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  1. So next to Mission Name, you have your title which is great. But in brackets, include who is putting the mission out. Is it Flame village, Lightning village, etc. That impacts who can take this mission. A lightning shinobi cannot take a flame mission, for example. It should be [Flame Village] if it is Flame village, for example. A clan or organization may also put out missions like this, but it must be a specific clan or group recognized on this site ( @Suijin Umiken right?) For Mission type, it should be listed as a Bingo book, Village, or clan mission. I see you wrote Recon, but you should clarify that the mission is given by a certain entity. The required word count for a C Rank mission is 700 words. Mission NPCs include villagers, enemy shinobi, bandits and the like. Mission description: You write that the Kage sent some on a mission, did you mean some villagers? Some shinobi? If there is likely to be any fighting or interacting between the person taking the mission and other NPCs, this is where you would want to fill out the Mission NPC section. http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/62-mission-template-guide/ Please, use this link and make some edits and I will work with you to confirm it as a viable mission!
  2. This area is for completed missions, that is missions that you finish. Where it says "Link to missions" There should be a link to your rp topic where you completed the mission, as well as a link to the mission that you took on from the mission section. Can you add the link of you completed it?
  3. Happy late welcome to the site!!!!!!
  4. The ground had shifted from the organized albeit old stone pathways through the town and into grassy dirt paths leading out of the area. Akane waited until they were nearly out of the town before responding. She was thinking, spending her time considering the ways that she would beat him, the jutsu that she would use, and the ways she would have to defend herself against him. Always, her mind was busy, but to face off against her mentor, the kage, she would need her wits about her. If nothing else, the comments he made about dinner earlier were likely to disarm her for their fight in a psychological way. She wouldn't have any of it. The red head did not completely ignore Daichi, however, considering what he said for the second time in her mind before finally responding to him, "Nothing's changed. We always looked up to you. Everyone. You're a natural leader and it's no secret to a single person out there." Akane shifted her brown eyes to look at him, slowing her pace a bit. The thick dense forest sprang up ahead, like a waiting predator. The leaves rustled in excitement akin to the way a wild beast shakes its hindquarters- right before the attack. Akane had spent many hours in this enclave, but she did not trust it. Not for just the lurking criminals, but for the dizzying amount of unknown plants and animals. She could walk past an array of flowers only to find out the pollen had been toxic and paralytic. Being so involved in nature, collecting specimens and creating poisons and antidotes, had influenced her entirely. She was both in a state of perpetual fascination and eagerness, like a cliff diver looking down, as she was in a state of wariness, as paranoid as a small rodent in the enclave itself. Her comfort level was high in this place, especially near the edge, most plants and things were documented, identified, and even taught by Akane at the Daigaku. But her posture and body radiated tension, like a spooked beast, she naturally fit in here and yet, with her wariness, she stuck out. "Daichi, you are going to be a great kage, do great things, and I have no fear of any of that. And all those people in the village are sheep, willing to follow anyone with a cool hair cut, a bright smile, and a sharp weapon. You'll do fine."
  5. Akane watched as he dressed, staring still at the seal on his chest. She wondered what it meant, what it was for, and if it was dangerous. She wondered if it was a secret, but then if it weren't why not just tell her what it was right out? As Daichi went on about finding a woman, she rolled her eyes a little. He was just so busy he hadn't yet found time for more wenches or girls to fool around with. She had seen the way he frolicked out at night, drinking and flirting the times away. And she might never have dated a guy before, but she was far from naive when it came to her mentor and friend. Daichi was charismatic, handsome, and tender-hearted. But he was also a consistent heart breaker. When he approached her, placing her hand on his chest, she looked up and met his eyes again. Her brows pinched together a bit as she spoke, "You really should button up, I'm waiting for--" But he interuppted her as he let her hand go. She sighed. Probably, the seal was not very important, but if it was, she was sure Daichi would tell her sooner or later. As his personal up and coming medic, she knew she would learn more than maybe she wanted to about him. Akane watched him get his gauntlets out and could not help but grin. Though he teased her, she could tell by the gauntlets that he was taking her seriously. On the one side, it was disorienting and she felt strangely nervous about it again. Seriously desiring to take her on a date was more than just odd for Daichi, and his admission of his determination was even more so. But then, taking her seriously is what she always wanted him to do. Akane wanted to see how she fared against him after these past few months. Could she finally attempt to take on her former sensei? He was only a couple years older, or so she assumed based on her medical observations of his muscle tone and behavior. However, Daichi had always been so much stronger. "A whole limb?" Akane started, chuckling as she exited through the door, "Should I be flattered more by the determination of cutting my arm off, or by the fact you asked me to dinner?" The aromatic woman passed him by and began walking from the complex towards the enclave. It was an extensive journey, likely several hours walk, but Akane had done it before and with Daichi in such a lively mood, she was positive it would feel much shorter.
  6. The woman started shaking her head, arms lowering to her sides. She noted the seal, staring at it so intently that she didn't see anything else. She examined it but despite the way she had scanned fuinjutsu scrolls in her free time in Daichi's study, she hadn't ever seen a mark like his. Her brown hued eyes were locked onto the mark, trying to place its meaning in her mind, and then they lifted to his eyes. She heard something about him calling her an actual woman and it drew her attention to his face. Unfortunately, he was standing erringly close. Were he any other guy, she would have kicked him hard and brutally in the crotch. She frowned as his hand floated over her jawline, gazing into her eyes. Akane felt puzzled, strangely warm and confused, as well as nervous. He was naked. And not in the medical way, not like the corpses she had seen, not in the helping out in the emergency way, not in the 'old person stripped and running through the hospital' way. He was naked and oozing seduction. She had seen him do it to others before, and had rolled her eyes. Now she was embarrassed that his tricks, his very presence, had an effect on her. He really was losing his mind. Her frown deepened as she struggled to understand the emotion of nervousness when she had spent years with Daichi and never had felt so nervous before. She scoffed a bit at his request for dinner, "You're just buying me dinner because ladies and no pants," The red head tumbled her tongue through the nonsense words. She clenched her fists and crossed her arms. She tried to fix her words, turning to face him once he wore boxers. Catching his eye again this time, she paused and her anger went away. Would dinner with Daichi be so bad after all? "You can buy me dinner on two conditions. One, I can't be your second choice. And two," Akane paused and then smirked at him. It was the kind of look she would give him before cleverly sending an attack his way which he did not expect. "You must be able to defeat one of my attacks out there in the enclave today." Akane doubted that would happen. The woman knew he didn't have Kai Release, or he hadn't learned it last they sparred. Breaking her genjutsu would be a challenge, even if he was a kage, she was quite good at what she did. Dinner and humiliation at his expense would not even be on the to do list because there was no way he could beat her if she pulled an illusion jutsu on him.
  7. Akane had seen him naked before, just once or twice, usually in similar predicaments. She groaned when she caught sight of his muscular pale flesh. She had to admit he was a great specimen from a medical standpoint, despite all the scarring. She wasn't shy about it really, and continued on forward with her hands on her hips. She looked down at him, thankfully his position hiding his aforementioned goods. His comments on her good smell was an odd mix of a compliment, and a playful jest. She wrinkled her nose and shook her head, "You know better than to insinuate that I smell when I come in here and you're looking like you do." Akane normally felt no pity for him and his stupid drunken late nights, but he had been working awfully hard on all that paperwork. He deserved a night, she thought, but perhaps for once not the pain that came with the morning after. Still, the red head wasn't fazed and didn't plan to alter her course of action. "Get dressed, would you? It's mid morning already and you said we could go to the enclave and train together, like old times." Akane moved to cross her hands over her arms and over her chest, still standing with her weight forward slightly on one hip and leg, filling her posture with attitude. "You need to blow off steam, catch a break, and I need a good workout. I don't care if you're kage, you better not make me wait." Akane relaxed a little, smiling softly. It was more like old times than she wanted to admit. Years ago, as his only student, he had trained her hard and she was the one in bed begging him to go away. She looked around for a glass of water, considering throwing it on him as revenge for that one time he had done so to her. It seemed only right.
  8. Akane had already gotten ready for the day. Her red hair was clean, braided into one long row, and adorned with small green velvety pins shaped like leaves. She wore black halter, cropped, and blue flowing pants. Her black boots were cleaned and shined, mostly because they were new, and her jewelry of the day was a golden cuff around her left wrist, swirling like a vine over and back across her whole forearm. Her pants were topped with a leather belt, a golden leaf shaped piece in the front. She was feeling nature-y today. And smelling like fresh sultry flowers, Akane made her way to Daichi's room. She pounded on his door with the heel of her fist, letting the hard rap go twice before waiting. When no sounds emerged, she was not surprised. Daichi slept pretty hard after a night of drinking, and though she had no idea what he was up to the night before, she planned to not wait and see. Akane opened the door and called his name as she stepped inside, "Daichi? Daichi?" The red head repeated, looking in, carrying the fresh clean scent of her recent onsen visit with her.
  9. Akane lowered her arm, watching the old man collapse dead. She shrugged, having not planned on killing him. "At least it was a quick death, hm kid? Now if you get down to all fours, we can be sure you can live to tell the tale of how Akane and Daichi obliterated this gang hideout." The red head's order was simple and easy enough to understand, so the female placed her hands on her hips. She took a few steps forward, shortening the distance as she kept her wary brown eyes on the teen. Her eyes flicked to the door of the building as the smoke rolling out abruptly ended. Apparently, that jutsu was over. She saw the shadow of Daichi emerging through the dark building, coming behind the teen and smiled softly at her mentor. The man, she had no doubt, was in perfect position to end the teen if it were necessary. She was glad to see Daichi and noted that he held the scroll in one of his hands. A second reason to be glad. He had managed to complete part of the mission and so far, their work had not been in vain. All that was left was for this teen to lie down and allow herself or Daichi to bind him up. Then they could search around, find the other scroll, and finish the mission off for a smooth reward. Akane thought about the onsen, a hot cup of sake, and the roiling steam glistening off her skin. That was what she was looking forward to doing with the reward money.
  10. Best of luck and take care then, will miss seeing you around here!
  11. I am very glad you are back and you are well!
  12. Medical Training

    Akane watched the girl's movements carefully and nodded. She pulled Daichi's arm up and inspected it with her own eyes. Then she lowered his arm again. The cuts were meant to be small and easily healed, and she gestured to the girl with her left hand, pointing between her and Daichi. "Well, looks like you got the gist of it. More practice and you will be able to do this without your hands on the cut someday. The chakra wrap does fade with time, but it is usually enough to get someone through a battle or a tough spot. I would let the jutsu fade out on its own to get an idea for how long it lasts, and then give him the regular first aid." The red haired female smirked and patted Daichi's shoulder. "He can heal up on his own, never waste chakra. The cuts are small and good for practice, but don't underestimate the simple wealth of a real bandage." She looked over at Daichi and then stretched her arms over her head. Akane spoke to him in a quiet tone, though not minding if the girl whose name she had not learned yet, heard, "I think you can handle it from here. I am going to head off. If you need me to teach another technique or two, I'll be at home." Akane turned and gave a singular head bow to both of them and then stepped away, leaving the two. [exit] WC: 2032
  13. Sorry @Jigokuchō I was told you wanted to end the topic and not continue it. I've been here all along! I just don't go in the cb often. But I check in every day!
  14. @Suijin Umiken
  15. Your reward: 600 ryo, 12 exp Really interesting read! Please link this to your character sheet!