion shouldn't be painful though whatso ever is all im saying. I do not wish to step on the creators toes and what not but im my honest opinion i think that should get removed. I mean if they experience in pain everytime they go into battle thats going to effect them every single time they try to make a bone weapon of some sort thus rendering them open to attack while they are experiencing the pain but Kimmimaro nor any of the kaguya showed that at all.
  3. He listened to the man in the black cloak speak although he was finishing cleaning up the mud that was in his face at the moment. However his hear was not impaired in the least so he understood just what was taking place at the moment. To be the squad captin would more than likely have made his father proud of him if he were still among the living. To his recollection his father had also been a squad leader when he was his age. Perhaps it was time to carry on the family tradition. He sighed as he brought his right thumb to his mouth and bit down on it and formed the following handseals Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram and slammed his hand down on the ground. Speed was essential and a large white smoke cloud appeared covering him within it. He however had added a little something else to the technique. The smoke would clear and reveal a two foot long white scaled snakes. Her tongue flicking and looking around at the surroundings. She had been scaled forth by her master who lay secure withing her stomach due to the additional use of the hiding in a summon jutsu. She counted three people within the vicinity, two smaller targets and one larger one. She hissed and moved at full speed and moved off forest to take cover. She was not much of a fighter she was more of a recon type of snake due to her incredible speed. Neahs voice spoke to his snake as he sat cross legged sitting safe within her stomachs barrier space. It was a little disturbing at first but perhaps he would grow to become accustomed to it. "Bachi observe and learn what we are dealing with do not engage." Bachi stuck her tongue out and said quietly "as you wish neah-sama." He had only been in fights at the academy but that was also training exercises but then again this could be considered that as well, This would save him a bit of time and some chakra as he would not have to fight directly, bachi could do that for a while at least he just hoped she didn't get to hurt. To him his snake summons were precious members of his own family and he didn't honestly know what he was going to do if something ever happened to them that was fatal.

    Neah Reporting IN! Genin squad one
  5. Not yet sadly still missing the jutsus having a difficult time trying to pick what to use
  6. Rain crashed against his tan cloak as he walked along the path. This was not the best weather to be training in. He would really much rather be at home with a good book and some music. He sighed ans he kept his cloak tightly pressed against his body. The water dripping off the fabric leaving him thankfully dry. His lightning headband worn proudly over his forehead. Although perhaps he should take it off after all metal was a conductor. He shrugged and stopped halfway up the hill and looked over at the beaten path. He saw a large crack of lightning hit the side of the mountain. Things were getting a little dangerous out there for him this weather could seriously hurt someone. He sometimes wished he had been born in a place more green and more suited to his calm and kind nature but in his heart the lightning would always be his home no matter what he felt. He continued along the path carefully taking his time walking along the path. He would soon arrive and thanked who ever had planted these pine trees here so long ago. They would provide much better cover from the rain and possible lightning. He looked around and suddenly he felt himself lose his balance as he felt something roll from beneath his foot. He comically landed face forward into mud. His arms outstretched he gritted his teeth and wiped the mud away from his face as he looked down and saw several staffs among with a multitude of other assorted tools and training exercise equipment. It seems someone had not picked up there toys before the storm had hit for shame. He spat onto the ground and composed himself as he saw a black cloaked figure in the distance. Could it be his new sensei or perhaps it could be some unknown enemy. Either way he would remain watchful and wary of the unknown presence.
  7. Name | Baki Nickname | Bak-chan, Rank | C Species | Snake-boa Contract | Snake Contract Appearance | Bachi is a large white scaled anaconda snake. She has yellow eyes like most snakes but among the rarest of all the snakes she is a albino colored scaling. She has a matching white underbelly as well. In all appearance she is the youngest of the snakes and easily one of the smaller summons. Though bachi is approximately 12 pounds in weight but is more resemblance to a coral snake in appearance. Personality | Bachi is a fun loving snake that loves it when he gets summoned. When she is summoned he acts all kind. She has a very close and caring relationship with the summoner. He helped hatch her from her egg so she views him as a sort of father like figure . She is very protective snake and will even sacrifice herself if the need arise to save her summoner. Bachi is the type of snake that prefers using infiltration due to her rather small size she can be commonly mistake for a common snake which she uses to her advantage. Background | Bachi Was the very first snake summon neah ever summoned. It was just 3 years before his father passed away. Neah had been practing the summoning jutsu with his father and his father allowed him to infuse chakra after his son had signed the snake contract. It was a crisp autumn day when the two first met face to face, bachi looking about at the strange new area and seeing her old friend neahs father she understood what it meant. So from that moment on wards she became neahs loyal friend and protector. Background | Attributes | STR | 1 SPD | 3 REF | 2 END |2 Special Abilities | Standard snake ability plus No hands jutsu- Due to there unique phsyiology and evolution the snakes of ryuuchi cave are able to cast jutsu without the use of handseals Known Jutsu | Substitution Jutsu Surface Walking technique, Weapon(s) | Specialty | Ninjutsu Basic
  8. Update Type | Jutsu Purchase Update Name | Hiding in a summon jutsu Update Training | Update Cost | 200 Update Links |
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  10. Jutsu Name | Shōsen Jutsu:Mystical Palm Technique Jutsu Type | Medical Ranking | A Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Medical ninja Energy Cost | 75 cp, 25 chakra per post upkeep Handsigns | Ox, tiger Range | Contact, or short distance of 3 meters Duration | Continuous until deactivated Description | This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it very useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury. This requires a great amount of chakra control.However this technique can not regrow severed limbs or reattach them. Skin and superficial wounds could be one post, damage to veins and muscle tissue should could take two posts, bone damage three posts, Organ damage four posts. Other Effects | Can be used at a maximum of 3 meters away from the target. Requirements | Medical ninjutsu adept requried Status | Open
  11. Well i was thinking perhaps gather up all the jutsus that have been registered so far, and organize them into a sort of jutsu index that way things would be a lot neater and easier to find. put gen with gen etc.
  12. Update Type | Jutsu purchase Update Name | Summoning jutsu Update Training | none Update Cost | 100 Update Links Update Type | Jutsu purchase Update Name | Hidden striking summons Update Training | Update Cost | 200 Update Links |
  13. Name | Ensoku Nickname | Lord Ensoku, Ryuuchi sage, Rank | SS Species | Snake Contract | Snake Contract Appearance | High ranking and demure of stature, Ensoku is only three and a half meters long and about six inches thick at his thickest section, much smaller than many would imagine of such a powerful summon. That said, he is a powerful snake of the family, his whole body rippling with muscles and his speed unparalleled by almost any other being, animal and man alike. Combine with his two large fangs, concealed within his waiting mouth and supporting a highly potent neurotoxin, he proves a huge threat in a small package. His eyes are a deep, jade green and his body is an astounding and beautiful collection of large scales ranging from deep purple to a delicate orange, his belly a uniformed yellow color. However, these coloring are subject to change due to his unique morphology. Personality | A proud snake, Ensoku is quite well spoken and rarely polite. Generally a difficult creature, most find it difficult to earn his respect, though those who match his wit oftentimes have an easier time. While he avoids babbling endlessly, he is a uniquely verbal snake with those whom he trusts, whispering delicately in his partners' ears bits of strategy or other information. Smart and level headed, he excels in strategy and can synergizes with anyone who has done the sage training, though he often chooses not to. However, he does possess a flaring anger which presents itself most vibrantly when he feels disrespected or in the presence of those not worth his time. However, his anger, rather than clouding his judgment, causes him to attempt to close a fight more quickly, resorting to increasingly viscous tactics. Background | It was upon his fathers death bed when ensoku and neah would first meet. Ensoku would be standing upon the left side of neahs fathers bed while neah tok up the right ride. His father held his sons hand in his right and held the tail of the snake sage with his left. It was his upon his final requests that he asked that the sage would take up in protecting neah to preserve the line of the snake contract. The contract had been in the ryotoji family for many generations and with reluctansy the sage agreed to it once the boy would become powerful enough. till then he would remain within ryuuchi cave. Attributes | STR | 6 SPD |6 REF | 6 END |7 Special Abilities | Neurotoxic venom- concealed within his waiting mouth and supporting a highly potent neurotoxin, Which is ranked at the S rank level and is most lethal if left untreated. its starts out by attacking the white bloodcells and will eventually cause complete causes muscular paralysis. The venom drains 1 endurance points every turn and once the endurance of the target reaches zero all the muscles in the body will become paralyzed. Known Jutsu | Weapon(s) | Specialty | Summoning (Master) Name | Daimaru Nickname | Dai-san Rank | S Species | Snake Contract | Snake Contract Appearance | Dai is much like his ancestor manda but in a few ways he differs . In fact he is quite even larger than the original reaching at a length of a hun, almost the same length as the Island Turtle, making it one of the largest snake summons. He also has four appendages similar to arms with four clawed fingers along with a cobra-like hood and a rattlesnake's tail. Dais teeth also take on the form of a poisonous snake's fangs, resembling those of a cobra while Manda's teeth took on the form of constrictor snake's teeth. Like the previous Manda, he is purple, has green eyes and has the same dark markings over his eyes. He is a staggering 200 meters in length wise and is 20 meters wide. Personality | Dai is very arrogant and demanding, even of those who summon him. It is said that he eats those who summon him that he feels are unworthy or who show they are not powerful enough, showing that he is ruthless and cold hearten. But He will show proper allegiance should his summoner complete the noble sage training then and only then will he be completely and utterly loyal. His loyalty will stretch to the point of self-sacrifice instead of preservation if it came to it. But he will only do this for those who have been able to enter ryuchi cave and succeed in getting the contract and complete the sage training, Background | Dai Is the snakes of ryuuchi cave and once a former friend of neah's father. His father passed on the contract to his son and first summoned Dai after neah go the contract. At first the great snake dai thought neah as nothing but an insignificant bug and challenged him to reach ryuuchi cave. Neah took on this challenge and ventured out alone and went to the famed cave and met once again with the great serpent passing his challenge. Dai was most surprised since most people died trying to even enter the cave due to the high concentration of senjutsu chakra. From that point on he made Neah his henchmen and swore his service and allegiance to him. Attributes | STR | 6 SPD | 4 REF | 5 END |5 Special Abilities | No hands jutsu- Due to there unique phsyiology and evolution the snakes of ryuuchi cave are able to cast jutsu without the use of handseals. Also standard ryuuchi cave contract abilities Known Jutsu | Weapon(s) | None Specialty | Name | Kirito Nickname | Kiri,kuro-hebi Rank | A Species | Snake Contract | Snake Contract Appearance | Kirito unlike the other snakes of ryuuchi cave has but one coloring. From head to toe and underbelly she is a dark lacquer black scale coloring Each scale along his body appears to be smooth but if she wants it she can have her scales become rigid and become spike like. Kirito is about 15 meters long and 2 meters wide. Upon her under belly there is a singular white tomoe marking. Personality | Kirito is a fun loving snake that loves it when she gets summoned. When she is summoned he acts all kind and carefree and sometimes even a little bit goofy. Though when battle begins her personality will change to a more focused attitude. She becomes cunning and less fun loving and becomes very serious though she will always show her proper respect to her summoner. Kirito is a very cunning snake. Though devoid of human speech she can understand it very well. She is very protective snake and will even sacrifice herself if the need arise to save her summoner. She is very affectionate also towards the summoner treating them as if a family member. She also is a fierce creature when her anger gets flared despite her gentle outer appearance. Should someone upset her or attack her summoner she will attack without mercy. Background | Neahs Father once showed his son the snake contract. Each day he would show Neah a different level of summons. One day Neah's father summoned ocha before neah. He introduced them and neah was very friendly with him. Neah's father explained to him that Neah would now be taking oKiritos limit was reached he and Neah began a start of a friendship between summon and contract holder. Kirito saw a lot of neah's father in his son and swore his services to him and then returned to ryuuchi cave awaiting the time when he would be summoned again. Attributes | STR | 2 SPD | 3 REF | 5 END |5 Special Abilities | Standard snake contract special abilities, Retractable Spiked Scales Due to his unique appearance Kirito has a very interesting defensive mechanism. He can choose to Retract his scales covering his body and make them spiked. Each scale is as sharp as a A B ranked edged weapon. No hands jutsu- Due to there unique phsyiology and evolution the snakes of ryuuchi cave are able to cast jutsu without the use of handseals. Known Jutsu | Weapon(s) | Specialty | Ninjutsu (adept) Name | Ocha Nickname | Ochie Rank | A Species | Snake Anaconda Contract | Snake Contract Appearance | Ocha is a large forest green scaled anaconda snake that stands at fourty five meters long and 3 meters meters wide. He has yellow eyes like most snakes and has a black tomoe mark back of his head. Ocha has a black underbelly and along his body he has black ring pattern he bears two horn like protrusions on the side of his head much like the manda of legend. He has a few scars running along his back from shinobi he has fought or other summons. Each scare ranging from a bite mark to a sharpened weapon slash. Personality | Ocha is a wise and loyal snake. He will dutifully follow his contractors orders fully and to the best of his ability. He usually keeps a calm cool and collected demeanor. He is a faithful summon that can become your best friend or one of your worst enemies. Should he be insulted or his summoner be insulted his rage will appear and become a vicious foe that won't stop until the opponent is dead. Ocha's loyalty will stretch to even his dying breath never giving up on his summoner. Background | One day when Neah was in ryuuchi cave after completing his challange from the great snake leader Dai he went off to explore more of the cave. What he found though was more than he bargained for. He had accidentally fell down a tunnel and had broken his leg. His screams went on for what felt like hours until something heard his cries. It was Ocha and she took pity upon the wounded child. She slithered down her tail and wrapped it around neah's waist and pulled him out. She even wrapped her body around his leg and used medical ninjutsu and helped fix his broken leg. She was a natural healer and she noticed something in Neah he seemed like the kind of boy she could follow after hearing all about him from hours of questioning back in her home. The two became fast friends and she added herself to Neah's contract ready to be called at any time. Attributes | STR | 4 SPD |3 REF | 4 END |4 Special Abilities | Standard snake contract special abilities, No hands jutsu- Due to there unique physiology and evolution the snakes of ryuuchi cave are able to cast jutsu without the use of handseals. Known Jutsu | Cure wounds internal A rank, Weapon(s) | Specialty | Medical Ninjutsu adept
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  15. [Character Picture Here] Name | Neah Ryotoji Nickname | Title Name | Snake Prince Gender | Male Age | 12 Home Link | Character App Village | Lightning Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Doton Specialties | Primary:Summoning Secondary: Bloodline | Chakra | 100 Stamina |100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Neahs Ryuuchi Cave Snakes Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |