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  1. I'll be covering two ideas here; once I finish this I'll post a poll for it. Reworking the attribute system to use written skills instead of hard numbers. Adding descriptions for speciality skill levels and attributes should this first motion be approved. On the topic of Attributes & Skills:
  2. Name | Cunaris Havenport Nickname | 'Haven' 'Soldier Boy' 'Filthy Immigrant' Title Name | 'Legendary' Gender | Male Age | 17 Birth Date | July 20th Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Hazel-Greenish Height | 5'11 Weight | 183 Appearance | Cunaris for all extensive purposes has the body of a warrior or even gladiator as many people have commented, this can be a blessing and a curse due to the constant thought he is more muscle than speed or brains which is actually not true at all. Due to his his high impact no holds barred training it has developed his body to almost peak physical condition without any augmentations most of the time. This is certainly useful when it comes to combat and his own unique style of fighting but his muscles aren't the only part of him, standing at a odd five foot eleven one could say he is shorter than most of the physical fighters in the world but this hasn’t stopped his bark from being as bad as his bite. It’s also noteworthy to know his body type is almost a picture perfect mesomorphic type with only a little bit more influence in the upper half that’s rarely noticeable unless you are taking his measurements. This makes it easy to find something to wear for him thankfully. Once you pan in closer for a deeper look into his body you may notice it adorned with series of scars in every which way that all looked to be moderately healed by this point. Cunaris's hair is usually a spiked messed due to his rare care of it, at most it’s combed or brushed to straighten it but it usually ends up rugged and spikey to say the least. It adorns the color of raven black just like the rest of the hair on his body, he likes to maintain good hygiene so he doesn’t let hair grow out to crazy proportions choosing to keep body hair close to the body. His facial most of the time is a rugged five o’clock shadow he can’t bother to shave and at longest a small beard if he truly can’t find the time after a week or two, puberty did hit the teen rather hard. A signature mark one should note of Cunaris is the horizontal slash across his nose that has been there as long as he could remember, if asked about it he simply chuckles shrugging it off moving to some other task. His face is hold a strong jaw something that adds to the ‘heroic’ vibe people usually associate with him, holding mostly normal features one should expect from that of human birth before. It is worth knowing that his eyes are typical a light green/hazel depending on the light but when he enters into a state of battle. Village | Lightning Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Jounin Shinobi Ranking | A Element(s) | Fire, Scorch Specialties | Bukijutsu (Adept) Taijustu (Novice) Bloodline | Scorch Release Favorable | The simple things, strife which leads to progress, improving his reputation & craft, military tactics & stratagem, and passion which ignites. Unfavorable | Needless pain and cruelty, stagnation, imprisonment, and extremely philosophical assholes who speak more about the injustices of the world instead of doing something about it. Personality | "Heroism often results as a response to extreme events." Cunaris, roughly translating to 'of it's own kind; unique' is a way he would like to describe himself. But ultimately the male personality despite his young nature isn't quite black and white as so many might assume, just as he sees the world it is a display of vibrant explosive colors all morphing and intermingling to define the create that is Cunaris Havenport. A general overview of his mindset one could call him a mixture between idealistic, hard working, and passionate. But it is when you take these traits and truly take a microscope to them that you begin to understand the young male. His mind is quick to anger, yet calm and composed on the outside when the situation calls for it- displaying an analytical capacity which if tempered and forged into the right tool could easily be a benefit to the Shinobi world. There is a certain idealistic view of the world the boys has, not in the sense the world is a clear cut of good and evil nor black, white, and greys but explosion of colors and ideals. In the idealistic since that everything, absolutely everything has to have some sort of greater purpose or workings which make all the suffering and pain one goes through actually meaningful. So when you take a first look at the boy, you may see a young male with an extreme potential in the shinobi world who's firm resolve in their simple views and personal ethics has guided them well. A passionate, compassionate male who loyalty to himself and establishing himself as an icon one day with both selfish and unselfish ambitions who has the chance to become a figure of legend; with enough time, effort, and pressure. But looking past that deep into the mind of Cunaris Havenport you will see a man who ultimately is afraid of a simple concept: being forgotten. Perhaps everyone has that fear in some regard, of their name being wiped from the sands of time. For Cunaris he wishes his legacy to be something other than the admiration of idiots whom he will never meet, instead he wants to make a tangible effect on the world. It is that desire to be an icon and legend which has drove the male from a very small age, brought on by his family history and growth as a young male. His fears, like many people, are ultimately what defines the male and helps guide his choices. As an immigrant to the village of flames he knew there was always a bit of animosity in who he was, but he truly felt he was a man who embodied the ideas of the village. That fear within him ignited a passion, that passion helped define his growth and struggles, and those struggles eventually led to the formation of who he was. In the eyes of Cunaris, his fear is not a weakness but simply another guiding force and perhaps strength. Without fear, he could not aspire to be courageous. So finally, Cunaris is a deeply intrapersonal human being one who at his young age has a somewhat strong understanding of who he is. It is the fact he recognizes he can grow but does not let that halt his bold ever moving behavior and attitude towards life. He aspires to a station which some may seem as impossible, he aspires to grow when even if he hit the peak of human potential he would still aspire to change his views and craft. He embraces the struggles of the world and all the passion, love, and independence which comes with it. Maybe his destiny lies with being a great Shinobi general, a lone wandering swordsman with a sharp sword and sharper wit, or maybe he is cut from a clothe meant to lead the world into a new age; whatever it is he is charging forward never hesitating. He wastes no time, he lives in the now, and he will become a man who's name will echo in the chamber of time: Cunaris Havenport. Philosophy & Beliefs | "The price of greatness is responsibility." So with everything having been covered in depth about the beliefs of the man one can surmrise the young up and coming Shinobi possess some set of morals or ideals, yes? That would be a correct assumptions. The male has some sort of ideals which revolve around constant strife, or what could be considered the cultivation of humanity and life through it's grasp. In his eyes there are two types of pain, pain which is useless which does nothing other than cruelity and pain which serves a purpose, which helps something further or grow. He detest the idea of useless cruelity which does not serve a purpose but will not shy away from pain in battle or in life through trials and tribulations, embracing those situations to allow himself to become the legendary Shinobi he wishes. In some regards it a mixture of pragmatic naivety but one which serves him well, he has no intentions of forcing these ideas on people but if someone was to ask about them or himself he would consider him a lot knowledgable about his ideas and self to share them. However moving on to a more over arching concept or belief of his which is rarely seen is the idea that with the more he becomes an icon or being who has power and duty to assert his authority in the world, he is giving a bit of his freedom to the ever increasing chain known as 'Responsibility'. With power and freedom come the solemn acknowledgment that he has a responsibility to be active in the Shinobi world in some capacity, to learn and grow while also teaching others- intervening when he feels he must on behalf of his village. This is not seen as a boredom or even shackle to himself but as a honorbound idea and duty which he readily accepts with passion and fervor far extending the normal capacity of a Shinobi. History & Background | "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Cunaris Havenport, otherwise known as an assortment of nicknames acquired over his short life both good and bad in their own regard, is the immigrant son of two foreigners in this strange land. He was initially born within the Lightning Village to his parents which claimed birth in a foreign nation and land, far different in customs and ideas leading to his unique name among the Shinobi world. However, this wouldn't prove too much for the man as he was quick to assimilate into the culture due to his birth and raising within the village. This young male would cultivate a unique sorta perspective and influence around those he interacted with, not quite following the Shinobi values to the letter but too closely affiliated to be regarded as a dissident or rebel. Never the less, the male had a sorta reputation for his constant observations of the Shinobi and Military Police taking a strong liking to their rigid discipline system ending up with the sorta nick name 'Soldier boy' to his close friends who knew of that small admiration he held. But with those friends came rivals, there came those who initially looked down upon him due to his appearance and ethics that where developing- the catch-me-all terms of 'Filthy Immigrant' as an example rather disheartening for the male at times. But in those annoying and tribulation times he always had the safety net of family to fall upon. The Havenport family was at the end of the day a unique family within the Lightning village, one which often would see a parent traveling to other villages for business of some sort. So while he always had a parent who never really talked about their old lands only minor allusions to heros, beasts, and the strange notion of honor with nobility. Never the less, the family encouraged their only son to become his own man to adopt a new view which was the Shinobi way thus he enrolled into academy and began his up and commence. To say he was truly a prodigy might over exemplify his abilities but one thing was certain, the male held an extreme physical capacity for using weapons, his wits, and physical body as a means of advancing. Ninjutsu and the other jutsus seemed to work in some capacity for him but his niche was with BukiTaiJustu and their variations- these feats of combining weaponry tactics and power leading to someone who wasn't quite the assassin or indirect fighter but a fighter capable of handling himself through means which may not be seen at first. At any rate, he proved his compacity and eventually rose in the rankings to where he stands now. Now, in this age of passion and independence, the male feels an urge and calling in the world- that in same way he is meant to be within it. He stands at the verge of greatness but also at the verge of perhaps being discovering a darker more horrid side of the world. The young immigrant male, the first of his name and generations stands ready to answer the call of greatness in hopes of securing a legacy which will stand the test of time; only his actions and his actions alone will determine that.