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  1. @Daichi Uzumaki - I don't even remember your real name to be honest, memory terribad, shit. Not a fan of my real name being thrown out in discussion. But yeah, I didn't need any influence or discussion from Drak to know of what you were/are like to be honest considering I've already had interaction with you. I know from previous experiences of stuff that you've done if you really want me to go there - hell I remember even discussing with you in past times when you got a little power hungry, or you did things on SL that was inappropriate (I didn't forget the PM you had with someone that was really graphic). I just was skeptical, but when I saw the stuff occurring here, it was only time before I realized that stuff had never changed. I dipped out before I got started. You can dislike me if you want, that's fine, but I do have to say publicly you were a little nicer with your repertoire than some of your pals, so I have to hand it to you there, but otherwise people have their reasons for leaving, and that's that.
  2. The academy was just the foundation of her path into a Kunoichi -- hardly a trial one would deem difficult, considering it was the first milestone along her journey. She surpassed with flying colors, more or less, now a Genin, but she even knew that would never be enough. Talks and whispers of the Chuunin Exams had her curious -- the trials were close. Although she faced her fair share of hardships already in life, Eiko was prepared to ascend, to face many challenges that she knew all too well she would eventually have to endure. She wanted to be ready, desired to be at her best for those "tough" times; so she found herself wandering with purpose, a determined stride. Her boots clacked along the road, orange eyes scanning each and every structure along the way. Eiko's footfall meant physical mobility in the direction of the well-respected medical establishment. She knew that in order to broaden her health perspective, Eiko had to seek out a mentor -- well, ask for guidance, anyway. Her mother was not around to shoulder her child in becoming a medic nin, so she had to research other "devices". It was roughly midday, the sun shining and the heat not too unbearable, mild if anything. The temperature wasn't cold or wasn't hot, but just right. An occasional, soft wind rolled on through, causing what little flora against the rocky path to dance back and forth. Her chestnut hair rustled with the wind, tied back with a ponytail. She was adorned in her casual kimono-styled outfit, not stemming far from her usual. Eventually her short figure landed on the site -- Eiko arrived at the medical facility. Her orange oculars widened briefly, pupils dilating at the various medicinal herbs -- she recalled some in her personal textbook studies, while some of the plants she considered aromatic for therapy. Her dainty nose wriggled slightly underneath the black fabric resting along half of her visage, noting the scents. Despite the desire to "touch the merchandise," she refrained, and instead set her gaze onto something new: those sunset orbs now granted search of an actual person. She needed to ask for assistance, and who better than the first being she'd lay her sights on? [375 - Beginner -> Novice]
  3. Name | Nagamatsu Eiko Nickname | Ei Title Name | [N/A] Gender | Female Age | Eighteen [18] Home Link | [Eiko] Village | Lightning Clan | Nagamatsu Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Lightning [Raiton]; [T.B.D.] Specialties | Primary: Medical Jutsu [Beginner] Secondary: [T.B.D.] Bloodline | [T.B.D.] Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Saisaki [Mentor Sensei] Friends & Family | Muhai [Twin Brother - Older] Recent History | Eiko is currently looking to advance as a Kunoichi, meaning that she's ready to take the challenge and be greater than her current rank: Genin. The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  4. Eiko - I'd appreciate it if one of you can approve the first portion of my profile. Thank you.
  5. Me for both Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's day.
  6. Yo!

    Thank you everyone! All the welcomes are highly appreciated (and somewhat motivational)! I'll try and make y'all proud.
  7. Name | Nagamatsu Eiko Nickname | Ei Title Name | [N/A] Gender | Female Age | Eighteen [18] Birth Date | September 2nd [Credit: Akali - League of Legends] Hair Color | Chestnut Eye Color | Sunset Orange Height | 5'1" - 155 cm Weight | 120 lbs - 54 kg Appearance | Eiko stands at a short height of 5'1", weighing an appropriate 120 pounds. Despite the tinier size, she sports a semi-curvaceous bosom, a long, willowy torso which curves along her voluptuous hips and rump, only to return to gracefully-lissom legs. Her shape and physique is svelte, well-built with muscle and flesh, for the most part. She seems agile, fluid and lithe, reflecting her "slippery" nature. Eiko possesses unique, orange occulars, like pools of the sun, tinges of red and gold littering the edges and innards of her irises, but the general orange preseveres over all other hues -- reflective of a warm sunset, despite the invisible coldness of her persona. Her hair is long, usually holstered with a black hair-tie in the form of a ponytail, although when free-flowing, her straight hair rests at the middle of her back. Bangs frame her dainty face in angles, pearly skin matched next to chestnut tresses of soft silk. Eiko wears a typical black pair of leggings, and similar colored knee-high shinobi-styled boots. Underneath her unique top is a black, form fitting undershirt -- it stretches down to her hips and up to her cheekbones, effectively shielding the lower half of her visage with the sleeves nonexistent. She sports finger-less black gloves, with bandages that wrap from her wrists to her forearms, ending just after the elbow. Her top is a kimono-styled shirt, with the sleeves ending at the middle of her forearms, covering the end of the bandages at the elbow from another's view. The bottom of the kimono shirt delves down and branches out to cover both hips, while a long, sash-like fabric descends along the middle of her frame vertically, acting to obscure her torso-to-groin area. The "sash" ends roughly around the height of her knees. Along her bust and torso is just a sash of white, tied along the back to provide more of a form fitting look in that area to keep the kimono shirt from being too free and loose, but not to hinder mobility in the slightest. The kimono itself is an orange color, though she has a dark grey variant to blend in for circumstances of camouflage. There are little intricate designs and patterns sewn into the fabric, even along the white sash. Her hitae-ate rests along the middle of her quaint forehead, the black fabric hiding underneath the angles of the bangs, but tied at the back of her skull right underneath her ponytail; the lightning insignia slightly showing against the hanging strands of hair at her forehead. Village | Lightning Clan | Nagamatsu Village Ranking | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Lightning [Raiton] Specialties | Medical Jutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | [T.B.D.] Favorable | Medicine | Healing | Study | Solitude | Hollistic Remedies | Training | Twin | Indiscreet Protection | Shinobi Qualities Unfavorable | Annoyances | Disrespect | Disorganization | Losing Family | Losing Friends | Losing Patients | Dirtiness | Lack of Sterility | Dismemberment | Paralyzation Personality | Eiko was once outwardly kind, righteous and compassionate, but reality has twisted her persona into something semi-negative, or at least generally quiet and reserved. Even though she possesses care and consideration, going so far as to be concerned for another's safety [although it's not something she'd readily admit], she's typically one to obscure and bottle up her emotions. She's sheltered the kinder emotions, mistrusting in nature; instead plastering a calm, serious and aloof aura along her existence. Despite the devotion to being a kunoichi and furthermore an asset to her village, Eiko doesn't usually express the unquestionable loyalty for her beloved lightning; her goal to keep a steady poise -- to signal her firm standing on being a shinobi. She'd rather not give anyone information, in case they are the enemy. Eiko dons a cold, distant and frigid personality, tending to act cruel or harshly to fellow compatriots that waste her time or chakra -- recklessness is unbecoming, not something highly valued in a shinobi lifestyle -- she will not hesitate to sharply retort [be it through scoff or brushing them off] if one of her compatriots decides to act foolishly. A reckless action without motive or really any progress to overcoming a situation will be met with some sort of backlash on her behalf, despite any remorse or guilt felt afterward. In that regard, Eiko comes off as indifferent, detached, but truthfully if she's alone, the chances of her somehow hurting another are extremely limited, of course. She will act as if she doesn't quite know someone fully, even if they are acquaintances, so that she can take on an outsider stance and observe, see any unsuspecting danger to them, if possible [another awkward way of her sense of care trying to shine through the hardened, calm shell]. She tends to be quiet and introverted, but it allows for her to analyze a situation, to make sure she's looking at every piece to the puzzle, a fitting trait for someone pursuing medicine. She can, however, be prone to teasing others; poking fun sometimes with a sarcastic and dry humor, perhaps even laughter. She doesn't mind working alone, she can revel in it, but she can look down on others if she's placed into a group that's hindering their objective or her own progress. Despite the sense of survival of the fittest more or less, she can be contradictory: by pretending to be terrible in subjects, people will think less of her, ultimately underestimate her. She will try to downplay a situation on her own accord to let any expertise stemming from her remain hidden. So, she can be received as unpredictable. While she might seem like the typical, cold douche-bag on the outside, lazy, bored, disinterested, but she seems far more light-hearted and playful inside; with a little budge and nudge, a soften of her heart, one might get to know her better. In fact, that hard exterior is both for her and her companion's safety - it'd be difficult, the guilt, to bear if something would happen to them. So, she's not one to embrace love, but instead she tries to avoid growing fond of someone; as difficult as that might be. This displays her insecure nature, even if she might brush a flirt off with a scoff or scowl. Her twin has always had light on her kindness and caring nature, someone who has a view of her friendlier spectrum. So he likely teases on her "acting tough," which warrants a glare in his direction. Eiko has care for her brother, although will not admit her feelings on the matter to anyone. She also has a sibling rivalry type relationship with him, often competing against him -- despite the occasional competition, Eiko still cares deeply for the twin she grew up with. She does value respect and will give the same amount so long as the other is returning the gesture, politeness acquired for the sole reason to not appear entirely harsh or abrasive. Authority does get her undivided attention, and she does value lessons, guidance or any sort of developmental help. She's not that much of a jerk to be completely mean all the time! Eiko will face any challenge with a seemingly clear, cold head, lest it concerns someone she cares for most - still, she'll make sure whoever tries to harm family and friends will pay, even if she doesn't seem to care much about them on the outside. It doesn't mean it can't throw her aback, though. She can be outraged by many things and seem frustrated, but constant annoyance will get her to groan, yell, or resort to flicking. As personalities are ever fluid and shifting, experiences can only allude to how she might change in the future. Philosophy & Beliefs | Eiko firmly believes in understanding a situation as a whole and its entirety, meaning that it's imperative to analyze as much as possible. It's crucial regarding medical scenarios as well as combat situations, understand ones allies and enemies. She also believes that one should act like exemplary shinobi, meaning that one should be calm, collected and somewhat fearless in situations, that one should focus on stealth and other ninja-esque qualities that ultimately define the meaning of what it is to be a shinobi. She doesn't believe in wasting or acting careless and recklessly, because that will ultimately get an ally killed. She believes failure is not an option, but in the event that it does occur, it will only act as a milestone of training -- get better and triumph over it. Lastly, she believes one should not make the same mistake twice. History & Background | A mother brought life into the world one fateful night, unsuspecting of twins within the womb -- but with life, came death. A complicated pregnancy by nature caused the woman to pass during childbirth, the hemorrhaging of her uterus fatal, despite any medical techniques that could ward off this tragic occurrence. Luckily, the children were healthy, boy before girl, and that in this sacrifice at least two offspring were brought into existence. Thus the single parenting would begin, father dismayed, overjoyed, heartbroken. Chaos clearly littered the air, and while he would hold a slight grudge against the two who ruined life as he knew it, his wife made him promise that he would look after their children. So the struggle of raising not one, but two children would ensue, a father that was a strict shinobi had to learn the concept of love on these foreign "monsters", the kin who stole his loving, caring wife away from him. It was a burden no doubt, having to juggle a light grudge and yet have adoration for two children that resembled him and his wife, respectively. Eiko and Muhai knew of tough love at a young age. They were disciplined, brought up in a structured household, almost militaristic in "rule." Their father, a shinobi of lightning and head of their family name, found it imperative that his children were to grow up in his footsteps; truthfully, he knew of no other way to raise his next of kin. So when they were of age, they began their standard education as well as the teachings of Shinobi. Their father, for the most part, was hard on the two, but it was out of a growing adoration for them -- the more they grew up and learned, the more they all interacted, the more he had developed feelings for his children, the grudge lessening. Still, he ruled his household with an iron fist, and that shaped the twins to who they are today. Eiko excelled, a prodigy in comparison to her elder brother, which brought a sense of respect with her father. With this, their sibling rivalry also began to develop; the fight for father's approval was real. But when the two would go to bed, or bandage one another's wounds, the rivalry would dissolve and the care they share blossomed once more. Then it was rinse and repeat. While they respected their father, he was seemingly harsh on them; they didn't really see the bigger picture that he was preparing them for dangers -- Eiko just saw a man who was pushing his offspring into his lifestyle. She never really began her analytical skills, so she never predicted that he was doing it out of love. Eiko was definitely more suited for the shinobi lifestyle from the get-go, but as she grew older and wiser, per se, she grew curious about her mother's profession: she was a medic nin. More and more, Eiko began to research medical skills -- sure enough, she grew a liking for the field. So when the time came that the two were officially headed into the academy and to ultimately further their career as ninja, her father was "disappointed" when Eiko mentioned her interests in following in her mother's footsteps. Perhaps he thought that she was wasting her skills elsewhere. It created a rift, and it made Eiko a bit colder -- especially when she was scolded by her father, and he spat words of venom toward the twins, "You two were the end of my wife," pointing blame. He lashed out in anger mainly because of her decision, but to hear the accusation only affirmed that she'd make sure any training going forward would not be wasted. Eiko vowed that she'd excel, indifferent of her father's blessings or not. She wouldn't let anything stand in her quest for growth. Only when her father passed, after being killed in action, did she realize that he had a heart -- that all the hard work and education was to prepare them for success. He left a note for the two before his departure on the mission, guilt and dried tears plastered along the letter. This motivated her to think more about a situation, develop more insight to paint a larger picture. All the events, for the matter, lead up to this development of her persona. And so, at her current age in present time, her goal is to resume her rank up in the shinobi world -- focusing on growth, training, while casually making sure her brother remains safe. While experiences had hardened her, she still cares for people, but a toughened shell keeps anyone from getting to close -- unless the person was, of course, Muhai.
  8. Yo!

    Well, I suppose this is my first step familiarizing myself with the site (I know, for those that know me, it's about damn time, right? To quote one of my favorite Naruto characters: "I got lost on the path of life."). My name is Court, I know quite a few people who have recently made this website their new RP home. Some of those include Momo, Evergreen, Kenta/Mathod. They're friends I've known for about 10+ years now, and strangely enough, we all met on a naruto based RP. We've all kind of moved as a group over the years to different genres and RP websites, but it never ceases to amaze me that despite our real life circumstances, we always seem to find a way back to one another. Ki/Momo has been pulling my leg for a while now about coming onto this site, and I've heard a lot of good things about it, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the creative writing zone, especially here... it's really been a long while since I've stretched my brain muscles (It'll probably hurt the first couple of times if I'm being completely honest), but I'm excited. I also plan on bringing some people along, so it should be really fun. I'm debating between flame and lightning, but lightning seems to be winning. I'll ponder more about character ideas, but it should be interesting! Anyway, thanks for reading this, and if anyone would ever like to message me or talk to me, don't be afraid to hit me up! It'll be nice meeting all of you eventually!