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  1. Plot

    The shinobi originated from a continent ruled by them. The three major villages: Water, Lightning, and Flame were all ninja villages, were feared by all the less prominent ones. Other than them, there were two other known villages, known as the major-minor villages, which weren't on the level as the three major ones, but were still more prominent and powerful compared to the rest in the world. They were the Earth Village and Wind Village. The Earth Village were a people who rejected the usage of chakra and focused on the innovation of technology, while the Wind Village were a village comprised completely of monks around the world that came together to worship the Sage of Life's son, but adopted the shinobi way to increase their success. Once upon a time, there were samurai villages, but with the creator of them, Kyūkyoku, being dead, and not able to defend them, the shinobi wiped every single last one of them out. But one day - a day remembered by the surviving shinobi to this day - four samurai showed up to each of the major villages going under the name, "Odotai" (lit. Zodiac). And upon their arrival, they slayed every less ninja that they saw. Even the strongest ninja of the villages together couldn't stop these samurai, and were slain with the weaker ninja. Noticing the assured victory of the Odotai, Pirates of Noumu Harbor, a harbor of the Water Village saw this as a perfect opportunity to take advantage of people in their most vulnerable time. They sailed across all the borders of the continent, offering ninja transportation to "a new land," as they called it, in exchange for their most valuable items. Ninja in fear of course took them up on their offer, viewing their items as worth than their life. This trade was done multiple times, and with multiple ships. Ship by ship, ninja were brought over to this "new land." Upon reaching the land, they would come to a jungle terrain. The ninja would discover a group of samurai there. They were scared at first, but after conversation they noticed these samurai were different, and non-harmful, at least now. The ninja being in a foreign place, felt it would be a good idea to be apart of someone else's village, so they asked these samurai to introduce them to their leader. The leader was a serious and intimidating man, so the ninja approached him with respect when asking to join his village. The leader said he understood that Taiyō no Kuni - the jungle could be a very dangerous place, and so with open arms he let the ninja join his village, Yorugakure (Village Hidden in the Night). But these samurai were not ignorant of ninja and their hands were on their hilt just in case any betrayal. Unfortunately, Yorugakure could not hold all of the ninja, so the samurai informed them of a village in the desert known as Higakure (Village Hidden in the Day). At sunset, after waiting around the oasis that connects the desert and the jungle, the ninja set out to find this village, and upon seeing the opening of the village that the samurai notified the ninja about, the ninja entered. The village appeared to be dead and the ninja weren't sure if this was actually Higakure. But as the sunset and the moon rose, footsteps and voices start to be heard and doors start to be open. The ninja did not want to be seen as a threat and made it clear to the citizens that they just wanted to speak to the leader. The citizens obliged, taking the home-seeking ninja to their leader. The leader was a nice man and had no problem meeting the ninja. After the two introduced themselves, it was discovered the leader had never even heard of a ninja. The ninja broke down who they were and what they do and the leader with a smile welcomed them to Higakure on the condition that they help fend off the many bandits of Tsuki no Kuni (Land of the Moon). With their home continent covered in blood, these shinobi sought to begin a new life here, and make the best of it, for new generations.
  2. Damn, that's unfortunate, right after moving. Hope everything turns out okay.
  3. No offense, but it doesn't matter.
  4. I like this; I feel this is a definite compromise. It prevents people of the same rank from always being equal, yet destroys the idea of people distributing their stats to wreck other members (and also stops math). @Nuitari Kouga @Suijin Umiken
  5. Awesome, glad everything is okay.
  6. Because your jutsu isn't yet decided. When you do decide to add it, I'm gonna need you to make an update post like a character sheet, and tell me what you're adding. You don't have to pay for it, as the jutsu comes with the pet, but this is just to make sure you don't add jutsu the pet can't necessarily have.
  7. Bro I keep telling you, dodging was NEVER in the speed stat. Speed stat is running speed, strictly.
  8. I edited your post just to link the Slot System. I have one problem with this. The speed increase in projectiles. When you go into the realm of increasing the speed at which a weapon moves, it is Bukijutsu. Unless your seal is also a propulsion seal. If so, please state that, but then I'd make you add on an extra 10 CP.
  9. Ok
  10. Okay, lets try this again. Seeing how this is a slot increasing seal, I'll only ask you since this is meant to be a public jutsu. "When using this jutsu, the user must follow the slot system." This is only to prevent the possibility of someone trying to summon two huge weapons that take up 3 slots each. I would hope someone wouldn't do that, but you never know. You can write that quote in your own words if you wish, and that link just links to the equipment guide.
  11. This faceclaim is already taken:
  12. No. This is not an ability and just backstory. Replace this ability with this: Basically remove that from the first ability, and your two abilities will be one rank genjutsu advantage and the other a resistance to genjutsu.
  13. okay