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  1. Bastian smiled as the young woman introduced herself, not so much ignoring Katsu's inadvertent introduction of the young woman; he simply wanted to allow her to introduce herself. Her sudden expression of shock, perhaps realizing she was staring, was not missed on Bastian. Though he pretended not to notice, not much of feat behind his comedic mask. "Well met, Lady Mikoto" he said in response to Rue giving her name, "I always enjoy coming to this place. It quiet and the view is always beautiful day or night. Its a decent respite from our line of work." His tone was calm yet slightly deep, like the back end of a wolf's howl. It was then she made mention, though the statement seemed directed at Katsu, that she had just returned from Earth. "Sounds like a story worth telling," Bastian stated while going back to trying to skip rocks to the other side of the sparkling waters before him. "I'm sure it beats the hell out of the task they had me tending to in the village." As his statement finished he tossed another rock, this one skipping much farther than the others before falling short of the goal yet again. "Imperius Rex," he stated under his breathe as he picked up a few more rocks. "I hear Earth is a dangerous place, no strict authority to keep the criminals in line. Is it as bad as the rumors say," Bastian inquired while picking up the rocks. In truth, there were no such rumors. In fact, the most that he knew about Earth was that it was on the same land mass as Lightning. Suddenly an urge to leave came over him. Recalling he had a meeting to attend in regards to what he assumed was his coming promotion, Bastian tossed one last rock. Not even noticing that it had made it to the other side. "My apologies, I am reminded I have something to attend to. I hope to see you both again." He bowed his head respectfully at both and promptly made his exit. [Exit. Not even sure if both of you are still on the site.]
  2. He traversed the winding path of the Kami Forest, passing people and animals alike. The animals themselves were harmless, if not sometimes pests; at least for the young Belmont. The people present appeared to be regular civilians, enjoying a nice early afternoon. Despite the time of day, under the canopy of leaves from the trees it appeared much later. The shade offered opportunity for most nocturnal animals to be out and about. Locals often called the forest the a "a place that never sleeps" ae a result. As the young shinobi continued down the the path, wearing an all black jogging suit set and shinobi sandals, he chanced upon the lake that made the forest able to grow in the mountains. He adjusted as his mask as he looked at the dark blue, yet sparkling water. The few cracks of light seeping through the leaves above made it appear as if the stars had taken residence in the lake itself. "What a beauty you are," he thought to himself as looked upon the beauty before him. Glancing down he noticed a few smooth pebbles and promptly picked them up. With smirk on his face, he began to attempt skipping rocks over the lake trying to reach the other side. In truth he was only killing time before he met up with a few friends from the guard patrol for drinks.
  3. Theme Song Here Name | Bastian Belmont Nickname | Joker/Bast Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 18 Home Link | Click Me NOAW!!!!! Village | Lightning Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Earth ~Bloodline Element: Quake Release Specialties | Primary: Taijutsu ~ Novice Secondary: N/A Bloodline | Belmont Bloodline (Origin) Exp Gained | 343 Chakra | 100 Stamina | 200 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | Sebastian Belmont ~ Father Furie Belmont ~ Mother Fujin Belmont ~ Sister (Younger)* Raijin Belmont ~ Sister (Younger)* Kaijin Belmont ~ Brother (Younger)* *Triplets Recent History | Ryo, Exp, Mission Completed (Link Here) Updated - 6/10/17 Ryo, Exp, Mission Completed (Link Here) Updated - 6/11/17 Ryo, Exp, Mission Completed (Link Here) Updated - 6/18/17 Ryo, Exp, Mission Completed (Link Here) Updated - 6/25/17 Ryo, Exp, Mission Completed (Link Here) Updated - 7/3/17 Ryo, Exp, Mission Completed (Link Here) Updated - 8/11/17 Ryo, Exp, Mission Completed, Bloodline Purchase - (Link Here) - 8/15/17 Mission Completed Total | D-Rank Mission ~ 11 C-Rank Mission ~ 13 B-Rank Mission ~ 2
  4. Characters Involved | Bastian Belmont Link to the Missions | Link Here Brief Overview | Bastian assists the hospital who happen to be short-handed with the recent stepping down of the Head Adviser. In the process he is once again educated on the finer concept on being a decent human being.
  5. If were tossing up suggestions, I think we should you use the old method of perks for bloodline-less characters. That being you gain an extra spec if your without a bloodline. For example, a C rank who typically has one spec starting out would have 2 if they dont have a bloodline. I think its a fair trade off and it actually gives decent incentive for one to not have a bloodline. Not everyone does, but as it stands its only advantageous if you have a bloodline. Keeping 500 ryo is a joke , just being honest, hardly worth being considered a perk. This is my opinion on the matter, though.
  6. Mission Name | A Hospital In NeedMission Type | VillageRanking | D-RankRepeatable? | Daily RepeatableReward | 200 RyoMission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | Our nurses have begun complaining about their overwhelming workload and demand assistance or they shall quit. So out of desperation, we really cannot lose any nurses, we have hired you to play nurse assistant for the day. You shall be assigned to a nurse, and you must do everything that she says to the letter, we don’t need you accidentally killing a patient or two because you couldn’t be bothered to follow instruction.Word Count | 500Requirements | Must be a Lightning Shinobi. He walked into the hospital, which was surprisingly lively despite it being so early in the morning. After a bit of inquiring it was discovered that the recently crowned head adviser had already stepped down and went on to pursue other things. This put the entire medical community in a bit of a bind as the scrambled to maintain a semblance of order, "Damn, doc, what a mess you left behind," he thought as he traversed the hospital looking for his mother. Typically when he was tasked with coming here to assist, he'd report to her and assist her with whatever she was doing at the time. Fate had other plans for the young Belmont, as he was snatched up by one of the nurses who requested his help moving a patient. From there was nothing, but sheer chaos as Bastian found that he had been enveloped in the sea of confusion. For a short time he was nothing more than muscle, moving a patient here or retaining a patient there. This went on for a few hours before he was drafted into assisting in a few surgeries, given that he had some knowledge of the tools used; at least in name. By the time he was offered a break, Bastian was exhausted and feeling slightly more sympathetic to the fact his mom had to do this everyday. On top of that, she would even walk home after work. He'd made it a point to do something nice for her, to show he truly appreciated all that she had done to get both of them here. Not to say his father had nothing to do with it since all who knew his mom, knew that she was rather good at making money. Secretly the backbone to her husband's success. He was so deep in his thoughts that he had hardly noticed his mother had come over to the lobby bench he was sitting on. "You look tired, kid, this little nurse stuff to much for ya," she said jokingly as she ruffed up his afro. He didn't resist the assault, to uncaring to really put up a decent fight. "I literally had to clean up shit from some old guy's bed," he replied plainly. The two sat quietly for a moment before they both burst into laughter. "How are things, kid," Furie spoke as Bastian removed his mask, he knew she hated when he spoke to her wearing it. "I don't complain," he said with a shrug before resting the back of his head on the wall behind him. He looked at the ceiling mulling over the recent events of discovering a traitor among the patrols. Even worse it was one in a position of power, being that he was a dispatcher. This concerned the young shinobi because he highly doubted that he was the only one. In hindsight, he should have at least used the man to discover who else were apart of this Yard Gang infiltration scheme. His rash thinking had ultimately caused him to be left with nothing but foul taste in his mouth. A tug on his ear brought him once again back to reality, not realizing he was still staring at ceiling. "Hey, lets bring it back to this world," Lady Furie stated, "If something is on your mind, you can always tell me Bastian. I know you don't like to play the dependent role, but you don't have to shoulder it all on your own. Sometimes having someone just hear you out is enough to take some of the pressure off." "I'm aware, ma. If it ever gets to where I can't handle something, I'm not foolish enough to just run in when I could have help. However," he said finally actually looking at her, "I also know that unless you are pushed to overcome obstacles, you will forever be a limited individual. Therefore its also not in me to not try to do it on my own. Just like the choice of when I decide the need to pour my heart out, it'll be my own." Furie thump Bastian on the forehead almost immediately after he finished, with an unimpressed expression on her face. "Save that macho crap for someone who didn't change your diaper, you little shit," she said with a smirk before standing up. "Now come on, unlike you I don't mind getting people to help me make my job easier. Otherwise what is the point of meeting people at all." He let the words hang in the air, unanswered, while rising from the lobby bench. "Yeah, yeah. I told you I'm not a fool," he retorted while following behind her. The day wrap up rather quickly, things dying down as the day went on. After his task was complete, he escorted his mother home and immediately retired for the evening. Upon entering his room, he spotted a note with a small pouch sitting on it. He picked up note and it read "Mission Complete" and the pouch was heavy with ryo. He'd forgotten to report in that he had completed his mission, but apparently someone had done so for him. Only one individual had the habit of intruding in such a manner. At least this time that annoying messenger didn't linger to exchange witty banter. Tonight, the young Belmont wanted only to get a full nights rest. Wc: 893
  7. He had skipped no more than three stones, each bouncing a bit better than the last. In what seemed like no time this little diversion was turning into a challenge and Bastian was growing more annoyed with each failed attempt. Though his frown was most certainly one of frustration, behind the ever jovial wooden mask he wore made him look amused. He had begun to scratch his wild dark reddish brown afro, after skipping the third rock, when the voice from behind caught him completely off guard. The response was more reflex than anything else, due to his recent run in with the Yard Gang enforcer. The man had been lucky enough to get the drop on Bastian and had even locked in a deep sleeper hold. The man was unlucky that Bastian had been the target, though the damage was nothing that a good few years of physical rehabilitation couldn't fix. The moment that this unknown individual shouted his statement, Bastian tossed one of the rocks just in front of the man's feet. The force alone being to penetrate the ground itself. It wasn't until after he tossed the rock, did the young Belmont realize his mistake. "My apologies, comrade," he would immediately shout back. He scratched his head while grinning before continuing, "Still a bit wired from dealing with some fuckery. You could say I'm still at the ready," he stated jokingly picking up another few rocks. While he spoke, he sized of the individual in front of him. Being that Bastian was always working or out on missions, he'd hadn't had much time to hang around his younger peers. Given that his entire class, aside from himself and two others, were all killed on their very first team mission. He alone lived because of his name and the weight it carried, being the son of a renown wealthy martial artist. He was essentially the last of the 'Genius Generation', who were so smart yet died on the first leg of their journey. 6 years ago and it still plagued his mind whenever he was reminded of that nickname. He hated that the nickname was even given to them in the first place, they were just kids that worked hard. Another story for another day, though. Since then he had become a bit picky about the company he kept, choosing to steer away from none beneficial people. However, for some reason he felt like hanging out. "Bastian Belmont. You can call me Belmont," he stated for the man to plainly here without the need for shouting; his expression rather nonchalant. No sooner did he make his statement did a gentle voice speak out in greeting to the duo. Bastian gray eye's, hidden behind his mask, shifted toward the source and immediately was glad he wore a mask. "Call me, Bast," he said with a slight smirk, "And you who might you be, Lady Kunoichi?" There was just something about blondes, they just always captured the Belmont's attention. "This day just got more interesting," he thought to himself.
  8. Update Type | Mission CompletionUpdate Name | MissionsUpdate Training | Link to Mission Update Cost/Pay | Ryo Earned: 1,600 Current Ryo: 10,475 Bloodline Cost: -500 Total Ryo: 11,575 Earned Exp: 45 Current EXP: 298 Total Exp: 343Update Link | ~
  9. Characters Involved | Link to the Missions | Brief Overview | Landslides have become more abundant, the shinobi duo look into why. Also, a lead herbalist was reported missing in the mountains. The duo is also tasked with finding her or her remains. 2 B rank missions. (Other participants have quit the site or gone inactive.)
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  13. Bastian fell silent as he witnessed the snakes pass him by, shocked they didnt notice him, his companion, nor Lady Igram. They dug deep and no sooner had they vanished into the dark from wence they came, another landslide occurred. Lucky Bastian was mostly out the way and used his own poncho to keep Igram secure. Without delay Bastian picked up Igram, and began his accent. The effort of focusing and maintaining weight greater than his own, while using the surface walking technique, was taxing but he soon arrived to his destination. From there Lady Igram was escorted to the hospital and the findings on what the landslide was being caused by were reported. Both missions done, Bastian bid his comrade Saisaki farewell. He didn't know her well, but she was one whom he found himself easily able to get along with. He couldn't help but feel this was the last he would see her, so he gave her a humble bow. "Thank you for allowing me to tag along, doc. Until we meet again, my friend." Was his parting words before vanishing into the bustle of the village. [Exit. Bye MomiSai.] Mission Complete Wc: 188 [3,229/1800]
  14. Update Type | Mission CompletionUpdate Name | MissionsUpdate Training | Update Cost/Pay | Ryo Earned: 1,750 Current Ryo: 8,700 Total Ryo: 10,450 Earned Exp: 38 Current EXP: 260 Total Exp: 298Update Link | ~
  15. Bastian watched, holding in his amusement, as he watched Saisaki attempt to win the birds trust. It reminded him of how one would handle a hostage situation. When the bird was finally procured by the head medic, the two seemed to start trying to confirm a means of communication. "I need to find whoever trained that bird," he said once Saisaki and the hawk came to an understanding. Pretty much at the mercy of a birds direction, whose little head poked just enough from under Saisaki's poncho to have a clear view. Given that he was trailing behind Saisaki, he could hardly hear the red hawk squak over the raging storm above them. Only when the bird started to get a bit frantic did they come to halt. Before he could even be asked, Bastian began to scan the edge of the mountain side. He gazed through the slits of his mask, "If she went over...," he thought as he adjusted his focus to the edge of the mountain itself. He searched for signs of where she may have fallen off. It was then he spotted something that stole his attention. A tree had tipped over, looking to be more from it just being a dead tree than the storm actually causing it to fall. It had fallen just enough that it lay a little less than half way off the edge itself. It had been there a while, Bastian guessed, since it had a bunch of new growth all over it. He quickly moved toward the tree and immediately the red hawk began to go nuts. Hearing this, Bastian thoroughly inspected the tree and found there was a rope tied tightly around part of tree sticking out over the edge. "Hey, Doc," he shouted as he risked his weight on the tree to see what the rope was holding up. Peering down just below him, huddle on a cliff, was Lady Igram who had yet to notice her rescuers. The rope swayed in the wind, much to short to even reach her. "The rope must've snapped while she was climbing," he said thinking outloud, "Easy enough. Stay here, doc." Without so much as a thought wasted, Bastian leaped over the mountain like one would jump off a diving board. Simultaneously the thunder would roar in the skies, as if the man were being greeted by the storm itself. Then, is if pulled by a phantom hand, his body jerked toward the mountain side while he focused the chakra on his feet. He hit the mountainside feet first and then proceeded to skate his way toward his objective. Despite his speedy descent, he landed softly on the landing just in front of Lady Igram. "Hey, everything is okay now, miss." Lady Igram looked up and gave an annoyed expression. "Well, it took you long enough," she blurted out as revealed that she was huddled up only to keep her belongings as dry as possible. "Well, we just recieved the-," Bastian began but was immediately cut off by Lady Igram. "Save it. Just get me out of here. I'm sure Ubba is at his wits end without me," she snapped as she stood up, albeit a bit shaky. "As you say, Lady Igram," Bastian replied, thankful his mask hid the death stare he was giving her. She was light, though she carried much that made the task an annoying one. She refused to leave a single thing, proclaiming them to be vital to the Lightning's medical research. She was a young woman, but had the nagging abilities of an old bat. Bastian could only listen to the sound of the storm to drown her out as he prepared his ascent back to the mountain path. WC: 617 [3,041/1800]
  16. Still trying to catch his breathe and still regaining his faculties, Bastian didn't resist the help from Saisaki. "This has to be tiring you out," he said once he assumed she was finished. He touched where the gash had been and felt little to no pain. "I really need to learn that trick," he thought to himself before replacing his mask on his face. He gave Saisaki a nod to show he heard her bring up that they needed to get back to land. Before moving he took a final glance toward where he had tossed the bear cub. Both it and it's mother were gone, "Hopefully that overgrown hamster isn't hurt from the toss," he thought as he followed Saisaki's example and made it to safety. "I think I have done enough hiking for the next week," he said jokingly as he sat on the wet ground. After giving his now heal cut over his left brow a few pokes to check for pain, Bastian put his mask back on and promptly gave a big grin at Saisaki. "I think we should go to your original plan and get off this mountain," he stated before looking toward the waterfall, "I'd rather not push my luck to far."
  17. Bloodline Name | Ancient Belmont Bloodline Possessors | {Any With Permission} Appearance | N/A Abilities | Vibration Emissions/Manipulation (Quake Release): A bloodline release that is deemed an Advanced Earth Release ability. Quake release allows the user to create a variety of shock-waves originating from the self. When used in taijutsu, the user can dramatically increase the range and destructive power of individual blows; when used in ninjutsu, the result is a number of destructive techniques that transcend all physical medium; effecting water, earth and air. Though it has much potential, the majority of Quake release techniques are based on supplementary boosts to techniques already known. When these attacks are used, much like wind, the trajectory of the shock-waves are seen by the displacement of particles in the air, making them somewhat visible as white fluctuation. Most shock-waves are able to neutralize if not over power other techniques; bringing life to the saying "a good defense is a great offense", by countering blow for blow, one can stop attacks dead in their tracks by stripping them of their momentum. For example, lessening the force from a physical object (like a hammer or ball) by manipulating the force of impact. (Further explained when in jutsu format which is the requirements l for all applications of this ability). Not only that but the shock-waves bypass defenses; the waves moving through physical medium and potentially massive internal damage with even the most basic of hits (again requiring a jutsu to use the ability). The use of this ability relies greatly on the amount of chakra put forth into the jutsu that utilizes the ability. While weaker attacks against user have a higher chance of being reduced to nothing (in terms of the force of physical attack and depends on the rank of the jutsu), strong attacks may find the physical force behind their attack is reduced rather than negated. In addition to this, because the ability allows the use of vibration emission and manipulation, when striking a target the user is capable of increase the force of his/her physical attacks. None of the bloodlines abilities are capable of being used without the use of jutsu (basically free-hand manipulation is a no). Earth and Wind suffer a rank lower in terms of colliding due to Quake's ability to easily move through Earth and overpowers the force of wind. All other elements, including other Quake release users, are deemed equal in power. Iron Bodied: ~ Those of this bloodline possess a much higher durability than most, in that they can simply withstand damage much better than those equal to their rank. Making them able to withstand physical damage/attacks 1 rank above themselves; their skin even feeling more solid. This is not to say this effects their weight, they will still be knocked back by attacks or jutsu. However, they can simply take the damage much better than others and keep the fight going. So essentially if one has Earth Element and a member of this bloodline, their ability to withstand physical attacks would raise by +1 from their base rank. Meaning a B-Rank will be as durable as an A-Rank. Relevant Info Weaknesses | Reduction In Speed: Those of this bloodline are naturally slower than the average shinobi equal to their rank. This decreases is equal to the amount that could be gained from the taijutsu specialty perk. Elemental Weakness (Default) Quake Release is unable to effect lightning and is treated a rank lower in terms of power if the two elements collide. Lose of an Element Slot, Element Locked, & Rank Locked: Because Advanced Earth Released is required, one must be B-rank or higher to possess this bloodline. Prior to this, they must have possessed Earth as an element. Advanced Release Earth (if the character is B ranked) will take the place of Earth Release and serve as a single element, taking the place of two elements instead of one. This offers no benefits beyond being able to use the Quake release. Regular Earth Release Jutsu can still be used. In short, you must have earth as an element. That earth element becomes advanced earth and takes up a second element slot, essentially leaving you with only 1 element at ranks B-A, two at S-SS, and 3 at X. And since you need B-Rank in order to have two element slots, you cannot possess advanced earth until you do so. Meaning start outs at C-Rank must first make it to B rank before they can even start utilizing Quake Release. Chakra Cost | N/A
  18. Edited.
  19. Link to Involved Characters | Link to the Missions | Brief Overview | Tasked with a simple evening patrol mission, things turn ugly from seemingly out of nowhere; leaving in its wake only more questions and one pissed off Belmont.
  20. This is the wrap up for that mini plot Link to Involved Characters | Link to the Missions | Brief Overview | The finale to the mini-plot.
  21. __________ The mission was a secret one, a necessity given its nature. It had only been a day since the sudden ambush by the Yard Gang enforcer. While Bastian had indeed had a run in with an enforcer before, that one forced Bastian to find him. This recent attack was definitely more direct in that the attacker had been laying in wait. He knew that Bastian was given this route for the evening patrols. The young Belmont touched his neck as he recalled the ambush. Had the enforcer held on a bit longer, Bastian might not have made it out of the encounter. Instead, the fool became nothing more than a bread crump trail. A trail Bastian fully intended to follow in order to discern who was the one who leaked his routes. The investigation took the young shinobi to several locations in the village. Eventually he found the individuals he was looking for. The grunts he'd beat up only months ago were all healed and back to thier old tagging ways. When one spotted the masked ninja, he immediately let out a yelp that alerted the others. "What the hell do you want, shinobi, Yard Gang wont keep tolerating your attacks," the apparent leader stated. "Funny you say that, because I was just jumped last night by one of your goons. Unfortunately, he bit off more than he could chew. This did bring about an interesting question, like how did he kbow my route to ambush me," Bastian said while approaching the cringing Yard Gang grunts. "We dun kno nothin bout a insider," one of the grunts blurted out. The statement immediately made Bastian turn his head toward the speaker before grinning. "Now that is a interesting thing to say," he began while approaching the man specifically now. His comrades moved out the way, almost tearful with fear and likely a hint of rage. Bastian continued when he stood directly in front of the man, "I don't recall mentioning an insider. In fact, I assumed you all were responsible for spying on me." "N-n-no I didn't mean-," the grunt started to reply but Bastian cut him off. "Tell you girls what, you tell me exactly who this insider is and I will give you all a pass today. Besides, with your records, your looking at doing some time for all those offenses you have piled up. So, what is your choice. You want to go to jail or do you want to go home?" Bastian immediately made his way towards the patrol dispatch barricks, armed with the knowledge given to him by the grunts. "Truly no honor among thieves," he chuckled to himself as traversed the roofs and buildings of Yamagakure. The grunts informed him that there was indeed one of the yard gang members working within the patrols. They went on further to say that the infiltrator was someone that had access to the routes. "Only 3 individuals had access to the routes and those are the dispatchers. The first guy should still be on shift for the morning. I can start with him and hopefully catch the 2nd as he comes in to relieve the first dispatcher." Somewhat of a plan in mind, Bastian increased his pace and closed in on the patrol barricks. Arriving just as the changing of the guard for the morning and afternoon patrols were taking place. He immediately noticed that the morning dispatcher was not the regular guy, given that Bastian had worked all three shifts multiple times. When he inquired as to what happened to the normal morning shift dispatcher, he was told the man called in sick. Giving no indication of his suspicion, Bastian informed the two dispatchers that he was meant to deliver a message to the dispatcher. The afternoon dispatcher offered to hold it for him, but Bastian declined and stated it was strictly for the first shift. Displaying a degree of urgency in his body language, the afternoon dispatcher passed on the first shift dispatcher's address. This being done mostly due to Bastian's own friendship and reputation as a patroller. After thanking the dispatcher for help and agreeing to work a afternoon shift, Bastian began to head toward the morning dispatchers home. The young Belmont had a feeling that this was the man he was looking for. He arrived and found that the dispatcher didn't appear home. When Bastian knocked, the door creaked open and revealed a dimly lit room. There were things scattered all about, signs of a rush. "Was this guy sick or did he go on vacation," the young shinobi thought as he entered the home and looked around. He had only been looking for a few minutes when someone could be heard coming inside the home. Bastian stepped into what appeared to be an open closet and hid himself until he could see who it was. As luck would have it, it was the first shift dispatcher looking rather frantic and mumbling something to himself. Like a predator stalks prey, Bastian waited for the moment to pounce. The chance would come when the man turned around toward the entrance door at the sound of a bicycle bell. In that moment, Bastian swiftly delivered a flying knee just as the dispatcher was turning back to his task. The hit landed cleanly on the temple and caused the dispatcher to crumble to the floor. Wasting no time Bastian tied the man up and looked for the proof he needed, the proof coming in the form of the Yard Gang tattoo on shoulder. Proof now had that this man was the informant, Bastian hoisted him over his broad shoulders and headed to the authorities. He informed them of the connection between hia previous attacker and the informant; leaving out the part about his help from the grunts. He didn't like them, but he at least would be a man of his word and allow them to stay out the investigation. Bastian simply stated he found the absence troubling and went to look into it. Given the result, no one inquired to deeply and informed Bastian the information received would go to his superiors. His mission completed, Bastian felt a degree of satisfaction having done a small part in ensuring that the integrity of the village remained solid. A hearty meal and good days rest seemed the most ideal way to award himself. WC: 1063 Req. WC: 700
  22. I stated that no use of this ability can be used without a jutsu already. Your telling me to restate this over and over again. When the jutsu get made, it will support what this means. This is just an explanation of possibility not what is by default. But i edited to make that more clear. Already stated that no use of the ability can be used unless in jutsu format. Even color coded it so that it stood out. Tweaked a few other parts i missed on the info as well. Added info on other elements that are affected (including quake itself). Brief examples were made on what the ability is intended for. And edited a bit of wording.
  23. Ubba bowed his head, following Saisaki's example and gratiously thanked the duo for assisting. Bastian had hardly looked away from the map, doing so only when his kunoichi comrade beckoned him to follow her. Offering Ubba only a nod, mostly as a means to show the man some acknowledgement. He was here in a official capacity, might as well play nice. Without delay, Bastian followed behind Saisaki towards what appeared to be storage chest. While the head medic fetched two rain ponchos, Bastian opened the food storage and pulled forth a few stripes of jerky. Not a snack he'd choose, but the shinobi wasn't one to be picky with his food palate. He looked up in time to recieve the poncho, though he frowned at it as he chewed on the jerky; the unchewed portion slightly flopping on his lips. "Not the visibly pleasing, is it," he thought as he slipped it on. He listened to Saisaki as he did so, assuring him this was not the time for one of his tests. The statement made him chuckle a bit, the mask highlighting this action. "What is life, if not a series of challenges," he replied coolly finishing the jerky he had been chewing on. He immediately replaced it with another piece, leaving him with only one piece left. He then proceeded to remove his footwear, so that his feet were exposed for all to see. He then tied his shoe laces so that that they would dangle from his belt, not keen on the idea of leaving them in the sanctuary. While doing so he noticed his comrade casting a glance at Ubba, who once again was back fretting over the situatuon. "He is still a clown," he said to his partner before following her to the door. Upon opening it, Bastian had to look away at first from the sudden rush of rain. The storm had indeed gotten much worse, which wasn't a good look for the missing lady. Keeping pace with the mission leader, more or less, Bastian did as suggested and scanned the skies and trees for tge red hawk. A feat that proved to be more of a task than anticipated. The radical wind whipping the rain to and fro made visibility limited. The ever constant roar from the skies above and heavy rain fall drowned out most sounds of wildlife. Playing the process of elimination in his head, while navigating the muddy terrain; the cold mud squishing between his toes with each step. "The bird is trained, but its still a bird," he shouted over the storm continuing his search, "What would an untrained bird do in weather as bad as this." The young Belmont was hardly even sure if the head medic was familiar with such a subject. However, given her profession, she might've known more than Bastian; who knew nothing of birds or thier habits beyond pooping on statues and being old people pets. The only inclination Bastian had was to keep scanning the trees, "Maybe there is a hollowed out tree hole. That would make sense-," Bastian began to think as he adjusted his focus for tree holes and immediately laid eyes on the bird they were looming for. Bastian may not have been the most knowledgeable of individuals with regards to the ecosystem, but he knew enough to know red hawks weren't something you spot everyday. "Doc over there," Bastian shouted as he pointed to a tree just off to thier right. They had hardly gone 15 minutes into the task and the bird was spotted. With hope, perhaps Lady Igram wouldn't be far away. WC: 598 [2,424/1800]
  24. Mission Name [Entity] | Thoroughly Hunted Mission Type | Plot Ranking | C Repeatable? | No Mission Description | Suspicions are up after the surprise attack on one of the villages shinobi by the Yard Gang. Issue is the attacked seemed so coordinated that it appears that there may have been leaked information. After further investigation it was determined that there is indeed a spy within the patrols ranks. There are only three men in charge of the dispatching of patrols, each over their own specified shift. The ambush occurred during the night patrol, though the other patrol dispatchers would have known the routes prior to the evening patrol. The task is simple, proven competent in such things, the shinobi Bastian Belmont has taken it upon himself to find out just how would have the gall to betray the Lightning. Mission NPCs | 1 C-Rank Bandit *Skilled in Bukijutsu* Word Count | 700 Requirements | Continuation of Hunted Become Hunters.
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