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  1. Clearly, I'm leaving the site. For good. It's been a long time coming, let's be honest, we all know it. Or at least anyone that paid attention knew it. I'm not going to to leave for reasons unknown, however! No, I'll be helpful and state precisely why I am leaving. 1. The first strike was the Kage thread. You all know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't. This was a strike because I told three people involved when they joined the site, that the Flame Kage was currently indisposed due to irl stuff. I must have misinterpreted that they understood at the time. Of course, lo my surprise when I log on one day to find there's a topic up where there's a military coup (denying it at this point in just insulting. Own your shit, guys.) not long after said Kage person posted a thread about going inactive. This of course, wasn't too big of an issue at first, other than it being a dick move. What was the REAL kicker was some assholery that took place in the site's chatbox about it. Anyone who opposed this topic were quickly treated like shit and their opinions disregarded, as well as were ganged up on by the culprits in either the chat box, private messages, or both. Yeah, not cool. 2. Strike two relates to strike one. My friend Yutaka, I'm sure a certain group remember him oh so hatefully. No really, there was some serious asholery pulled on him by the culprits of strike one. Sure, he made a rather annoying post in a topic that, at the time he posted, was NOT marked private. Some intentional trollery on their part might of occurred, however, the rest of those in the thread were no better. This member received threatening private messages, one of which went along the lines of someone threatening to rip the member's face off and add it to a necklace/wall of faces. (Not cool in any circumstance, no matter how irritated you are, Jinpachi.) Of course when I brought this up to my dear former friend, Daichi, my concerns were disregarded, while he made promises to me about being a fair Kage towards all members of flame, simultaneously as he also threw elaborate curses towards my friend. Promises which were not held. Of course, this wasn't a single occurrence. Anyone that disagreed or disputed with a certain group were thrown some bullshit in either pm's or publicly in the chatbox. I, myself, was also a recipient of it, for whatever reasons are unknown to me. 3.Strike three was having a conversation held in confidence brought up publicly in chat box by someone not apart of the confident conversation. At this point I walked away from the site for a few days to cool off, however since I am a fool and cared about the story I had going here, I came back. Then further strikes ensued. 4.Strike four was when many of my friends decided to leave due to failures of those in staff positions. However, instead of those failures being remedied, they were only worsened by incompetency of new staff and the inability to solve in house disputes among staff members. 5-8. Lots and lots and lots of fuckery pulled in the chat box. A little bit of trolling can be funny, however this was not. Really in the chat box alone it was way too much. 9. Screenshotted fuckery pulled in the Shinobi Generations discord by many parties. 10. And finally the final straw, waking up to find that Daichi, an instigator of strike one, not only was reapplied as a staff member, but also approved for s rank. Kage, staff, and a rank up. None of these things I feel were earned, and therefore not deserved either. I made my stance against this known during strike one, and on several other occasions. I do not feel like sticking around on a site where assholery is not stopped, rather is even encouraged, and members are able to whine, bitch, revolt, boycott, and generally manipulate staff or anyone else in order to get their way on matters that should have been set in stone and enforced; such as rules on how one rank's up and the invalidity of challenging someone when they post a leave thread. I have no respect for those who partake in such pettiness, nor for anyone that defends it. @Daichi Uzumaki you promised me that you and your friends were here for a new start, and intended to be better people than previously notorious for. I feel lied to, and hurt that now I have come to feel that inviting you here is one of of my biggest regrets. Maybe after a while we can fix things, at least, it is my hope that we will be able to. Leaving this place leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but I have no reason to counter all the reasons to leave now. @ whoever is left as a site staff member, please delete all my approved private jutsus.
  2. I never said anything about Drak, or Kabel. I can form my own opinions about things, but thanks for the confidence. I would have messaged you if I thought you would do anything more than just let Jinpachi know everything I said. I'm real glad you threw ten years of trust back in my face that one day. Taught me real well.
  3. Eh. Still here unless, or until, things demand otherwise. Reimei
  4. The blue glow of twilight seeped in through the windows of the ship, casting a soft light within the space as she dressed herself. Her mind lingered on the events of the previous day. How she'd unwittingly almost gotten herself killed in a potato box full of people. The fact there was this dangerous man in charge of a dangerous ...militia, whom were out to kill shinobi. Mayhap if she had a village to call home, she might feel safer, but as fate were to have it, she lived on her own with no memory of where she came from. Nothing but a broken sword remained from her forgotten life, and that she kept hidden away beneath the innards of the ship. Four years had passed, and by now she was strongly suspicious the secrets of her identity would never return to her. As far as it mattered anymore, her name was Reimei and she was born from the sea at twilight, her namesake. Her thoughts grew unspeakable, dark inside her heart, as she went about wrapping her chest flat and putting her shirts on. The masked men inside, had any of them survived, had likely noticed a red haired woman bring the building down. It was now more pertinent than ever for her to not forgo her disguise. Reimei rose from the depths of her small sailing ship docked by the beach. She had spent a preposterously long amount of time deciding on her clothes that morning. It was now nightfall. After that one fiasco with the masked men, she'd realized that she'd entirely blown her disguise. Not only had she been caught seen as a girl with purple eyes, she'd shown even more of her skin to the slums of the capitol. Everyone and their brothers had seen a redheaded woman in booty shorts and her bra. Not that she was usually shy about such, but it's not like she wanted to be seen either. In fact, when it was all said and done, she'd returned to her ship to be rightly mortified at herself. She slapped her cheeks and looked into the mirror to be sure her green eye contacts were in place. They were, the left contact made the thin scar through her eye appear slightly pinker against her snowy skin. She then stepped back to check that her chest was wrapped well enough to flatten her curvy figure. It hurt and made it a little hard to breathe, but it did its job. She wore a pair of jeans that fit close to her legs, and a loose black tank underneath a brown leather coat. A thick black scarf wrapped around her neck and helped to conceal from her mouth down. Reimei turned away and pulled on ankle high black combat boots, then rose back up and twisted and tied her hair back into a pony tail that made her hair appear to be short. She checked the mirror once more, and felt like she was satisfied it'd be hard for anyone from the day before to recognize her without having somehow remembered the shape of her body on a very up close level. A thought that drifted her mind towards a certain golden moose she had encountered...She shook some sense into herself and put her checkered hat onto her head before leaping off the side of her ship and onto the beach. When her feet hit the rocky surface, she paused a moment to stare at the city before she began making her way towards it again. She needed to gather some things before she left back to find Aorie and Osaka. The crimson haired woman, disguised as a boy, walked down the streets of the city. She had no idea where she was walking to, but hoped she'd find it eventually. Most people ignored her, perk to looking like a boy, except for the occasional glances she received due to her height. She was a rather short boy, could even perceived as a young one for the way she looked. Being by herself, she only managed to stand out a smudge further. She walked until she spotted a large gathering of people in an even larger grassy area. Laughter and talking drifted across a breeze towards her ears. She got closer and found herself sucked into the mass of bodies like a black hole of human, and it didn't spit her back out until she was on the inside of a wide circle of grass. Here there were a large amount of stalls and stands set up with games and food. People mingled about in animal masks and occasionally one person would pass her in a kimono and geta. She was taken aback by this turn of events, suddenly surrounded by people. A woman without a real place to call home, she wasn't used to this many people being in her vicinity at once. It didn't help that she was naturally directionally challenged from the start, and now she wasn't quite sure where she'd been spit out at. Instead of freaking out though, she moved on and acquired food from a stall. A vendor pleasantly sold her four sticks of yakitori, and she drifted through the park carnival without paying any attention to where she was going. Instead, her attention was riveted upon the meat in her hands.
  5. If she had earrings in, she would have taken them out and asked Chao to hold them. She hadn't intended to get into a fight this evening, really, it was just a supply run. It happened to have gone nicely with meeting another awkward boy, and even far far better with the handsome Chao's appearance. Then along came this barely legal blonde little hoe sack. She was beginning to think she was cursed by the corn haired species. She liked to think she was fairly patient with those of the straw tressed slattern species; She hadn't drowned that Hitomaru in the sea, and she hadn't poisoned the sake of that one prick in Noumu. They call me Tenri. Tenri Terumi...'' So that was the oversized kitten's name. Reimei's eyes fixed upon where the child's arm wrapped around Chao's, and she still managed to hold back. There was no way the man would be so easily swayed by the girl's childish advances. The girl's skills of seduction were severely lacking. Of course the blonde went on and on, and Of course rational thought was not her forte. Reimei 's rage took over and she clenched her fist, and in one swift motion pulled her arm back and socked the haystack in the boob. The girl had asked for a fight, and fight she would. She intended to teach this corn kitten a lesson.
  6. Name | Matsumoto Chinatsu. Nickname | Reimei. Title Name | Water's Wayward | The Stray Shinobi | The Wanderer Queen Gender | Female. Age | 22. Home Link | Matsumoto "Reimei" Chinatsu Village | Ex-Water Clan | NA Village Ranking: | Ex-Jounin Shinobi Ranking | A Rank Element(s) | Fire Release, Lava Release Specialties | 1. Ninjutsu- Primary (Adept) 2. Bukijutsu - Secondary (Adept) Bloodline | Yōgan Chakra | 400 Stamina | 300 Experience | 20 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | Current Location: Water Country
  7. Deleted.
  8. Update Type | Jutsus Update Name | Tine Titim, Stailc Tine, and Gaiste an Sliabh Update Training | NA Update Cost/Pay | 1,950 Ryo Update Link |
  9. I agree with Tenri. Restrict it to current active genin, and if they have more than one character, then use the rule we had months ago where only one of your characters can have a high rank at a time. That way no one grabs two high rank spots with an alt. Though I'm iffy on people just receiving a new, higher rank. I think there should be a small tournament or test of some sort within each village to determine who moves up ranks. Not as big as the chuunin exams, but like a smaller, quicker tournament of sorts. That way those who do move up have earned it and there's no hard feelings with anyone who doesn't move up. As far as village ranks though (which are different from shinobi ranking), I feel that should be up to the discretion of Chuunin Exams. So over all I agree spots should be opened, but am entirely against handouts.
  10. <div align="center"><div style="width:400px;padding:20px;background-image:url('');border-top:20px solid #94b0d1;border-bottom:20px solid #94b0d1;color:#c4c4c4;"><div style="width:320px;padding:40px;background-color:white;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt;"><img style="width:320px;height:125px;border:8px solid transparent;outline:1px solid #ccc;" src=""> <div style="background-color:#e6e6e6;width:30px;height:30px;float:left;padding:10px;margin:5px;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:-3px;border:2px solid #fdfdfd;text-align:center;"><span style="font-family:georgia, sans-serif;font-size:20pt;">L</span></div>TEXT</div></div><div style="width:440px;text-align:right;color:#ccc;text-transform:uppercase;font-size:6pt;">Made by <a style="color:#ccc;text-decoration:none;" href="">Time Lapse</a> of Adoxgraphy.</div></div>
  11. Reimei x Tenri 100%
  12. Update Type | Transfer Update Name | Ryo transfer from Sei Update Training | NA Update Cost/Pay | 1,575 Ryo Update Link |
  13. Reimei had tried to be sociable, and it only proved not to be her strong suit. She'd tried to get a laugh out of the younger boy, but it hadn't exactly worked out. She guessed she needed to research more on how to talk like a teenage boy. The woman clasped a small hand with the boy's in a handshake, and was about to answer her name when a large figure blocked some of the light from her eyes. The false green of her gaze gleamed with undisguised, excited recognition. Before them stood the shiny moose she'd encountered prior. His hair was tousled and in his face, and his eyes seemed much darker with a heaviness to them that made her itch to be the one tousling that. Or just tousling him in general. Even with her hand still in the middle of shaking the boy's, she took a subconscious step towards the tall man. A part of her hoped he recognized her, but surely he couldn't. He'd seen her as a woman, and here she was disguised very much like a boy. Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of yet another person, this one much more dominating than the two men. A tall blonde with a huge chest bounced into view. Reimei's eyebrow arched high as she heard the tone of the woman's voice when she spoke to the shorter boy next to her. She knew that tone. It was the sort of tone she herself had spoken in while in the proximity of golden shorts and bare muscle. She almost felt a bond with the taller, clearly younger girl. That is, until she turned her sharp eyes upon Reimei herself. The hostility in the woman's posture brought Reimei to stand straighter herself, and hold the eye contact with the blonde girl as she asked, "And who might you be...sir?" Reimei's eyes drifted towards the woman's bosom, taking in the massive bulbs. She stood even straighter with pride. Sure, hers were bound at the moment, but she was well enough aware that her breasts were a decent size for a six fingered hand. Reimei's eyes would return to the other woman's, her unspoken challenge met. If blondie wanted to go, then they'd go. Her mouth slipped smoothly into a smile laden with charm as she responded, "My name is Reimei. And the two of you are?" Her green contacts added an extra glint to her eyes as lamplight shone in them and she indicated both the moose of a man and the over sized kitten of a woman.
  14. What Rue said about harsher punishments. There's been A LOT of fuckery around lately. Some systems on site have gone from functional to shit real fast, and this is mainly due to carelessness on a few staffs' parts and a few members' abuse of that carelessness. Which brings me back to harsher punishments. I think 6 warning points are too many. Bring it down to 3 or 4. I personally prefer a zero tolerance policy, or even a 2 strikes - 1 site ban policy. Some fuckery is being cancerous to the site, and in my own view, the site's got stage 4 brain cancer. Now about the cancer cells, aka trolls. In the midst of the mess happening with staff at the moment, trolls and duckweeds are coming on site and thinking they can do whatever the damn hell they please. Something I partially blame the advertising contest for. And a few, I have spotted, have managed to encourage trolling in some way. My suggested solution to this is to close registration to the site. We have a solid member base for now, with it being a site that's only a few months old, and in honesty not enough staff to manage it as is. The ratio of staff to members is super unbalanced. So I suggest closing registration to the site from the public, and going invite only. At the very least, until things onsite have been situated and balanced again. Clean house before we open house. Right now I'm half in, half out with wether or not I even want to be on site anymore. Arguing and starting fights in the cbox has led to A LOT of toxicity on site, and it's ruining all the fun everyone was having here.
  15. The trashcan sat in its new location on the roof of a building. From its new vantage point, it once more threw out an acorn to land on the ground. This acorn cracked open to reveal in scraggly news clippings "DAICHI".
  16. So my computer has started making this horrendous clacking noise that varies in repetition patterns and speed, and after wiping my computer and saving everything externally, it still didn't go away. [It's so loud and obnoxious that I have named it Victor] So since I learned the hard way that internal clacks are a sign of an impending hard drive failure, and my 6 year old child has been well loved, I'm preparing for it to suddenly crash at any time. Best scenario is this goes fixes itself by magic and or my computer manages to hang on for a few more months. Worst scenario is my computer dies forever right after I post this. However no matter what happens, I will still continue to do my best to rp and respond to threads that I am currently in. If my computer does die and I vanish for a bit, I apologize and ask that you please be patient with me in regards to response times.
  17. Just before the Trashcan drifted off for a snooze, it tossed out an acorn that cracked open to reveal LINDOW.
  18. One moment she was savoring the meat between her lips, the next moment a hard bump shoved the stick of meat further down her throat to where the little wooden stick stabbed her in the tonsils and a surprised, feminine squawk escaped her. The domino of pain didn't end there. A chunk of the meat came off the stick and slid down her throat, the wrong way. Next thing she knew she'd dropped her edible prize to the ground and bent over as she punched herself in the diaphragm until she coughed up the meat she'd choked on. Once she'd stopped choking and bedridden herself of all gracefulness, she straightened herself to meet the gaze of a young man just about the same height as she, perhaps a bit taller. There was a split second of even more awkwardness as she decided how to react in this kind of situation. She rubbed her throat as her eyes darted around in hopes no one else had seen her embarrassing moment. She was pretty out there, but the woman did still have her own sense of dignity. The last thing she wanted was the misfortune of a coincidental moose to be around and see that. Her attention then did fully turn towards who bumped into her. The young man had clear eyes and impassive features. A few more years on him and he'd be very nice to look at. He appeared to be about the same age as she presented herself in this boyish disguise. One of her hands reached to lower the checkered hat over her eyes even further, a subconscious act gained after years of wearing the hat. Her cinnamon and ash laced voice grated like limestone against slate from the soreness of her throat as she made an attempt to shatter ice, "Ah. If you wanted to meet, you only had to say hello." Her lips would twitch into a small slanted smile as her hand moved to rub the back of her neck. Encountering people as a boy always made her feel skittish.
  19. Take care! I wish you well, and shall burn a bowl of willow leaves for good fortune on your behalf! (It's an irish thing, I know it sounds weird). Get well soon!
  20. I'm going to tell a story. Long long ago, there once was a itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka-dotted dinosaur. His name was Itsmeelizebub and he really really liked to sing. Itsmeelizebub could sing so well, his beautiful voice resounding the best squallsqwuackgrrsharghs the other dino had ever heard. Itsmeelizebub, however, had never learned how to make friends. So as beautiful as his voice was, there was not often anyone to ever hear his squallsqwuackgrrsharghs. This made him quite lonely, and eventually his squallsqwuackgrrsharghs grew silent. As Itsmeelizebub's voice was not heard, the other animals and dines in the area also grew silent. Until no one in all the lands could even remember how to make noise. However one day, a traveling fish-man wandered into Itsmeelizebub. Trampled over him, actually. Itsmeelizbub fell over into a nearby tree, and knocked the whole forest down in a massive domino effect. All the creatures inside the forrest were trapped and none of them knew how to make a sound. Itsmeelizbub fell over into a nearby tree, and knocked the whole forest down in a massive domino effect. All the creatures inside the forrest were trapped and none of them knew how to make a sound. No one could call for help. They too were all alone. The fish-man, a foreigner to the land, knew how to speak. So he returned after accidentally trampling Itsmeelizebub to ask him if he needed help. Itsmeelizebub stared at fish-man for an eternity, until he moved to stand. Once on his two yellow polka legs, he acted like one of them was broken. Itsmeelizebub, who had not forgotten how to noise, because he had only just been being edgy. He demanded the fish-man give him compensation for his not really broken leg. The fish-man snorted like a hog and poked a fin at Itsmeelizebub's chest. He was not giving him any compensation. It was the stupid yellow dinosaur's fault for not looking where he was standing. Itsmeelizebub digressed. It was the fish-man's fault for not seeing the no trampling sign outside the forest. The two bickered for the next 3 days about exactly whose fault the incident was. Meanwhile, the animals trapped within the dominoed forest were dying off one by one. Eventually Itsmeelizbub and fish-man came to an agreement. They would fisticuff for the right answer. However they both quickly discovered that neither of them could hit each other. For the dinosaur had itty bitty arms, and the fish-man's arms were thin fleshy fins with no real punching power. So they then entered into a staring contest that last for three days. It only ended because Itsmeelizebub was a dinosaur with eyelids, and the fish-man had no eyelids. So since it was determined that it was Itsmeelizebub's fault for being the loser. The fish-man went to leave, only to realize that the forrest blocked his way. He suddenly had no choice but to depend upon the emo dinosaur's strong jaws to lift the trees away for both of them. One by one Itsmeelizebub lifted away tree after tree. Sometimes they discovered the corpse of an unfortunate animal. Other times a fortunate animal was freed from their starving prison to spit in both the Dino's and fish-man's eyes. However they continued on and eventually the trees were all stood back up. Peace was once again around the world. But still, no one knew how to noise. As they lived for ten minutes. Suddenly a massive comet with a purple tail sped towards the surface of the planet. They were all in imminent danger. However due to his love of the rock he'd befriended during his dark days. He couldn't allow this to be. So Itsmeelizebub threw his tiny body into the impending comet. And the comet struck. Itsmeelizebub ceased to exist. However his screams reminded them all of his once beautiful squallsqwuackgrrsharghs. And so everyone on the planet remembered how to noise again. But the comet was not entirely gone. it's gases spread into the atmosphere to poison them all. But the fish-man. Inspired by the dinosaur's efforts decided to summon his secret weapon. A pebble from the deepest ocean floor. It had the power to save them all. Fish-man threw the pebble into the gasses. The pebble erupted into a gooey white liquid. Which dispersed the gasses. And suddenly the entire sky poured drops of water all along the land. The water cleaned away the grime of the planet. Drawing all living forms upon its terra firms. Into death with drowning. All of them. Except for 8 small seeds survived the wipe out. The leader of the seeds was named Noah. Noah rescued his family of seeds from the waters until the water has all sank deep into the ground. When the water was gone, the seeds sprouted into the earth as well and are the human race. Millenia down the line, this site was birthed. THE END.
  21. IRL I'm a filmmaker, a Screen Writer to be exact. So obviously I like to tell stories. This is where you shall be able to find them.
  22. The trashcan, now out of gummies, decided finally how to place its vote. An acorn sailed into the vicinity of people once more, and cracked upon the ground. In newspaper clippings the word DAICHI. Her vote cast, she began to think about the next safest location for her trashcan to be positioned.
  23. Reimei clutched a piece of driftwood from their sunken ship close to her chest and watched the blond go on. He'd left her with a suspicious warning about about Earth, the place she'd just escaped from after she'd gone to it to find human remains. Instead the remains had been whisked away elsewhere by a masked man, and she'd been thoroughly distracted by the shenanigans that had entailed with that blond. Exhaustion settled into her bones as she left herself drift with the waves. She knew her directionally challenged self, and without a compass, she was going to just die here in the sea. Hours passed with her drifting in the sea, the sun beating down on her pale white skin until she knew it'd be a painful pink later. A small sail boat drifted by her, and she heard two young male voices. She raised her head and saw one of them pointing her way. Help? She raised her arm in the air and called out, "Hello! Could I get a lift to shore?" She waited as they got closer to her, coming up to her on their starboard side. The youngest looking boy, small in stature and brunette leaned over the side to meet her. While the other boy, tall and sandy, manned the wheel. The brunette grabbed her hand and helped to pull her up onto the deck of their little boat. She lied there for a few minutes as weight settled back into her muscles, and the Sandy haired one spoke up. "Excuse us. I'm Osaka, and he's Aorie. You are?" She closed her eyes, "Reimei. Nice to meet you, Osaka and Aorie." Aorie moved to take Osaka's place at the helm. "Why're you out here in the sea?" Reimei groaned and sat up as Osaka dropped a towel beside her. "Ship sank a little unexpectedly." Osaka sat down beside her, "You survived, so that means you're a shinobi, right?" Reimei stopped drying her hair abruptly, to look at Osaka askance. "Something like that." She returned to drying herself, the clothes she wore sticking to her like seaweed. "Then how about we pay you to help us find someone?" Reimei glanced between Osaka and Aorie at the helm as she peeled the nasty layer of seaweed clothes off of her. What more did she have to lose or gain? "Okay. I can't go anywhere without you, so why not." Aorie grinned at them, "Fantastic! We'll fill you in on the way there." [Official End of Thread]
  24. A white tree with red leaves would burst up through the ground of the hill. Its limbs would catch Tenri in a careful curve of bark to allow her to sit among the tree as it rose. THIS IS OUR HILL
  25. The trashcan lid raised a few millimeters as Reimei peered out. She'd planted the trashcan a little further down the alley, farther away from the first kill. There was no telling when a werewolf may grow wise or her perfume of trash may wear off. Best to keep changing coordinates. A crowd was once again surrounded by the corpse the community pervert. She closed the lid of the trashcan again. Inside the darkness of her abode, she ate gummy bears she'd stolen from the ice cream clown's van, which had been abandoned in the wake of lynching. When the crowd of people were distracted with a lynching, she'd discovered that was the best time to ransack a clown van for food. She was after all a homeless trashcan woman. As she ate, contemplated long and hard whose name she should cut out of a newspaper this time. For now, she would eat her gummies and listen to what the crowd of people said.