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  1. No sir, this is correct. One that is the full length of range that can not go beyond this range or five 1/5 the length of range that have 4 meters of traveling room. If this is still a problem let me know. Fair enough. Proposed change: - Tethering each creation to the user. Yes it does, if that's acceptable by way of the users chakra being the substance binding and coating the salt creation. Yes that was in mind, thank you for the reassurance. I had previously listed and had been quoted by you a weight of "163 lbs (73 kg)." Is this not a set weight or have I misunderstood once more? Edited: - How (Wrapping/Constricting) - Broken (+1 rank higher or Wind Release equivalent rank)
  2. Added: - Movement. - Slowest Movement. - Objective and means.
  3. My apologies, I wasn't aware, but nevertheless: Proposed middle ground: - Gave the technique form. - Gave it another disadvantage.
  4. Jutsu Name | Integration (Chakra - Salt) Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | E - D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | • E-Rank | 5 (no upkeep) • D-Rank | 10 (5 initial, 5 upkeep) Handsigns | • E-Rank | Hand clap + Snap of Finger • D-Rank | Dog + Handclap Range • E-Rank | 5 meters (aoe) • D-Rank | 5 meters (aoe) Duration • E-Rank | 2 Posts • D-Rank | 2 Posts Description | This ninjutsu channels chakra into the salt released from the users pores or in contact with them and other grains. The form taken by the salt is that of an Eel, specifically a Moray Eel, up to five meters in length, or five 1 meter length Eels that have the mannerisms of the animal they are portraying and travel upon objects through contact with the exception of the air. The users signature is present over the salt in forms of smell, taste, and chakra. Liquids do not dissolve the Eel construct, but Futon | Wind Release techniques equivalent to and stronger disperse the chakra holding the constructs form. Each of the Eel creations are tethered to a series of pores that excrete the chakra enriched salt. Strength, Striking, or Techniques one rank higher than the Eel creation disperses the chakra binding the salt. Other Effects | • Base Movement | The Eel constructs slither, so their movements are sporadically changing from left to right, although turning 360° is commonly their slowest movement. Targeting and Homing in on objects and/or people is their objective so long as the user has the target within their line of sight. Commonly constricting byway of wrapping their body around the target and securing them through piercing the skin with both its outer mouth and set of teeth and its second inner mouth and set of teeth. • E-Rank | The salt can not pick up and/or withstand weights greater than half of the users own. 163 lbs (73 kg) • D-Rank | The salt can not pick up and/or withstand weights greater than the users own. 163 lbs (73 kg) Requirements | Ninjutsu (Novice) Status | Public
  5. Name | Kōkkai, Ōriōn-Nōet Nickname | Nōe-Nōes, Ōriō Title Name | Kōkkai Salt Industries CEO Gender | Male Age | 17 Birth Date | November 3 http://www.zerochan.net/1994713 Hair Color | Ash White Eye Color | Hazel (Right), Red (Left) Height | 5'9" (175.26 cm) Weight | 163 lbs (73 kg) Appearance | Ōriōn-Nōet is of average height and weight with an average athletic build, toned little to no muscle with the exception of abdominals. His hair is ash white in color and kept in a short wavy fashion no longer than his jaw line. Underneath his fare skin tone lies a ghostly white hue which becomes the focal point of his appearance due to the salt that resides in the layers of his skin, as a result he wears no shirt since he feels that he'll be stared at anyway, although he still wears pants usually black in color with matching shinobi calf high sandals. The tattoo of a grey eel symbolizes the mark of his clan's leader and blesses his face from underneath his right eye, wrapping around the back of his neck, and slightly down the length of his spine before ending over his left shoulder upon the same sides pectoral muscle. Village | Water Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialties | Ninjutsu Bloodline | Favorable | Food with High Sodium, Studying People (Women), Studying Vibrations, Eels, The Sea Unfavorable | Bland food, Being Misunderstood, the Handicap of being Mute, Envy, Dehydration Personality | Much of what is known about Nōet is not based upon what has come from his mouth, but conveyed through his body language, more often than not using it in its entirety to get his message across due to suffering from Mutism. The inability to vocalize his thoughts comes off as rude and "standoff-ish" to some when he does nothing but stare, to others he is seen as non- intellectual, but those that truly know him know neither of these to be true. In truth, Nōet is quite the nosey, not necessarily invading in other's privacy, but rather due to them forgetting the fact that he is even there as a result of how little sound he makes, thus the perfect secret keeper. Studying people is his past time from traits to their daily routine, all of which taken note of in his journal. When it comes to responding, and expressing himself, it can be seen as overly dramatic at times. Nōet has no since of shame, all eyes on him simply means that he is relevant to even at the least one person. His perversion is infamous, or at the least should be, most often as a hit with the guys, although more so a miss with the women whom are typically the subject of his perverted acts. Breasts beware of the silent groper... Philosophy & Beliefs | Nōet finds anchored to his very core is that humanity in itself is backwards, lopsided, and unbalanced from its class system of people to its policy on death in relation to where he was born. A change needs to be made, revision of whole infrastructures if it takes it to right the wrongs that have become the norm of this society. History & Background | In the beginning, there lived a boy who was afraid of the dark. Not necessarily the common darkness of an empty room, but instead the gravity defying misdirection darkness of the depths of the Ocean. Hence why a group of people, a clan to be exact, the Kōkkai, worshipped it like a God and giving it power over their bodily temple which over the generations became inscribed in their DNA as fear, it being passed on to their current ancestors and marking a focal point in the story of Ōriōn. Birthed just moments before a ceremony of returning to the Ocean for isolation from the main land, for the better part of his life Ōriōn knew only anything related to an aquatic lifestyle. Per the Kōkkai belief system, breaching the surface of the water during this period time would trap one oneself in an eternal slumber of darkness, lost forever in a sunken place in the depths of the Ocean... Or so it has been said... To Ōriōn, this was simply a single fable of a pair that entertained the young child and others of his clan during most nights throughout his clan. In the eyes of a child, a time span of five years seemed like an eternity when most days were spent learning and exploring their aquatic environment with friends and creatures of the Ocean. The shimmering of the sun coming through from off of the surfaces edge became something of a moment of memorization amongst Ōriōn's inner circle wherein they took a moment out of life to enjoy the effect of their natural world, then one of the three would issue a challenge to the other upon who would go closest to the edge. One would set the pace, a wimpy few meters away, the other passing that a few feet away, but Orion as rebellious as he was and knowing the consequences would often go just inches away before retreating. Childhood humor that he would come to miss in a few short years when once again the entirety of the clan would be ritualistically allowed to go back to the mainland... In the last of the five years the leader of the Kōkkai fell to the hand of time, death was common and not feared within the clan, thus the man was given an aquatic burial. Although a harmonious accord when all came together in celebration of life, behind the closed doors of the elders dischord in the form of choosing the new leader ran rampant amongst them. During this period of time the rituals of the Kōkkai clan didn't exactly allow for them to determine who would be there next leader, to find an excess of water amongst an aquatic environment was seemingly impossible without differentiating between the sources. Although not descending from the head of the clan or even an elder of the past, upon his first encounter with a non-aquatic environment the lifestyle that Ōriōn thought he would have were stripped of him and in their place the heart of the entirety of the Kōkkai clan was forced upon him. His body demonstrated the characteristics of their rituals, he was stripped from his parents and his friends, true was it that he could be seen by them, but only by appointment. He was no longer their son, their friend, no, now he was their leader and the new face of their salt and preserving business. From such a young age he was exploited for his youth, while on the other hand being trained to handle to the business aspect of their company. In the course of years to follow before the clan would have to return to the Ocean maturity was forced upon Ōriōn, he had no choice but to roll with the punches and learn to portray the image that they wished of him. It would eventually no longer become a facade that he put on to appease his elders, instead, it became the mold he grew into. This allowed him to think on a level most his age wouldn't dream of, but he had dreams and they stemmed from a hero who defied the will of the God of the Kōkkai clan, his beliefs that their aquatic environment being their sunken place instilled in their mind from days of old when clans warred as a means of keeping their people safe from harm. From this half of the two fables Ōriōn found a sense for a greater purpose for himself, the way of the shinobi, and thus after exerting some dominance that came with the power of his position he was enrolled in the academy of his village. Once again, dreams crushed. Half of his time was spent running a company, the other half behind spent nose to page studying the course work ahead so that he could move up in rank. Interaction with his classmates was very minimal, not only did he not have the time for personal connections, but his grandiose personality rubbed most the wrong way. To be honest, he had not a care in the world, in his mind he was not there to befriend people, but instead to be a shinobi. As he would go on to move up in age Ōriōn would eventually learn to create a persona for them just as had been done with the business aspect of his clan, this would help aid in progressing his now genin squad through missions and eventually on to the beginning stages of the Chūnin exams.
  6. Yes, the chakra absorption works by physical contact, yes it is based upon a post count vs length of contact with the rate of absorption being equivalent to one rank lower than the user. - All are outlined above if missed. Salt constructs are not repaired.
  7. My apologies. Edited.
  8. Advantages have been adjusted - 3 for Brine - 2 for Rock Salt - - Rock Salt was given the added weakness of sensitivity to. Lightning Release Gills have been given counter to balance with the lungs needing to be filled every 3 posts. In regards to the Rock Salt (Futon Absorption), what I've provided was a decrease to "Stats" and rank absorbed as well as a limit to amount of use per technique initially expended. Rock Salt naturally absorbs moisture from the air, so I was trying to incorporate that into the ability of the Rock Salt much like "Dehydration" chakra absorption is with the Brine. Any suggestions are welcome! As far as the the techniques, all is understood. - O. B. S.
  9. Bloodline Name | Atae no Enkai [Gift of the Ocean] Possessors | Nōet Ō. Kōkkai Appearance | Abilities | Salt Physiology/Manifestation: Kōkkai clansmen secrete NaCl (Sodium Chloride - Table Salt) from their pores and orifices due to high sodium diets, the more sodium consumed the more that is able to be extracted. Without the use of chakra the user exerts no control over the salt that is released from their body, more often than not accumulating it in piles when stationary and trailing behind their every step when mobile. Open wounds, orifices, and eyes are prone to mild stinging and irritation if subject to the salt, but rinsing the area with water is most effective at removing grains. The base amount of salt produced is dependent by the users rank, techniques involving only salt equivalent of the users rank require ½, one rank lower require ¼ , and two ranks lower require ⅛ the amount produced. D-Rank: Palm sized - 28 Grams C-Rank: Arm sized - 48 Ounces B-Rank: Lower Half sized - 5 Pounds A-Rank: Full Human sized - 25 Kilograms S-Rank: Avatar/Summoning sized - 1 Metric Ton Chakra Absorption: Physical contact with salt based constructs absorbs chakra at one rank lower than the user and leaves affected areas with a dehydrated appearance per post contact is made. In conjunction with elemental techniques (Earth, Water, Wind) the user is capable of absorbing chakra at the rank of the technique cast. Weaknesses | Wind techniques: +1 rank higher than the user disperses any salt based technique/construct (Non-Elemental only). Primary Specialization: Must be either Ninjutsu or Medical Ninjutsu. Salt Regeneration: Replenishment of salt loss is done naturally every 3 posts, consumption of foods in high sodium does so in the next post. Chakra Absorption: Any and all absorbed chakra is used to refill any salt lost, the user does not gain access to the chakra absorbed. Hydration: The user must stay hydrated every 3 posts outside of combat and every 2 posts during combat situations. Chakra Cost |