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  1. His mist clung tightly to his sides, as he paced around the training grounds, waiting for the right time to strike. This was his general preferred style of fighting when he was on the attack, constantly seeking the an opportunity to punish his opponent with swift action. However, Izumi was proving to be quite good at defending herself. He would have to get creative about his next approach. Noticing the water on the ground, from Izumi's last jutsu, he decided giving himself some backup would be a plus. He slowly and quieted made his way through the mist to a large puddle, weaving a few hand signs together with each step. The water began to stretch and pull upwards, into two human like figures, that with time began to resemble Hiro's appearance. He looked over his clones, before the trio dispersed among the mist. Almost equidistant from each other, the clones made their strike first, leaping into the air towards Izumi. Shortly after, Hiro made his attack from behind. When he was finally close enough to see Izumi, he noticed that her defense took the form of two water tendrils, a technique he had seem often from his fellow to shinobi. "Oh, Kami," he said. If he was successful, the clones would quickly dispatch of her jutsu, and he would be right behind her to pin her. And if he wasn't, well, he hoped the tendrils weren't as fierce as he had seen before.
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  3. Hiroshi could see his student take a step back, changing her stance in response to his fighting style. He had learned that Izumi was more adept at mid to long range ninjutsu techniques; especially against his style of fighting. And yet, there was a bit of confidence in her eyes. "Come on Izu, don't hold back." he thought. "Pay attention, or your student will kill you," his ever loving tailed beast replied. She held hands in a familiar position, before sending a torrent of water in his direction with incredible speed. He attempted to leap out of the way, trying to avoid the force of the water, but Hiro was too late. Most of his lower body was doused with water, sending him tumbling backwards on to the wet ground. Gathering himself, with knives in hand, he brought his head up and looked at the youthful kunoichi. "That was good Izu, I wasn't expecting it." Bringing himself to a standing position, he brushed the dirt off his knees, trying no to cut himself. He weaved his hand signs quickly, as any shinobi of his caliber would. "This should help me close the gap a bit he thought." A thick mist began to form around Hiroshi as he walked towards Izumi, and should she remain still, they would both be hidden from sight shortly. "You're quite skilled at Ninjutsu, but lets see how well you fare when your opponent is much closer." He held his trenches knives firmly, as if they were the sharpened fangs of a wild beast, and circled his target in the mist. There was no intention of hurting his student, but rather, he wanted to push her to use the full extent of her strength. And, well, he wanted to show off to his student as well.
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  5. Hiroshi walked into his favorite practice ground, noticing his student looking quite apprehensive. Perhaps it didn't help that he was swinging one of his trench knives around one of his fingers, rather precariously, but it was just supposed to be a fun sparring match. "Good afternoon Izu-chan. I'm glad to see you on the training field. Are you ready for a bit of sparring?" He gave an endearing smile back, eager to help Izumi improve her skills. A grumbling in his belly caught his attention, maybe Isobu was also feeling helpful today. The knife continued to circle his finger, as Hiroshi continued, "I hope you're ready Izumi. I won't be holding back." He bucked his hand forward, taking the trench knife out of orbit, sliding his fingers through the cold steel holes. With his other hand, he grabbed the twin knife and armed himself, prepared to defend against the onslaught of attacks. Bending at the knees, arms extended forward, Hiro knew he would need to be at his best. Whether she realized it or not, Izumi was much more talented than her rank suggested. Another growl from his stomach rumbled throughout his mind. He could feel the cool touch of water tickling the bottom of his throat. "Does that mean he's going to help this time around?" thought Hiro. Often times Isobu just sat quietly in his slumber, tending to his own cares. "Yes, this time, I'll help." A bit of time passed before another growl emerged. "And I can hear your thoughts, you idiot."
  6. He had begged Mizu-sama for a challenging mission; something that would showcase the caliber of his squad. The frigid tundra was not something he had in mind. Their journey had been uneventful so far, and Hiroshi kept close to their client, Mori. The scrawny man had been on horseback throughout their travels, as he pulled behind him a cart topped full with medical kits and survival supplies. "It shouldn't be much farther now, I suppose," said Hiroshi. Peering over top his horse, the shrewd businessman simply said, "Make sure your students are ready. I can't risk losing another cart of supplies to simple thieves and peddlers." Hiroshi had full confidence in his students, who were walking in pace, surrounding the cart. They would be ready to dispatch of any adversary that thought to bring them harm. The nearby hills of snow pressed closer, revealing a valley with high ridges on either side. A twisting path, barely cleared of the falling ice and snow drifts was the only way forward for him and his squad. He looked to either side of the ridges, trying to spot out any sign of rogues or thieves, but it was difficult to make out anything from this distance. The cart jostled around under the uneven ground, slowing the squad down significantly. As Mori began to look around, anxious about what the next few hours would entail, he simply replied, "I have full faith in my students' abilities. You should too," he laughed. Just coming into view was a man in tattered clothing, shivering underneath a tall pine tree. A knapsack was strung over his shoulder, held together by a simple buckle across his chest. He began to rub his hands together, trying to warm himself before the next gust of wind. Unsure of what he should do, he figured he would let his students tend to the man. Hiroshi kept his wits about him, as he learned from most of his shinobi career, things were rarely what they seemed. WC: 334/600 Hiroshi
  7. C-Rank

    Mission Name | Supplying The Frontier Part 1 Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes; Once Per Character Mission NPCs | 3 Bandits, and their Leader, who is disguised as a traveler in need of supplies. 3 bandits are D-Rank, Leader is B-Rank and should be treated with extreme caution. Mission Description | The frontier is a cold, frigid place where growing food is nearly impossible. To solve this problem we've carved out supply lines, lately however the supplies haven't been reaching the frontier due to bandit attacks. Our information suggests that the bandits are little more than an armed mob, that being said you should be on guard, every mission could be life or death. Travel with the supply cart and make sure it reaches it's destination. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | N/A, Recommended to have 2 People.
  8. The white haired squad was all together, and Hiroshi wasn't sure if he should be confident, worried, or excited about the future of his team. As one of his students began to poke his stomach, he figured it would be best to break the tension. "I guess I should also mention that I have another partner that works with me." Lifting his shirt up, the network of complex seals and ink that covered his stomach was soon revealed. He felt vulnerable, but it was something his students deserved to know. "I am also the Jinchuriki to the Three-Tails, Sanbi. We're working through the kinks of our relationship, but don't worry, he's fairly timid." He smiled, scratching the back of his head. "Now that introductions are out of the way, I guess I should get down to the details of our squad. I'm here to serve as your team leader on missions, your sensei when it comes to your training, and hopefully, one day, your friend. I'll be getting the details of our first mission as a squad later this week, so prepare well. This will be much more difficult than any exam you faced at the Academy, and there won't be any second chances out in the field." He didn't want to come off too intimidating, but he didn't want to be dishonest. "If any of you would like to train, prior to our mission outside the village, please let me know. I'm more than happy to work with each of you, and if I can't help refine your particular shinobi techniques, then we will find another mentor to join our training." He looked at each of them as he called out their names, "Izumi, Kaijin, E. Work hard, and nothing will be out of your grasp. Now then, unless anyone has any comments, this squad is dismissed. Keep an eye out for my mission briefing, as we'll be leaving later this week."
  9. Hiroshi could hear some disappointment in his leader's voice, concerning his relationship with his bijuu. "Don't worry so much. Isobu and I have a long way to go before we can truly fight as one. You could say that my tailed beast is just a bit more mild mannered, that's all." With that, he could feel the Sanbi stir inside him before returning to his sweet slumber. For as reckless as Gobi was, Sanbi was just as timid and shy. The pair finally approached one of the many local ramen shops within the village, this one being a favorite of theirs. The lights glowed dimly, and there were many empty tables at this time of night, but every so often a worker would pass by the window. Hiro didn't worry to much, both him and the Mizukage frequented the restaurant; surely it wouldn't be a problem for either of them to get a fresh bowl at this hour. As Hiroshi found himself a booth with a window, and sat down, waiting for his delicious bowl of steamy noodles to be brought over. "I can't thank you enough for giving me a squad of genin, especially at that caliber. I hope it will be a good opportunity to show you how far I have come." There were many points in his career as a ninja that Zarek had shown him new techniques, and he looked up to him as his Senpai. Just then an idea came into his head, "Maybe sometime we should train together? It might be a good chance for you and Gobi to work out some of your... issues."
  10. He could barely make out the reply from the young girl in front of him, but none the less, he continued to smile. As Hiroshi looked around, he made out two others in his dossier from the Mizukage, both white haired males of similar age. Speaking loudly, he motioned quite dramatically, attracting the attention of the nearby villagers, "And I'm guessing you must be Kajin," and, now pointing at the other male, "and you must be Essien." Waving them to approach, he continued to talked to Izumi, "Excellent, the squad is all together." "Perhaps we should start with introductions. My name is Hiroshi Watanabe, and I've been tasked with leading your training and development as shinobi." He wasn't sure if they would recognize him, as he was fairly close to the Mizukage, and many of the villagers knew the beast that lay dormant inside of him. Of course, he wouldn't let that break his confidence. "I'm looking forward to working with you in the coming years, and I hope one day you will stand by my side not as genin, but as my peers. With hard work and determination, I'm sure we can achieve all of your aspirations." The goal was lofty, but Hiroshi was a visionary and a dreamer at heart. As this was his first squad, he had a lot to prove to the other Jounin and ANBU members. "Now, who's next?" he asked.
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  12. Hiroshi found a secluded part of the training grounds, and simply sat on the ground with his legs crossed. He closed his eyes, palms facing upwards, and focused his mind on reaching out to his newfound companion. ~~~ In the Mind of Hiroshi ~~~ "Hello?" he called out. "Are you there, Sanbi?" he asked. In his mind, he was standing in an illuminated cove of blue and purple hues. He could feed the rocky and unsteady ground beneath him, with pebbles trembling in fear from the waves crashing across the terrain. The water was crystal clear, and Hiro could clearly make out the large gray entity swimming around near the bottom of the pool. Occasionally a small fish would try to dart from one side of the cave to the other, only to be gulped up by the Three-Tails. The liquid surface seemed to stretch for miles, until it faded into the darkness of his imagination. The young shinobi leaned down near the surface of the water, calling again to his Bijuu. "Sanbi, lend me your strength. I want to see the full extent of what we're capable of," he said confidently. The massive turtle like creature simply swam away from the shore, acting aloof. It seemed like the beast preferred distance as a coping mechanism to deal with being sealed inside Hiroshi. He pleaded again, "Sanbi, if we're going to survive for the rest of my lifetime, we're going need to learn to work together. I know that I am not a good Jinchuriki to you, but I am trying to be better. I wish I knew how I could help you." The Three-Tails once again went about his own business, swimming around the edges of the cove as best he could. Just as Hiroshi was about to step away, a voice replied. It was deep and rich, but it had a sense of youthfulness to it. "You know what you must do. I'll show you what we're capable of, but you must let me take control." There conversations always ended up this way; the idea that Sanbi could unleash his true powers in rage against his oppressors, but it was different this time. Instead of his usual tone, there was one of innocence and good intentions. Hiroshi turned around, extending his arms outward, and leaned back. The air rushed past him as he fell without fear, crashing into the cool water below. Without panic or caution, he finally let go of his apprehensions, as Sanbi swam around him. ~~~ Back at the Training Grounds ~~~ Opening his eyes, Hiroshi felt a swirling sensation within his stomach, as if he was going to vomit. He faced down ward, mouth opened, preparing for the unpleasant and sickly feeling. A spray of water came gushing out, pure and crystal blue, eroding a part of the earth beneath him. The stream followed every twitch and turn of his head, before finally coming to a stop. As he placed a hand over his chest, trying to calm himself down, that same voice returned in his head. "You can figure out the rest, Hiro." Standing upright, and now soaking wet, he tried to shake himself off, hoping no one would notice. 2nd Element Training (Suiton): 523/500
  13. As Mizu-sama made his way to the door, Hiro sat upright in his chair, putting the stack of papers to the side. "Certainly, I'll accompany you," he said, a innocent grin appearing across his face. "How can I say no to a free meal?" he laughed. Collecting himself, he proceeded out the office door, closely behind Zarek. He could hear his stomach growling at the thought of food, placing his hand over his belly in an attempt to subside the noise. "Gobi," a voice said in his mind. Hiroshi looked around for a moment before the voice repeated itself, "... Gobi." It was then he remembered; both Mizu-sama and himself were jinchuriki, vessels for the tailed beast to exist in. Although Sanbi was often quiet, he choose to poke his head out every once in a while. "I think Sanbi is trying to say hello," said Hiroshi. "He always seems to perk up when you are around. Perhaps our Bijuu are good friends." He tried to be optimistic; it was hard when two powerful entities, capable of destroying towns at the flick of a tail, were inside of them. There was something comforting about being around Zarek, a feeling that they were both exploring this new chapter in their lives together. Nonetheless, he was glad to have a friend like that around, especially if he offered to buy his ramen.
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