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  1. Guys to all those I'm in an rp with I profusely apologize my internet is down and I have almost no internet access. Once again to those who have been waiting I'm honestly and genuinely sorry.
  2. How annoying.... Yet another sleepless night, Karasu cocked his head back to stare up at the pale cresent moon overhead, the night sky dotted with stars. Karasu's favorite thinking spot was the roof to his apartment building it was awfully quiet up there as opposed to his household which was generally filled with shouts, crying and screaming. He is usually found up here on the roof chain smoking away solving a logic puzzle or reading a book. It also satiated another habit of his which was people watching, seeing that his buildings was only 5 stories high he could watch people from up there without them knowing he was watching and Karasu would make up stories for passers by. Tonight was awfully quiet though there was almost not a single soul in sight. karasu moved to the other side of the roof that one that looked out towards the slums. It was awfully bright during this time of the night, what was going on there, were these morons celebrating something? Screams echoed through the night, Karasu instanty realized that he was not looking at a celebration the entire slums were on fire. Karasu cursed under his breath and pocketed his cigarettes before jumping down from the roof onto the street below pelting through the streets as fast as he could making a beeline towards the slums. "Tsh! Damn it I'm no good with water release but at least I can help with the evacuation." The prodigy genjutsu expert had focused almost all his training on genjutsu refining the art of illusions so that it would be his main arsenal in battle. Karasu made his way through the alleyways taking every possible shortcut he knew. He did not even know why he was in such a rush, Karasu generally gave no damns about people but after meeting the Mizukage his resolve has changed, something inside him ticked. Karasu now has dreams and goals one day Karasu intends to become an ANBU member and hopefully one day stay by the side of his Mizukage-sama to protect him. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goal and make people recognize and acknowledge him. Karasu finally arrived to the blazing inferno that was the slums instantly his eyes stung from the smoke women and children were screaming for help and chaos was all around.This is bad.... This is really bad. Karasu needed to do something and fast. Karasu took to the nearest roof quickly analyzing the safest route out of the slums, his sky blue eyes scanning every street and alleyway. Karasu then shouted out, "Oi! Go down this way.... GO GO!" He began to herd people out of the slums. The look of fear, anguish and despair on people's faces was truly somber. Karasu stood over the rooftop guiding people out as they quickly rushed, listening to Karasu's instructions. Meanwhile Karasu was looking around waiting for other shinobi to arrive on the scene and put out the fire, there is so much a genjutsu specialist can do. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something but Karasu was convinced that it was the shadow of the flames playing tricks on him. Did someone just get stabbed down below in the middle of the blaze? Karasu looked down to see armed thugs slashing and hacking at poor defenseless civilians. The slums were infested with thugs, gangsters and hooligans they were an infestation of rats and roaches who often fought over territory but it was odd seeing a coordinated attack. Karasu jumped down off the roof and directly in their path. "Oi! You too the hell y'all think you're doing?" Both thugs laughed at the scrawny chunnin intercepting their path. "Get the F*** out of our way string bean or we'll dice ya!" The bigger brutish one grunted. Karasu cracked his neck, sighed and then silently performed a string of hand seals Boar - Dog - Bird " Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique" The brutish thug dropped his machete as he stared out with a look of perpetual horror on his face, a line of drool on the corner of his mouth. Karasu's gaze shifted to the moustached thin thug, "drop your weapon asshole or you'll end up lobotomized like your friend here." Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique Chakra: 135/150
  3. All he had to do now was stay in position and wait for the rest of his team to come in one by one. He was certain that some other genius might come up with the exact same plan he had come up with, but as of yet either no one has found the gate or they had not reached it yet to camp it or genin are idiots with tactical sense. Karasu perched atop a branch overlooking his surroundings with 180 degrees seeing that he has time he hopped from tree to tree in absolute silence gauging which tree had the best position to lay the ambush and at the same time provide him with cover. It was all in the waiting game, Karasu and another member of his team would hide as the third member would lure a team into their ambush and from there Karasu would naturally have had a genjutsu set up to disorient the enemy and the other two would capitalize on that opportunity attacking from either side while Karasu would stay back and use his genjutsu. The team also decided that once they acquire their own key from the genin team that falls into their trap that they would actively seek the other teams and ambush them killing them in the process as this would lessen the competition specifically aiming for injured genin or those who strayed too far from the rest of their team. There was absolute silence, then a sharp scream echoed across the forest which caused Karasu to jump to alertness. The genin began to attack one another. Karasu wondered how many have fallen so far, as of yet it was impossible to calculate logically the survival probability as there was absolutely no data. It irked him being here he wanted in on the action but no, he had to be the first person to reach the gate while his teammates were having fun killing the other genin. Karasu jumped into another tree upon feeling a sudden craving and lit a cigarette puffing away at it quickly so that neither the smell or the smoke reveal his position. Karasu put out the cigarette in the bark and flicked it away. The source of these screams were near enough, Karasu assumed from the proximity of 50 meters-75 meters away and they had just alerted other shinobi nearby of their location which means there might be a scuffle in that region which means he needs to keep his distance from the west by at least 100 meters, which he was thankfully, he quickly radioed in his team and informed him of his analysis of the situation. They informed him that several fights have already broken out, which meant that there was less than 33 shinobi now, making their probability tougher as the stronger shinobi survived. Karasu all the while stood guard on guard at all times.
  4. Karasu cracked his neck from side to side, the first round of the chunnin exams were a breeze. The prodigal water shinobi was in fact the least intimidating human being in the entire village. He was an awfully lanky, tall teen with smooth boyish looks giving him the appearance that he is several years younger than he truly is. Karasu's pale blue eyes were staring off into the distance and his maroon hair was awfully unkempt as always spiking at odd angles here and there. Karasu for the chunnin exams was dressed extremely plainly with a pair of very basic black pants with the kunai holster strapped to his right thigh as he was left handed, a plain grey v-neck shirt, over all that a long black coat that went down to his knees with a high collar that reached his chin. Despite dressing so plainly, something about his appearance screams boyish charm, one could not help but look at him when he walks into a room he simply turns heads. However despite his charming appearance and being hailed a genius Karasu is a dark, twisted teen with extremely cruel intentions in mind who relishes in the suffering of others. Karasu half listened to his instructor belting out the instructions of the second phase of the exam to their team. He had already heard enough to understand exactly how this phase of the exam would work. He would be thrown into a forest alongside other genin in order to locate a key that would lead them out, the keys were hidden within the forest and they needed to locate them, survive and head out of the other side when the buzzer goes off. There were 34 applicants left 11 teams and 1 solo genin from the Flame. Each team would start at a different position outside the forest and every 2 minutes a group is let in. Karasu waited outside with his team and their jounin waiting until the red light over their gate turns green signifying that they can enter. Their team was designed so that the elite genin would be paired up together but it also works out that their abilities combined made them the perfect ambush team squad. That was exactly the plan the trio would split for the first 5 minutes of the exam in an attempt to quickly locate the exit, from there they would signal the rest of the team the location where they would regroup and scan the area and lay out their traps so when a team passes through with the key they would be sitting ducks. As the trio stood poised and ready, the green finally came on to signal that they can go through the gate and enter the second phase of the chunnin exams. Both partners soon sprinted off one to the north and the other northeast whilst Karasu headed north west. Karasu's eyes quickly scanning the area as he passed through making quick mental notes of the foliage, the trees or any marking where he can draw a mental map for himself. Karasu hailing from the Water village was not as experienced with forest climates like other shinobi. The trio decided that it would be best if they split early on and separately try to find the exit so that they can booby trap and intercept any team that manages to get the key. Karasu liked the forest with it's mossy high trees and thick foliage, it provided for excellent cover as other genin were not their only concern wild animals, poisonous plants and snakes could also just as easily ambush you as you would your enemy disregarding which village they come from. Karasu made his way between the trees opting to stay from the obvious and revealing forest floor below he jumped from tree to tree. Karasu finally reached a massive green gate that simply stood there in the middle of the forest with nothing behind it. "Come in! I found it! I'm in position."
  5. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links | Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Double Take Clones, Illusion Clones Update Training |N/a Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links | Double Take Clones, Illusion Clones Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Demonic Illusion: False surrounding Technique Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links |Demonic Illusion: False surrounding Technique Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Demonic Illusion: Double False Surrounding Technique Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links | Demonic Illusion: Double False Surrounding Technique Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Mist Shadows Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 100 Update Links | Mist Shadows Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Lost in the Fog Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links | Lost in the Fog Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Kai - Release Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 100 Update Links | Kai - Release Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Raiton: Thunder Wave Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 100 Update Links | Raiton: Thunder Wave Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | The Puddle Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links | The Puddle Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Substitution Jutsu Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 50 Update Links | Substitution Jutsu Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Chakra Suppression Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 50 Update Links | Chakra Suppression Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Body Flicker Technique Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 100 Update Links | Body Flicker Technique
  6. Senri hated the cold so much, he had been in a lousy mood the entire day as he packed his ninja tools and requirements for the mission, making sure that he packed an extremely heavy woolen coat with a hood because he gets cold extremely quickly due to his thin figure. Karasu opted to wear a long sleeved purple v-neck shirt, his standard black pants with the kunai holster on his right thigh. Karasu's first mission as a chunnin, he was excited but rather annoyed at the fact that it had to be in the middle bum nowhere in the frigid cold of the tundra. Karasu walked to the village gate with clouds over his head, to add insult to injury he was paired with a genin. Karasu looked awfully cross as it was, looking at the mountainous caravan that was waiting for him at the gate. "Hop on youngin we have a long distance to go." Karasu silently rode on the caravan gave a quick glance at the genin he had seen during the debriefing and silently stared off into the sky, his river blue eyes wandering as the caravan began to slowly roll out of the gate. Karasu quickly reached for his jacket and draped it across his shoulders lest he needed to tuck his arms into it later. Karasu was in no particular mood to be chatty or nice. He was going on this mission as assigned by the Mizukage himself to prove his worth and nothing more. Karasu merely reached over to his pack, extracted a pack of cigarettes and his logic puzzle book and a pencil. He opened the pack of cigarettes and offered to the caravan driver, an elderly gentleman with a broad smile and the genin without a word. As they drove further and further into the tundra, the grass underneath began to crunch as the frozen grass cracked underneath the wagon. It was getting colder and colder with every passing minute, Karasu tucked into his coat, buttoning it up to the top and then put the hoodie over his head. Honestly of all the places it had to be the frozen wasteland. Karasu was so cold that he put his puzzle book away it was too damn cold for that and he was unable to focus. Karasu looked over to the genin and bluntly stated, "hey genin, what are you good at? My main skill is in Genjutsu and my weakest is taijutsu." Karasu needed to know his partner's skill so that in a worse case scenario he needed to know what his partner's skills were at so that he can formulate a decent plan that benefited from their pool of skills. Karasu was not the one for social skills, he tends to come off as a blunt asshole most of the time, despite often not intending to. With Karasu what you see is what you get and he has no qualms about laying out the truth as it is disregarding how others might feel about what he says or who he will hurt in the proces. The creaking of the wheel and the crunching of the grass below made quite a din in the barren frozen tundra that coupled with the fact that a caravan was moving made them very, very obvious. Karasu had a bad feeling, like they were being followed or monitored and he kept his eyes peeled. He decided not to inform the genin lest he freaks him out and causes him to lose focus. Upon arrival Karasu would cast a genjutsu on the nearby area causing those who attempt to get lost and think they are elsewhere. For now though he needed to conserve his chakra. ((Sorry it's short didn't know how to go on))
  7. Name | Karasu Nickname | Crow Title Name | N/a Gender | Male Age | 16 Home Link | Link Village | Mizumura Village Clan | None Village Ranking: | Chunnin Shinobi Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | Lightning Release/ Water Release Specialties | Primary: Genjutsu Secondary: Ninjutsu Bloodline | None Chakra | 150 Stamina | 150 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | None Friends & Family | None Recent History | Karasu had just recently graduated from the chunnin exams and has been promoted to the rank of Chunnin, he was summoned by the Mizukage so that he could put Karasu to the test. He was then sent on his first B-Rank mission to investigate a strange blue crystal in the northern frozen tundra of the Water Country.
  8. Konan: 21Kisame: 14Deidara: 30Hidan: 24Obito: 11 Save Hidan Kill Obito
  9. Private

    Karasu could feel beads of sweat dripping from the tip of his fingers he was just about to meet the Mizukage himself, Karasu could not help but wonder what he was like. His mother described him as an extremely handsome man with long flowing blue locks of hair. Karasu had seen him before during the chunnin exams looking so poised looking on from the box above the arena he held so much charisma and charm even from the distance he held an aura to him that forced people to look at him in sheer awe. Karasu was not the kind of person to look up to people but Karasu held the Mizukage with extremely high regard, perhaps if he can prove himself today and when he becomes a Jounin he might even try out to be his assistant. Karasu was a highly organized, no nonsense kind of guy who was married to his job and extra assignments are his mistresses. Karasu's left arm was tingling from the exciting. "What the duck????...." Karasu felt as though he was slapped right across the face with a sloppy wet fish right across the face. Expecting to see a pristine office that was spotless on par with the pristine image of the Mizukage. karasu simply stood at the doorway utterly speechless from the sight he was witnessing. There were towers upon towers peeking over the desk and a slouched figure was fast asleep, or it looked like a person sleeping the Mizukage's chair, Karasu could not really tell from the mountains of papers. A loud rumbling noise echoed across the chamber and Karasu quickly jumped back reaching for his tanto only to realize the rumbling noise was that of someone who was fast asleep and snoring away. Karasu relaxed his muscles and smirked at the prospect of catching the Mizukage unawares. To Karasu this was enticing it was almost as good as catching him with his pants down, this is a moment that Karasu will never let go he will troll the Mizukage forever but he will do so ever so subtly that only the Mizukage would understand. Karasu of course despite having trigger fingers to troll the hell out of his leader but he understood that his job was by all means not easy and of course he is human who needs to rest. Karasu just realized he had a nagging sensation in his head, looking around the office he noticed a plethora of random objects scrolls opened and sprawled across the floor, mountains of documents all out of order. Karasu's hand was itching to organize it, the mess eating away at his mind. Karasu quickly looked to either side of him and decided he might as well let the Mizukage rest until the other chunnin arrive and he might as well start tidying up the place just a little so that it would be at least sort of representable to the other chunnin when they arrive. Karasu made a point not to look or read any of the documents or scrolls as they were not his to look over, he would only read the title or a sentence so that he can organize them by subject and alphabetical order. With that Karasu moved around the office collecting and sorting the mountains of papers sorting them at each corner then collecting and organizing them by subject and then these were sorted into alphabetical order. He finally finished the office itself all that remained were the heaps of paper mounatins that the Mizukage himself was buried under. He did not know whether he should approach his desk or not or even how the Mizukage would feel about him ransacking his office like that but his compulsion took over. Karasu slowly approached the desk very plaintively and looked down from behind the desk. he had never been that close to the Mizukage before. Karasu looked down at the blue haired man snoring away he looked extremely exhausted it would be hilarious to shock him awake but decided against it he looked down at the task at hand and Karasu's head was swimming from the amount of paperwork that was lying there, how the hell did he manage to keep track of all these? Karasu decided why the hell not, gingerly he began to organize the paperwork separating them into smaller piles and then matching the paperwork by subject and date this time keeping the most recent documents on the top and the oldest at the bottom.
  10. Hey hey, me thinks it's better for the more posts for more CP. I modified it. -NICE GUY POSE!-
  11. Jutsu Name | Demonic Illusion: Double False Surrounding Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Boar- Ram (Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique) then snake to activate (Demonic Illusion: Double False Surrounding Technique) Range | Once the hand seals are performed this genjutsu can target anyone within a 10m radius. Duration | 3 posts Description | Seeing that Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique is a fairly normal technique and could be easily broken through once detected more cunning shinobi play on that and allow a sloppy Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique to take place so that it would be broken through unknown to the victim that they have broken through one layer and thus would still be under the genjutsu not realizing that they are still within the genjutsu. This is especially effective when the victim knows he is chasing a genjutsu user. Other Effects | Adds another layer over Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique Requirements | Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique must be learned and active to cast this genjutsu over it/ Genjutsu Novice Status | Public/ Canon
  12. Jutsu Name | Demonic Illusion: False surrounding Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | 15 Handsigns | Boar- Ram - Bird Range | Once the hand seals are performed this genjutsu can target anyone within a 10m radius. Duration | 2 posts Description | This genjutsu allows the user to trick his enemies by thinking they are at a different location, mistaking one place for another. Any opponent who steps into the radius of the genjutsu area falls under it's spell confusing them. It is triggered once a target comes within a 10 meter radius of the object the genjutsu is placed on, the afflicted feels a sudden light headedness but nothing more. Once affected the purpose of the genjutsu is that it tricks the user by making them see one location for another for example of they were to approach a room at a hotel number 245,246 and 247 they may perhaps read other numbers. This genjutsu despite being easy to pull off and being highly affected it can easily be spotted if someone is highly observant of his surroundings then a simple Kai can dispel the genjutsu. Other Effects | None Requirements | Gen: Novice Status | Public/Canon: Demon Illusion: False Surrounding Technique
  13. Ryo is spent on public techniques ie: Canon jutsu that everyone can use Words are spent on personal jutsu
  14. "Why couldn't this day be like any other damn day...." karasu muttered under his breath as he rolled over in bed, the curtains had already been drawn up so the beams of the early morning sun were blinding him. "Damn it mother, why couldn't I have like 10 more minutes...." Karasu was simply not in the mood to human today, well he is never in the mood but today was no ordinary day. He was requested at the Mizukage's tower by name as one of the new chunnin who recently passed the chunnin exams. That of course means that mother will fuss over his unkempt hair, make sure his clothes are all perfectly pressed and crisp. That woman cares too damn much about frivolities, but then again he was going to be standing in the same room as the Mizukage and be personally talking to him, he understood full well hygiene was a must but why go the extra mile? karasu finally rolled to the other side and placed his feet on the ground and waited. First step of getting up and shaking off the lethargy. He then placed both arms on the bed and slowly pushed himself up and out of bed. he walked to the bathroom to use the bathroom, brush his teeth and fail miserably at attempting to comb his mane of wild hair, that seemed to have a mind of it's own. Shuffling downstairs to the sound of his mother's growl of him oversleeping then to his younger brother who was going to be late for the academy. A typical routine in the household, his mother growling and shouting at the trio siblings, his younger brother had entered the academy last year and like his brother showed that he has great skill, his baby sister was only 5 and she stayed at home all day with his mother, and of course being the youngest and a girl she most certainly got preferential treatment. Breakfast was set and the family sat down to eat their bacon strips, eggs, bread and juice or milk. It was time for school and their mother went upstairs with the middle brother to help him get ready and Karasu walked back up into his room to get dressed. He did not feel any different from back when he was still a genin, then again this just happened approximately a couple of days ago. That was why he was summoned to the Mizukage tower for the higher ups to gauge where Karasu fit in best. Karasu went with his usual shinobi attire which consisted of long straight black pants with a kunai holster strapped to his right thigh, as he is left handed and black ninja tabi to match. Karasu wore a very simple grey shirt with mesh netting half sleeve and his tanto was strapped to his back with the hilt pointing vertically upwards. He stood in the mirror to inspect himself and a tall maroon haired blue eyed boyish teen looked back, his long slender nose pointing directly ahead, his thin lips a straight line across his jaw. Karasu assumed he couldn't get any more ready and walked downstairs to say goodbye to his mother she was downstairs and fussing with his brother's maroon hair which like his was pointing in odd angles here and there. "You two honestly.... Your hair it's a nightmare... I can't even......" She trailed on and on as she combed his brother's hair who yelped and fidgeted under her powerful grasp, Karasu capitalized on the opportunity of her being distracted snuck out of the front door to avoid his brother's fate. The weather outside was spectacularly, hot and humid, almost instantly his shirt stuck to his back as he began to lazily wander over to the Mizukage's tower wondering why he even bothered to get out of bed. Due to this day already being great as it is, what it needed was noise, something Karasu hated for the life of him and as soon as he reached the corner he was greeted ever so cheerfully by the din and ruckus of passers by on their way to work, vendors selling their wares and the general noise of the village reminding him ever so vividly that he hates noise. Karasu had a long walk ahead of him and he wondered if they had summoned him by mistake or was that something the Mizukage had done with all the new chunnin, seeing that he almost had no friends Karasu would not know until he shows up. Granted the boy was considered a prodigy in genjutsu but simply abysmal at taijutsu, he barely made it through the class it was genjutsu and ninjutsu class that redeemed him. It was only after graduation that his jounin-sensei finally taught him how to defend himself in close quarter situations and gave him his first tanto. Karasu trained long and hard with his tanto in order to defend himself when he was cornered or his genjutsu did not work, and it did truly help him in dire situations on missions and during the chunnin exams. During his genin years his main aim was to stand out and be recognized as a capable shinobi, which often times meant that Karasu dictated instructions to his comrades which they found endlessly annoying and would often have a group scuffle as a by-product of Karasu's arrogant dictatorship. Overtime Karasu began to slowly change his attitude towards his team as they began completing more missions together and he soon learned that dictating orders was logically an inefficient method of accomplishing missions and his strategy began to change where he would recommend ideas logically based on the situation and his team's strength and weakness and that worked quite well and his team often would eagerly follow through with his plan trusting Karasu's analytical abilities. Now they are the closest of friends and they are until today inseparable the trio went from bitter rival trying to outshine one another to a cohesive group of comrades and brothers acting as one unit effectively. Karasu now far enough from his house, reached into his pants pocket and extracted a cigarette and lighter and lit a cigarette take a deep puff out of his cigarette and exhaling smoothly, a plume of smoke slithered out between his lips and floated upwards. His mother hated his smoking habits and forbid him from smoking inside the house because it would be a hazard for his siblings, he wanted to kill himself that was his choice but she will not allow him to envenom her other children. As Karasu made his way through the now busy streets, urchins and beggars littered the side of the road begging from all and any who passed. Karasu made a beeline making certain to never make eye contact with any of them. They annoyed him to no ends, useless trash he believed playing on people's emotions because they can't get off their ass to look for any kind of work and to them this is easy money, Karasu would never give a single dime to any of them, he knew better. Karasu was now getting closer to the Mizukage's tower and he began feeling slightly antsy. He had seen the Mizukage on several occasions including during the chunnin exam but that did not even move a hair for him, but now that he was going to be personally speaking to him, Karasu feared that he might say or do the wrong thing but he was far too logical to let his nervousness get the better of him. He is a human, flesh and blood just like anyone and he is most certainly not a cruel or arrogant man. he had never been up close and personal with him but he is quite an attractive, lean man with long blue hair who commanded an aura of dominance to him. Once inside the Mizukage tower shinobi were rushing about each heading to a designated office or location and Karasu took a moment to absorb his surroundings and no one seemed to mind his presence as he simply stood there at the entrance his cold, blue eyes scanning the area. Right across from him a help desk with a young kunoichi sitting behind the desk chattering away with another shinobi who seemed to be just a few olders than himself. karasu walked up to her and simply gazed at her for a whole minute until she realized he was standing there and she gave him a haughty look "Ah! Must be one them new chunnin right? Upstairs last door, Mizukage's office take this pass ANBU will let you through" Karasu registered everything she said between blowing a bubble between every couple of words then annoyingly popping it. The pass was a strip of paper like an explosive tag with an elaborate seal drawn in the center. Karasu took the slip of paper without a word and began to climb the long flight of stairs. Karasu finally made it to the designated door, a massive double door blocked his path. Karasu quickly put two and two together and placed the slip of paper at the door and it clicked several times and swung open. Karasu could not help but draw breath at the sight he was witnessing.