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  1. So uh, I'm leaving. Not just SG, but all RP sites, I guess I just don't enjoy the formula anymore. I've really enjoyed interacting with all of you. So uh, bye guys. THAT MEANS THERE'S AN A RANK IN WATER, GRAB IT.
  2. Something stopped Setsu, she wasn't moving, something clicked and she stopped. Then she dropped something, all this registered in an instant. Tsuna could punch her, or he could be sneaky as shit, like the dastardly dastard he was. And counter whatever she was planning, he had the exact thing for that. His hands vanished in a blur, Monkey, Tiger, Horse, Bird, Monkey. For a brief instant, in his hands appeared a glass ball. Then, he simply reached out, as she stood still, and placed it on her back, between the shoulder blades, but lower, where you can't reach when itches strike, it stuck there. He had utilized two jutsu, Chakra Adhesive, and Eye of Ifrit. Tsunagari was fast enough to complete all of these before the smoke bomb went off. (And the tap of the Eye of Ifrit was not enough to activate the Substitution Jutsu, after all, it wasn't an attack, yet). He then backpedaled, rapidly, the purple smoke began to rise, and the girl vanished, Substitution probably. The Eye of Ifrit would remain adhered to her, as the only thing the Substitution Jutsu did was move you really fast, and that wouldn't shake off the adhesive. He continued backpedalling, now five meters from where she had been (7 meters from where she is now) as the smoke surrounded him, forming a single Tiger seal, causing the Eye of Ifrit to activate, suffusing the area around the girl with fire, 15 meters diameter around her. This would occur just after the smoke bomb exploded, as she reappeared from the Substitution, she would be blasted with fire erupting from her back and the orb, not his Blue Flames, just his normal ones. The edge of the blaze would nearly reach him, but singe the edge of his coat, as he backpedalled out of the fire. ALTERNATE TAKE If the orb did not stick, and she vanished in response to being touched, he would kick the orb with a light toe tap, causing it to roll five meters forward. In this case, he steps back two meters, out of range of the Eye, and form the Tiger seal, causing it to explode three meters behind her instead of directly on her.
  3. As the girl threw the kunai, glass? What the shit. That was probably important. Setsu's sly smirk grew even wider, a simple trap, laid and sprung exactly as he had envisioned. The breath in had been a misdirection, as most offensive jutsu began with such a motion. The jutsu he was using was one of his most basic, Body Flicker, a simple 'D' rank tech that required only two seals to perform. He vanished, reappearing directly behind her as he travelled ten meters in the blink of an eye. The kunai whipping past where he had been a second before, sailing off into the distance more than thirty meters away. He was standing back to back with her, as he expected. He whirled around, hands coming up to a fighting pose as he got ready to throw a few quick punches. He prepared to move in closer, he wasn't going to let her get away.
  4. Setsu stared down at the shinobi, now clear from the voice that it was a girl. Hm, challenging a random stranger in the park to a bout? Probably meant she was some high ranking shinobi from another village. This was his chance, if he took down a foe of his 'rank' or higher, he could gain some favor with the Kage! He shrugged "Maybe, maybe not." Then she called him gramps. He was in his early twenties for heaven's sake, and was quite handsome! This was just offensive. He scoffed, and backed up, putting the total distance between them at nine meters. "Sure, we can 'throw down'" Now he heard it, he sounded just unnatural saying it. As he spoke, his hands flashed, completing two hand seals almost instantly, Rat and Tiger, he then inhaled, his cheeks filling with air, a sly smile set upon his face.
  5. Setsu sat with his back against a tree, a grass stem sticking out of his mouth as he chewed it absent mindedly. He watched the small, armored and clearly dangerous figure walk through the park, clearly searching for something. He sat in silence a moment, observing. Clearly a shinobi, maybe lightning? They were the ones who went full ninja with the masks and cloaks and stuff. At least, that was what he thought. He stood, and strolled casually over to where the figure stood. From the person's clothes and the mask, he couldn't tell their gender. He made note of the late afternoon, shadows cast easily, and not a cloud in the sky, a rarity for Mizumura, he made a mental note to go to the beach later. He approached the figure, still a casual air about him, but this could be a dangerous situation, the shinobi was ready. Under his calm demeanor, wired like steel, undetectable to all but the most experienced shinobi. He strode up to the person, putting a single meter between them. He nodded, "I couldn't help but notice that you stick out here like a bull at a ball." He gestured to the shinobi gear, "Mind telling me what you're doing here?" His stance was casual, relaxed, light, matching his tone.
  6. Update Type | Fighting Style Update Name | Toukaitai Update Training | - Update Cost/Pay | Pay 300 Update Links | Toukaitai
  7. Removed item damaging from E rank, added an extra cost to damage items, and nerfed the item breakage ranks
  8. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Body Suplex, Backbreaker, Clinging Flames, Scorching Gaze, Whirling Wildfire, Eyes of Vulcan, Eye of Ifrit, Chakra Adhesive Update Training | - Update Cost/Pay | Pay 2300 Update Links | Chakra Adhesive Eye of Ifrit Eyes of Vulcan Body Suplex Backbreaker Clinging Flames Scorching Gaze Whirling Wildfire
  9. Ok, so I think I shaved down the weight enough, whatcha think?
  10. Actually I was more along the lines of Eren Jaeger, totally forgot about the Akimichi lol. And yeah, added the speed decrease.
  11. Jutsu Name | Hidden War Technique: Colossus Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | S Element(s) | - Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP + 20 upkeep Handsigns | Snake->Ox->Rat->Dog->Monkey->Ram Range | Self Duration | 4 posts Description | The user causes themselves to increase massively in size, becoming around the size of your average Bijuu. Their height increases to a height of between 30-40 feet, depending on their starting height (A taller person would be at the upper range, shorter would be at the lower range), and their weight increases to between 3,500 and 5,000 pounds (again depending on the size of the person using the jutsu) Other Effects | Their body becomes capable of surviving the massive strain such immense size puts on the body, increasing the user's physical durability and endurance by one rank, or to the top of it if they are X rank. Due to their immense size, the user cannot move as quickly, as they have greatly increased mass, reducing their speed by two ranks. Requirements | Have learned the Jutsu from someone who knows it. Status | Personal to Tsunagari Setsu, and members of the Crimson Mist (NPCs)
  12. oh you can just archive this, it's not relevant anymore
  13. Uh yeah, edited.
  14. Done
  15. Ok, done, changed the terminology.