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  1. So I'll be doing exit posts in the threads I'm in over the weekend but I'll be leaving the site. I'll be in touch with some of you, working on a project I'll fill everyone in on, been fun though.
  2. I wondered if you had gone civilian, but in your app you are a shinobi who is just an acting blacksmith. This is going to create odd issues, if someone tries to kill you are you a civilian who essentially just dies or are you a shinobi with trained survival skills? Are you going to compete with a C-Rank given your character was once ANBU or is all of that just gone?
  3. It looks like you've cut some stuff out of the application, could you put things like village rank, Shinobi rank back in.
  4. When the new bloodline system comes out you can feel free to remake canon clans that no one is currently part of, staff will retain the right to put them in villages.
  5. Business guide is going up before Saturday so knowing that I can suggest she use it. Since you don't have that info I understand how you might get defensive but rather than being hostile you could ask. In fact it will likely be up in 24 hours Now since you think I was unfair in my answer please give a constructive suggestion on how I should incorporate civilians into Bijuu attacks, massive conflicts, and ninja quests other than letting them rp being a civilian in these instances. The only thing we aren't doing is limiting shimonoseki from making their own stuff, other than that they can do what they want.
  6. I mean we are never limiting a shinobis ability to create their stuff. That's debilitating to the core game mechanic here so that's that. So while your points may be somewhat valid, I could contend but it doesn't serve a purpose in the confines of the system, they won't be put into practice because they limit the majority population in a way that doesn't benefit the flow of the site. You are are free to make D-Rank civilian missions and tag them as such if you'd like.
  7. So in the shining world we inhabit a civilian can't really fight on level. They don't have a unique skill set, for instance a puppeteer can make his stuff better than a civilian could because understands it's use. And missions would never be handed to them because in our setting what could an untrained civilian be more effective at than a ninja? so I guess I am asking for your opinion, what place does a civilian serve in a world of ninja other than someone to do some social threads with? You could start a business and interact that way?
  8. 500 Ryo and 20 exp please link this to the character sheet so you may be awarded properly.
  9. a part not a pet but yes. we are discussing chakra strings so when/if they have a change then the range on this may as well. Also this concept cannot be private.
  10. So you form this around the arm and fire it right? Similar fashion to the other? needs dimensions on how wide the drill is
  11. So the concept is fine as long as one of the gadgets in the puppet is an eye that works with it. Needs a post limit, but with gadget I'd say you could go 3-4 at this rank
  12. For this jutsu just use the flat cost, get the per post cost out of there. Also so does the drill form around the fist or does it add a bit of range. I assume the latter so just add how much in there.
  13. Kichiro didn’t give much thought to the Chuunin he was working with not responding, it seemed like that was just kind of his personality. Sure, Kichiro was getting frustrated that every time he tried to communicate with him like a regular human he’d get nothing, but at this point the only thing her really cared about was the growing crowd and noise happening down the street. He veered to his left and pulled down another poster, then he noticed that the silver haired asshole who Kichiro had been so lucky to be partnered with was heading down the road. Kichiro fell in a few paces behind him, paying very close attention to the mud huts around them. It’s not that he cared about mud huts, sure they were a bit interesting, but it was more the lack of shop owners and customers that was catching his attention. This place wasn’t very large but they didn’t set up a shopping area for nothing. If whatever was going on was enough to draw every able body from their daily routine then it was something relatively important, Kichiro just couldn’t have imagined what it was. As they approached the grumbling blocked the ranting and raving, but the closer they got the more Kichiro could make out the sermon-like rant that was taking place. It was a unsettling for the young Shinobi, he didn’t follow his partner in though, that was a bad idea. The red haired Inuzuka could hear the raving against the powerful villages, he could hear the excitement in the crowd as they were quickly whipped up into a mellow frenzie by the ragged man’s words. The worst part of it all was how susceptible these people were to the message, they didn’t question it they just bought it. Kichiro thought back to a moment, remembering the stories about the Flame Village before the current Kage, a lot of the working class people were probably old enough to remember the days of forced labor and enslavement. They needed to leave. If this crowd erupted and decided to take out its frustration on Shinobi it wouldn’t be safe for them. Add to that the fact that there were over 30, maybe closer to 50 people there now, even as trained Shinobi the two of them weren’t getting away if they stayed wrapped in the mob. Kichiro stepped back and took a moment to wait on his partner, he didn’t like him but they needed to leave together.
  14. "Did she pass out on you, too?" Pass out on him? What was this guy talking about? She’d beaten him up after dragging him all over town and then got him stuck with a bunch of community service, he wished she’d simply just passed out. That raised another question though, when had she passed out on their new Sensei? The Momiji he’d met was from from sickly or prone to passing out, she was violent, loud, and as everyone had just learned, very rude. But as the new sensei continued Kichiro turned a bit red in the face out of embarrassment, of course he was right, you weren’t always going to work with the people you liked to work with, it was childish of him to try and kick her off the team without considering that. “Of course, I apologize.” Kichiro was now standing there, Dai close to his right leg, brimming with shame at his request. It was probably a good thing he’d not been stuck with one of his older siblings at this point, they’d have been a whole lot more vocal in admonishing him than the red headed Uzumaki had been. Kichiro almost hadn’t even noticed that the third wheel of their team had still not piped up and interjected, he must have had some pretty tough skin to have dealt with getting interrupted by the brunette and then the Inuzuka without losing his cool. Kichiro could only imagine how cool a dude he was. Then again, it could have just been that the other young redhead wasn’t feeling well and needed to run off before his stomach contents forcefully exited his body. Who knows, he was an awfully quiet guy though. “Uh… but ya, I am Kichiro Inuzuka, this is Dai.” He pointed at his ninken to emphasise who Dai was. “Glad to meet you guys, I uh can apparently take a punch and I don’t really have many goals, I just want to get stronger and have people recognize me for it.” It was an honest answer if not completely honest. He wanted to stand on equal footing someday with his siblings, being the screw up among the family was a tough role to play.