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  1. So I'll be doing exit posts in the threads I'm in over the weekend but I'll be leaving the site. I'll be in touch with some of you, working on a project I'll fill everyone in on, been fun though.
  2. I wondered if you had gone civilian, but in your app you are a shinobi who is just an acting blacksmith. This is going to create odd issues, if someone tries to kill you are you a civilian who essentially just dies or are you a shinobi with trained survival skills? Are you going to compete with a C-Rank given your character was once ANBU or is all of that just gone?
  3. It looks like you've cut some stuff out of the application, could you put things like village rank, Shinobi rank back in.
  4. When the new bloodline system comes out you can feel free to remake canon clans that no one is currently part of, staff will retain the right to put them in villages.
  5. Business guide is going up before Saturday so knowing that I can suggest she use it. Since you don't have that info I understand how you might get defensive but rather than being hostile you could ask. In fact it will likely be up in 24 hours Now since you think I was unfair in my answer please give a constructive suggestion on how I should incorporate civilians into Bijuu attacks, massive conflicts, and ninja quests other than letting them rp being a civilian in these instances. The only thing we aren't doing is limiting shimonoseki from making their own stuff, other than that they can do what they want.
  6. I mean we are never limiting a shinobis ability to create their stuff. That's debilitating to the core game mechanic here so that's that. So while your points may be somewhat valid, I could contend but it doesn't serve a purpose in the confines of the system, they won't be put into practice because they limit the majority population in a way that doesn't benefit the flow of the site. You are are free to make D-Rank civilian missions and tag them as such if you'd like.
  7. So in the shining world we inhabit a civilian can't really fight on level. They don't have a unique skill set, for instance a puppeteer can make his stuff better than a civilian could because understands it's use. And missions would never be handed to them because in our setting what could an untrained civilian be more effective at than a ninja? so I guess I am asking for your opinion, what place does a civilian serve in a world of ninja other than someone to do some social threads with? You could start a business and interact that way?
  8. 500 Ryo and 20 exp please link this to the character sheet so you may be awarded properly.
  9. a part not a pet but yes. we are discussing chakra strings so when/if they have a change then the range on this may as well. Also this concept cannot be private.
  10. So you form this around the arm and fire it right? Similar fashion to the other? needs dimensions on how wide the drill is
  11. So the concept is fine as long as one of the gadgets in the puppet is an eye that works with it. Needs a post limit, but with gadget I'd say you could go 3-4 at this rank
  12. For this jutsu just use the flat cost, get the per post cost out of there. Also so does the drill form around the fist or does it add a bit of range. I assume the latter so just add how much in there.
  13. Kichiro didn’t like waking up early, neither did Dai, and yet there they both were, standing in front of a worn out clay building waiting on his assigned partner to arrive. If he was lucky no one would show up and he’d just find a nice place to nap and forget this whole thing ever happened. The small settlement Kichiro had been sent to was at the base of a dormant volcano, it was the first checkpoint on the way to Kasai, a place Kichiro hoped to never have to go. All around him were clay built hut’s of varying sizes, because of the heat the dormant volcano gave off it was almost the only way to live. Kichiro remembered a class in the academy where they had explained how the clay protected from the heat, they sure did look like large round lumps of dirt though. Kichiro kicked around in front of the building, watching and waiting. Who did this guy think he was showing up almost an hour after the set arrival time? Kichiro didn’t want to be in this humid, stale smelling dirt bowl either but he had managed to show up on time out of respect. Dai watched him as he paced. The small dog was clearly unhappy with the heat as well but wore it with much more grace than the young redhead. It wasn’t like Kichiro didn’t appreciate the chance to get out of the village and stretch his legs, but this really was the worst place in Flame Country, or at least a close second to Kasai. Having to walk around the small town and rip down some radical groups posters was going to be a real drag. Honestly Kichiro couldn’t understand what kind of idiotic group would plaster posters here anyways, was anyone even interested in what they had to say? Out here it was Shinobi and working class people, there wasn’t anyone to sway. It didn’t really matter, Kichiro needed to get paid and this was an easy enough job. Now if only his partner would hurry up and get there so he didn’t wither away from heat exhaustion.
  14. Kichiro didn’t give much thought to the Chuunin he was working with not responding, it seemed like that was just kind of his personality. Sure, Kichiro was getting frustrated that every time he tried to communicate with him like a regular human he’d get nothing, but at this point the only thing her really cared about was the growing crowd and noise happening down the street. He veered to his left and pulled down another poster, then he noticed that the silver haired asshole who Kichiro had been so lucky to be partnered with was heading down the road. Kichiro fell in a few paces behind him, paying very close attention to the mud huts around them. It’s not that he cared about mud huts, sure they were a bit interesting, but it was more the lack of shop owners and customers that was catching his attention. This place wasn’t very large but they didn’t set up a shopping area for nothing. If whatever was going on was enough to draw every able body from their daily routine then it was something relatively important, Kichiro just couldn’t have imagined what it was. As they approached the grumbling blocked the ranting and raving, but the closer they got the more Kichiro could make out the sermon-like rant that was taking place. It was a unsettling for the young Shinobi, he didn’t follow his partner in though, that was a bad idea. The red haired Inuzuka could hear the raving against the powerful villages, he could hear the excitement in the crowd as they were quickly whipped up into a mellow frenzie by the ragged man’s words. The worst part of it all was how susceptible these people were to the message, they didn’t question it they just bought it. Kichiro thought back to a moment, remembering the stories about the Flame Village before the current Kage, a lot of the working class people were probably old enough to remember the days of forced labor and enslavement. They needed to leave. If this crowd erupted and decided to take out its frustration on Shinobi it wouldn’t be safe for them. Add to that the fact that there were over 30, maybe closer to 50 people there now, even as trained Shinobi the two of them weren’t getting away if they stayed wrapped in the mob. Kichiro stepped back and took a moment to wait on his partner, he didn’t like him but they needed to leave together.
  15. "Did she pass out on you, too?" Pass out on him? What was this guy talking about? She’d beaten him up after dragging him all over town and then got him stuck with a bunch of community service, he wished she’d simply just passed out. That raised another question though, when had she passed out on their new Sensei? The Momiji he’d met was from from sickly or prone to passing out, she was violent, loud, and as everyone had just learned, very rude. But as the new sensei continued Kichiro turned a bit red in the face out of embarrassment, of course he was right, you weren’t always going to work with the people you liked to work with, it was childish of him to try and kick her off the team without considering that. “Of course, I apologize.” Kichiro was now standing there, Dai close to his right leg, brimming with shame at his request. It was probably a good thing he’d not been stuck with one of his older siblings at this point, they’d have been a whole lot more vocal in admonishing him than the red headed Uzumaki had been. Kichiro almost hadn’t even noticed that the third wheel of their team had still not piped up and interjected, he must have had some pretty tough skin to have dealt with getting interrupted by the brunette and then the Inuzuka without losing his cool. Kichiro could only imagine how cool a dude he was. Then again, it could have just been that the other young redhead wasn’t feeling well and needed to run off before his stomach contents forcefully exited his body. Who knows, he was an awfully quiet guy though. “Uh… but ya, I am Kichiro Inuzuka, this is Dai.” He pointed at his ninken to emphasise who Dai was. “Glad to meet you guys, I uh can apparently take a punch and I don’t really have many goals, I just want to get stronger and have people recognize me for it.” It was an honest answer if not completely honest. He wanted to stand on equal footing someday with his siblings, being the screw up among the family was a tough role to play.
  16. Awesome, glad to see you are going to be writing a story for us to read. This is all good but for future reference we've gotten rid of the Rewards part of the application since all completed missions will be posted in the Completed Missions section and graded(Yes there are standards rewards but bonuses are given to encourage good story telling). Mission Approved
  17. Contract Approved
  18. Ah that is probably a holdover from the former system, sorry about that. We've split that up. The contract is on it's own and the creatures are all separate, I'll be sure to go fix that really quickly. Like I said I am good with it how it is if you are happy with it that way.
  19. The other young man seemed more irritated than willing to play nice and get along, in fact as he walked past and replied with a curt “That’s nice.” it wouldn’t have surprised Kichiro if he thought that was generous. The young redheads blood began to boil again, here he was trying to reach out and patch up a failing relationship only for this silver haired ass to shake it off like an annoyance. Kichiro was nearly ready to take a page out of a violent brunettes book and start a brawl in the middle of the hard dirt road, no he wouldn’t do that. He scowled, turned away from the pompous young man he’d been paired with and returned to pulling posters off of the nearby clay huts. When the ruckus from down the road increased it caught his attention. By the time his partner asked if they should check it out Kichiro was already peering that way, neck stretched with hands around his eyes as if that enhanced his vision somehow. Unlike the other young man his first instinct wasn’t to see if he should head that way, but after hearing it he was more than a little intrigued. The clay built shops and houses lined the street, they weren’t touching so if the crowd turned out to be dangerous there were plenty of places they could cut through to create space. “I don’t know, I suppose if you want to go check it out I’m in.” Kichiro responded. With this new thing to distract him his mind had wandered off of his irritation for his partner. That was likely a mistake, had he been thinking clearer he would have thought twice about agreeing to get involved in a situation like that with someone he clearly couldn’t count on having his back. He reached a hand out and pulled another poster from the hut, only half paying attention as his eyes stayed locked on the ever growing crowd. The small town they were in didn’t seem like it would house that many people, especially not that many working age men, but then again he had really never thought about things like that so didn’t have a great point of reference. “You lead the way, I’ll follow?”
  20. So split this up for me, apply for the ninken summoning contract In the summoning contracts area and apply for the first creature here. But for the summon I don't have any issue with how you did the Designated Area Defense but it may be better to simply describe it as Enhanced Doglike Senses. I say that because an animal, specifically a trained ninken, is going to be able to smell and hear at a much higher level then the average shinobi. As it looks right now you will struggle to use this to prevent ambushes without meta-gaming because why would you activate it unless you already knew there was a danger in the area?
  21. A few moments after Kichiro had made his presence known he began to regret not fighting more when he was assigned to the team. There was nothing particularly terrifying about the two other redheads, but the moment the unkempt brunette turned her face Kichiro felt the urge to turn and walk away. He recognized her dark, wild features, the yellow catlike eyes surrounded by the familiar red paint. Even dressed like someone living in a box she was unmistakably the same girl who’d dragged him through town and then proceeded to attack him just a few days ago. Kichiro groaned a bit and almost turned around, if she was part of this team there was no way they’d ever be able to work together, but the older redhead began speaking before the young Inuzuka could power his legs in the opposite direction. "I'm glad that all of you made it here, as you guys have put together by now, I am Daichi Uzumaki." It was probably good that he started speaking when he did, otherwise Kichiro might have been halfway down the road in the opposite direction. Not that the Uzumaki, a name Kichiro didn’t really recognize, said anything out of the ordinary. He went on about them being a team, him wanting to be called sensei, a term Kichiro would probably use but maybe never really mean. He’d been training alongside his older siblings for so long now it was going to be difficult for anyone not related to him to slide into a real mentor role. It occurred to Kichiro while the older redhead was speaking that maybe his resistance to someone unrelated to him teaching him might be a bit unfair, after all there were plenty of great shinobi that weren’t Inuzuka, but that sudden enlightened thought didn’t change how he felt. Daichi urged the other young man, obviously another member of the team, to start off the introductions. Unfortunately for everyone the quick to action, slow to brain function brunette that Kichiro was unfortunately acquainted with interjected before the other young man even had the chance to gather the air required to say his name. "I want to go first." She said with a threatening glance, Kichiro knew all too well that she wasn’t afraid to brawl with someone for any reason, literally any possible reason. She went into her introduction without resistance, the other guy was smart not to return the favor she’d show him when interrupting. The Inuzuka boy could only imagine the fight that would erupt if she didn’t get her way. As she gave her name she spared little in the way of modesty or humbleness, proudly announcing her superiority before ending by pointing at Kichiro and saying, “But I'm really great at hitting things! Just ask him!" It was infuriating the way she said it and it scratched at old wounds to his pride that hadn’t healed over just yet. When she finally ended with the candy shop comment Kichiro felt his hand go up to his forehead and plant itself with an audible thwack. “Daic- uh Sensei, is there any way we can like vote her off the team or something?” Kichiro said as he took a step forward. “I’ve run into her before, there’s no way we’ll be able to work together.” He said it matter of factly, in truth he really didn’t dislike her all that much. Sure she beat him up a little but it hadn’t been that bad of an experience, or at least until he got stuck with community service because she had a reputation. Honestly he could imagine them getting along better had they met in a different way, but they hadn’t. He looked at her after his statement ready for the violent retribution he was sure would be coming.
  22. Kichiro began to feel a bit bad about the way he’d responded to the gray haired man shortly after beginning his walk towards the makeshift business district, sure he had shown up late then been a bit of a careless ass after arriving but maybe he had a good reason? Kichiro doubted that, everything about the way the well dressed young man screamed that he just didn’t care about the time they were supposed to meet so he didn’t make it. Still, he bit his tongue and slowed his pace to allow the grey haired guy to catch up. They were supposed to be a team for this mission, maybe it was like a test of patience for the both of them? Once they finally arrived in the business district, or at least what was called a business district, Oodenta was the first to move to pull a poster. Kichiro turned and watched him, it would be a bit of a lie to say that he didn’t hope there was a small explosion behind the poster that launched paint or goo at his overdressed compatriot, but it came off as easily as expected. At that Kichiro began pulling a poster off of a nearby mud hut that a vendor was sitting out in front of. Why weren’t they pulling these damn posters down themselves? “Hey, I never let you introduce yourself, but I’m Kichiro, he’s Dai.” Kichiro had stopped and turned to the grey haired shinobi to introduce himself. When he was assigned him as a partner he’d gotten the other shinobi’s name, but it was rude of him not to have at least introduced himself when they met. His older brother would have been ashamed. He stood waiting for a response from the other shinobi a short distance away, Dai standing next to him monitoring the whole situation. It was probably just wishful thinking on the red headed young man’s part, but he hoped that he could try and salvage the working relationship between he and the uppity shinobi.
  23. So this is far more like summoning than it is puppetry. You have a free acting agent within your area of effect, that is more akin to summoning and summoners pay a large fee for it. The reason puppeteers pay the relatively lower cost for the strings is because they have to always move them and the chakra strings give away position and can be cut. Sure they can reattach quickly but it's still a conceivable weakness, this has none of those traits. I'd be more ok with this if you simply didn't need the strings but still had to issue focused commands, limiting your mobility and ability to use other jutsu while it was active. As far as how many puppets, normal puppeteers have to use strings so they get about 10 effectively, since you don't there isn't really a solid limit. I need to probably talk with the other staff members on how to make this kind of puppet control work before I give you any hard numbers. I will update you on this within 32 hours.
  24. Edit to my grade 8 CP per post is a better number