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  1. After Shimo's introduction to the blonde mistress stood before him, another deeper toned greeting could be heard from behind him. It was that of a young man, however older than Shimo himself he seemed to act a bit more brash obviously setting his sights on Tenri. With a brief shake of the hand he had been introduced to his team. ''I assume with introduction out of the way we can continue on with our mission? I'd also suspect you are both briefed upon the mission details? Unless you have any objects-'' Feeling this may be his only opportunity to chime in any sort of opinion. "Well actually-" But without hesitation, his utterance was cut short. "-I'll be taking point on this mission.'' Without further attempt, Shimo felt it best that he not try to oppose her self appointed authority. ''With surveillance the priority here I have come prepared with Wireless Radio earpieces. Once we arrive at the destination marked in the mission file you should have received we will split into three separate points around the building and infiltrate in order to assess the situation'' "I guess she really is more experienced at this than me..." And without further complaint he set off behind her lead.
  2. "Um, yeah. Uh, sorry, yes. I'm Taka. I guess expected someone else to partner with me. And I thought this mission was... urgent." The rather timid girl that was stood before Shimo looked apprehensive about whether or not his greeting was genuine, or just unintentionally oblivious to the situation at hand. The mission they had been set was relatively time sensitive yet he had not really considered this aspect of the mission. "There you go again overlooking details..." Muttering under his breath while exhaling rather loudly. "You haven't done a mission before? What's your name?" "Oh um, Shimo Chiyome..." Taking a pause he grew tense for a second trying to think of a plan to make himself seem less idiotic. "Well... you see... um... we- we have no clues to go by on the identity of these ninja other than that they have gone rogue and they both seem to be well equipped innn" Pausing to take a quick look back at his mission briefing. "Earth Style! Yes, Earth. Furthermore they came into the village without alerting a single shinobi and were able to go into hiding unscathed. Security is going to be at its peak currently so for them to try and leave now would be suicide. I- um... was thinking maybe we had some time to spare, I've never gotten to know a partner outside of the mission. I thought perhaps it could play to our advantage" Shimo tried to catch his breathe while feeling rather pleased with himself. "I'm always open to peoples opinions though" Forcing an awkward smile he hoped that she didn't completely see through his excuse for a mission plan.
  3. The deep night began to tinge with a slight essence of gold as the sempiternal stars began to peak through the velvet veil of the earths atmosphere. Shimo had now been sitting upright for a while, he wasn't exactly too sure of the time but he was pretty sure he had been sat here longer then anticipated. Maybe she had gotten lost, perhaps he had given across the wrong signals. "Oh god what have I done. Could I have failed this mission before it has even begun." Although he had quite keen planning and rationalisation, Shimo was good at working himself into a paranoid state. At this point he had arisen from his rooted position and began to pace up and down through the rather lush grass which lost its form further and further with each step taken. "What do I do, what do I do. If I leave and she turns up i'm a douche, If I stay and she doesn't then i'm an-" Stopped dead in his tracks Shimo saw a petite figure staring at him from a few meters away. She was exactly as he remembered her photograph on his mission documentation. Trying to compose himself he took a few steps forward and outstretched his had. "Takara Mizutani I presume?" Being able to see her at a closer quarters she was a wonder to look at, strands of pine green hair flow down her face although a fair amount of it remain tied backwards. Her eyes were a deep coral blue that worked in contrast with her hair, yet it allowed them to stand out more. Her skin although a pale tone was enhance rather pleasantly by the moonlight yet her attire in comparison remained crude, not in the fact that it looked horrible but rather that she had obviously come overly prepared with her shinobi equipment on hand. Or perhaps it was Shimo himself who was underprepared. "So... I wasn't sure whether we would start our mission tonight or get to know each other. It's obvious which one you thought we would be doing" A slight laugh of discomfort escaped his mouth. "I'm sorry this is just a new experience for me"
  4. His hand remained affixed in mid air, as she appeared to completely ignore his greeting. She droned on, as if completely disinterested in their conversation. "Yeah, I'm Taidana Zuko, just call me Taida though, it's too much effort to listen to my full name." A single bead of sweat slowly began to compose itself upon his forehead, as his face slumped into one of less excitement and more annoyance. Yet her personality already displayed that she probably wouldn't notice his shift in demeanour. Slowly lowering his hand back to his waist-side Shimo decided to cast aside his petty gripe and turn his attention back towards her voice. "Okay, here's the plan: I stay here, and yo-" She hesitated, as if she had just been interrupted mid sentence and for an extended period there remained an awkward silence throughout the air and Shimo was not yet sure whether this was his moment to break it. "Sorry about that, my throat hurts. Where were we?" "Um, we were-" "Oh yeah, so we're going to have to travel to the Frost Forests near the borders of the Water Village, and we're going to go scout for a crime boss or something. Sound good?" "Well, that sounds great. However this will be my first time in unrestricted combat... I hope that you will bare with me Taida!" Shimo reached out his hand again attempting to go for a second chance of getting a handshake. "I assume you are ready to get going, so without further ado operation Open Sesame is ago." Giving a moderate smile and proceeding to walk onwards. He figured that she didn't seem to be in the mood in leading him onwards so he figured he would save her the trouble. Word Count | 290 B-Rank | 1008/1000
  5. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Water Style: Sinking Tides Update Training | N/a Update Cost | 200 Ryo Update Links | here
  6. edits made ^^
  7. Inhaling a puff of his novelty pipe, Shimo furrowed his brows. "RUE, what are you doing over there boy!"
  8. The young man stepped out onto the old wood panelled balcony, it overhung the town square and was in direct sight of the now amber, sun-kissed horizon. It was a fine morning, one absent of shrieking women and the gales had since yesterday calmed down quite dramatically. Shimo inhaled deeply, as if to build up the air in his chest and expunge it in one fell swoop, though this was not the case. Instead he held the air in his lungs took three rather gallant steps to the railing and raised one leg up onto the railing, all while placing both his hands on either side of his hip. The winds picked up very conveniently in an upwards current blowing his hair majestically, yet his tighty whities remained secure and fastened. Looking down, there appeared to be a corral of bickering people. "Oh, not again..." Shimo pulled himself from the balcony and proceeded downstairs, irked at the thought of his day turning out to be another failure. Stepping out of the front lobby Shimo looked slightly different from a few moments ago. On his head, a shroud of red flowing locks had been replaced by an antique detective hat and in his mouth was a hand-fashioned pipe accompanied by a monocle. "Hey everyone! Look what I found in the gift shop." He continued to stride towards the now rigid corpse. "I didn't have enough ryo for the jacket though, and my clothes were stolen from the bathing area yesterday so i'm just going to remain in my underwear, but lets not pretend you guys aren't enjoying the view." Shimo had finished his stride and now hovered over the body which was now evidently male. Adjusting his monocle, he pretended to have a closer look even though in all honesty, he had no clue what he was looking for. "So who did it, which one of you was it?' he said scrunching his face up as he stared down each individual. "Was it you girl? Missus Akane was it. Hmmm you hated him didnt you, a childhood lover who never reciprocated your feelings. You would've loved to get payback wouldn't you, mmm yerrssssss. Or could it have been you?!" He had now directed his index finger towards a quite dreary looking fellow "Mr Kanto was it, or Kenji? Benjamin? I'm just going to call you Patchy. Well was it? You were jealous weren't you! Jealous that This young Draco boy was getting all the... how do I phrase this... all the bitches and hoes...?" "Well I tell you one thing we're not going anywhere until we come to a conclusion on this matter, fetch me a stool young cat-like tiddlywink. We may be here for a while yet."
  9. A single spotlight presented itself among a delicate congregation of deep violet which draped the landscape, catching it in a clear picturesque enclosure. This night was one that didn't need the keen eye of an artist to point out its beauty, even the most staunch of visionaries could not capture nor put brush to canvas as it would be an insult to natures generosity. Nevertheless, time waited for no one and a rather boisterous village lay oblivious to its surroundings. As always the Markets remained lit up like a swarm of fireflies and colonies of marching ants paved the streets accompanied by the clang of flagons and tankards alike. Fumes of various fragrances and transparencies crept their way into other districts enticing innocent bystanders and Shinobi who had finished their duties late and had planned on finding the softest object they could collapse onto. The hustle and bustle of the night was one of Mizumura's pride and joy attractions to tourists, yet Shimo had never found himself enjoying the night as it was intended. Instead he could be found lazing around in the communal park, it was the closest he could find himself surrounded by nature without the dangers of leaving the village. It was not that he was shy, or opposed to the call of a party but he didn't exactly care to be seen as the lone drifter drinking away his problems, plus it was not everyday he would get a view like the one of tonight. Laying there atop of the blades of grass which had been caught in a slow dance with the gentle winds, the reality of a social encounter had only now come to fruition in mind. 'Oh god, what was I thinking, I've never actually met with someone outside of village business! I'm not prepared, what if I say something stupid? What if she doesn't want to work with me on this mission? What if she hates me by the end of the night and decides to leave without me in the morning? Oh this is bad very bad...' 'Hehe, calm down you're over reacting. You've never been bad at communication, how bad could socialising be...' 'Aggghh, but think of all the stupid mistakes you've made over the past couple of weeks. This is another one waiting to happen.' 'I'm the heir of the Chiyome, raised by women. Surely I can't be this clueless...' The internal struggle carried on back and forth through his mind as he raised his head to look at his apparel. It remained rather casual to his eye, Shimo never had a crude sense of fashion, he just frankly did not take too much notice of what he wore and yet somehow he always came out of his bedroom looking semi-decent. His dark grey top appeared frayed throughout random patches of the stitching and a rather out of place zipper traversed down from his shoulder to the right bottom side of his torso. Instead of tight trousers leading down to his feet he had in place 3/4 length elasticated pants which had what seemed to be traces of thin wire intertwined throughout them, not made to be layered into clothing while his footwear remained rather formal sticking to the wooden platformed sandals he was accustomed to. 'I guess all I can do is wait now.' Mission Topic #1 | Mission Topic #2 |
  10. It had felt like an eternity treading the dreary alleys of the Slum district. They were dull, unwecoming, so crowded yet so scarce of life. A complex of perpetual twists, turns, shoddy shacks, and beckoning beggars that not even the sun would care to bless with its presence. Trickles of heat stricken, murky water fell from plumbing above caressing the lifeless ashes which formed the roads. To the sight of a mere passerby these were nothing to spare a second look at, however to the locals this was a common source of life. Mere scraps could break out between children and the elderly if it meant surviving even just another few hours to find some self worth in this attempt at a living. Shimo passed a block of apartments distinctively larger than a few in the surrounding area. It was a familiar sight, and not to what you would expect an inhabited area to look like. The building itself had caved in due to structural damage caused in a rally which had taken place a couple weeks ago, yet all that lay in the shadow of the previous homes were layer upon layer of untampered rubble. 'If this had been in one of the more kept districts repairs would've already been in progress.' The priorities of the village were often something Shimo had dwelled on. To be fair it wasn't just the village, It was nature itself. Natural selection taking its course, one of natures crueler sides. This is what others had wished him to believe, however there was nothing natural about the distinction between rich and poor. "I get distracted way too easily..." Clearing the lump that had now embedded itself in his throat, he regained awareness of his sandals clapping the lonely road and approached an aura was what could only be explained as phantasmagoric. Stopping in his tracks he stood above the woman who had caught his attention and caught a glimpse of her crimson basked eyes. A twitch of his mouth showed some attempt at him trying to crack a smile while he still remained in the depths of thought from a few moments ago. "You must be Tenri, its a pleasure." Word Count | 366
  11. Ayy thats actually an amazing pull, currently i've done 1 for Gogeta and 2 for Omega Shenron. Planning on doing my 3rd and free pull for Shenron today. Currently pulled 2x STR SSJ4 Goku A dupe PHY LSSJ Broly A dupe STR SSJB Vegeta AGL SSJR Goku Black plus a dupe Buuhan from tickets aswell. hoping my luck continues today. But i really want to do Gogeta pulls even though I know how terrible his rates can be
  12. Standing in his store branded cloth, seeing the multitude of accusations thrown towards Akane, Shimo paused for a second before shouting; "OBJECTION!!!" His mama had taught him never to side with a clown and a talking trash can. "It is obviously the butler, or in this case clown... REI!"
  13. yea his leader skill involves the new game mechanics that will be coming to global soon, already on jp.
  14. AYYYY energy recieved
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