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  1. Forget it just put this on Archieve.
  2. Mifune looked around as he notice everyone excited for the mission. He kept quiet for the most part of it as he thought to himself about what was the mission going to be; he had never done a mission on his life and he has only gone out the village with his brother or his father to train other than that he has no experience in the outside world and combat experience was almost the same he fought only his father and brother but it would be different this time because he knew that once he was outside the world wouldn't treat him like his father nor brother would. Mifune was a bit nervous but still excited for his first mission as he clinched his fist tightly looking at both his teammate and sensei as he made his way out the ground. He had to get this nervous feeling on his mind out but he knew it would come back once he the mission would begin; Mifune crossed his arms and ducked his head down he began to think to himself for a while forgetting about the girls for a brief moment just trying to avoid the worse. His hands became sweaty and his heart was beating hard but he didn't show signs of nervousness nor relaxation just a serious face. He took a deep breath and looked back at the girls "Both of you aren't nervous about this mission? Mifune asked to see what response they would come with maybe he was over thinking about it but he had to chill for a moment the mission hasn't even started and he's already freaking out in the inside.
  3. Infinite Swords Style Bump
  4. Mifune heard a another voice of introduction as he turn towards his right. As he and Yoshinori sensei both looked another genin this time a female around the same age of himself as she introduced herself as Nori Hyuga. Mifune began to think as he heard that last name before a familiar clan indeed, as he quickly remembered they where one of the greatest clan in taijutsu and they had a very powerful doujutsu known as the Byakugan; Mifune has never seen it in action so he wonder if she could use it. Many thought came about in his head but as he looked at her his thinking was disturbed by Yosinori sensei beginning to speak. Mifune eyes shifted towards him as he began to listen to Yoshinori, after his small speech about taking them on mission he told them to talk to one another guessing it will build trust in one and another also get to know one another. Mifune was about to talk to Nori about her clan but once he turn to his right another person came the last member of the squad, Mifune turn to his left as a older girl appeared. Mifune notice she was old by her face, body, and voice she had a deeper voice compared to Nori, but Mifune notice that she was upset her hand clinched into a fist but then she release the pressure as she smiled and introduced herself as Jurojin Kobura, then she asked about how they where. But to Mifune that was a rhetorical question in a way as they all felt nervous as it was there first time meeting each other but no one wanted to actually say it nor admit it. ""Now that the team is here, what will we do first Sensei?" Mifune asked Yoshinori.
  5. Mifune made his way towards the public park since it was where he would meet his squad. As he walked the road wards the park he started to remember how he received a letter that he had to meet up with his sensei and two other genin in the park, Mifune looked at the letter for a few minutes as he was excited to begin his journey in a squad he hoped his sensei was cool and not like his academy teacher which he hated. His long blond straight hair waved as the breeze that the wind picked up, the sun was out as the sky was a bit cloudy but it looked like a good day in the Land Of Fire like any others day would. Mifune wore a white overcoat, with long sleeved white over shirt with with "Osamurai" written on it and a Japanese kanji on the sleeve, with a black undershirt beneath, blue jeans, white belt, and the "Keep out" police line tape running across his shirt, and ending with sandals. Strapped to the police line tape he had his two fuma shurikens and above them he hand six katanas strapped to heavy duty wire and the police line tap. As he continue his journey to the park the day itself felt pretty normal, the streets of the village were as busy as always. Food store always had customer they never had to worry about business declining, weapon shops always had the shinobies in and out with there special sales from time to time, cloths shops were pretty popular which was kinda wierd to Mifune but he couldn't complain he was one of the people that likes buying cloths just not admits it. As he got closer to the park he began to think about how he would recognize his sensei, since it the first time meeting him and the other way around. He guess he would figure things once he arrived. Mifune finally reached the park as few people were around, kids playing ninja, mothers with there kids, and one older man which Mifune quickly thought he looked like a monk, specially with the bald head but he had a feeling it was him. Approaching the stranger which would either be his sensei or not he kept his comment about the men to himself for the moment. "Excuse me, but might you be Yoshinori" Mifune asked him as he bowed. "I'm Mifune, Kamikaze"
  6. Sweet then we have a squad. We should meet up in a topic Yoshi should start it since he's the sensei if you dont mind that is.
  7. Totally fine. Gladly to have you in the team.
  8. Well now that we have more genin in Flame I think is time to make a squad. I'm not part of one so anyone that wants to be in one I'm free and willing to be in it or the other way around. Since I'm Genin the team will still need a Jounin or Chunnin to lead us.
  9. Bump I think this is some what better. Was going to mix killer be style but Duke beat me to it.
  10. Buki Training
  11. Update Type | Training Update Name | Buki Training. Update Training | Bukijutsu trained from Beginner to Novice. Update Cost/Pay | - Update Links |Buki Training
  12. Mifune walked the main road towards the Midori Forest. His eyes focused on his path towards a training field known to many people from the flame village. Mifune possesses long, straight, blond hair, blue eyes and a rather muscular build. He wore a overcoat draped over his shoulders as if it were a cape, fluttering behind him while he is in combat. This cape has visible cuts on its end. He then wears a high collar, Japanese-style, button-down shirt dress pants. These pairs of pants contain cuts in their fabric at their hems, Finally, he wears a pair of twine sandals, in addition to being commonly seen with a piece of straw in his mouth which he plays with while he makes his way towards the training field. Mifune had two Fuma Shurikens on his back strap to heavy duty wire and also strap to heavy duty wire was six katana that he held over his shoulder. "So this is the field I heard so much about. Don't seem special but then again is not the place is what I do in this place that makes it special" Mifune said as he dropped his katana's on the ground as they picked up dust making a small hole on the ground. Mifune looked around the field as the view wasn't anything impressive but it had its beauty at the same time, the field crossed with the road but not the main road. The roads spilt once the main road reached the signs that divide the lands, the training field was at the end of the road before it separated to the right tree's made a path towards the training field as they are parallel to each other in both sides. The road to the training field is about 15 feets away from the main road, once reaching the training field first thing once notice are two pair of training targets or also known as wooden logs with marks on the center. The field is circular full of dirt and grass which covered each other forming the field, surrounding the field are tree's. Mifune walked to the center of the field as he looked at the logs and placed his hands on them checking out the type of wood it was Lignum Vitae also knowns as the hardest wood on the world. Mifune walked back towards his katana's as he turn back towards the logs taking off the heavy duty wires and picking one of the two Fuma Shurikens that dropped to the ground. "Well time to start" Mifune said, As he spread his legs twisting his body to the left grabbing his Fuma Shuriken with both hands. One hand held the center of the shuriken as the other hand held one of the one of the blades as that hand was used to make the shuriken spin as the other hand was used for tossing it. Mifune tossed the Fuma Shuriken as it spinned moving at a decent paste the shuriken moved from spinning horizontal to spinning vertical as it hit the log in the center bearly getting stuck to the wood. Mifune grin as he still made to get it stuck the wood was said to be the hardest wood in the world but even that wood wasn't a match to Mifunes strength or at least he though as he look at his katana's quickly picked them up as they where all attach to each other thanks to the heavy duty wire which was tightly wrapped around them keeping them together. Mifune placed the katana's on his back and grabbed the left over shuriken and walked towards the training target as he looked at the stuck shuriken was only 1 1/2 inch deep, Mifune took the shuriken out off the log and put the shurikens near the other log as he step away about 3 meters with his katana's on him. Mifune toss the katana's on the air as they flew up and landed surrounding the wooden log, all six katana's where stuck to the ground. Mifune prepared himself as he dashed at the log quickly picking up the first katana at his left spinning it on his palm so the sharp side of the blade is facing the log as he goes for a horizontal slash on the log quickly grabbing the handle with both hands he would slash vertically downward. Once the katana reach to floor he would release his right hand of the handle as with his left hand he would tilt the blade towards his waist spinning it so the blunt side touched him and the sharp side was facing the other direction, On his right was another takana which he reached with his hand quickly picking it up and spinning his body at the same time Mifune tilt the katana horizontally as he slash with both katana's once he finished his spin one slashing above and one below. Not taking a break mifune jumped back one feet as he backflip mid-air he tossed them both at the target as they both landed on the same spot they created the cuts. Mifune landed crouching as to his left was the last katana of in the front of the log as three more stood behind it, Mifune waisted no time quickly grabbing it with his left hand, the handle facing forward with the blade backwards and the sharp side facing downwards. Mifune would spin once again this time counter-clock wise leaving the blade stuck to the center of the log as the blade was place horizontally. Mifune reached the back of the log which had no scratches made to it at least not by him. As the remaining three katana's stood near each other, he walked towards them and grabbed the one nearest the right then walking to the one near the left and grabbing it as well then walking to the last one and also grabbing it before putting it on his mouth. He turned around and ready for his next attack, Mifune dash at the log slashing with his right katana horizontally upwards and then with his left hand slashing horizontally then spinning the right katana around on his hand and slashing again vertically downwards as he spins his body once again but once the spin was almost over he shubed himself forward pierce the log with his third takana in the center. After several hours of training mifune layed on the ground sweating and exhausted breathing heavily yet a smirk on his face as he manage to train today. The sun was going down as he sat up and let out a deep breath of relive. "Well Time to head back, today was a productive day" Mifune said with a smile on his face. Word Count: 1135
  13. Character Sheet
  14. Update Type | Weapon Update Name | Buying Update Training | - Update Cost/Pay | - Update Links | Katana X6 300 Fuma Hira Shuriken 2 x 600 Heavy Duty Wire 1 Reel 300 1,200 Ryo.
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