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  1. JUDAN VINCENT Name | Judan Vincent Nickname | - Title Name | - Gender | Male Age | 17 Birth Date | 07/07 Hair Color | Jade Eye Color | Butterscotch Height | 5'11" Weight | 175 lbs Appearance | Judan Vincent's most distinct feature is his shaggy unkempt jade green hair. Its striking coloration stands out in most crowds and is symbolic to Judan's bold and colorful nature. His eyes are also of an odd coloration. They're a shade of buttery yellow with a hint of red. None of his other physical features are quite as distinct as these two. His pale complexion further helps to amplify the vibrant colors his most noticeable features display. He presents this in a uniform, carved 5'11" stature and topped off with a proportionate wingspan of 6'2". His usual attire consists of a plain, loose, round-necked black shirt with long hems on both sides under an open emerald green or olive long-sleeved shirt and a long pair of cargo pants of either plain green or a camouflage pattern. Depending on necessity he wears either traditional sandals or thick leather boots built for durability. Another item of clothing he frequently uses is his pair of finger-less black gloves. Village | Thunder Clan | - Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Specialties | Ninjutsu Bloodline | - Favorable | Unfavorable | Personality | Judan can be best described as borderline crazy. His instability is clear when he has arduous mood wings and on a regular basis. His extremities know no boundaries; he has the same capacity to stay calm and composed when he is content with an inevitable calamity as he does when he is losing his mind stressing over the smallest details. Yet he would find it in himself to put himself in difficult predicaments and to skip the smaller details every time he plans to methodically approach a problem to find a resolution. In this way, it is not in his nature to think of the consequences of his immediate actions affecting the long-term conditions as long as they serve to provide an immediate result. However, this is not because he is incapable of designing a methodical approach to a problem to find a long-term solution, but because of his tendency to nose-dive into problems partly owing to his restless character and lack of patience. As such, it is fair to call Judan a reckless person. His reckless nature is not entirely unjustified; part of what makes Judan who he is is his endless craving for adrenaline. Always trying to simulate his senses and look for thrills, he does not shy away from danger. Part of what makes this easy for Judan is that he cares little for his own safety. As confused and mystified by the course and temperament of life as most who think of these things find themselves to be, Judan would by any means do what is required of him to take formidable steps towards an answer and if that means risking things as irrelevant as his own life - just one among the millions of irrelevant specks in the big picture- he has no issues with it. He finds things like danger, things that seek to thrill, to be an escape from the dreaded prison of reality. However, his willingness to risk his life should not be mistaken for his lack of gratefulness. Judan actually appreciates the gift of life more than most people do. He believes that it is his duty to experience the many things that life has to offer, and not miss out on any of them. Since he is not in complete control of the order in which such opportunities present themselves to him, if one of them requires of him to risk his life, he believes it is his duty to do so. On the contrary, Judan is a person who likes to be in control. Hence, the feeling of helplessness that arises when thinking of the questions of life is one that he finds very dreadful. This feeling is one that serves as a motivation for him to study and train. He has a passion for studying to learn more about how the world works and finds all of it fascinating. His dedication towards his training and studying is for his want to improve himself physically and mentally to become the best version of himself he can be during his short tenure in this world to give himself the best shot he can to answer his only question. He believes that this is the duty of all lives put in this universe. To be vessels for information and art, to reach a certain state of mastery in all aspects, to become a perfect being with the incentive to be gifted by this perfect being that one is to become, the answer to life and all its questions. In this way, he has molded himself into a vessel, in a boat drifting along the sands of time to wander as a soul till time of his dying and perhaps longer as a 'dead' soul, to take in all that life gives like a sponge, and to store it in hopes that one day, all of this would start to make sense. At the end of the day, the one sense that drives him is his sense of curiosity. He lets his curiosity make most if not all of his decisions for him. Always thirsty to see more, to feel more, to experience more things, he does not let anything get in the way of him and his quest for salvation. He is the type to get into unnecessarily trouble because of his need to seek adventure. Trespassing is his most frequented crime. When Judan is not being a loud obnoxious asshole and he is also not being a crazy lunatic going all the way in sparring sessions, he is actually a very composed person and it is not that rare for a person to get attached to him. Quite predictably, it is not so rare for him to get attached to people either. In fact, he gets attached to people quite easily. Friendship and love are things that he value greatly - and quite unbelievably so given his unstable and selfish nature. While his feelings are strongly neutral towards strangers, he has strong empathy towards his friends and would perform his obligations towards such people without second thoughts. Philosophy & Beliefs | History & Background |
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