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  1. OOC

    Through the hands of a unforeseen force that defied all levels of logic in this reality, somehow, in some fashion, both of the fighters smacked into each other like trucks, and somehow, in someway, this was enough to send the both of them flying back five meters, because the universe was basically sending a giant middle finger to the laws of physics right now. Was it because destiny itself was rearing its ugly head and showing its distaste for Ryouji? Well, he'd definitely have to go and kick destiny's ass right after this tournament...the forces of this universe were against the boy for some god forsaken reason(well, not that he believed in a god in the first place), which was definitely going to mess with his luck for his future seemed as if they were all unfortunate enough to live in some sort of Lovecraftesque horror story. As soon as he hit the ground from the force of him crashing into the ground, he would attempt to get up using as much speed as possible(without hurting himself severely like a dumbass, of course.), standing up on his legs. After all, his mama raised a soldier, not a bitch, and if he was going to lay his ass back down because of aching bones(ouch), and a decent headache(which, no lie, gave him some blurry vision, but, again, he was a ninja so he had to "boss up" and get through the pain, yo), well he was no better than the ants he used to burn alive with his magnifying glass! Ryouji expected to get back up first, as from what he could make out from his blurred vision, Ravana and him both took similar damage, and from what he remembered from the scuffle that took place earlier, he was quite a bit faster. He had yet another one of his crazy plans, and hopefully, the God of all anime protagonists would give him his blessings and a nice pair of plot armor to assist him. Assuming he would manage to get up successfully, in spite of the pain, Ryouji knew that if he had fucked up vision, Ravana would too. If all Ryouji had were precise attacks that required the utmost of focus to destroy his opponent, he'd be screwed. But, obviously he didn't have any jutsu like that! He was a monster in Taijutsu, after all, and that type of fighting style really didn't need those types of moves, Ryouji's line of thinking evidenced from the possession of such a skill like the Wolf Fang Fist. Even with his less than stellar vision at the moment, it didn't erase the fact that he knew this jutsu like his left hand knew his prick. Ryouji had the stamina left for exactly three Wolf Fang Fists, but, expected he only needed one or two to end this fight. While it didn't seem like Ryouji could assume so much, that crash they had into each other actually told him lots of information he needed. For instance, if Ryouji were to compare his reflexes and speed to his, then he'd beat him by miles and miles, and miles..okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but essentially, Ryouji knew that he was quite superior to his opponent going by speed and reflex. For instance, Ryouji managed to cover quite the distance before Ravana even threw up a stance, and during the clash the two children had, Ryouji took notice that he was coming in much faster than Ravana could move. So, these two conclusions put together gave Ryouji one ultimate answer(of doom): Blitz, blitz, blitz, blitz, AND MORE BLITZ! THE BLITZING WOULDN'T STOP UNTIL RYOUJI WASN'T BREATHING, BABY! He was the Flame Village's Golden Whirlwind, ready to dunk all when it came to flashy, overpowered Taijutsu attacks, and some little punk wasn't going to stop him. As soon as Ryouji was standing up and ready to run at Ravana and beat him up, he totally would do that. So what if every step he took, a sharp, acute pain went through his legs? With speed like Ryouji's, it wasn't much of a long distance run, to be honest. Plus, that shouldn't have been able to stop him, anyways! What type of ninja cried from a little pain like that? Anyways, as he took his first running step forward, his fist was already cocked backwards in preparation for his Wolf Fang Fist, and end this nuisance of a fight as quickly as he could. Honestly, as silly as this sounded, Ryouji was hoping that this tournament was going to give some good food after this match. He was sort of hungry. Not even the mortal danger he could be facing in this match was enough to negate that vicious appetite of his! At the same time he took his first running step, Ryouji felt that some taunting was in order, and began to speak, even despite his headache. Ryouji was a determinator, that he was, and again, pain like this effected him of course, just like any other human being, but, he was a ninja, and of course sucked it up. The words that Ryouji spoke were the following: "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!" It was the perfect three words that come ever come out of Ryouji's mouth during this battle, encapsulating the entire theme of this match. Sure, he stole the quote from some popular fictional character, but that didn't take away the significance of it. Speed was something you either had or you didn't, and, well, if you were one of the unfortunate many that were cursed with the death sentence of horrific speed, your ninja career probably isn't going to amount to anything. Or at least, that was what Ryouji thought. Was he right? Well, only time could prove him right, truthfully. If he won this whole shebang due to his speed, then he was gonna be pretty badass because of it. Anyways, while yes, Ryouji did have the unfortunate side effect of some blurry vision, thankfully, it wasn't severe and he could very well manage to pull off the attack that he needed to do. Of course, if his opponent fired some object smaller than even a senbon, it was most likely to hit him due to the blurred vision coming into play, but Ryouji had his doubts that his opponent had any equipment like that, or otherwise he would have used it earlier when Ryouji was running at him like a madman. Thus, Ryouji could actually see Ravana almost completely besides a few details on his face which were nearly impossible to see, like his mouth and eyes. Was this gonna be some epic, uber, badass Taijutsu fight, or was Ryouji gonna prove his superiority and crush some hopes and dreams? Who knew, really?! Exciting possibilities! Once Ryouji reached four feet away from Ravana, he would punch immediately, which would, along with producing a distinct howling sound akin to that of a wolf, would fire a projectile crafted from his own air pressure. It wasn't easily dodged, especially with the fact that it actually covered a decent amount of area(combined with Ryouji's impressive speed, of course), and finally the fact that just like Ryouji, it was probable that Ravana had messed up vision too. Now, air pressure attacks like the Wolf Fang Fist weren't usually super visible, and while you could see it enough with normal vision, with blurred vision you'd have difficulties seeing it, especially since this would be the first time Ravana would even experience this jutsu. Thus, the moves wide range, Ryouji's speed, the attack sort of being hard to see, and the close quarters they were in all melded together to actually make this a difficult attack to avoid(or at least, this is what Ryouji thought), and that SHOULD have been enough to be the end of this tournament match. After all, this attack had the power to break more than a few bones, and that was almost always enough to cause a knock out, especially considering the move was large enough to easily score a direct hit, the middle of the attack heading at Ravana's chest. Still, with how much of a slimy worm Ravana was earlier, Ryouji was definitely on guard in the case that this wasn't enough to end the fight. That powerful blast of air pressure which came from his fist 'cause of the Wolf Fang Fist was Justice! It was an odd name coming from someone like Ryouji, as Ryouji's definition of morals was quite peculiar when it came to your average person. For him, might definitely made right, winner takes all! He would have no problem with doing whatever he felt like with the unconscious body of his oppoments, whether it be something comedic like drawing a penis on the forehead, to looting, or even things that were much, much, much worse. And if he picked a fight with some random guy and won for no reason? He was still the good guy in the situation, 'cause he won! It didn't matter who the random guy in that situation was, it could have been a frail old man for pete's sake! Well, not that Ryouji liked to pick on fodder. If someone could get his jimmies all riled up in a fight, then at the very least they were a form of entertainment, no matter how small. Meanwhile, Ravana was definitely Evil. Always trying to beat up someone(like poor old Ryouji!), or not losing to his attacks! He definitely didn't have any sort of grace, not wanting to lay down and catch the hands from his attack. Oh well. He still had enough stamina to use more jutsu if he really needed it, which was exactly what he was going to do if his first attack wasn't enough to completely end the fight, assuming he was still in the correct range(at the very least, three feet away from Ravana), placement, and time to even properly use the attack in the first place, and if he could still see Ravana moving. Then, this would happen: Justice immediately would fly forth from a jab of his fist of fury, and with its large grip and lightning fast speed, should have been enough to defeat the Evil that stood in his way of successfully winning this match. Still, Ryouji recognized the fact that Ravana might somehow have the ability to counter his movements, as the forces of the universes were against the Golden Whirlwind. For instance, considering that Ravana might have somehow got up first, then Ryouji would adjust his plans accordingly. Basically, the Golden Whirlwind was going to be watching out for any tomfoolery on Ravana's side that might have effected any positive outcome for Ryouji, and thus, would alter his plans of attack if this were to happen. Jutsu Used: Wolf Fang Fist, Wolf Fang Fist(this 1 is mostly hypothetical though)
  2. OOC: Yeah, no, I'm gonna have to call admins and open a dispute. The fact that the Hikage is removing me from the village makes not an OUNCE of IC sense, and edges eerily close to the field of metagame as I've expressed my desire to leave the flame village to find rp elsewhere multiple times(albeit, temporarily.) For starters, consider this little snippet from my character's history: "Ryouji managed to harness the negative energy and use it as motivation towards one of the greatest students in the academy, and at the end of his time as an Academy Student, he graduated top of his class at the age of twelve, which served to boost his ego to near toxic proportions." Mind you, this Hikage is exiling a CHILD, WITH LIVING PARENTS. And for what reason? That he may be a little dickish? While yes, it IS true that as a Genin he became a douche, "near toxic" exemplifies the fact that it isn't NEARLY enough to be kicked out of a village. If the Flame Village was doing that, it would be extremely hypocritical to exile only me when my squad member Oodenta acts nearly identical to me, if you would take the time to peruse prior posts in this thread and his character's personality traits. Not only should personality not enough to get kicked out of the village, but you should also consider that I've NEVER met/rp'd withthe Hikage, and besides a short sparring session with a Genin that hasn't popped back up on the site, this is my first IC thread. Therefore, how would she know Ryouji was too unstable to be in the village? And if she did, what was the point of putting me in a squad in the first place? While yes, Ryouji does want to leave the village(temporarily, mind you), no would have ANY IC knowledge of this, making this pure and blatant metagame. If the admins are to side with me, I'd like that Fa's post gets voided and he, along with the Hikage are prevented from reentering this thread. I think that's fair, because this thread has been running for far too long for a mere spar(which, imo is why a 48 hour rule or something similar should be implemented.) Thank you for hearing me out.
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  4. OOC

    OOC: Hello! I'd like to summon admin intervention in this battle, as I have an issue with Ravana's post. Going by a variety of reasons such as godmod, ignoring system rules and contradicting details clearly outlined in my first post, it shouldn't have been enough to do the actions he's employed in his post. My primary issue with his post starts at this area: "Thus as the shinobi would have gotten within five meters, Ravan would have begun his sprint toward him closing the gap of the two meaning his fist still cocked back would be only a meter away from Ravana and as he would attempt to swing Ravana would have already tilted his head out of the way and closed the distance his right hand would have wrapped around the throat of the shinobi and crushed his windpipe and breaking his neck." Not only does this area of the post reek heavily of godmod, it doesn't make any logical sense. How would, with my superior speed, would he manage to run at me(mind you, he has to gather momentum and i've been running a rather long distance) and dodge my initial attack, when, according to the Attribute System, this isn't possible with such close quarters(him attempting to avoid my attack a meter away.) A quote from the Attribute System itself: "For threats that originate within 3 meters, you must have a reflex attribute one level below the speed of the attack, or higher." As you see, he dodges(or at least, tries too) my attack within one meter, but, when you compare my 7 speed(due to buffs) to his 5 reflex, this makes no type of sense given the above quote in the attribute system. But nevermind that at all, as his godmod of my character attacking once I was a meter away from him DIRECTLY contradicts information presented in my first post: "Once he was in proper range for the technique, he punched outward, unleashing a sphere of air pressure developed from the momentum of his punch, and a sound that was eerily similar to that of a wolf's howl." I attack as soon as I'm in range of the usage of the Wolf Fang Fist, the technique having a range of five feet, which is greater than a meter(which is, according to the internet about 3.3 feet). So, not only does most of his post reek of excruciating GODMOD(against site rules), he attempts to control my character in a manner that directly contradicts information in my earlier post. Thus, as I would have already attack BEFORE I was a meter from him(less than two, greater than one), he'd be met with an air pressure blast from my Wolf Fang Fist much earlier than he described in his post. In fact, if he's trying to get in range where he's a meter away from me, then he'd just end up running into the attack and knocking himself out(along with a myriad of broken bones all over his body, due to the fact that the air pressure blast's strength is based off of my speed stat, which, due to buffs, is seven). It also covers a decent area, being three meters wide and three meters tall. Wolf Fang Fist, as per its description travels at the speed of the user, and thus, according to the attribute system, is too fast for him to dodge in such a tight close combat situation. In conclusion, I believe that due to godmod, the ignoring details in earlier posts, and ignoring the attribute system that my attack should land and make me the winner of this fight. Thank you. Wolf Fang Fist is located here:
  5. This is ready to be checked now
  6. Bloodline Name | Taiyo no Senshi Possessors | Ryouji, Public[1/8] Appearance | Possessors of this bloodline usually have gold hair and hazel eyes, and have a strong preference to Yellow and its various shades. Abilities | Genetic Engineering[Passive]: Through the Taiyo no Senshi's genetic alterations, they've been made into the perfect warriors. Always ready for battle, the nervous of the Taiyo no Senshi have been enhanced and thus, they possess higher reflexes than the standard Shinobi, giving them a +2 to reflex. Altered Ninjutsu[Passive]: Through these same genetic engineering techniques that blessed them with superhuman reflexes, the Taiyo no Senshi have been altered to specialize in Ninjutsu and outshine all others when it comes to this field. Thus, they gain a +2 in the base stats of all Ninjutsu. Weaknesses | Specialists: The members of the Taiyo no Senshi bloodline are forced to master Ninjutsu due to being engineered to be so proficient with the specialty. Unusual Physiology: Although the genetic alterations to those with this bloodline cause powerful benefits, it's also altered there body in such a way that it becomes incredibly hard for them to get healed. Thus, any Ijutsu with the aim of trying to heal them takes twice the usual chakra in order succeed. Crippling Overspecialization: Due to how much focus that's placed on the enhancement of Ninjutsu, other areas of their skill were forced to take a dramatic hit. To this end, those of the Taiyo no Senshi are unable to specialize in Ijutsu, Bukijutsu, Genjutsu, and all civilian specialties. Underdeveloped Bodies: Any muscle that a member of the Taiyo no Senshi has is pretty much for show, as due to these genetic alterations that they carry inside of them which grants them such prowess with Ninjutsu that as a result, the user's physical capabilities suffer hard. Because of this, the bloodline's members are always stuck with 1 strength regardless of any type of boosts. Chakra Cost | None
  7. OOC

    What the hell was he doing here? Who knew why he was brought here, but it looked like Ryouji could nothing more than continue onwards to his current path, and if any difficulties would obstruct him, he'd have no choice but to fight his way out. Even though he was in quite the strange situation, Ryouji was confident in his abilities in spite of his rank as a Genin. His speed was his blessing, and if he needed to fight he was sure that his blazing speed, along with his intelligence when it came to fights, would be more than enough to defeat any opponent that would come his way. As he emerged from an extremely dark tunnel, the sounds of cheering filled the air as Ryouji figured out what was going on here. It seems like I'm in an arena of some sort, but, where? Ugh, it doesn't matter. I can get my way through this if I beat up enough people, that's how it always works in Anime, at least.. Tapping the ground lightly with his left foot to check if he would have proper footing, Ryouji noticed someone pop out from the other end of the arena, moving five meters from the other end of the wall. I guess this is my opponent..he doesn't look too tough. All I have to do is get into my speed stance, blitz him from across the arena, and knock his ass out with a Wolf Fang Fist. You know, I'm freakin' glad I took the time to train myself, it came right on time for the tournament! It was a crazy plan, yes, but, it showed just how confident Ryouji was in his speed. If his opponent possessed poor reflexes, then even with the large distance between the two, Ryouji was sure that he wouldn't be able to react in time. It would be an anticlimatic ending to this fight, that was for sure, and the crowd probably wouldn't like it either. But, Ryouji was never the type to care about stranger's opinions, especially when they kidnapped him. While in the middle of his thoughts, Ryoiji had also moved five meters from his own side of the wall, noting the metal gate that closed behind him. Truly, it seemed that escape wasn't possible here, and while he wasn't exactly sure of how strong the walls were, he didn't know if his opponent would help him escape. Therefore, wasting his energy to break down the walls seemed like a pointless endeavor. Well, at the very least I get to show off my power..this is the day where the world will lay its eyes on Ryouji, the Golden Beast of the Flame Village! Adrenaline rushed through him as the young Shinobi was ready to claim glory for himself. He only wished that his current clothes were more flashier so more people could remember his performance, but, unfortunately he was stuck in some awful black Gi. His headband proudly displayed his home village on his forehead, and he wore sturdy slippers that were perfect for this sort of terrain. He judged that the ground was sturdy enough for him to move at full speed without any issues, and that his good ol' fashioned blitz plan was perfect if his opponent couldn't react to him. Immediately after the announcer would say "FIGHT!", Ryouji would take on the stance of the Wolf Style, giving him far quicker movements than he normally possessed. Right after getting into this stance, which was easy to do, he would run directly at his opponent at maximum speed. Now, obviously if his opponent could react to his speed Ryouji would try to figure out a counter, but, if he couldn't, then this match would be easy as pie. In the scenario that his opponent's reflexes would be too poor compared to Ryouji's speed, Ryouji would finish him off with the signature move of the Wolf Style, the Wolf Fang Fist. Once he was in proper range for the technique, he punched outward, unleashing a sphere of air pressure developed from the momentum of his punch, and a sound that was eerily similar to that of a wolf's howl. This very same momentum gave it the devastating damage that it did, and if his opponent possessed paper thin durability, then it was likely that this attack would knock them out clean, along with breaking bones across his body. The Wolf Fang Fist wasn't an easily dodged move, either. Despite its range being similar to that of a shotgun blast, it covered quite the large area. The attack itself was three meters in length and three meters in height, making it even more difficult to avoid if you didn't possess the reflexes to dodge the move. Ryouji was positive that this would be more than enough to end the fight, but, if for some reason it wasn't, he was still wary. Despite all that arrogance he carried in him, he knew that a fight wasn't over until your opponent was knocked out or dead. Stamina Points: 50/100 Jutsu Used: Blitzing Wolf Fang, Wolf Fang Fist
  8. Character Name | Ryouji D. Gold Character Ranking | C Character Sheet |
  9. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Wolf Fang Fist Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 200 Update Links | Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Blitzing Wolf Fang Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 200, 2350 Ryo left Update Links | Update Type | Training Update Name | Taijutsu Training to Novice Update Training | Update Cost | N-A Update Links | N/A Update Type | Training Update Name | Speed Training to 4 Update Training | Update Cost | N/A Update Links | N/A
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  11. Jutsu Name | Blitzing Wolf Fang Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost |25 SP Handsigns | None Range | Self Duration | 2 posts Description | The user takes up a stance which makes movements of all kinds much faster, giving them a +1 to speed. Other Effects | None Requirements | 5 Speed, Taijutsu Novice Status | Public
  12. Jutsu Name | Wild Sense Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | None Range | Self Duration | 2 posts Description | Through Ryouji's keen sense of combat and experience, he is able to momentarily increase his awareness in combat, granting him a +1 reflex boost for the duration of this jutsu, although Ryouji can end it early before the time is up. Other Effects | None Requirements | 5 Reflex, Taijutsu Novice Status | Public
  13. Jutsu Name | Wolf Fang Fist Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Wind Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 25 SP Handsigns | None Range | 5 Ft. Duration | One Description | Using the momentum gathered from his speed, the user punches outward, creating a sound akin to the howl of a wolf. At the same time, a blast of air generated from the force of this punch is expelled, unleashing a 3m wide 3m tall sphere of air, traveling at the speed of the user and, due to momentum used by someone with high speed, it uses the speed stat to deal damage rather than strength. If the initial punch connects before the blast of air comes out, it still does damage equivalent to the users strength. It deals enough damage to break some bones, while sending whoever gets hit to the ground. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | 6 Speed, Taijutsu Novice Status | Public
  14. Ryouji wasn't going to let some stupid little bench stop him from making his way to Oodenta. No matter what parlor trick that he tried to pull out of his ass, Ryouji had the raw physical prowess to avoid it, or at least, that's what he thought. The bench would have moved at laughable speeds, especially compared with how good Ryouji's reflexes was, and while this bench was pretty long, it wasn't very wide nor tall, making clearing it with with a simple jump incredibly easy. The rather close distance between the bench and Ryouji wasn't much of a factor, and the reason was simple: He moved far more faster than either of these objects, and it was little more than a mere nuisance. It would be laughable to think that an elite shinobi such as himself could be taken out by a mere bench. Ryouji was entirely aware of the fact that some sort of object was flying at him from behind through the air, and with the fact that it didn't manage to hit him yet, it must have been slow compared to Ryouji. Seeing as how Oodenta had JUST thrown the staff and strings of chakra attached itself to it, it was pretty obvious that the object Ryouji was hearing was the staff. The staff would most likely be flying at him with enough speed for him to hear it, and while that wasn't a one hundred percent concrete answer, he at least managed to formulate a plan quickly, which would hopefully end this silly little spar once and for all. Both of these objects were heading towards Ryouji at turtle speeds, and thus, this would give him ample time to form an effective counter. With Ryouji being directly in the middle of the bench, and the staff coming straight at the upper portion of his back, he judged from his hearing that the staff was much more closer, and from how it looked earlier that getting hit by it could hurt pretty badly. Thus, he planned to do something that was a little risky. It was a fact that he moved faster than this staff could, and it was a fact that this bench was too slow to hit him. So, why bother trying to dodge them both when he really only needed to take care of this distracting little bench? Not bothering to slow down, Ryouji would leap over the incoming bench once it was possible for him to do so, retaining momentum from the jump to the point where his speed wouldn't decrease at all. As he started the jump over the bench, Ryouji knew that he would be close enough to start a war on the ground, attempting to land on Oodenta in such a way that it would end up with Ryouji sitting on top of Oodenta's chest, and thus, the one with the advantage in this situation. Most of all was the fact that Ryouji's stature would play a huge role in dodging the staff, due to going from running to sitting so fast was the likelihood of the staff missing Ryouji if it continued on its current trajectory. Assuming he was successful in landing on top of Oodenta, Ryouji would immediately start wailing on him, who Ryouji assumed would be most likely dazed from having such a huge object moving so fast land on him. Each of the punches(four in total) Ryouji launched were all meant to inflict major pain, and hopefully cause this nerd to quick. Knocking someone out like this wasn't the most optimal of conditions, but with no jutsu, what could he realy do? The first punch was at his nose, carrying with it enough force to break his nose, while the last three were aimed at his temples, Ryouji intending to knock him out. As always though, Ryouji was on guard for any trickery or counters Oodenta might have tried to pull out. However, it was entirely plausible that Ryouji would be surprised and that Oodenta would move out of the way before he could land on him, but nevertheless, Ryouji would be sure to safely roll along the ground, his momentum carried as it would transition into a run to analyze things from that point on. But, this wouldn't be his primary counter, and really, even as he leapt over the bench heading straight at Oodenta, his brain was formulating plans to go ahead and kick some ass, no matter how many main character powers he could whip out his sleeve! Losing in this fight wasn't an option, no matter what happened. Ryouji had worked all his shinobi career to craft his body to perfection, defeating many of his peers in combat. What were the chances his legend would occur if that streak ended now? Especially to a big, dumb brute with the audacity to call him a girl! Add to the fact that this guy seemed to take Ryouji extremely casually, which only fueled his already boiling rage. WC: 826 TWC: 3099