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  1. I made this a month or two ago, so I'm guessing it's safe to bump.
  2. So I made a website. The link's below, but I would really appreciate some 100% honest feedback. Thank you for your time. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Creation | General Rules
  3. Bijuu

    Cherche was sitting. And sitting. And sitting. The tailed beast wasn't doing shit. So she got bored and left. The end. (Exit)
  4. Bijuu

    Fat flakes of snow drifted from a lazy white sky. The noonday breeze was blowing softly, creating a soft whistling between buildings and pine trees that was haunting to listen to. A few scattered flakes caught a ride on the wind, blowing across the field. Cherche stood sentinel at the top of a slim pole with only her balance and Surface Walking there to save her in the event of an emergency. She was meditating. In… two… three… Out… two… three… In… two… threE HOLY SHIT. A large presence of chakra was at the farthest edge of her senses. Even from this distance, the thick cloud seemed to choke her where she stood and she nearly fell off her pole. Could this presence be dangerous to the village? Probably. But even more importantly… Could it be friendly? She hopped down, landing on snowy ground with bent knees on the balls of her feet. She grabbed a bag of food that she had packed herself and some well worn playing cards. Who knows? Maybe they were fun. She sent out a series of flares in chakra, and those who could sense it would pick it up as morse code. It translated loosely as: “Hey, I found a cool thing. Anyone wanna take a look with me?” Except somehow cooler, because it was in morse code. Everything was cooler in morse code. And as such it could only really be truly understood by the Mizukage, an equally cool ninja. She strolled leisurely towards it, with an aura of confidence even though she felt like she might crap her pants. But she couldn’t do it, or else she’d forevermore be known as the ninja who crapped her pants. No, she wanted to go down in history as that one cool ninja who befriended this giant chakra thing. She put on sunglasses which increased her Coolness Ranking by seven and continued walking. She passed some pine trees, some frozen scrubs, some starving animals, but eventually she came to a lake that was frozen over thick with ice. In the distance, she could see eight tail-like membranes wiggling in the air like… like tentacles? “Hello!” Cherche called out in a friendly manner. She waved her hand with a genuine smile on her face. “Wanna have lunch together? I packed bacon. We could play cards. I could sing you a song. You know, good times~”
  5. Bijuu

    The riddle rang in the silence long after he spoke, as Cherche thought about the answer. After a moment, she opened her mouth and let the words flow. "Hope... The answer is hope." she said quietly. "Hope is the keystone upon which all revolutions are built, and is that not a tyrant's worst nightmare? The call to the poor, given at birth and stripped as the norm? When I was a girl, I was young and unafraid... And look at me now. Opening my heart to a bijuu in the snow." Well, she really hoped that was the answer. If not... She'd be dead where she sat.
  6. Bijuu

    The tentacles burst through the ice, and adrenaline coursed through her body. She made no move to attack, however, instead drinking in the appearance of the great beast. Whether or not it was a sign of trust or foolishness was unclear. She closed her eyes for a moment, opening them again. He spoke long and true, and when it was her turn, she replied in verse. "I'm a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been. To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen. They talk of days for which they sit and wait... but all will be revealed. I am a lonely soul who has crossed a sea of troubles, never once has blood touched my blade. My true strength lies with my words and my heart which has been and remains unswayed." It was clear in Cherche's words that she enjoyed the verbal debate, but she was not done yet. Never once had she made a threatening movement, acknowledging for once the severity of the situation. "Talk in song from tongues of lilting grace, sounds caress my ear. And not a word I heard could I relate, but the story was quite clear. I come in peace and quietude. I merely wish for company, though I need not intrude. Give me the word if at any moment your desire is solitude." She took in a deep breath and let it out, before smiling warm heartedly. "Would you object if I ate my lunch and drew a picture? It's okay if the answer is no, now or in the future." If he agreed to let her draw, she would get out a piece of paper and begin to draw a crow landing on a pine tree. If he agreed to let her eat, she would get out a bacon and tomato sandwich and pick at the edges. If he disagreed, she would not take any out in the first place and merely nod.
  7. 10/10 would sell my soul to
  8. Jutsu Name | Bullet Seal Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Fuuinjutsu Energy Cost | 25 for activation, 10 for each additional bullet Handsigns | Rat Range | 20 meters for bullets. The seal is placed by contact Duration | Posts held, but no more than five per seal Description | This seal, shaped like a 2 cm spiral, fires out compressed chakra bullets at a speed of 3. The bullets themselves are immaterial and target the chakra system. Once they hit, the target's endurance goes down by 1 rank for the duration of the post. One bullet can be fired a post. Two can be fired if the user has a speed of five or higher. Other Effects | This seal must be placed by contact, but can be activated up to five meters away Requirements | Fuuinjutsu specialty Status | Open
  9. Updated~
  10. Name | Cherche Grantaire Nickname | Chérie Title Name | Scion of the Water Gender | Female Age | 14 Home Link | Village | Water Village Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialties | Fuuinjutsu (Novice) Bloodline | N/A Strength | 1 Speed | 1 Reflexes | 3 Endurance | 1 Stamina | 1 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | N/A Recent History | N/A

    Hello~ I was approved within the last 72 hours, so I'm assuming I'm safe.
  12. The seal lasts up to five posts, but can be cancelled before then.
  13. Update Type | Jutsu Purchase Update Name | God's Hand: Chronos Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 200 Update Links | Chronos
  14. Name | Cherche Grantaire Nickname | Chérie Title Name | Scion of the Water Gender | Female Age | 14 Birth Date | 9-31 Hair Color | Purple Eye Color | Blue Height | 4'11" Weight | 105 lbs Appearance | Cherche has a moderately delicate build, with not too much muscle mass or fat. She's relatively short compared to others, and she is incredibly sensitive about her height and prone to snap about it. She has pale skin, long purple hair, and blue-indigo eyes that appear to be focused on nothing. She walks with a quick, efficient stride and has a soprano voice. She wears utilitarian clothes in mostly dull colors. Above all, the most memorable thing about her appearance is probably her hair. Her headband, a black ribbon embroidered with a floral design, was a gift from her second oldest brother on her eleventh birthday as a gift for becoming a genin. She wears it almost constantly and would be very upset if something were to happen to it. Village | Water Clan | Clanless Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialties | Fūinjutsu (Novice) Bloodline | N/A Favorable | Hard workers, logical debate, sweet foods, salty foods, reading, calligraphy, watching fish, ideas Unfavorable | Laziness, Judging other based on anything other than merit, bitter foods, arrogance, the 'because I said so' argument Personality | Cherche lives in a world of theoretical possibilities. She loves debate and coming up with new, fresh ideas, which makes her good at coming up with new techniques. She prefers to think of things in terms of how they could be made better, and doesn't think that bad ideas exist- idiots, on the other hand, are plentiful. She mostly sticks inside her own mind, prefering to churn in her own thoughts than interract with others socially or emotionally. When she does open up, however, her emotions are childlike in purity. Complex emotion's aren't really up her alley, so she just keeps it simple. She highly values knowledge and intelligence, and works hard to better herself in both fields. She has great respect for those more skilled than her, and tries to learn from their example. She treats friends kindly and tries to teach them things as they go through life, making her function similarly to a mentor in certain groups. Above all, she is very calculated and plans each move carefully. Contradictively, she occasionally makes impulsive decisions. Philosophy & Beliefs | Cherche believes that everyone should be treated with respect unless they prove otherwise. She sees the potential in everything, and tries her hardest to recognize her own. She values knowledge and intelligence above almost all else save comradeship. Not particularly eager to please, she believes that she should be judged on merit than blind obedience... but she does follow orders. History & Background | Cherche had a noble upbringing in the house of Grantaire, a medium-sized clan with no KKG. They specialize in the market instead of combat, so she grew up learning numbers and transactions before she learned how to read. The youngest of five siblings, she is the last child of the clan head and grew up somewhat englected in favor of her second oldest brother and marketing genius, Thibaut. She was closest to her oldest sibling, Pierre, and as such views him as more of a parental figure than her actual parents. By the time she was five, she was developing an interest in the ninja arts, and by the time she was six managed some semblance of chakra control. This made her even more of an oddball than before. In a clan of merchants, a shinobi was unheard of. She didn't mind the scorn, and it didn't affect her too much because she was too much of a loner anyways, She entered the academy at age seven and a half for what was some of the best years of her life. She loved the learning environment and it felt more homely to her than her actual home. And thus, she learned how to mold chakra, how to act like a lady, and how to kill all before she hit the age of ten. She graduated the academy in three and a half years at age eleven, ans became the first genin in her whole family. A year has passed since then, and she had scattered tutoring in fuuinjutsu, a subject that she quickly fell in love with. Right now, she is looking for someone to formally teach her the ninja arts.
  15. Amazing. Beautiful. Best avatar on the site 11/10
  16. Very cute, I especially like the color scheme. 8/10
  17. Do you still have access to my old character?