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  1. Meiko Tokiyama
  2. Update Type | Ryo Transfer Update Name | Currency Transfer Update Training | (Apology to Tenri for leaving him with all these people) Update Cost/Pay | -8,075 Ryo Update Links | Tenri
  3. Well, I'm leaving the site for multiple reasons. Thanks for the good times, I'm out. p.s. I'm taking Lark (Kiroyashi) and Rin (mirato kizune)
  4. +1 Rue +1 Reimei Agree with those points 100%. The lack of punishment in the CB is starting to get a little irritating, it has stopped people I have invited from joining the site and the toxicity levels are just starting to rise day by day. Not punishing people has made others think that it's alright to troll or be toxic in the CB.
  5. Meiko would stand and watch as the others voted. It was a shame that people were still recklessly killing each other.
  6. The young woman would look at the crowd and say, "I don't have any idea who it could be now, I'm done voting and killing others off until there's evidence pointing towards someone."
  7. Meiko would look at Akane and would say, "You've been quick to point the finger at others and you redirected the attention of the people to someone who voted to kill you. For all we know, you could just be voting to lynch other people to make it easier to kill the rest of us off at night. There's also no reason to believe what that man just said about you either. You could both quite possibly be werewolves, you were both up all night after all. What were you doing, killing others?" She would then let her words sink into the crowd before voting AKANE.
  8. Referrer Name | Meiko [Link] Referee Name | Jace [Link] Character Link | Link
  9. The young lady would stand in the crowd outside and would sigh softly before saying, "You're all awfully quick to point the finger at each other. If you begin killing each other mindlessly we're never going to figure out who the werewolf is and you're just going end up helping it wipe us out. You should at least wait until there's evidence pointing to a suspect before accusing anyone. There is a reason to be paranoid of everyone around you but, there is no reason for everyone to begin carelessly pointing the finger at each other." She was disappointed that her fellow people were so quick to point the finger at each other as the one they lynched could prove to be quite useful later on.
  10. Add me plz
  11. Referrer Name | Meiko [Link] Referee Name | Tenri/Rue [Link] Character Link | [Link]
  12. From the album Meiko Tokiyama

  13. Plot

    Meiko would wait patiently within the large, tightly packed crowd and would wait for the leader of the revolutionaries to make an appearance. She would prepare herself for the bullshit that was about to leave his mouth and was prepared to stay calm through the entire thing, no matter what he said or what he did. People who threatened her village would often anger her to the point of no return but today she had to make an exception, she couldn't blow her cover and needed to carry out the mission without fail. When the man finally made his appearance on the stage she would listen to his words and would shake her head slowly in disappointment. The villages were at peace now and there was no conflict, the shinobi of the world did nothing to harm them and instead accepted their requests for help. Meiko didn't understand how the words of this man appealed to the people, none of it was true. Most people had become Shinobi to protect them from the dangers of the world and they instead wanted to believe that Shinobi wanted to rule over them. After spouting his bullshit she would watch as he revealed the next stage of their revolution. It seemed that they had managed to capture quite a well known and powerful Jounin which was no easy feat. She had talked to him a couple times and had even received orders from him. It was sad that she could only merely stand there and watch him struggle and cry for help as the life was sucked straight out of him. All of his chakra had been drained from his body and it was obvious that it'd take multiple Medical Nin to restore him to his former self if it was even possible. Meiko would look down and sigh softly before looking back up and listening to the man speak once more. It seemed that this time around he would confirm Meiko's suspicions that this was merely a trap to isolate and kill the Shinobi who managed to infiltrate the meeting. She would watch as the Equalists began cutting people down one by one and would listen to the people's cries of terror. Meiko was then forced to rush towards the door like everyone else and would look for a way to escape. Luckily, there had been somebody waiting outside and they blew a hole in the front of the building which was large enough for those not caught in the explosion to escape. Meiko would take the opportunity to escape and would run off to get help but little did she know while she was going to get help that a wanderer who had also managed to infiltrate the foundations of the building, causing it to collapse.
  14. From the album Meiko Tokiyama

  15. From the album Meiko Tokiyama