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  1. Kenta did bow back if a bit stiffly. As one could imagine he wasn't that big of a fan of pleasantries and bows and all the stuff, though it was refreshing that someone was doing it first, and he wasn't reminded of the need for it with a smack to the neck. As she spoke his face perked up a bit while he said "Yeah, act natural. Just a pair of travelers doing...stuff...moving forward. Say, should we come up with some kind of code names and with why were traveling together in case anyone a...hey wait up!" he said as she moved forward after telling him to follow suit. He did feel a ping of annoyance as she just decided to take the leave...but for all his bravado, he didn't quite know where to find the guys, so he would need to rely on the older genin He caught up to her rather quickly, following suit, though he was slightly taken aback at the question she raised. He was silent for a few moments, putting his hands behind his neck as he said "Well, I am pretty good with Taijutsu. Was one of the better guys during the exams. I can take a punch and then dish it back out" he said enthusiastically as he swung one hand, though his tone calmed a bit as he spoke on "Though threat probably won't come in too handy right now...teachers kept telling me I won't be able to just steamroll and punch my way through most situations. As if I didn't know that... But I'm pretty good at staying sneaky when I need to. This one merchant only knows about half the kebabs I sn...ekhem" he paused for a moment...admitting to stealing stuff probably wasn't the best idea. Trying to return to the topic he said "I may not be the best in the sneaking, but I'm good in the frontline and Ill get better And as much as being all sneaky and snatching documents and kidnapping and all the shadow stuff is good, there's gonna be a point where push comes to shove. And I'll be sure to shove anyone trying to mess with our village down a big deep hole" smiling wide as he finished. He didn't consider just how...aggresive it may have made him sound. Trying to keep the conversation going he spoke again "Sooo, if you don't mind a return question...How come your still the same rank as me? Some jerk in the office keeping you down?" trying to sound symapthethic..assuming directly asking if she sucked too much would not be a good idea. [Mission: 1125/700]
  2. Probably a bit late to notice the introduction section here...but better than never amirite gaiz? Ekhem, so yeah, my names is Matthew, mostly known as Haru or harupia around the interwebz (also Kenta, though that's an alias I used not as often). Been rp'ing in a more serious text based manner for around ten years now, since joining the site where I got to know Momo better. Been in a bit of a down period with writing in spite of being on one other naruto site due to life and stuff but trying to get into the groove of things. Interested in a lot of things like (anime/comics/games/movies/wrestling << >>) which in general demand quite a bit of attention but I'm trying to manage. Looking forward to becoming a proper lightning ninja, visiting other countries, and trying to make good on a character idea I never had a chance to develop fully. And just in general looking forward to interacting with you guys more.
  3. The thought crossed to his head to ask the guards if they saw any Ninja ready for a mission around...though it quickly started to seem like a bad idea to ask some random gate shmucks about stuff on your own mission. He got this, he didn't need no help...and hopefully, he wouldn't end up standing around all day like those guys. he just had to wait and see. Maybe she was hiding from him, trying to test him. Maybe she really was lazy bones? Who knew... maybe asking the girl waving at him wouldn't be a bad... shit. He wasn't spooked as the slightly taller girl approached him, though he was worried. Who knew how long she saw him standing there looking around. Okokok...just gotta keep it cool. Trying to seem as not surprised as he could he would say "Erm, yes, that would be me. And you must be Saisaki...san right?" he asked, still feeling not that comfortable with addressing someone with honorifics...though to be fair he felt strange hearing his name with them as well. After a bit he said "Sorry I didn't approach you before. I was just making sure...ehh, no one was trying to follow us or anything "he tried to make up an excuse on the fly "I have to say, took me a while to recognize you. Id say will blend in just fine while we tail these guys...ya think they'll actually start attacking people?" he asked, remembering the final bit of the mission scroll. He assumed they wouldn't send him on the first go on a mission with some psycho running amuck killing people...then again, they kept talking how thier all adult now with their headbands...thrown into thick water maybe? [Mission: 666/700]
  4. Well, this was it, the big one! Kind of...not really...bah. He could have expected it. He tore his knuckles in training, beat up his targets during the exams, did a pretty sweet wind slice... and they put him on some elaborate game of hiding and seek. Only he was hiding...and seeking at the same time. Bah, whatever. The reality was he would need to get good at this stuff too. If anything just to show all the other doofuses he could. The mission itself seemed simple enough...only thing surprising him was the info he got on his partner. A fellow Genin...if only 3 years his senior. Something he wasn't quite sure what to make of. Was she so green she stayed as a genin for so long? Was this some kind of trick and he was actually being tested by some higher rank Shinobi for his skills in the sneaky stuff? Did some older chick pick him out cause she thought he was hot?! was probably the last one...floor sure. Luckily, the hot aired balloon that was his head managed to stay somewhat grounded. He didn't take any weapons, given it would probably tricky to hide them...not that he would need them...even if they needed to fight...which they absolutely didn't! Ehh...he also dressed for the occasion...though maybe he was for the most part usually dressed to blend in with the locals. A slightly darker tone of green for his jacket, its hood up to cover him from the soon, nothing under it. A pair of slightly worn out pair of Khaki pants and a pair of sandals on them. Just another one of those pesky villagers. not snooping around at all. Everything was set up for his great debut. The only thing missing was a partner...who wasn't anywhere to be seen. Even though he was at the meeting spot on time. Hehe, that'll show that older Genin, getting late like that! There was no chance she was there looking at him, trying to sneak up on him to school him. siree...please no. [Mission: 363/700]
  5. Name | Murayama KentaNickname | Rabid Wind Hound (or variations on such, not used by friends), No friendly nickname as of yetTitle Name | N/aGender | MaleAge | 15Birth Date | January 20 | Home Link | Kenta's profile Village | LigthningClan | N/aVillage Ranking: | C RankShinobi Ranking | GeninElement(s) | FuttonSpecialties | Primary: Taijutsu (Begginer) Secondary: Bloodline | n/a Chakra | 100 Stamina | 200 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  6. Aaaannd done. Ready for grading.
  7. It is, just...took a longer time than it should. And now when I was writing stuff somehow I closed the window with the progress I've made without saving x.x But Im still here. And if everything goes well Ill submit it up for approval tomorrow.
  8. Name | Murayama Kenta Nickname | Rabid Wind Hound (or variations on such, not used by friends), No friendly nickname as of yet Title Name | N/a Gender | Male Age | 15 Birth Date | January 20 | Hair Color | Dark Eye Color | Cerulean Height | 5.5 - 167 cm Weight | 171 lbs - 78 kg Appearance | If someone would be asked to described Kenta with one word on first glance, the most common phrase would be scruffy. While not someone to ignore personal hygiene to a huge degree, often times there is a hint of messiness in his look. The prime example being his hair, usually kept to a manageable length, but often times unkempt, spiky, not really well combed, usually long enough to cover his eyes so that he would move some of it aside or simply look from under it. It seems to be more of an ascetic choice as he doesn't have much to be ashamed of with his face for his age. He has rather sharp features, a certain wild affinity to it, combined with his unusually colored eyes, a light blue, which can look as dull as a blue sky at one second, and have a piercing clear quality to them once he gets interested in something. His face is somewhat the same, expressive, impulsive, often changing from a bored sigh to an excited grin within seconds if something gets his attention. His entire body seems to be sharp and toned, even more so than an average genin as he focuses mostly on the physical, taijutsu aspect of the Shinobi craft. Another thing adding to the general scruffiness is often times you would see slight bruises, scratches, small marks of training and getting into fights. No permanent scars as of yet much to his dismay. When it comes to clothing, he tries to focus on a particular style of it, not straying often, only mostly in the color he is wearing. Often times he can wear them a bit too long, getting them all dusted up and not so fresh. It consists of a sort of hoodie or any sort of vest with a hood, usually big enough to cover his eyes when he wishes to. Most of the time trying to keep to green and black colors. Whenever possible, he would be moving around the village shirtless with the hoodie, though when necessary he would wear a plain tank top under it. Usually opting not to have anything under it, and dropping it whenever training. His pants are usually lost track pants in a similar color scheme as his hoodie, often trying to find some sort of pattern he feels would look cool. And lower still usually a pair of sandals, keeping his feet sockless, though again if needed he would be seen wearing more protective practical footwear. One thing that stays the same is a pair of fingerless gloves he wears most of the time, be it for training or daily errands, and in this particular case he quite particular on keeping them in good shape, along with his forehead protector, wearing it usually either around his neck on arm...not quite keen on having it on his actual forehead. Village | Ligthning Clan | N/a Village Ranking: | C Rank Shinobi Ranking | Genin Element(s) | Wind Specialties | Taijutsu (Begginer) Bloodline | N/a Favorable | Strength, spicy foods, exercising, feats of physical ability (be it combat or more acrobatic feats), stories of Shinobi past causing mischief, sunny weather, attention, pride in your own achievements, Unfavorable | Learning (when not about something related to fighting or warriors in general), those who bother other people without provocation, any meals which can't decide what kind of consistency they want to have (like tomatoes or jelly), idleness, feeling helpless, people trying to act noble while not being able to back up. Personality | As the nickname given to him might imply, Kenta is a somewhat... volatile boy, at least as much one can be for his age. Not one for subtlety, he often was his feelings on his sleeves. Expensive and impulsive, he will quite loudly and clearly say what he feels on the situation, favorable or not, as long as he feels on somewhat equal footing with the person on the other side. He has enough sense to keep himself shut in front of teachers or superiors, though a bit of tongue biting is involved. But anyone his age, or any adult which he doesn't see anything worth respecting in will have a bit of a hard time having him act calmly. More likely they will find him taunting, goading, testing just how much he can push forward...often times ending either in a brawl or him running after snatching some small item of food from the market. One could see this as a very clear cry for attention...and they would be right for the most part. For most of his life he was used to people not giving damn about him, be it from his family or strangers who didn't want to associate with a mixed blooded person, and he aims to change that. And seeing how the road to epic feats of Shinobi hood is along one he isn't opposed to getting himself in trouble just to get noticed. While it might be seen as trying to distract people from his heritage, it's not something he consciously thinks about. It's more like a nagging pain in his head...something he knows very little about, and some people dislike him for...but what he does know makes him slightly interested to at least learn more...sometime in the future, maybe. While he is seen by many as a strange goof and a useless hooligan due to the stunts he performs, it isn't to say he doesn't work diligently to change that. He trains his body every day, alone, at the academy, however he can, and if not causing mischief he is usually seen observing others fight, trying to learn more, or simply, watching in awe. Perhaps a childish idealization of the ninja life, fueled by some of the limited reading he has done on his own time, and in general paying attention mostly to people talking about the most famous exploits of Shinobi, he wants to gain the attention he craves by becoming the best warrior his village can get. he struggles a bit with the more stealthy nature of the Shinobi, but he figures, for every shadow, there would need to be a torch to cast a light. And he wants to be the biggest freaking torch there is... And besides, trying to pull off some sort of prank or snatching a tasty treat without getting into trouble had given him a bit of an instinct for street smarts...though it mostly in the direction of being crafty when it comes to escaping rather than being unseen. Not a total clutz, but more focused on direct aproches whenever it was an option. Anyone willing to get to know the boy closer, and able to withstand his general rough around the edges loud facade would find...a rough around the edges loud brash boy. Though one who can sometimes act quite insecure. Not really used to anyone actually caring or being friendly to him, he tries his best to return the favor, which can lead to awkward conversations. But in the end, to those who actually care about him is a loyal and dedicated friend too. perhaps not the brightest, but one who will stay with you through thick and thin...perhaps be a bit snarky about it. It would be a similar situation with anyone he would recognize as a teacher/mentor figure, though one going through the phase of getting accustomed to someone he might be prone to getting quite attached to an older figure, eager to follow instructions, eager to impress or try to get the attention to. Perhaps seeking the parental attention he always lacked...though it wouldn't be something he'd admit himself. He can get quite flustered when someone points out how much he cares for the attention of others. In short: Hot headed, Brash, troublemaker, but one with a drive to improve himself, gain the recognition of his people, and who cherishes anyone he see's as a friend or worthy superior. Slightly lost in the wind...but just waiting for the chance to catch the wind in the sails...he might have a thing for trying to sound cool with colorful language)not necessarily vulgar...but you know)...too typical not so great results. Philosophy & Beliefs | Those who are strong and skilled should lead the way, and put anyone who tries to pose them in place, but not sue their superior prowess to put down those they are supposed to protect. Blood is not always thicker than water, and those who care for you and you care for mean the world to him, and he will do anything to show them how good he is and to keep them safe. History & Background | Murayama Haruka was always known within the village, for better or worse. An effective Shinobi, but also quite the brash, rude and crude lady, sometimes more focused on enjoying her fee's the earning them. This had gotten her into trouble quite a few times. who knew one mission within the cloud region would cause someone much more trouble by proxy...the details are unclear, but one thing was certain, after an extended visit in the Wind country, Haruka ended up pregnant. Several young later, the boy who would be known as Kenta was born. Somewhat of a telling name, though it was hard to say if Haruka gave it in hopes he would grow to be strong or enchant fate for the boy to be strong with what was to come. Or perhaps she just liked the name after sleeping with some Kenta somewhere...regardless, she didn't quite seem to keen on the idea of raising the child. Of course, she didn't simply abandon him, she fed and raised him as best as she could while still recovering from her pregnancy...but as soon as the subsidies and aids for a lone mother ended, and she felt fit to go, she was on her way again...leaving a young, mixed boy in a somewhat of a tight spot. Kenta was never left as a true orphan or anything of the sorts. He always had a roof over his head, a meal on his plate and a place to sleep on, his mother having a bit of family and friends to drop him off when needed. But for the most part, they weren't too keen on having another mouth to feed dropped on them. Especially one from such a far away which had all these peaceful strange people who didn't want to be Shinobi in the first place. What would he grow up to be? So he was kept at arm's length...kept healthy and full but not really cared for over the minimum. It wasn't the best upbringing for the boy...the fact he had to deal with a lot of different kids from different yards, who were quite keen on poking fun at his appearance, didn't make it any better. For the most part, he was a quite kid, keeping to himself, not really getting into trouble and lacking any real friends. Just trying to sneak by like he did in the home he slept in. He did try to find entertainment where he could...trying to peek into the Academy training grounds, or just anywhere he could find a Shinobi training, sometimes mimicking them and trying to repeat the exercise they did...watching any sort of acrobats, young shinobi or people pretending to be them staging fights in the city market. His mother did sometimes pass by, usually to drop of some kind of stale sweet treats and some books or scrolls with pictures on them to entertain him. Most of them quite dull, though he did like those which talked about Shinobi. he grew up slowly but surely, the frustration of his lot slowly growing, being ignored by his elders, picked on by his peers, just feeling like a weird, different speck in the wind... What tipped him over was one particular event. His mother again a mission to Wind, brought him a scroll from there. It seemed somewhat older than the usual ones, the contents were...unusually close to home. It spoke about an anomaly of the normal peaceful land, a man who grew up to be one of the fiercest warriors in the land. Loud, crude, ruthless to those who opposed him...the scroll was not quite suited for a boy his age. And yet, he seemed to have this...he wasn't sure how to say it, but sense to fight those who could threaten him or others, and leave those who left him be alone. And while he was feared and derided by others, he also has shown many feats of impressive strength and used it to cause as much havoc in the lands at he defended it from threats that came. He could be wild and destructive, bringing both misfortune and boons to those around him... as if he was trying to become like the wind himself. He wasn't sure if it was a myth, some crazy story someone came up with or whatever...but he heard so much stories how the people of the Wind country were spineless weaklings...and this story of this amazing warrior who wasn't afraid of anything and didn't let anyone stomp him resonated enough in his mind so that the next time a child bullied him, he simply socked him in the face. And for a brief felt great. trying to fend off the other boys coming en masse, and the stern talking to and paddling he received later didn't feel as great...though at the same time, what didn't kill you made you stronger. And at least he got some kind of reaction from those who kept him undner his roof. And with that, the 8-year old went through a bit of a drastic change. The quite pushover became a loudmouth, who got into scraps he probably often shouldn't have, both when someone tried to bully him or someone else near him. The shy peeking at the Shinobi training became him trying to learn how they train, and emulate it in an imperfect way. Getting in trouble with his foster care, sometimes ending up thrown out of the house, ending up improvising on the streets, snatching a loaf of bread or two, learning how to run quickly from adults. It did, of course, get him into trouble when he over did it and was reported on by the adults. Though the damage was never that great. And what couldn't be overlooked was that for his age, he did show a somewhat proficient degree in hand to hand combat, and for trying to weasel out of sticky situations. Once of age, he was offered a place in the academy, if on a somewhat probatory term, getting in a bit of a fight with some other kids right before a recruiter came to the house he was in. Joining it had given him a more focused mind, now his journey to actually being a Shinobi starting for real. it was a bit of a harsh transition, teachers requiring attention and discipline, needing to train his body properly and not in lazy hazardous way, trying to grasp other things than simply swinging you fist...and while he had a harder time with jutsu and chakra, with time he learned, while excelling quite well in Taijutsu. And while still somewhat bratty and prone to conflict, he managed to get social enough to not get into fights with every other kid...even made some acquaintances. In the end, it was a bumpy road, but he managed to pass his examination and earn the title of Genin...and wondering where the wind would take him now.