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  1. That seemed to be it. Huh, shorter than she had anticipated, but at least the Kage was right to the point. Hanako moved from her little spot in the corner once the manila folder had come flying in her direction. She caught it with ease of course; wouldn't be much of a top rate Jounin if you couldn't even catch a folder. She had become kind of bored with the place anyways and had decided to take her leave too, seeing as how she was no longer needed. She followed behind the drunk blonde, who, from the way the Kage was talking about him, has a lot in common with her. Perhaps they could get to know each other sometime in the near future. Well, they had to anyways, if they were supposed to be working with each other it would be in the best interest to not hate the other's guts. Anyways, after leaving the room she let out a soft chuckle before leaving the building in it's entirety. At least she wasn't stuck picking up flyers. [exit]
  2. So that's why she was called here. Upon hearing that she was needed for a mission, she stopped hating this particular meeting. There was actually a point behind getting together this odd rag tag of a group, and the task seemed mildly important. Personally, she hasn't heard much from the earth kingdom due to the fact that they were beaten pretty badly during the war some time ago. Since then they've seemingly been laying low until now --Hanako honestly had no idea what were the specifics, see, she was listening but not really paying attention.... Anyways, Hanako had finally decided to step into the room and join her peers. The room felt a bit too small for her already and it was going to feel even smaller if she chose to sat in a chair, and so she didn't. Instead she had decided to lean against the wall next to the door, closing it behind her because, this was technically confidential, or at least she thought so. She watched and listened to the conversation from afar, focusing more on what he was saying than anything else. Basically, what she has learned so far was that she and the man who seemingly reeked of alcohol both had a proficiency in Summons and that they were expected to patrol the Earth Kingdom. Hanako would then sigh audibly, waiting for more instruction on why she was here and what they needed to do.
  3. A meeting to the Tower wasn't something that Hanako was planning for the day. She received the message earlier this morning, the bird flying into her window waking her up. As one could imagine, Hanako wasn't in the best of mood that morning and having a less than average bird fly into your window at 9 in the morning wasn't the best way to wake up. She would soon come to find herself even more angry and annoyed that she was called down to the Kage Tower. Its not that she has anything against the Kage-- nor Kages, she thinks all of them are fine-- but Hana wasn't a very big fan of meetings in general. She treated meetings like get-togethers as if they were lectures, as meetings happened to be more talking at you than talking with you. But nonetheless Hanako had shown up "fashionably" late. It was her trademark, even for events she wanted to go to, so he showing up late wasn't so surprising. She walked through the front door and was greeted by the receptionist at the front. Hanako had always liked that receptionist, she was really pretty and pretty is what Hanako liked so naturally talking to her was always a joy. But this time she was in rush so there were no words thrown in between the two, only glances and a slight nod from the receptionist. With that she had made her way up the stairs that had seemly gone on forever, her long silver hair sticking to her back as she wore her more formal attire; a standard black vest accompanied by black tights and black boots. The clothes were quite dark and attention-grabbing, but Hanako didn't really care; if she were being honest, they were the first things she saw when she woke up that morning. By the time she reached the landing of her destination, there was nobody there so she just knocked on the door. The first knock was a little too light, barely she could hear it, so the second one was louder, the sound echoing through the halls.
  4. Name | Hanako Mazoku Nickname | Hana Title Name | Oni Slayer, Sky Maiden Gender | Female Age | 25 Home Link | N/A Village | Lightning Clan | Mazoku Clan Village Ranking: | JouninShinobi Ranking | A-RankElement(s) | Water, WoodSpecialties | Primary: Summoning (Adept) Sceondary: Ninjutsu (Novice)Bloodline | Children of the Forest Chakra | 300 Stamina | 300 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | Blank - Blank Relation Recent History | N/A
  5. Update Type | EquipmentUpdate Name | Blood BombsUpdate Training | The link to any training threads, if applicable.Update Cost/Pay | 800Update Link | Blood Bombs x8 Also, wanted to claim my 5000 Ryo cause A Rank.
  6. Name | Blood Bomb Type | Equipment - Sub-Type | Supplementary Ranking | E Material(s) | Very fragile plastic Dimensions | 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch Nature | N/A Appearance | The bomb appears to be a small black ball, small enough to fit about 5 of them in your hand at once. Upon feeling them, one could instantly know that they are very fragile and that the tiniest amount of pressure could break them. It is also very flimsy, molding around an object if it were to squeeze it. Abilities | N/A Description | Inside of the ball is a small amount of the owner's blood. This blood is mainly used for summons as so the user doesn't have to go through the trouble of drawing blood. 4 of the bombs take 1 pint of blood. Availability | Public Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 100 Ryo
  7. Name | Hachiman Nickname | Hachi Rank | B Species | Oni Contract | Connection to Tero Appearance | Hachiman appears to be a regular human, regular beyond the fact that he has dark blue skin. His height normally is 8'11", towering over any normal man though is somewhat average compared to some of the other male oni located in Mount Tero. Like the others, Hachiman has horns, though his horns are in a more odd place than others. His horns replace his canines, with the teeth being much sharper and longer than oni standards. His attire consists of pants made of cloth tied by a brown rope, he wears nothing else. Personality | Background | Special Abilities | Elements | Katon - Fire Release Known Jutsu | Quick Step Chakra Enhanced Strength Backbreaker Weapon(s) | Hachiman isn't a big believer in weapons unlike his Oni brethren, so Hachiman does not own any. Unless you count his fist, which are destructive enough by themselves. Specialty | Taijutsu
  8. Name | Connection to Tero Species | Oni Appearance | Common Characteristics | The oni vary in appearance but all of them resemble a human in some way, bipedal and having very human like features, though the thing that makes them different is that they have different shades of colors for their skin and large horns sticking out of them somehwere. Natural Abilities | The summons of this contract have incredible strength and speed, having the power to destroy mountains at their biggest size and with the max amount of chakra. They also have a somewhat resistance to Fire, allowing them to take more damage from fire based abilities before being tired out. Availability | 3 Requirements | Be part of or allied with the Mazoku clan
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  10. Name | Hanako Mazoku Nickname | Hana, Naku Title Name | The Oni Slayer, Sky Maiden Gender | Female Age | Twenty-Five (25) Birth Date | December 19th Hair Color | White Eye Color | Red Height | 5'4" Weight | 146 lbs Appearance | Hanako has a sexy yet elegant appearance. One of her most noticeable features is her skin, tattoos, hair, and peculiar eye color. Her eyes have a somewhat mature look to them, passively in a slight glare even when she doesn't try. Her skin is a light brown, the most comparable color being caramel but yet a few shades lighter. Even though she has tan skin, Hanako is surprisingly pale. Though she is short, Hanako has a very skinny torso along with slender limbs. Her hair is often long and straight, going down to and sometimes past her waist. Hanako seems to wear very revealing and free clothes, her optimal color scheme being white and black. Village | Lightning Clan | Mazoku Clan Village Ranking: | Jounin Shinobi Ranking | A-Rank Element(s) | Water, Wood Specialties | Summoning (Adept), Ninjutsu (Novice) Bloodline | Children of the Forest Favorable | Children, Caligraphy, Art, Women Unfavorable | Loud Noises, Unessecary Violence, Dressing Formally Personality | Hanako is, overall, a nice and calm person. One of her most memorable traits is her kindness and her patience, as she never seems to get frustrated or annoyed at anyone or anything. She's very forgiving, being able to forget any wronging you've done against her unless it's major, such as murdering a loved one. Hanako also has a motherly side to her, taking care of children in need and shielding them under her wing as if they were her own. She also happens to be a great teacher, her pupils learning rather quickly. When it comes to combat, her personality shifts slightly. She's no longer as nice as she was before, becoming more of a destructive and known force on the battlefield. Not only that, she likes to fight with a balance of ranged attacks and close range barrages. Philosophy & Beliefs | “Humans are fragile creatures…”: Humanity needs a savior, needs someone to guide. They are like sheep, lost in the vast valley known as life. To Hanako, she is that “Shepard” that humanity needs to guide them. With her grace and power, she will lead them to the perfect world. History & Background | Hanako was born and raised in the Lightning Village. At the time of her birth, there was a different family that was in charge of the clan and they didn't like Hana's family in particular. So when Hana was a baby, they had exiled her to the outland. And nobody could complain because those in power had the power to do what they wanted when they wanted and how they wanted. As far as anyone was concerned, Hana never existed; no records, no parents, and she was actually documented as a miscarriage. So from her infant years on, Hana was homeless, but was still part of the Mazoku clan and still had their powers. Though abandoned, she was not forgotten. Her parents had dropped her off in the words nearby the village, and a wandering ninja hand ended upon her and picked her up. He tried looking around to find the parents of baby Hanako but there was nobody around, so he took her under his wing. The ninja ended up settling down in the Lightning village and opening up a shop, allowing for Hanako to go around and make friends with the other kids. When she came of age, Hanako was admitted into the ninja academy and there she was able to hone her skills as a Mazoku and utilize the Wood Release. Even though Hanako had this special power, she didn't want to use it as much, due to the fact that it reminded her of a place she once was. Thus, she started to specialize in Summonings and used the special contracts unique to her clan. After graduating from the Academy, Hanako was approached by the current leader of the Mazoku clan. He was old, but he was still angry. He wanted the child dead, but here she was, very alive. He challenged her to a fight to the death, winner is able to live and become the new leader of the clan. Long story short, he lost. He was too old and rusty while she had youth on her side and fresh knowledge. In reality, the old man had done this on purpose. He knew that he was getting weaker and weaker by the day, and he didn't like the thought of any of the current clanmates to take the head position, so he "gave" it to Hanako. Since then, Hanako has refined her skills to become the best leader she can be.
  11. Bloodline Name | Children of the Forest Possessors | The Mazoku Clan are the owners of the bloodline, though not all members are born with the ability to utilize it. Only about 25% of the clan seem to be able to have the gift. Appearance | Most of those lucky enough to use the release have white hair and red eyes. Those without the release have no physical difference, but all members have tan to dark skin. Abilities | 1. [Base] Wood Release: The lucky 25% of Mazoku clan are able to utilize this special release. Combining both the Earth Release and the Water Release, the gifted Children are able to wield life to an extent. Though it uses both Earth and Water, Wood Release has more of a solid and structural appearance and usage like it's Earth parent. Due to that, one requires a heavier mastery of Earth than Water and a relatively large chakra pool because the wood is naturally durable. 2. [Passive] Night Stalkers: Since the only light that is available in the wild is the sun, the Mazoku have been able to adjust their eyes to see better in the nighttime. Though not physically measurable, one can compare the eyes of a Mazoku to that of a cat. This does not count as a doujutsu as their eyes do not change appearance, only effectiveness. Weaknesses | l 1. Fire: The forest's natural enemy. Due to this, one who has Wood Release is not able to learn Fire Release at all. If Fire were to come in contact with jutsus of Wood Release, the wood would obviously burn and stop growing. If Blaze Release was to come in contact, then the tree not only burns, but it also dies along with it no longer being able to grow. On top of that, they seem to take more damage from fire orientated attacks, jutsu or no. They take a whole rank more of damage than normal, D Rank doing C Rank damage, etc. 2. Strain: As they are able to see in both the night and the day, their eyes happen to be more sensitive to bright lights. Shining a bright light directly into their eyes causes temporary blindness that can last for up to a day depending one the size and brightness of light. Chakra Cost | Varies By Jutsu
  12. Uh, yes! I am interested in keeping it! It is linked to the the clan located here. This is currently private, though the clan is semi-open and there is no current assigned village at the moment unless theres a relation to the clan, which would then be Lightning.
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  14. Yes. Basically, the darkness doesn't affect them as much, but their eyes are the same as if they were in the day.
  15. Clan Name | Mazoku Clan Home Village | Previously Lightning, the Mazoku Clan is now seen as a more nomadic group, moving along with the leader until they find a place suited to call home. History & Culture | Approximately 100 years ago, the Mazoku Clan was just a small group of people that called the forests and jungles as their home. They were completely isolated from the civilizations that are well known today. The location at the time could be dated back to nearby the Lightning Village, but to them, it was their territory. In this time, the people were one with nature. When they would hunt, they would use all parts of the animal, treating all life in their domain sacred. 50 years ago, they made the first contact with the outside world, more specifically their neighbors, the Lightning Village. In turn for giving the Lightning Village giving them weapons and knowledge, the Mazoku would have to live and work for the Lightning Village. They happily agreed, learning both the language and culture of their new allies. Since then, the Mazoku clan has had a handful of leaders, due to the way they pick their leaders. Those of the Mazoku Clan tend to have very nice personalities as their original culture was a very peaceful group. In altercations, they are never the aggressor, most of the times being the defendants as they were once pacifists. Today, they still carry on various rituals that they had once done, such as marking the children at the age of 17, to show their allegiance and admiration to nature. Clan Element(s) | Those part of the Mazoku clan are taught Earth release or Water release from childhood. Not only that, due to the genetics of the clan, about 25% of the population is also found being able to utilize Wood release, though only about 5% of that pool ever actually get a good grasp on the release. Clan Specialties | The Mazoku Clan normally excel with Summoning, due to the fact that the group has a certain relationship with nature and chakra. Those of the Clan often find Summoning Contracts more often than those outside of the clan, and some of them have exclusive contracts with beasts that swore loyalty to the clan some time ago. Clan Status | Request
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  18. Fire. Screams. A giant Ape. This scene was exactly what Aya had experienced as a child. The terrifying reality that your world is not as peaceful as you hoped it to be, the perfect illusion is broken as the place you called home is being destroyed and you can't do anything but watch. Your family and everyone you loved: slaughtered. Your classmates: dead. All that was left was you and a beast that looked to be made of pure destruction. Aya then woke up from this nightmare to the same situation. The time seemed to be almost midnight, the stars shining brightly overhead as the view outside of Aya's window would show a sea of flames in the distance with an angered Monkey King prancing is inferno kingdom. It wasn't Son Goku that awakened her, but the sudden arrival of the elite, ANBU, in her room. The speed of arrival was scary, but Aya couldn't blame them; it was their jobs to fast and precise, they were the elite that Aya had hand picked to serve both her and the village. "Ma'am-" "I know. Execute the plan." This was almost every conversation she's had with the ANBU. Short and to the point, especially when they didn't have much time to waste. Demise was nearing, and the slightest mistake could cost a lot more than their lives. Upon the words leaving her mouth, Aya would drop her robe, allowing not only the elite in her room to see her, but her skin to be exposed to the moon. This was a pre-war ritual that she would often commence in, not only to set her mentality for the upcoming battle but to also raise the morale of those who witness said ritual. Aya then approached her window, staring into the void known as the starry midnight sky. "Spirits of the moon, gaze upon my naked body. Witness me in my weakest state and grant me great power when I'm in my strongest." With that, she would bring her hands together and raise them to her lips, softly kissing her knuckle. That would mark the end of the ritual, leading to Aya getting dressed. All the while, the ANBU would be silently waiting and watch in the farthest corner of her room. She had forgotten to give them orders, or at least more orders than "execute the plan." As the maiden would slip into her battle gear, she would address the ANBU is an authoritative tone. "Tell the covert ops to send a message to the nearest village, minor or major, I don't care. Nobody would be crazy enough to help us of all people, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Gather a handful of the Genin and tell them to evacuate with the civilians, we don't want innocent lives to be lost because of our carelessness." Aya would then pick up two large scrolls before hurrying outside of her room, half of the original ANBU group following while the other half went to complete their given tasks. "Separate the Chunin and Jounin into 10 groups. I don't care how many per group, though make an eleventh that compiles of only water users." Running into this battle head-first would be the worst possible approach. While they could just speak and calm down the Monkey King, that plan could fail horribly. So instead, Aya wanted to divide the shinobi and have the groups surround the beast and distract him as the water specialists would barrage him with ninjutsu until he is weakened and ultimately defeated. She made haste to the roof of her house; while the house was small as was the roof, it was still high enough to see the destruction just outside of the village. In the time it's taken her to get prepared, Son Goku had already neared the village to the point where he was only seconds away from entering the village's territory. Aya couldn't just stand idle as a threat to her and her people was advancing onto the place they all called home. She leaped from rooftop to rooftop, her ANBU being the first to follow her but soon later the whole village. At the time, they weren't that large of a village, only about 15,000 people with only a fraction of the population registered as shinobi. It was obvious to anyone on the outside that they were going to lose this battle, Son Goku beat them in size and destructive powers while all they had was their numbers. "Taikage!" One of the Jounin she had known on a personal level addressed her. She hated that title and any title in general. Rating shinobi by their strengths is the worst system possible, but Aya wasn't the one who had put it in place so she really had no say even though she was also at the top of the food chain. Anyways, Aya nodded towards the Jounin and took her eye off of Son Goku for only a second. When she turned her head back towards where the beast was, he was no longer there. He was in the sky. The beast able to topple mountains with just his roars, destroy villages with just his breath, was able to be as quick as lightning. And what goes up... Must come down. And down it came, right into the heart of the village, which was where the shinobi were currently located. The force of the landing was enough to turn what used to be the center of the village into just a mere crater. Aya and those accompanying her were blown into the sky, high enough to the point where it felt as if you can touch the clouds and kiss the stars. Whilst in the sky, time seemed to move slower. Aya turned to her right to see her friends' dead, limp bodies floating along with her. She would turn to the left and see those that were clinging on to dear life while all of them were hurling towards the ground. Perhaps this is the end; end of Aya, end of the village, end of this story. Or perhaps this was just the beginning. Aya wasn't ready to die this quick, putting up almost no fight against the beast. With this new found courage and determination, Aya started to turn herself in the air. About 20 feet away from her was the lifeless body of the Jounin in which she had acknowledged before. Slowly, she floated her way to him and pried his katana from his cold grip and began to scavenge what she could from his pockets. It was not as if he was going to need the tools anymore anyways. After roughly a minute of looking, all she could muster was 5 shurikens. By this point, the ground had started to approach them at a much faster rate than before. Luckily for Aya, there was a lake just within her field of vision, though that wasn't saying much. From Son Goku's attack Aya had earned herself some major injuries: losing all sight in her right eye along with a minor concussion, the lower half of her right leg was numb and flapping in the wind along with her descent, and she could feel mass amounts of internal bleeding somewhere in her torso. To tell the truth, she was in so much pain and filled with so much adrenaline that she didn't feel the injuries at all at the moment. While Aya was able to acknowledge that she was definitely injured, there was no pain. Anyways, Aya shifted her weight so that she would land at least somewhat close to the body of water, which she did. Actually, she happened to land in the center on her right side. The impact of her hitting the water at the speed she was going had great repercussions, as now her right arm was completely shattered and the whole right side of her ribcage. Every breath she could feel shards of her bones puncturing her organs, but she fought through the pain, allowing her to resurface and slowly float her way to the shore. But she wasn't the only survivor. Someone followed her, deliberately or accidentally, she couldn't tell. Though what she could tell was that this person was not happy. He glared directly at Aya from a few feet away. By now, both of them were on land and both were injured, though her injuries seemed to be far worse than his. From what she could see, he only had a few scrapes and a broken leg, with leaves and branches, all over him. He was somehow able to cushion his fall on the way down and had assistance from the trees. Without warning, he bolted straight at her with a kunai in hand. Anger washed over his face as Aya braced herself with the katana she had acquired earlier. He was probably one of the few her believed in her, thought that she was strong enough to protect him, but in reality, she was just as useless. He was fast, lowering himself right before he got to her and raised the kunai up to slash her. Aya stepped back in response, slightly reaching out with the katana hoping to at least do some damage. Though she didn't put enough force behind her swing, causing it to be readable enough that he was able to dodge and come back with another swing. Already weakened enough as she was, Aya couldn't fight back and took the slash to face. The cut was deep enough to scar, but it went over her right eye; her already blind eye, so she was able to catch him while he still had to recover from his last swing. Swiftly, she turned the blade and pushed it into his side. Due to the trajectory, the sword kept going and pierced his spine. The man soon collapsed at her feet, Aya being the winner of this duel. From the lakeside, Aya advanced towards her now burning village. Even from where she was, which was roughly about a mile from the closest gate, she could feel the intense heat of the fire spawned by Son Goku, hear the agonizing screams as civilians were being burned alive, and smell burning flesh. Massacred, that was the best word to describe happened to the previously known Village Hidden in Sky. This is what happens when you enter the Monkey King's domain. Anyways, Aya slowly made her way back to the one-sided battle in her former village, limping her way the whole time. She could feel her life slipping away slowly. Once she made it, it was already obvious that she was too late. From the gateway, she could only see Son Goku calmly sitting in the middle of all the destruction he caused. Pitifully, Aya brandished one of the stolen shurikens in her left arm. Hopefully, she could get the beast's attention. Or at least that was the plan because as she threw it, she collapsed. "D-dammit." That was the only word that she had enough strength to mutter before her face smacked against the surprisingly cold ground. All of her hard work destroyed in one night. The village passed onto her by her teacher, gone. In the moment before she died, Aya reflected on her life that lead up to this point. But all she could remember was fire, screams, and a giant ape.