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    The collateral damage of his attack had consequences for the impulsive beast who acted in spite after suffering his wound. As chunks of the large dome he stood upon began to fall off at the edge in front of him he skidded back forgetting his wounded leg. Mincing at the pain the fox used another one of its tails as support attempting to adjust his stance before slightly sliding off the dome to his right. As one of his tails retracted back towards him an explosion was set off at the tip, the tail catching on fire as he swung it in the air and sent it crashing off the side of the dome. He lifted his body up attempting to get away from the rising mist. The towering presence gave out a scream as the explosive bottoms detonated below, sending him back peddling slowly as his front paws tripped over his hinds pain surging across his leg. Steam began surrounding him as he looked around him frantically limping as he spun in circles. Fanning with his tails around him attempting to push back the steam surrounding him to no avail and in result the tails themselves caught the effects of the boiling hot steam. As the mist itself around the crescent dome became boiling hot around him. Losing his footing his right arm came crashing off the dome and to the ground beneath, which had now become boiling hot as the steam rose up rapidly below him burning him severely at his under below. Another roar broke out as he attempted to rise back to the top of the dome pushing himself up with his front paws, this one appeared to be a cry for mercy as he pushed up, the smell of searing flesh coated the dense air. "You have won Creature in the Mist. I yield What is it that you want from me.... Why have you come!" He called out had lost its earlier boom, he was defeated and shame showed not only in his voice, but in his eyes. He lowered his head bringing his right forearm across his face shielding his eyes from the mist. "Today I was not prepared, but know this shinobi I will return and vengeance will fall upon your house... So it shall be!"
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    The beast eyes flashed red as it charged the bomb, this one larger than the previous. Moving his hands up high to his chest slightly away from the creeping mist two tails raised besides him, one on each side, swaying rapidly around him fanning the mist back in the opposite direction. The tense pressure of agony filled the dark sky as the Kurama's head shook from the shock of pain, the clouds responded with thunder in lightning clapping of the tails of the once innocent and fragile terror at a distance. As the searing steam made contact with flesh a shrieking sound of slicing meat sent a cold shrieking pain through the fox, four of its tails extended in the directions of the three attacks crashing down on them in a fury. The beast lowered its head the sphere bomb having now been charged, his pain and anguish could be seen in his eyes as he attempted to move his right hind leg. The leg dragged slightly as pain shot through the body once more. The beast lowered his body as it skidded to his left using his paws to push away and backing up from that side of the dome. Swinging three of his tails swiping horizontally across his right side to his left. Turning his body to his right he shifted his weight off his severed heel using one of his tails to the ground on his right side as support, he crouched down on his paws his gaze few upon the shinobi at his right. The two hooked tails launched the large rocks successively at the two clones who now stood to his right in case his initial swipe had not managed to strike any of his foes. Launching three of his tails on his left forward he slashed in uppercuts at the kage the tip of one tail scrapping and unearthing trees and rocks and propelling them froward as they lashed out at him. Kurama tilted his head forward opening his mouth wide he launched the tailed beast ball at a 175 miles per hour slightly right to the shinobi of the water that stood in front of him. As soon as it hit the ground, it would result in a massive explosion with a diameter of 20 meters.
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    The tailed beast let out a grunt from his snout as his eyes caught the rising of the mist from the rushing water. The area was once more filling with water and mist, the fox understood the shinobi was a fast squirmy shrimp in the water, especially with its brother within. Watching as the shinobi approached he squinted curiously as he watched the man and his clones disappear within the mist. He lifted his right left front paw slashing at the ground in front of him below the dome in protest of the mist, retracting and swatting backhanded at the air below hoping to catch an approaching ninja. This shinobi knew his strength and would continue to push on with his tactics, he could not allow the water to touch him for he could only imagine the traps that lied ahead beneath, the beast was the fox but this man was the one of deceit. The fox let out another roar as he began to move in a circle around the dome its tails wailing down. The ground shook as the ground all around broke and the night became a shrieking madness of debris. The crimson tails behind the beast lunged out at rapid speed, spiraling in all directions him in rage. On top of the dome, the fox had a vantage point, allowing for a 360 view of his surroundings while standing high above. Slamming against forest crushing the trees beneath him as far as its tails could extend a cloud of muddied smoke rising as the mist began surrounding the dome. The mist meant the shinobi would attempt to cover his rise from the ground below and the fox would attempt to impede his progress. Retracting each tail curled lifting rocks and trees from beneath them picking them up and tossing them to the ground him, before rising and flapping down all around once more. The beast lifted its massive front paws off the dome standing upright, its tails continuously lashing out all around him. He slung his head backwards gathering a combination of positive black chakra and negative white chakra at the opening of his mouth. As he concentrated a large sphere of chakra began molding at his mouth as his tails slashed out in all directions attempting to protect him in case of any incoming attacks, a tail on both his sides crashed on the ground beneath lifting massive rocks and holding them out in front of him as a shield.
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    “Hohohahaho!” The booming laugh echoed through the desolate tundra, sending the resting crows and birds in a frenzy above as they flocked away from the mountainous beast. He was amused by her cheerful and quirky tune, she was small and puny compared to him, and in her heart she kew no pain. Deep in thought he stared into the far corners of her colored eyes, pondering on her true nature and intentions. The long tails above the girl lowered themselves a few inches away from her head as she spoke. The center tentacle reaching out and expelling a thick black glob of mucus ink from one of its ink sacks at the suckers of the tail. The blob would crash down on the girl drenching her in the black muck as the other tentacles moved happily around. The beast sunk his large frame almost completely under the water, his face half covered, only his large horns and his large white squinting eyes hovered over the surface of water above. “Do not rush to speak, girl of frozen pearls, What does one of youth know of truth? What does one so small with much to explore know of troubles and scorn from those low born? Do you hide your tails, your teeth and claws? Are you pushed to dark corners by those who’s souls are torn? Shinobi and Kunoichi from far and wide with dreams of possessing a beast in ties. But I will not be easily subdued and in the case that I shall fall, my vengeance upon man will leave all in awe. For no caged beast is forever sealed and as man rots, in the dark Ill plot. There are no friends with mortal men!” His right arm reached out from the water and smashed against ground causing a tremor across, as he raised his fist revealed a crater on the once flat surface. His tone seemed harsher now agitated at the thought of greedy men, and the savagery of being forced inside a host. He pictured the shackles of chains around him, his majestic tails restrained, a growl escaped him. He returned his extended arm back under the water as he looked past the girl now at a distance. He exhaled once more before a loud grunt was heard as he lifted his head from the water, steam escaped his snout. He watched her closely for signs of fear, or any intent to retaliate in force. “You speak and claim you mean no wrong, so in this tone Ill play along….. You have yet to prove if in my presence thou shall remain, Three riddles will pass, your class proclaimed, your answers will be.. the ones to blame. One false response, a courtesy for one so young but anymore will be cause for alarm, and on your flesh harm will be done. “ The two extended tails in front of him struck down at both sides of the girl the crashing against the ground lifting the dust around the area and cracked the ground around her. The third stood stiff over her the tip aimed directly over her forehead as if ready to strike down. The other tails emerged from the water behind him and swayed around him, the rippling of the water disturbed the calmness of the pond. “I am a tyrants worse nightmare, I am the call to the poor. I am given at birth but stripped as the norm. I am the bringer of freewill, the birth of the self. I am sought by all man but oppressed by the individual. What am I?”
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    An icy layer of mist covered the surrounding area of the cold tundra. The wooded tundra seemed empty now, sign of life were nonexistent at it appeared that only the dead walked the icy hells at the back end of the valley. Broken trees and dead carcasses on the broken path would lead any who would wander in into a backpeddle back from once they came. The large pool at the clearing was now frozen, the fishes underneath swam undisturbed underneath the armor of ice. The the trees around blanketed by sheets of white, hiding their exterior until the rise of a burning sun. The air was thick here a mixture of cold and a spinning pressure would make it difficult for many to breath. The pool itself was engulfed in the mist making it barely visible, at the far end of the pool shadows swayed idly in place behind a shadowed mountain. The peak of the mountain behind the mist lowered slightly as a flickering of chakra broke out at a distance. Moments later high pitched voice of a child broke through the silence of the ice as a small girl entered the clearing from within the trees. Hmm The swaying shadows behind the figure moved forward one step as the sound of slicing ice could be heard through the mist. It appeared as if the long shadows were slowly lashing forward towards the voice. The figure moved once more, this time the sound of crushing ice, and slow heavy steps filled the area as the shadow moved forward slowly, tremors could be felt from the movements at a distance. The pool of ice screamed once more, cracking and shifting. A large purple tentacle broke through the mist appearing directly over the young girl, it danced over her for a moment. "Who dares?!" A dark deep heavy voice called out from within the mist. At the end of his question a grunt was heard which blew a gust of wind in the direction of the child. The mountain lifted its head up as the ice cracked even further, it appeared higher now as it emerged from the frozen lake beneath and moved forward. Two tentacles pushed through the fog and made their appearance all three swaying above the girl. "Little girl, little girl, skin light as a pearl. Who's hairs in a whirl and has yet to see the world...... You've ventured to the coldest of hells, I hope have you bid your friends farewell. Those before have come in stealth, but my wraith they could not repel. Speak true or this day you too shall rue, for so many have ventured forth but none have subdue, the great tailed beast...... Have you heard a beast deceived by tune? Do I look like a buffoon? Tell me, scream it to the world to hear, why truly has thou come here? " His tone was rough yet it none threatening as his voice trailed off in rhyme at every sentence end. He let out a deep exhale, the force of his breath pushing the dead leaves into the air and pushing the hair of the young girl. The beast had finally crossed over the pond and was nearing the edge, the solid ice floor of the pool of water was shattered. The beast rose from the water below slowly revealing half of his large torso, the rest of his tails danced behind him. Leaning his head forward while lowering his body he squinted at the small girl, attempting to capture her appearance.
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    The beast eyes widen as he made contact with the shinobi's shield. Retracting his arm quickly he let it a painful roar as he skirted back once more his large steps sending waves of water in given direction as he moved. His palm burned in a razor cutting sensation, flexing his paw he pushed back away from the shinobi, placing his paw in the water beneath him to sooth the burning feel. Turning frantically he watched as the area around him filled with water. Steam fumed from him as he looked over the surface of the water for the water ninja. Back peddling he dashed backwards on his hinds his eyes bloodshot as his Sanger spiked at the feel of pain. "He hides in mist....he hides in water.... I knew man was naturally a coward but this sort of trickery only fuels my anger! Why do you bother me! Why do you come to this place Human! Tell me if your home! So that I can pay your home the same respect human." Roaring once more he outstretched himself and leaped to his right, dashing away from the center of the filling mass of water below. Moving forward he turned his back to the shinobi's last location and ran hard out of the area of affect. With enough space between them a distance of 20 meters from the edge of the water he stopped turning once more at the direction of the man. His tails swayed behind he inhaled and exhaled heavy, the steam surrounding his contorted face. Raising both paws he lunged at the ground beneath him with savagery, his tails behind him assisting in the scooping and unearthing of the ground beneath. As he dug he began to pile and shove the unhinged ground and trees in front of him with his tails, every so often hurdling tailfulls of rocks and trees at the direction of the pool. Moving with incredible speed he formed a large dam of earth and trees around him at a 10 meter radius as he ripped and destroyed the landmass beneath him. He continued with intent only stopping once the dam itself was high enough off the ground, and condensed enough to be able to hold back the water and keep him above it. Climbing he stood on top, his tails still stacking and shoving earth into the dam. Looking out towards the body of water, releasing once more a shocking roar.
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    The beast let out low grunt at the emergence of the mist once more, in hesitation he skirted back, his front paw slightly tripping over his hind legs crashing through the trees beneath him. Thick white steam pushed out from his snout a chimney of anger. He leaned forward adjusting his body, crouching low his head pushing the dark trees beneath him, he took slow but large creeping steps forward, his head turning side to side. The ravenous tails danced behind the large body an odd one at the center hung stiff towards the sky as the beast let out another thunderous roar. His temper was flaring as his eyes boiled red, his stare was of malicious intent, he huffed and puffed as the white smoke encircled him. "This is the man you speak of. A man of treachery and deceit.. This arrogant child, a coward in the mist, a boy too afraid to face the demon... Brother if you have found yourself respecting this man, and fighting for this worthless scum, then today I have found myself losing my respect for you!" Lifting his front paws he slashed at the ground in front of him, his large claws catching and lifting trees and earth from underneath him and sending it spiraling forward. Debris filled the air as the beast unearthed the ground, a cloud of thick brown smoke looked over the area the burning eyes of anger lightly visible through the dust. Shifting the weight of his body right he pivoted off his right back leg and swung his out forward, his large hulking tails lashing out forward as he made his 360. As he spun the cloud of dust and debris pushed forward, the large gust of wind from the tails fanned both the dust cloud and the mist in the opposite direction, a whirlwind of dust engulfed the area. Completing his 360 the beast called out once more he adjusted himself leaning forward aggressively, his knees bent his hinds on their toes as if he was to vault himself forward. As the clouds pushed back his eyes widen as he scanned the area meticulously, his eyes stopped once spotting the Water shinobi at a short distance. The sky once more shrieked as the beast lunged forward, pushing himself off the ground with his back legs up as he propelled himself at great speed forward landing just a few feet from the nin. His front right paw planted against the ground as he swung with force, his paw slightly clutched, in an uppercut motion with his left. His claws caught the ground beneath digging and cuffing he shattered the earth with ferocity, picking up rocks and several trees along. The broken earth spiraled forward as he extended his claws out hoping to catch the man with his sharp swipe or the debris.
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    “Its nice to see you again my brother. I wish it was under better circumstances however. This man, do not under estimate him. I know he looks silly and is rather annoying, but he is very strong. “ Moments passed, as the nine crimson tails of the ravenous beast waved slowly through the empty air behind where he crouched. The beast seemed to be deep in thought, even if it was only momentarily. It was not until the jinchuuriki of the group suddenly began to make his way closer that Kurama snapped out of his thoughts and turned his attention back towards the matter at hand. His eyes narrowed nearly into slits and he let out one final roar, this time vigorous with the anticipation of the impending battle. "With all due respect, brother, I'm not weak like you. This mere shinobi will pose no threat to a beast of my caliber." the fox responded to his tailed brother, while rearing back as if preparing to pounce forward. The leader of the Water Village had barely made it far before he manifested a mist that filled the surrounding area in what seemed like an instant. The air within a fifteen meter radius was suddenly filled with an opaque mist that prevented view from either in or out. Given the original distance between the two, the edge of the mist was nowhere near the the nine-tailed fox. It was not until the second jutsu came into effect that it began to expand, encompassing another twenty meters of space. Despite there being roughly seven meters between the beast's front paws and the edge of the mist, Kurama did not trust the man's choice to conceal himself in such a manner. After all, he had no means of determining what was going on within the massive cloud. Just as soon as the mist had expanded, however, Kurama's head slung back, quickly gathering a combination of positive black chakra and negative white chakra at the opening of his mouth. After molding the chakra into a perfect sphere, he launched the tailed beast ball at a 175 miles per hour towards the center of the mist. As soon as it hit the ground, it would result in a massive explosion with a diameter of 20 meters. The nine-tailed fox had no idea exactly where the shinobi was located in this mist, but the explosion would be large enough to catch him if he weren't fast enough to avoid it, given where he had been located prior to producing the mist. Regardless of whether or not he managed to escape unscathed, the shockwaves to come would be more than sufficient enough to disperse his technique and reveal his location, if nothing else.
  9. Jutsu Name | Tailed Beast Ball Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S (SS if Charged) Element(s) | - Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 100 CP (150 CP if Charged) Handsigns | - Range | 30 Meters (20 Meters AOE) Duration | Instant Description | The Tailed Beast Ball is the ultimate technique of a tailed beast, which can also be used by a jinchūriki while in a Partial Transformation or higher. Although a jinchūriki may use this technique at an S-rank level, the charged (SS-rank) version is only available to the bijuu itself and takes an entire post of charging before it can be used on the next post. Tailed Beast Balls are made from an 8:2 ratio of positive black chakra and negative white chakra. Users must gather and balance this chakra in their mouths, shape it into a sphere, and then fire it at their target. The ball that is formed can either be shot as-is or consumed to be fired in the form of a beam. Regardless of the method, it possesses potent power, dealing significant damage to anything caught within the 20 meter diameter of the blast radius. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Partial or Full Bijuu Transformation Status | Public
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    The landscape, as far as the eye could see, consisted almost entirely of crisp, white blankets of snow which clung to every nook and cranny of the expansive forest. Protruding from every tree were sunken branches, hanging low beneath the mounting weight posed by the persistent fall of snow. Akin to the arms of a mother, cradling a large child, but refusing to give way completely. One could only ponder whether or not the dense groupings of trees actually contained any fauna, until those who detected the impending danger fled from their hidden abodes. After all, what type of creature would stick around to endure such harsh conditions, let alone the events to come. It was no mystery why the Water Village had neglected the region to such a degree, leaving it largely untouched by the modernization efforts that had been set in motion. This, however, was the very reason that the nine tailed fox had come to call the densely forested area his home. Distant from the group of shinobi who came in search of immeasurable power, stood crouched the very essence of might and majesty they sought after. Merely four dozens of meters stood between the group of young men and the nine-tailed fox, but that was the only distance necessary for the tailed beast to assess just how powerful one of the men actually was. The air was heavy, and winds carrying a seemingly endless number of snowflakes made it difficult to see, but the beast could still sense the presence of something that disturbed him. It was suppressed to a vast degree, but the beast had no trouble distinguishing the presence of one of his brethren right where one of the figures stood. 'Kokuo? ' the beast would think to himself, as steam began to rise from where his feet sat partially buried in the three feet of snow that encased the ground beneath him. Yet another bellowing roar escaped his snout, echoing his ferocity as far as the sound waves could manage to carry it. This one being much louder than the first, however, due to the rage that was now mounting within the beast. "I won't be so easy!" the massive fox howled, before planting his hind legs more firmly on the ground beneath the now-slushy snow. Despite his anger towards the jinchuuriki present, he did not make the first move. He decided, instead, to wait it out for the time being. His breath was steady and controlled, forming small bouts of steam with each exhale from his nose. His beady eyes remained locked onto his foes, as if waiting for them to make the first before he would strike. After all, human beings were far too cunning to rush at head-on. The fact that one already possessed a beast himself attested to that much.