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  1. As he stood at the door waiting for her to walk out, his right hand would take to holding the case's handle within it as he would glance around the halls before letting out a soft breath. *Tsk, tsk, Uzumaki. Lying to that poor girl.* Daichi would have mentally grunted at the beast's comments, in response to the fact that what the seal was much bigger than just a small secret. But it was easy to block out these hateful thoughts for now, especially seeing that the Tailed Beast had slowly started to quiet down once it noticed that it wasn't going to be getting a rise out of Daichi. Though it had only been a few weeks since the Four Tails had been sealed within him, adjusting to having almost another person in your body and mind at all times was a toll. On top of having become the Hokage, but he wasn't ignorant to the strength that the Four Tails had granted him either. But as they would walk through the halls of the building and out into the small town they had been in, he rolled his shoulders slowly and glanced around,"To think that these people all look up to me to protect them." He absentmindedly commented to Akane as they had continued their walk. His eyes seemed to stay towards the sky as they walked and it was clear that he was expecting the woman to lead the way to the training grounds today. His left hand moved to grab the smokes out of the pocket of his pants, but that was when he remembered he hadn't ever had the time to stop and buy a new pack. How many days ago was that now? His brows furrowed at the thought of this and he grunted quietly.
  2. Daichi had let out a series of snickers as he sorted through his clothing for a pair of pants, just a loose fitting pair of black gi pants. As he slipped them on he would listen to the woman and glance over his shoulder,"Actually, I'm asking you to dinner because I try so hard to find a woman out there in the world. When there has been a perfectly capable woman in front of me for years~" He remarked this as he would shuffle through his closet until he'd find a black button up shirt, that didn't exactly go with his choice of pants but he was going for comfortable over fashionable. As he would pull the shirt on he would walk over to the woman and reach for one of her hands, lifting it and bringing it to the seal that was on his form now. He'd hold it there for a moment and find her eyes,"Don't look so concerned about it." He'd offer a grin before he would walk over to his desk and pull a case off the top of it, large enough to hold a small instrument. Of course Akane would know that his gauntlets inside of the case, which he'd need for a good training session. "I don't ever ask a woman out to dinner, so you are the first and last option." Sliding his sandals onto his feet at the door, he'd open it and hold it open for Akane,"I hope you got good at your medical skills then, because I'll cut off a whole limb to get you to say yes~" He mused but it was hard to actually say how much he was joking about that statement.
  3. There was a grin that was forming on his lips as the woman would continue talking and he would raise his head slowly from his hands. As she finished talking, throwing out her playful threats the man would give a laugh,"You know just what to say to get me all hot and bothered under my collar." He then gestured to him having no clothes around the neck area,"The hypothetical collar, of course." The man would then move to stand up fully to his full height, not hiding any part of him as he did and maybe it was the angle he was bent before but it'd be good to mark the seal that rested on his right peck. No one had openly seen it except for the man that had put it there but there was no hiding it from Akane, though he hadn't thought to hide it. She may not know what it was used for, given the rarity of Fuinjutsu users but that was the seal that held the Four Tails Bijuu inside of him. Daichi would have taken a long inhale of Akane's scent once more and stepped up to her, easily closing the distance. His left hand rested almost arrogantly on his hip while his right actually came up to her face, his thumb and index finger gently coming to hold her chin,"Maybe it is the fact that I don't get out as much, but every day that goes by you look more and more like an actual woman to me." And to most a compliment like that would have seemed mean and heartless but it was one of the nicer things Daichi could manage to say without sounding like a conceited Bachelor and Akane deserved a bit better than what the other women in his life had gotten. Even if that contained a bit of his rugged personality. He'd have tilted her head so that she was looking at him, the man boldly scanning her face and details as he did so. After a few moments of that, he would nod his head at the woman and then release her chin, grazing along her jawline as he did and then shuffling past her and to his dresser,"After training today, you should let me buy you dinner." Pulling on a pair of boxers he would turn to face the woman fully for a moment,"Actual dinner." He commented before moving over to his closest to start looking through his clothing.
  4. There was no denying that Daichi had been a drinker but ever since he had become Hokage, a fact that was widely known now, he didn't get to enjoy the life he was use to. There was no denying that he had been indulging in a Bachelor's Life for the last fews but that came to a crashing halt once he had to start doing actual work, sitting behind a desk. His late night usually consisted of doing it after finishing paperwork at his desk, or maybe with one of his siblings if he was lucky. Last night he had managed to finish the work he had to do early and drank by himself on top of the old Hikage Tower, basking in how the whole village looked like it was built for ants from where he was. As Akane entered his room, she'd find the fact that the man was dressed in... Well, nothing. The white blanket that was on his bed was covering his goods but barely, the rest of his form exposed, including the seemingly endless scars that littered his body, from the intense training that he had gone through. There was one on his upper right arm from a mission they were on not too long ago but it had fully scarred over by now. As she opened his door, it wasn't the noise but the scent of her aroma that would start to wake him from his slumber,"Mmm... You smell... So nice... Did you always..?" He mumbled to himself as he slowly raised a right hand into the air, as if grabbing something. Then it came down onto his face and brought him out of his sleep, something that was weird but it wasn't the first time he did it. There was an audible groan as he would drag his hand down his face, knowing that today was one of the only days he had to fully enjoy himself and he was going to wake up even if he was hungover. But then he sniffed the air a few more times, wiping the rest of the sleep from his eyes and looking towards his door,"So that part wasn't a dream... What a pleasant surprise." He'd groan audible as he would roll over and swing his legs off the side of the bed. He'd be completely exposed at this moment but barely noticed, or had no shame, as his moved to place his head in both his hands and his elbows against his knees,"God, Akane... I don't want to be awake."
  5. I know that the site is losing people left and right, some of them have even been our own people, but I promise that I will not be going anywhere. And I will do everything that I can do keep activity going in the Flame. If there are any Genin looking for a mentor, let me know, or if there is even someone just simply looking for someone to RP with. Whether that be missions, training, just a casual RP, ect. As Hokage of the village, I will continue to remain open to each and every member of the village when they need me ^^ Feel free to post a reply here, or shoot me a message ^^ Either way, stay strong People of the Flame! But also the people of other villages who may read this message, things look grim now but I can promise that times are going to change. It is going to be rough for awhile but we can make it through this.
  6. Honestly, Ai was lucky on this fateful day that she would get what she was looking for, seeing as with the Daichi's home recently being finished he no longer had a reason to openly train in the forest anymore. But there was no denying that there was something special about being in the forest and training with nature, he had been doing it for years but his strength had started to get to levels that training in the forest was starting to become too much on the, well, nature. You could only destroy so many trees or slay so many giant beasts before it started to affect the ecosystem in some ways, even if they were small. But that was why today would be his last day of intense training in the forest and to help him with that training was his recently hired butler, a man who was more skilled and stronger than he looked. It would have taken Ai about an hour before she started to hear the sounds of what seemed to be a full scale battle happening, the ground starting to shake beneath her feet and the forest life fleeing in the other direction. These were clear signs that she should probably do the same but if she had wanted to complete her goal, to find the man that had been training in the forest, then the only choice that she had was to move forward. Trees were broken, thrown into other trees, there were giant holes in the ground. It was clear that whatever was happening was no joke. After five more minutes of following the trail of debris, she would finally come to an opening in the forest where it was like a large plain, but it probably had to do with the destruction that had been done in the process. What she would see before her would be a spectacle and a half, what seemed to be an older man wearing a suit with a rapier within his right hand and pointing it at the other person there, a redhead. Between the two of them, the man with red hair had more injuries on him than the other man and seemed more winded as well. The older man in the suit had several scuffs and a few tears on the fabrics of his clothing but even so, there was no denying that he had taken some form of damage. But even with that being said, whoever the other man was, had seemed to be taking a bit more of a beating. Daichi, who was the redhead man who had been talked about so far, stood at a towering six feet and four inches tall and wasn't dressed the way a Hokage should be. Then again, it had only been a few days since he had been made Hokage and while the news was quickly spreading, the village was still adjusting. There was no guarantee that she would even notice the man as her own Hokage, but that wasn't important. Daichi Uzumaki only wore a pair of black training gi, besides the bandages that were wrapped around his arms, from his fingers and up to his just below his elbows. His body was littered in small amounts of cuts along his form, a particularly deep wound on his right rib cage as he panted heavily and moved to regain his composure. Even in his current state, dirt and marks covering his body along with the wounds, he seemed unphased by it all. *Enjoying your newfound... Strength?* A voice had echoed inside of Daichi's head as the Four Tails, the beast that had recently been sealed inside of him, spoke. There was a bit of mocking behind his words but Daichi had grinned fearlessly even so and nodded just faintly,"Yes, actually. A lot more than I thought I would." He admitted to the beast before he turned his attention back the old man who had been waiting patiently for Daichi to attack once more. Even though it was hard to tell from the damage done to Daichi and the surrounding area, this was a training session between the two of them, to see the new limits that Daichi could reach now that he was progressing even further. Plus, becoming Hokage had only pushed the Uzumaki to try harder and harder to fit the role of a leader. He had to be strong, fearless, and so many other things that he wasn't due to his upbringing. But for so many years he had been use to taking up jobs that were usually outside of his skill range and managing to pull through anyway. Regardless, unless Ai had stepped in to say something before the two went clashing at one another, Daichi would disappear with a blur and appear near Sebastian(The old man). As they would strike and collide, the ground would shake again in protest just faintly and the spar would continue forward.
  7. It'd probably be no surprise to the girl that if they had kept training that Daichi would have been fine training in the heat but that didn't mean she was the same way, Daichi had based his whole life on finding his limits and then shattering them. But he couldn't expect others to go to the same levels, especially seeing the strain that it had put on his bod- Then his stomach growled, changing his thought process and showing that he was very hungry and honestly glad she had decided to take a break. While training like that was his way of living, becoming a Jounin and changing his lifestyle had let him enjoy moments like this. He was smiling at the girl before he would motion for her to follow him as he walked off towards the village again,"Alright, let's go get some grub." --------------- A few hours later, after they were done eating and they had given their food some time to digest(and some time for Daichi to enjoy a bottle or two of Sake), the duo would have ended up back at the training grounds. Daichi was mostly still sober, though he was definitely gonna be hard to put in a bad mood, all things considered. The man let out a soft breath, as he rubbed his stomach a bit and picked his teeth with a toothpick,"Whoooo.... I hope you enjoyed all that, like I did." During their lunch break, which Daichi had made sure to pay for, Sadame would have found out that he wasn't as serious as his face had shown. That was, sadly, just the way it looked even when he was enjoying himself. There were some moments when he didn't look annoyed, but it seemed to be what his default was and it was a contradiction to his actual personality. As they came onto an open training ground, a wide open field with a small lake off to the side, Daichi would roll his shoulders a few times as he would look over his shoulder at the girl,"Ahhh.... I guess I should get around to teaching you a thing or two, so you don't think I'm the type of Sensei to distract you with food and good jokes." He bellowed a laugh, patting his stomach just a few times more before taking some distance from his student. His jokes were also alright, seeing most of them consisted of bad puns... Really, really bad puns.
  8. Daichi had taken to the rooftop and it had seemed to be the best thing to do, as the man seemed to climb out of it and started to move towards the forest. It was a shame that he had fallen victim to Akane's genjutsu and wouldn't be able to properly handle himself, seeing as it made it a lot easier for Daichi to leap from where he was on top of the building and straight down onto the man with ease. His right hand came down onto the back of his head and seeing as the redhead had been at least a whole story into the air, there was no fair part as his firm fingers fit perfectly around the shape of the man's cranium and brought it crashing against the ground. There was an almost sickening noise as his noise broke, as well as other parts of his face, but that didn't compare to what followed as Daichi would raise the head of the man upwards several move times before his face would be a bloody mess. Had he a weaker stomach, the man would have lost his stomach but there was nothing that he lost, letting out a soft breath as he would start to pat down the body of the man and found one of the scrolls that they had been looking for from before. He let out a pleased sigh as he would have moved to slide the scroll into his pocket with ease and would move through the smoke that Daisuke had created. Of course, it had mostly served it purpose as he would move into the building,"Daisuke-Dono, mind removing the smoke?" And without much to verbally say, the smoke that was surrounding them would have started to disappear and Daichi would have continued out towards the other side to see how Akane had been doing, casually strolling even after having taken a man's life. It went without saying though, that the old man had fallen right into Akane's trap and her needles struck their mark, but they were much more deadly than she had thought. Even had the initial blow not ended his life, he teetered for only a moment before he would have fallen straight onto the ground and drove the needles even deeper into his innards, ending his life for sure. It wasn't pretty but it'd be quick and... Well, mostly painless. But as for the teen, as the man would have fallen, his eyes would have gone wide and he'd turn towards Akane slowly.
  9. Flaming Redhead of the Flame! Hokage reporting for not being dead.
  10. Alright, that's cool Ever. While you join Drak's secret discord of shit talkers, listening to his shit talking me and my friends and doing nothing about it, but I'm wrong because I wanted to make an active Kage in the village. It is cool that Drak told Jinpachi, Hannah, and myself to to the takeover RP and then once things got sour he bitched out and couldn't man up and pinned it on us. We were told staff was too busy with Soul gone and we needed to do things ourselves, so we did what we were told by staff. Or, old staff. The same old staff member you have been clinging to. But I'm a liar, even if I show you the messages. Drak would neevverrr lie to you. So I'm sorry that doing a RP thread hurt your feelings, after us knowing each other for basically ten years, and I'm glad that these other people mean more to you. And yeah, Meiko got an earful and then some when she made her Hono account, or him, whatever the fuck is behind that account. Man, I'm sure the fact that the account WAS created to troll us had nothing to do with us being pissed at all. I'm sure that Drak telling us he didn't know who it was, while not only supporting Meiko making the troll account in your secret discord, was just me being paranoid. But Hono hasn't been here since then to do any RPs, even though since day one it was 'We swear they are gonna do RPs! We sweeaarrrrr' and the only two RPs they were involved in were the Yuri ones. And I was never not staff, Ever. Just because you all got in Kabel's ear and he removed me, didn't make me not staff. It just made Kabel look bad for trying to outrank Soul, the owner of the site. I never hid anything I was doing, saying, or going to do. I never had to be anything but honest to anyone on this site, because there is no reason to lie to a group of people I don't care about. But I really wouldn't lie to you, and I hoped you would know that. I hoped you would notice that between me and Drak, that I wouldn't have a reason to lie to you about this. That between Courtney, Saisaki, Meiko, that you had still understood me the same way we had for years. But I see all it takes is being set up by Drak, having the same temper I've always had, and one bad argument was enough to ruin everything we have been through. I'm glad that ten whole years of friendship only equaled out to you shit talking me in a farewell post, instead of you talking to me about this like we have with anything else. I'm glad that after ten years you really are showing me where we stand. Regardless, wherever you end up going, I hope you enjoy yourself. And I hope nothing but good things happen to you. *Shrugs* I'll still be here.
  11. *Steps into the thread waving his arms like a school girl* Oooh, oohhh, my turn! I made more moves! Advanced Quick Step Burning Finger! Chakra Destruction Surge Erupting Burning Finger! Shining Finger Sword!
  12. Jutsu Name | Shining Finger Sword! Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Fire Specialty(s) | Taijutsu/Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP, 25 CP upkeep Handsigns | Clasping Hands together/ None Range | Striking Range, 15 feet Maximum Duration | 4 Posts Description | This move is an advanced version of Burning Finger!, using the same principles of heating up the hands and creating a devastating move. By super heating the hands once more, Daichi brings both of them together where he can focus the fire energy more effectively and reach the levels of heat that he needs. From where his hands are connected a pillar of flames erupt upwards for a moment before the flames loosely take the form of a blade, that's initial form is no longer than five feet long and 6 inches in width. The length of the blade can be adjusted after it is created within a single moment's notice, able to extend in a straight line up to a maximum of 15 feet, for sudden surprise attacks. The heat of this weapon is so intense that it can easily cut through weapons and armor two whole ranks below it's own, while able to fight on par with weapons one rank below and of the the same rank. - Someone who has Mastery of either Taijutsu or Bukijutsu can create the sword in a single hand, instead of needing two. - A master of Taijutsu can cut through weapons and armor only one rank beneath the rank of this weapon, while a master of Bukijutsu can use this weapon to cleave through weapons and armor of the same rank. - Extending the sword any length automatically adds 10 CP on that post's Upkeep Cost. Other Effects | Any open wounds that would be created by this move are singed shut as they are created, instead leaving an ugly scar where struck and immense pain. Requirements | Know Burning Finger! Status | Private
  13. Jutsu Name | Erupting Burning Finger! Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | Fire Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | None Range | 20 Meters, 15 Meters AOE Duration | N/A Description | By focusing on the Flame's ability to focus burning fire chakra into their hands, Daichi had began to working on how to increase the range of damage that could be done. With that goal in mind, Daichi was able to create to alternatives to the Burning Finger! technique, both of which focus on the same mechanic. But focusing more chakra into the hands and increasing the heat output suddenly, two more offensive moves can be used, both of which have been dubbed Erupting Burning Finger! Long Ranged Version: By building up chakra in either of the heated up hands, the user forces more chakra into the hand until it can't be kept anymore and released it in an explosion from the hand. The attack erupts outwards from the hand and travels in a straight line, expanding after it leaves Daichi's to a spinning and burning column of fire with a radius of 5 feet. Anything caught in this is bound to be melted, while people struck by this move would most likely find themselves severely burned and set on fire. Close Ranged Version: By focusing the same amount of fire chakra into each of the hands, Daichi brings his palms together in a clapping motion that causes an ignition between the two sources of fire chakra. The results are an explosion that engulfs the user completely and expands until hitting it's maximum range. The explosion contains the same type of power as the Long Ranged Version, though with a lot more knock back behind this explosion. The user is mostly immune to the damage caused by this move, though it is possible to receive a few minor burns, singes, or for clothes to catch on fire when used more than once. Other Effects | None. Requirements | Must know Burning Finger!, must have Burning Finger! active. Status | Private
  14. Jutsu Name | Chakra Destruction Surge Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | E/D/C/B/A/S/SS/X Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 5/10/25/50/75/100/150/200 CP Handsigns | None Range | Contact Duration | However long contact lasts Description | This is a move that was created by Daichi where one focuses on using chakra in their body to destroy chakra within the body of the target. To initialize this, Daichi must have a hold on someone in some way. The hold can be as simple as holding their hand or having your fingers around their wrist, or something as difficult as a submission hold or something else. The hold can be done by either a single hand, both hands, or even the arms, so long as it is a full grasp. Once he has a hold on the target, it is as forcing his chakra into the target's body where it then collides with their own, erasing both in the process. It is a painful process for the target, when their chakra is destroyed, but it does no long term damage to the target. - The user cannot use a free-form number, being restricted to the numbers given to jutsu cost, depending on the rank they use. - This move allows the user to just destroy chakra for chakra, but only for however much they use. - This move can only can only be done once per post. Other Effects | None Requirements | Taijutsu Primary Status | Private
  15. Jutsu Name | Burning Finger Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | Fire Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP, 10 CP Upkeep Handsigns | None Range | Contact; 15 Meters AOE(When used as a light source) Duration | 3 Posts Description | This move focuses on concentrating Fire Chakra into the hands, which causes them to seemingly change color like a hot piece of metal, and allows them to increase how lethal their hands are. The heat that is released from this technique can be felt when in proximity to the user and there is no way to hide the activation. Though because this is a technique fueled by chakra, the speed at which the hands reach the maximum temperature is nearly instant. - The burns caused by this move are automatically one level beneath the strength of the user, meaning if someone at B-Rank with corresponding strength burned someone, it would only be at C-Rank. This drawback is negated when this move is used by a Master of Taijutsu. - This move allows the user to burn through weapons two ranks beneath their current strength, unless the user has the Bukijutsu specialty, allowing them to burn weapons up only one rank below their current. Mastering Bukijutsu allows the user of this move to melt weapons equal to their rank/strength. Other Effects | Though it is best advised to see a medical professional, this move can be used to close any wounds that the user suffers. Of course, at the cost of receiving a scar wherever they singe the wound close. Can also be used as a light source, when in darkness. Requirements | Be from the Flame Village. Status | Open.
  16. Jutsu Name | Advanced Quick Step Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 30 CP, 20 SP Handsigns | None Range | 20 Feet Maximum Duration | N/A Description | This move functions exactly how the original version of this move does, though it is allows the user to cross a larger distance more effectively. Mixing chakra and natural speed to create a movement that allows them to seemingly blur from existence and cross a larger distance than the basic version of this move. So maximum distance that someone can travel using this move is 20 Feet, though the person can decide when they want to stop so long as it is beneath the maximum number. - Just like the original move, this technique allows the user to move at a speed that is one whole rank above their current one but only for a single movement. - Each additional usage of this move in a single post adds on an addition 10 CP and 10 SP to the overall cost. Other Effects | This can be done successfully in a row, but that can be extremely taxing to one's reserves. Requirements | Known Quick Step. Status | Private
  17. Lately the village had seemed to be on a mission to assign the Jounin with a full squad and that had went twice for Daichi, seeing his first group had failed and this was the second time. He had already met one of the members of his group, a girl by the name of Sadame and today he'd meet the second. The boy, named Shisui, seemed to require a peculiar taste, according to the man who had been telling Daichi about his new situation. Of course he didn't delve any further than that and while it was suspicious, the Uzumaki would find out soon enough when he met the person himself. The only real piece of information that Daichi had cared to learn about the boy was his age, upon learning that he was a boy of eighteen, the man felt less inclined to give a damn about the state of his lungs. As Daichi rested with his back against the bark of a great oak, he pulled a pack of smokes out of his pocket and popped one out, slipping it between his lips and letting out a breath,"This shouldn't be too hard, regardless of how he acts." Daichi reconfirmed himself on the situation as he produced a lighter and lit the cancer stick, taking a long pull to fill his lungs. Daichi stood at six feet and two inches tall, with his guild cloak draped over his shoulders and extending down the length of his body. He wore a pair of black pants and a sleeveless shirt to match under his cloak, having opted not to wear his Jounin Flak for this mission but one could still see his Flame Headband wrapped around his upper right bicep. Also hidden beneath his cloak, on the small of his back, were his gauntlets position so that equipping them would be as easy as reaching back and sliding his hands into them. Daichi would pull on his smoke as he waited for Shisui to show up, with an annoyed look on his face. This wasn't because he disliked waiting, although he did, but quite frankly just his face. WC: 354 @Peridot
  18. It had only been a few hours since the Jounin had walked into the Hikage's tower and asked that the Kage step down, much to their surprise she had done just that and wished them luck in the process. With things now finally able to start moving, the village could move onto the next step in moving forward; deciding on a Kage. Daichi had set it upon himself to decided where the meeting would be held, having settled upon one of the meeting rooms that rested within Hikage Tower. The man had never left but instead went to receptionist to inform her about the situation at hand, and get her help in getting the message out to all of the Jounin and Village Elders. The message had been sent out an hour ago, saying that they should start showing up in an hour to have the meeting discussing the next Hikage. Daichi stood in a room that was large enough to hold everyone in it, though it was an odd choice the room contained a long table with chairs along the sides for large scaled meetings. There was more space at the table than was needed for the amount of people that were gonna show, but it still worked. Daichi was standing at the large window that rested at the opposite end of the room's entrance, his arm on the edge of the window as he glanced out into the village. It was so small from where he was, it was weird and it caused a pit to form in his stomach. It went without saying that the man was still dressed within his Jounin attire, dark blue pants and a black shirt under his Flak. His headband was around his forehead, the metal showing the iconic Flame symbol upon it. He'd wait for everyone to arrive.
  19. Daichi had situated himself to start running right at Lindow when his blow connected but as the explosive tag was drawn and thrown, the man's feet would dig into the ground and kick up loads of dirt into the air. It mattered not though, as the explosion would take Daichi off his feet for a moment, his arms crossing over his face and upper chest, protecting the important parts from the explosion. He'd be hidden and consumed in the smoke of the explosion before he came out of the side, still blocking the explosions, with the black smoke from the explosion slightly hanging around his body for a moment. There were a few burns on his exposed ribs, though nothing serious, and a few scuff marks on the metal of his gauntlets. But none of that stopped him from dashing quickly at Lindow, with his sword drawn, the moment that his feet touched the ground. While he hadn't been able to throw out any of his own jutsu at the man, seeing he didn't really have anything that was long ranged, he preferred to get close to the man again regardless. But Lindow had time to prepare for Daichi and while he could try something similar to before, he wasn't a one trick pony and instead he fully charge Lindow. There was no denying that technically in this situation, Lindow had the upper hand but Daichi didn't stray away and unless stopped, he would be in front of Lindow striking again. There was no special blows thrown at his friend this time around, instead he came at Lindow and if allowed to get into striking range, would throw a right hook towards his left ribs. The blow would be painful but none would leave bruises as is, the right blow followed by a left where it would come to strike Lindow's other side of ribs. He would stay close to Lindow, even if he tried to dodge backwards or jump backwards, Daichi planned to try and put the pressure on him.
  20. There wasn't much to really be said about their surroundings as they moved through the village, though they had been given only a rough idea of where the group of men really where going to be located, it shouldn't had been all that hard to locate in the long and short of things. But as they walked, despite the fact that their attire and personalities seemed to conflict, Daichi did have to agree with Shisui slightly,"You're right, there guys shouldn't give us much of a problem. So don't go in there and mess up~" While his previous comments had been in retort to Shisui, this one came from Daichi first in a playful manner, though he had only done it cause it was clear the boy was concerned about opinions in the end. It wasn't a problem that he was, so long as he still did his job as best as he could, but that didn't mean it wouldn't result in the youth being teased a bit. "You should meet my brother sometime, if you want to contend for the smartest spot in the village. I'm sure he'd give you a run for your money." There was no need to outright shoot down anything that Shisui said, though Daichi didn't think he was the smartest, it was possible the boy was a type of genius. His school grades definitely reflected as much but if he was only a good brain, that wouldn't really help when it came time to put their noses to the grindstone. Then again, that's why they had been assigned such a simple mission. Regardless, as his mind drifted to the idea of leading another squad, thanks to Shisui's inquiry, he nodded a bit,"I only know about two of my students currently, the third is unknown.... Undecided, something." He shrugged,"Besides yourself, I have met Sadame Fukashigi, a young girl who specializes in Taijutsu." With that Daichi's walk would slowly start to halt as his eyes started to pick up on something in the distance. Walking a bit more, he would move into a crouched position behind a rock that was big enough to hide both of the males. It was clear not too far ahead, two men were slipping into the front of a wooden building, that was attached to the opening of a cave. The wooden structure seemed to barely hold together and against the cave entrance but as the men shut the door behind them and it didn't fall apart, it was clear the structure was more stable than it seemed. The cave entrance wasn't bigger than the shack itself, more like it was an opening in the ground that led back and downwards into a hidden cavern. The redheaded man let out a soft breath as he would look at Shisui,"So you want to run the plan on this one, Mr. Genius? Or shall we do this my way?" Of course, though he didn't say it out loud, Daichi's way was to go in Guns Blazing. WC: 494
  21. Daichi had been locked onto every word that left each person's mouth, from Yoshinori's votes for both his siblings, to Hannah voting Jinpachi and for a solid reason at that. Honestly it was no surprise that Jinpachi was getting votes, he was the calm, quiet, and collected type and often that drew people to want to follow him. As the rest of the room spoke up on their votes, Daichi would have choked on air if he was bad at keeping his composure, the moment he found himself tied for the title of Kage with his younger brother. His eyes moved towards his siblings as it was his time to vote and, as Jinpachi spoke, Daichi's face changed expression. The truth was that he would have done something similar to Jinpachi, voting his brother and stepping back. But his brother had beaten him to the point and to do the same thing would be, on some level, simply childish. So when Jinpachi finished and the votes were cast, that left Daichi with his vote. From the moment he called the meeting, he had known who he was going to vote for and it wasn't either of his siblings, part of him felt bad for that but out of them all he had originally thought there was someone best suited for the job. Daichi silently looked around the room for a moment before he let out a sigh,"Though it won't do much to change anything, I want it to be stated that my vote for Kage is Yoshinori." But as Daichi cast his vote, that'd be the last one in the room and things would fall silent. The vote spoke clearly of who had won but Daichi couldn't decide whether this was a dream or reality, a fact that was shown behind his usually strong gaze. But after silence would linger in the room for a minute or two, Daichi would slowly rise from where he stood,"The voting has been concluded and our new Kage has been decided." The Uzumaki spoke strongly and confident, even with the swelling doubt bubbling in his stomach about how well he could actually do his job,"If there is anyone that truly has something against the way the vote has come out, then say so now."
  22. Just because there had been a gap between the two of them and their base strength and speed, Daichi had been paying attention closely to each of the movements the girl had made. He made note of the way she had tried to pulled out a kunai and, had she actually been up against someone who wasn't Daichi specifically, if would have proven effective... Or at least more effective than it had proven to be in their current situation,"Don't say that, it was impressive. Just because it didn't work doesn't change the fact that it could have worked." A wide smile was playing on the man's lips as he helped the girl to her feet and took to placing his right hand on her head, then ruffling her hair just faintly. It had been something he did to his siblings, though it had been years since he'd even thought about it, and he'd done so to Sadame without thinking much about it. He let out a soft breath as he glanced about that,"So I was thinking... We could try and practice a bit longer... Or..." He would say as he slightly perked his brow at the girl with a grin,"We can go grab some ramen and munch down." He'd leave the choice up to the girl, either way he was fine and they'd get to know each other a bit more. So long as they left here better acquainted than when they left, it was a job well done.
  23. Medical Training

    Man, while it was definitely bad to be cut up and used for learning purposes, it felt just as good when everything started to get patched up. As his arm was grabbed, his eyes trailed over to the young medic who was training and began to take in her details a bit more. There was a chance that his life would one day be in this girl's hands, Akane could only ever be in one place at one time. His brows furrowed just faintly as his mind pursued that train of thought.
  24. From the album Daichi Uzumaki

  25. From the album Daichi Uzumaki