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  1. Damn, that's unfortunate, right after moving. Hope everything turns out okay.
  2. No offense, but it doesn't matter.
  3. I like this; I feel this is a definite compromise. It prevents people of the same rank from always being equal, yet destroys the idea of people distributing their stats to wreck other members (and also stops math). @Nuitari Kouga @Suijin Umiken
  4. Awesome, glad everything is okay.
  5. Because your jutsu isn't yet decided. When you do decide to add it, I'm gonna need you to make an update post like a character sheet, and tell me what you're adding. You don't have to pay for it, as the jutsu comes with the pet, but this is just to make sure you don't add jutsu the pet can't necessarily have.
  6. Bro I keep telling you, dodging was NEVER in the speed stat. Speed stat is running speed, strictly.
  7. I edited your post just to link the Slot System. I have one problem with this. The speed increase in projectiles. When you go into the realm of increasing the speed at which a weapon moves, it is Bukijutsu. Unless your seal is also a propulsion seal. If so, please state that, but then I'd make you add on an extra 10 CP.
  8. Ok
  9. Okay, lets try this again. Seeing how this is a slot increasing seal, I'll only ask you since this is meant to be a public jutsu. "When using this jutsu, the user must follow the slot system." This is only to prevent the possibility of someone trying to summon two huge weapons that take up 3 slots each. I would hope someone wouldn't do that, but you never know. You can write that quote in your own words if you wish, and that link just links to the equipment guide.
  10. This faceclaim is already taken:
  11. No. This is not an ability and just backstory. Replace this ability with this: Basically remove that from the first ability, and your two abilities will be one rank genjutsu advantage and the other a resistance to genjutsu.
  12. okay
  13. Will you let us know when this new project is done in a topic, or will you only PM members who said they are interested? If the second, I am definitely interested.