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  1. Two things @Tenri #1 Never barred Yuri from leaving, which would be obvious to anyone who actually read the post I made. The gall of my character IC for not wanting a former Kage, feeling disgraced, to potentially become a catastrophic intelligence disaster by just vanishing into the night and doing god knows what. I'd also like to see a screenshot of us calling Yuri anything but inactive. Same shit with Meiko/Hono I "threatened" him yes. Because he was a troll and said he was going to go Rouge nin from Flame. So I told him he can feel free to try and I'll kill him. Seems like you guys just have an issue with people not breaking character to give you whatever you want because that is just what Jinpachi would do IC even if Hono hand't just been a troll account. #2 We're calling it a secret shit talking group because that's what PEOPLE IN IT have told us it is. Full conversations from that group have been transcribed for our viewing pleasure. I know that you call my friends and I, "The Flame C****." Which I'll be honest I was disappointed by. When I heard you had a name for us I was excited to hear what it was assuming someone had come up with something clever. Sadly I was wrong. My friends and I are by no means saints and certainly have many personality flaws that would justify you not liking us. But that wasn't what happened. You guys had to make it this highschool level drama. You're making up rumors about Akane and Soul just because they're friends with us. It's pathetic. As much as we do wrong we have actual redeemable qualities that are as obvious to anyone as our bad ones. We don't need to make up elaborate lies about us or yourselves to make one side look better then the other. Real life has that quite handled. Any trouble we started was from things we were trying to improve. Getting Flame an active Kage, changing rules and systems that don't make sense. The trouble you guys caused was because you were operating like a clique of 17 year olds who felt threatened. There was no positive intent behind what you were doing. Feel free to call us power hungry all you want, but this is what we do on any site we're on. We like this place and don't want to be freeloaders. Hope you and Ever have a good time on whatever place you choose to go to next.
  2. I'm sorry man, I know you've got this little crush on me, but I'm spoken for, it's not gonna work out.
  3. Back from my vacation. Good to see everybody again.
  4. Ayy I'm back now.
  5. I've mentioned it before in the chat box so just wanted to make a topic confirming I am taking an indefinite leave from all things site related. I might pop in occasionally to chat but I won't be posting anymore. My friends and I do not share one brain so I am not "taking anyone with me." they will decide on their own if they want to stay or not. Honestly at this point I have no intention of returning unless I am told significant changes have been made to the way things operate and given what I am seeing and hearing I have no reason to believe that will be happening anytime in the coming weeks or even months. So for now this is simply goodbye.
  6. We were just talking about this and chat and thought that an advanced element counted as two element slots. So at X you'd just be allowed to have Ice, Wind, and Water as an example.
  7. Yeah I have no bloodline and I don't believe it needs a buff. Basically what Duke said. The advantage is no restriction on your elements or specialties. Like Nara for instance gives you one rank cheaper Shadow jutsu which sounds really good but the downside is that they can only have 1 element. Now it's not as noticable at lower levels but at the end game levels you can have four elements and suddenly that one rank cost discount doesn't seem super OP compared to being able to have Lightning, Earth, Wind and Water release.
  8. This isn't a restriction on access to power though like saying you have to start at C rank. It's just a restriction on location. No one is saying you can't start as an Uchiha they're saying "You have to do it here." Which is largely arbitrary. There would be no new rules to make. We already have rules for apping characters and bloodlines and the clans and such. We would just be allowing them to have any home village. If someone wants to be an Uchiha in Water saying they can also be an Uchiha in Fire isn't going to change their mind. I don't see who this rule benefits.
  9. For one we are now being told that starting in another village with knowledge you will be hunted is no longer allowed. If you're an Uchiha you have to start in Water etc etc. Secondly, how does letting everyone have their cake and eat it too not let both sides come out ahead here? Restrict customs clans instead of canon ones and the villages each get unique powerful clans but no is going to come into the site wanting to be an Uchiha in Flame and be told they cannot. I don't see how this isn't an easy solution to take.
  10. They did not use this idea before that is why I am proposing it. We had it set up one way and they didn't like how it worked so they went one direction with it, banning it entirely, I'm proposing to go in the opposite direction.
  11. And if Soul comes in here and makes a logcial argument for why things should stay the way they are I wouldn't be opposed to it. As of now though it is just Kabel going "I like things the way they are." No one will even acknowledge that the system could be improved and if that's how staff wants to handle it they can but they shouldn't be surprised when people quit if they continue to be dismissive of the members opinions.
  12. Staff is worried about people quitting the site but then encourages people to quit the site if they don't like how things work here. Do you see my confusion? I understand the decision to restrict canon clans to a certain village, it does encourage diversity but it is a very shallow and forced way of doing so. I do not believe that the villages are so uninteresting that no one would pick one or another other than what canon clans they have hostage. The comments staff have made regarding this are very narrow minded. "People didn't like being marked for death if they started outside their home village so we removed the option entirely." Ok? Did you not think of maybe going the other way with it? Multiple people have requested this be changed and I don't see any reason not to. The way it is now only discourages people from rping with unneeded restrictions, I don't see any actual evidence that this is helping the site more than it is hurting. As I mentioned in the round table topic what should be done is the canon clans should be unrestricted so people can be there Uchihas and Hyuugas in any village they like and the villages should make their own custom clans that can be restricted. That way we can have it both ways. Each village can have clans and abilities unique to them but there are no preconceived notions about those clans either so people will not be upset if they can't be a Takoyakushi in Lightning or what have you.
  13. This came up a lot today so a topic is being made to move it out of the chat. If you have an opinion on whether or not canon clans should or shouldn't be restricted to a village post about it here. Any ideas to improve the situation would be appreciated.
  14. Now I can take my place in the annals of history as a true legend.
  15. Swamp Thing sat peacefully in a forest that was about a mile away from whatever character Gambit is actually rping as. The DC comics character was rooted to the ground and, being basically a golem made of plant matter, this was his version of a nap. He didn't need to sleep of course but sometimes he just wanted to let his mind be at ease for a while. His deep connection to The Green, an elemental force that connected him to all the plant life on the planet, would allow him to become instantly aware of any issues which might require his attention.