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  1. Mission

    Mikoto walked right behind Utsubyo with caution while his eyes scrutinized the ground, looking for any clues in regards to a crack possible of caving in.. his eyes squinted but widened as soon as the loud ruckus of rumbling was heard infront of him and before Mikoto could even realize by glancing upwards, Utsu-sensei was gone. How ironic? The one who warned the Genin of being cautious fell into one of the cracks! This left a rather disappointed look on the Uchiha's face. So clumsy.. "Are you alright!?" He asked loud enough for the man to hear while he slowly crept up to the hole in the ground.. it gradually emitted a humid steam, like as if it was about to blow up or something. Mikoto stopped and leaned over the edge of where Utsubyo had fallen and quickly reached behind him for the thumb vial in his backpack. Who would've thought that it would require no searching at all to find what they were looking for. "Well! That was easy!"
  2. Mission

    "H-huh?!" Mikoto's eyes opened right when the snaps were heard infront of him, causing the Uchiha to flinch in suprise while his heart raced.. he was mesmerized for some reason, and the Jonin had already began to walk away! Did he really fall into a trance for that long? All of a sudden, Utsu-sensei began to leap away which turned on Mikoto's adrenaline. There was no way he was going to lose his sensei and then lose his way to the village! "O-oui! Wait for mee!!" He yelled in a whining tone before leaping after him. Mikoto used all of his strength while in pursuit to try to catch up.. atleast he could see the mere silhouette. The boy hated getting lost or left behind. Besides, he wasn't going to let Utsubyo get all of the reward.
  3. Mission

    It surely was the perfect day for a mission. The soothing sound of the waves hitting the shore and the seagull calling out to whomever or whatever set the scene just right. What other land could truly complete with the Land of Water? The Uchiha was pretty confused with the Jonin due to the fact that he hadn't responded to his words. He did acknowledge him though.. you could tell by how he finally moved from his position just to lean against a building. Utsubyo really seemed to try to be the chill-headed one amongst the other higher-ups Mikoto had seen who were rather serious.. or maybe that's just how they treated the kids in the village. Anyways, Mikoto decided to go out of his way and initiate the conversation again but as he parted his lips, Utsu-sensei spoke.. only leaving the boy speechless for a few seconds. The sides of his lips were tugged upwards into a warm smile when his words were true. The cool zephyr was faultless when hitting their summer-heated bodies. In his opinion, it was better than the fans at home.. Nature always had it's ways of being better than anything artificial or manmade. "It's really does.." He stood there lifelessly as his eyes closed shut and just enjoyed the moments of peace before engaging on their mission, leaving Mikoto bound to slowly fall into a trance.
  4. Mission

    "Sugoi.." Kaisui harbor was really.. how would I put this? Unique. The buildings sprouted up from the water and surrounding the harbor to form such a weird looking place.. the very image reminded the boy of mangrove trees that grew from within the water, but Mikoto wondered how in the world did they build this? And most importantly: Why was he assigned a mission with a Jonin so quick!? He must've gotten good words from the vendor who he had completed a delivery mission for. It started when he was woken up by a few thuds against his window, a small bird carrying a small scroll was waiting for Mikoto outside his room and when he woke up he was truly suprised. I mean, you don't see that everyday as a Genin, especially if you don't request it. Quickly, Mikoto prepared in minutes before leaving his house through that same window with his backpack strapped tight and his ninja boots secure on his feet and headed off to Kaisui! He had no idea if he was late or not, and there was a underlying feeling of importance since this mission was so highly ranked compared to a mere D-rank. Mikoto would be forced to try his very best with the most seriousness he could bring up from himself. This was his chance to show how good he was to become a well-known Shinobi amongst the people of the village. It took him no longer than twenty minutes added to arrive and once at the desired location of the Jonin he was working with, Mikoto sighed out all of his nervousness pooling in his stomach and leaped out into the open infront of him. He landed with one knee on the ground and slowly came up to his two feet before bowing in the presence of the male to show his respect. "Goodmorning, Utsubyo-sensei." Although he wasn't exactly his sensei, Mikoto was bound to learn with him on his side.. hopefully. The raven-haired boy finally took the time to take in the man's appearance and couldn't help but notice the cigarette in his mouth.. tch- no, it was alright. Mikoto just needed to keep his distance from that foul scent of smoke.
  5. Update Type | Mission RewardUpdate Name | Ryo Update Training | The link to any training threads, if applicable.Update Cost/Pay | Mission Reward is 200 (D), but can I get 400 ;^; I wrote more than was needed. If not then its cool. Update Link | Completed Mission Link
  6. My hair, his name is Bob.
  7. Food Delivery Service [Mission] Found exiting the Mizukage's grand ten-story tower's entrance was a small raven-haired boy who looked like he was definitely up to no type of good.. or was it just the serious look plastered on his face that seemed to stick on forever? Many mistook Mikoto's usual facial expression as a bad one but it was just some sort of curse-- well more like a gene that was passed down by his father: an Uchiha. In the hands of this Genin was a small scroll with a thin piece of baby-blue silk wrapped around it's circumference. It held all of the mission details such as the location of the food vendor he was supposed to visit to get started on his which Mikoto was headed towards right now! It seemed like an easy task compared to the other missions that were available, I mean really? All he had to do was deliver food and get his money right after. Even a little baby could get that done. His eyes scanned left and right while running through the bustling streets of Mizumura in order to prevent bumping into the citizens going about their day. At last he spotted some of them halted near a man with a tall rectangular hat on his bald head. Mikoto immediately dug his heels into the pavement and squinted.. was that him? Curious if it was or was not, Mikoto decided to reach behind him and open the scroll just to see if this location was indeed correct. The Genin stood there, unraveling the scroll and reading through it's content while villagers continued to walk by him with a occasional bump to the shoulder. This would've normally ticked the Uchiha off but he was too focused on this mission. "Yeah.. this should be it." He spoke to himself with a mutter before rolling up the scroll and tying it up with that strand of silk.. his eyes wandered back at the man crowded by customers, he looked really busy.. no wonder he had requested someone to deliver his food. Mikoto sighed and dug his hands into his pockets, walking over to the man but instead of standing infront of the stand, he approached him from behind. It was more reasonable since he was a "worker" and they weren't. Even when Mikoto appeared, the vendor didn't even notice! He was too darn busy with his sales to greet the boy.. tch- whatever, the food had to be somewhere. Those keen charcoal eyes of his traveled down at his cart only to see several plastic containers with droplets of water stuck to the lid as well as a fog.. they were still hot and had notes attached to them. Mikoto's eyes transversed back to the vendor, then back to the food.. back at the vendor.. then the food. "I'll be taking these to deliver, alright, got it? Good." Mikoto spoke to the man knowing damn well he wouldn't pay attention and proceeded to crouch down and grab a plastic bag to fit all of the containers inside of it, therefore making it easier to carry. There was only a bit of time left before the food would get warm or cold; a temperature the customers wouldn't really prefer. With that being acknowledged, Mikoto was gone with the wind as soon as he got everything he needed! "Okay! First delivery-- wait a minute, all of these are requested in the slums!? Now I really understand why this old man needed some help.." Mikoto exclaimed upon the realization that all of the requests were made for people who lived in the Worker's District, also known as the Slums. The one and only worse place to live in Mizumura.. Crime was literally everywhere. Despite being fearful of having to go there, especially due to the fact that he was a KID, Mikoto still did it to prove that he was worthy enough to become a great Shinobi. He took a left turn down an alleyway and was approached by a less cleaner scenery.. First thing the boy found was a unconcious body laying right in the middle of the darn alleyway.. It's like it symbolized the gates to the Slums and the actual village. The sight was shook off and Mikoto leaped over him and placed his soles onto the wall to his left. By using the Surface Walking Technique, he coated his soles with chakra that acted like an adhesive and allowed him to wall up walls, trees and all of that good stuff. He ran up the wall and onto the roof of a building where Mikoto would sit and take a look at the list of locations in the scroll he was given. The mission was looking a bit more tougher now since Mikoto was really fond with addresses. He had no time to waste and with a minute of non-stop reading, Mikoto hoped that all of it would pay off. The raven-haired boy hopped off the roof to get onto the streets of the Slums and to his luck, the boy didn't get jumped right then and there. It was that serious. "I really wish I could use some actual clones.." He whined as he ran forward, heading towards his first customer who happened to be outside waiting with his hands out.. Mikoto looked back at the food and then at him-- wait.. the notes ontop of the lids had numbers and info them. That could've helped instead of some addresses.. he matched the man and his surroundings with the note and once infront of him, Mikoto handed him the steamy container with a smile and bowed. This image repeated itself twenty times everytime he approached a customer except the background just kept on getting dimmer and dimmer as time passed. Finally, Mikoto would be seen bowing with the vendor's respect portrayed in a bow in return.. The sun was setting in the distance and people were scattered in what used to be the very busy streets of Mizumura. After bowing, Mikoto wiped the beads of sweat off of his hairline and with a smile he replied to the Vendor's "Thank you." "Anytime, old man. If you need some help I'll be here tomorrow!" His very own words suprised himself.. he couldn't deny it though. The many bright smiles on the customer's faces brought joy and importance to the young Uchiha. It made him feel wanted.. The vendor nodded with his eyes shut as always and Mikoto was given his pay in a small brown bag made of cloth tied at the ends.. but then was also given some food on the vendor's behalf.. he had cooked it right before Mikoto arrived. The boy was left in awe when his eyes fixated on the container, but then a small chuckle escaped his mouth. 'I guess this mission wasn't so bad after all"
  8. Update Type | EquipmentUpdate Name | Kunai Update Training | N/AUpdate Cost/Pay | 100 [10 Kunai]Update Link | Kunai - Throwing Dagger
  9. Name | Uchiha, Mikoto Nickname | "Murderous Mikoto" Title Name | Mikoto of the Water Village Gender | Male Age | 13 Home Link | Village | Water Village Clan | Uchiha Clan Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Fire Release Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu [Beginner] Secondary: Bloodline | Sharingan [1-Tomoe] Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | None other than his Father. Friends & Family | No friends yet, and his family consists of fellow Uchihas as well as his Father and Mother Recent History | Killed Genin from his own village, but it has been dealt with by his father who got rid of any evidence, including the boy who was watching.. This act was wrong, but was the only way.
  10. Name | Uchiha, Mikoto Nickname | Miko [Short for Mikoto ofc.] Title Name | Gender | Male Age | 12 Birth Date | July 8th Hair Color | Charcoal Eye Color | Pitch-black Height | 5'2" Weight | 110 lbs Appearance | Starting from head to toe! His raven hair perfectly displays the result of his Uchiha lineage along with his peculiar light skin tone. His eyebrows without any type of expression plastered onto his face are somewhat furrowed, giving him a angry look when in reality he could just be pondering about various happy things. He has been raised to always remain friendly, but judging from his usual facial expressions, one might find him to look overly serious. His forehead protector lays perfectly between the shoots of spiky hair heading downwards and always carries a beige vest that holds two pockets on the straps at shoulder-position and one more pouch right above his butt. A strap can be found above the butt pouch for Katanas to be sheathed with it's holster. Underneath lays his long-sleeved black jacket with the very breathable collar. The jacket is quite baggy due to the fact that it is one size larger than himself. And lastly, Mikoto always wears his beige cargo shorts on his lower body along with his basic black ninja boots that are open at the toe and heel areas to keep dem' feet fresh. He never really wears anything other than his usual attire, even when the seasons change. Village | Water Village Clan | Uchiha Clan Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Fire Release Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | Sharingan [ 写輪眼 ] Favorable | Fighting • Weapons • Ninjūtsu • Sweet Foods • Winter • Solitude • Girls • Shurikenjūtsu • Novels • Animals • Tomatoes • Dried Berries • Onigiri • Music Unfavorable | Sours • Miso Ramen • Tea • Silence • Heat & Humidity • His Father Personality | Reserved • Discreet • Disciplined • Incorruptible • Hesitant • Focused • Protective • Studious • Repentant Philosophy & Beliefs | "I'll do whatever it takes in this world full of hatred to bring back the times where we could have fun." - Towards his youngest brother History & Background | Thunder rumbled across the lands while lightning crackled through the dark clouds. Rain striking against the windows of the Uchiha residence as the wind screamed and whistled through the estate. Several handmaidens and servants rushed to gather materials needed for a birth. During the night, Uchiha Mikoto was born. "I hereby bestow upon my son the name of Uchiha Mikoto. May he carry the family name with honor," Uchiha Hideshi said, taking his newborn into his arms. The child was taken care of like royalty until the age of seven when he was old enough to be enrolled into the shinobi academy stationed in the Water Village. Almost immediately from the start of the child's education, the instructors noticed a rare and interesting latent talent perhaps credited to the boy's heritage. Mikoto showed excellent talent in ninjutsu and taijutsu, and slightly above average skills in genjutsu. Early on in the education process, Mikoto ostracized himself from the rest of the class with his superior attitude and smug demeanor as he thought the others were dead weight dragging him down. One year and two months later, Mikoto graduated the Water Village's shinobi academy at the top of his class. Unfortunately, the celebration would be short-lived. Two boys who scored relatively low in Mikoto's class plotted to ambush the young Uchiha and assault him for his smug successes. The two boys waited until dusk when Mikoto was walking home from his class's graduation celebration. The bigger and stronger of the two boy's jumped out at Mikoto and grabbed him in a hold and pulled him into a side alley where it was darker and more private. There the other boy, who was strong but a little smaller than the other boy, proceeded to pummel Mikoto with his fists, elbows, knees, and feet. Fifteen minutes pass and the boys release Mikoto who falls to his hands and knees gasping for air. Although strong, the young Uchiha is still affected by the repeated beating. "It's time we show everybody that the almight Uchiha aren't as great as they think they are." One of the boys said as he pulled a kunai from a pocket. The other boy merely nodded and formed some hand seals for what appeared to be a Katon jutsu. The boy with the kunai rushed Mikoto and tried to stab him in the abdomen, but it was at this moment when Mikoto's life was in danger that his eyes blazed with a burning crimson. This was the first awakening of the Sharingan. With this Mikoto was able to unnerve the boy with the kunai enough for Mikoto to retaliate with a well placed knee to the abdomen. That boy doubled over and Mikoto knocked him into the ground with a double-handed elbow to the spine. "Goukak--." the other boy began to say, but is cut short by Mikoto using the shunshin no jutsu to confront him directly with a hard roundhouse to the side of the skull. Due to the inertia of the shunshin no jutsu, the kick had additional power that Mikoto wasn't completely aware of and resulted in crushing a portion of the boy's skull, consequently causing him to die upon hitting the ground. This was Mikoto's first confirmed kill.
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  13. cx, I remember telling that to people who I used to approve. Alright, editing it now. All done, my dude.
  14. The fire release part is just apart of the joke, this technique has nothing to do with the fire element. I can take that out if you would like but it's just something that is said. Since the enemy wont know that the tag was placed on them and all of a sudden flames burst out of nothingness, it would make sense to them that it was a fire technique when it really wasnt. And the effect, meh'. I wasnt sure if I should put one but I did. I took this from the latest Naruto game where the tag hits you and the flames stay on your character for a small amount of time. Well ofcourse this isnt a video game but if the flames were to catch on fire on someone's clothing, etc. It would last for two rounds I guess. I didnt want to put "forever until the user puts the fire out." However, If the flames dont hit the target. Then.. I guess it wouldnt really burn anything unless they were around any flammable objects since the point of this is to stick the tag onto them that way it doesnt miss but if they somehow avoid it then yeah, it depends. And yes, they burn like a E-Ranked Jutsu
  15. Jutsu Name | "Fire Release": Boi' Jutsu Type | Offensive; Ninjutsu Ranking | E-Ranked Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Energy Cost | 5 CP / Use Handsigns | After tagging the the opponent with an explosive tag, the user uses a handseal variant to the original Exploding Tag: Activate technique. This handseal is described as a hand flicking in the opponents direction in a ninety degree angle. Range | Since it is just using an explosive tag, it merely follows those guidelines in distance restrictions. So if your opponent is a mile away or so, dont expect this to work. Duration | Two Posts Description | Explained up in the handseal section. This technique was created due to childish experiences and roasting sessions! Although this technique is classified a Fire Release Jutsu, it really isnt. It is just named that due to the sudden upbringing of flames once the explosive tag is detonated. So no, it does not require the use of the Fire element. Other Effects | These flames leave minor burns [E-Ranked Flames] but are pretty distracting. If the flames somehow miss, the fire will catch onto anything that is flammable in the burst radius. After exploding, the flames stay on the victim for another two posts unless patted down, drenched, etc. Requirements | You must have learned to activate an exploding tag normally without the use of this technique. Status | Closed | Personal Jutsu