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  1. I'm here you lovely lovelies! Link in sig.
  2. Oh yes yes! I fully agree: Clan weakness should be separate from element weaknesses for sure! Which will require a bit of returning and such, but nothing insurmountable.
  3. His radiant beam of a smile remained affixed to his face, absurdly perfect teeth daring the sun to challenge their shine. This girl, this woman, was the first of any to accept his display of small affection, something which gave him indescribable joy which he could not help but allow burst forth from his body. A low, deeply vibrating chuckle escaped his throat as their hands ceased contact and he stared at his knuckles briefly. He locked eyes with her then, his piercing blue vision intensifying to an immense amount of pressure, the sort of social contracts which meant nothing to him and yet which enthralled those he met. He nodded a single time when she gave her name, committing it utterly to his memory as the air around them would, to many, appear to increase in gravity, a kind of otherworldly stillness creeping around them, the laughs and pains of the park and greater world falling away before the immensity of this moment. Her golden hair, not tied up, revealed the beautiful fan of the renowned and respected, hated and feared Uchiha clan, terrors and gods among the shinobi world. His smile had faded slightly, melting into a small grin and, for the first time since their meeting, he stood, towering over the female before him. He bowed before speaking, perhaps the first sign of any sort of social awareness he had shown in weeks. "My name is Chaohuan, henceforth Uchiha, Chaohuan. As my newfound clanswoman and sister, I swear to protect you, to hunt those who mean you harm to the ends of this life and beyond, and to crush without reservation those who you mark as enemies. Together, we shall reforge our family into the rulers of this earth and smite those who would oppose us." And the Uchiha were reborn. [Exit]
  4. @Kiyoko Are you saying that, if clanless doesn't need an extra push, bloodlines are too weak right now? Or have too big of a drawback?
  5. The man and woman he had initially stepped to seemed not to feel his presence at all beyond, of course, a few cursory glances. He thus towered over the pair of them, far too close for a civilized person to feel comfortable, but in a unique position in which no one paid the intrusion much mind at all. A forth party, all blond hair and big breasts, appeared then with two men in her tow before aggressively accusing the red haired friend of his of being a sir. This drew a look of pure confusion upon his face which, unfortunately, could easily convince Reimei that he had not recognized her at all. Which was silly, of course, because her facial structure had not changed. Nor had the flitters of red-on-black cinder-fireflies that surrounded her. Sans any notable awkwardness, for the man had no idea about most social graces, he took a massive bite of his brightly colored candy, withdrawing a large chunk and chewing it as the women squared off. The other boy, Kazuo as he recalled, took a physical step backward, though Chao naturally thought nothing social about this and instead assumed he was repositioning himself for some kind of ensuing fight. The six-fingered behemoth, armed with his candy and wine, felt no need to physically reorient himself as all parties remained easily within his range of vision and his reach. Around a mouth full of pink-and-blue florescent sugar twine he spoke again, voice carrying as usual but clogged by the sweet blockage. "Uh.. Chao?" He intoned the name as a question, easily brushed off by his rather obvious slowness and, after speaking, washed the mouthful down with a long swig of wine and an audible gulp. He shot the red head a questioning look, confused why she would ask his name, though he could not fully recall if he had shared it with her or not. Still, she had to have recalled him. They killed a man together and then she took off all his clothing. That was not something one forgot lightly. Thus he stood, stock still between the rising atmosphere of animosity to which he remained utterly oblivious.
  6. Edited! Sorry for delay!
  7. My understanding was that the weaknesses of having a bloodline (which are mandatory) basically served to even the playing field between bloodline users and those without. A bloodline user has access to certain advanced elements or special powers but at the cost of ability or flexibility in some other field. In general this should make people with a bloodline more specialized but worse in a general capacity, but they should always have some form of exploitable weakness. We could further incentive forgoing a bloodline, though it seems that many people here already do that. Plus, if non-bloodline people have a specific buff as compared to someone with a bloodline, isn't that basically just having a bloodline? Currently, no bloodline means no notable weakness and no real restrictions. If we give them some kind of perk, it's the equivalent of having a bloodline. I do think that Kazuo is spot on though and that clans, especially where they hold power, should pull more weight or do more stuff. That, I think, would be very difficult but would also be super cool.
  8. We have a slight problem. :sobs: Neither Chao nor Kazuo are chunin, so we aren't supposed to be able to take A rank missions. I will attempt to find some way to circumvent this (since water has 0 chunin) but this will have to be put on hold for a day or two while I shake some trees down. I'm so sorry!
  9. Jutsu Name | Sacred Sword Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP initial, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Bird Ox Range | Touch | 1 meter Duration | 2 posts Description | Affixing the soul of a weapon the user holds with a magnificent prayer, the user funnels chakra and the spirit of the weapon into a different shape. This can be as simple as extending the cutting edge and thus increasing the range of the weapon, to creating a hammer-like attachment at the end of a blade, causing it to do blunt damage. The shape alterations can be a maximum of one meter beyond the dimensions of the weapon already present, but do not add any weight and produce no resistance, so the weapon can be swung about just as swiftly as if it did not have this augmentation cast upon it. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Chaohuan Status | Tataru
  10. A single droplet of rain, or perhaps the fleck of another's spittle, graced the huge man's sharply sculpted cheek and, in that moment, he cast his crystalline eyes to the clouded, darkly lit heavens. A wave of intense sadness swept over him, though he could not fully say why, and a deep, bellowing keen sounded within his mind like some terrible whale in the final moments of agony, just after the harpoon had ripped through its skull. His vision wavered and blackened as the oil and blood seeped up from the ground, covering his eyes in a wave of fatty-yellows and reds. He walked still, even as his vision vanished, passing stalls and people, avoiding collision by naught but his imposing figure and highly attuned reflexes. A hand, the one not holding the spun sugar candy, darted out and grabbed a large, glass orb filled with a red-black liquid and took a deep drink of the full-bodied acid. His head rolled down once more and vision began to return, people moving out of the way of his smooth, lumbering gait. Most people had no idea who he was, just another of the village's seemingly endless pile of well-trimmed muscle, but they fled from him in any capacity, perhaps sensing, in some small part of their animal brains, that his normal mood of goofy candor had slid temporarily away. The mood passed, though he felt cracked and parched like the windswept tundra, surrounded by water but barred from drinking it. His eyes focused then, for the first time since his moment, upon two figures who appeared to have either recently met and/or run into one another. He cocked his head, quite notably, and stared for a time, his dark hair having grown a big shaggy since last he got it cut and causing it to obscure his left eye for a brief moment. He would notice, far too belatedly, that he was well within the personal space of the pair, standing no more than two or so feet from them. "Hey." It was not quite enough to say something so simple and boring, but his voice carried beneath the din of the crowds and the crooning about bachelor's and their deaths, a rumbling of the very crust of the earth.
  11. Yes yes yes, we made it to the land so you guys should too! I'll post next and then we can all start stumbling around! Unless we aren't actually allowed to take an A rank mission without an A rank character. I thought a pair of at least 1 B rank person could take A ranks, but maybe not. @Akane you might have an insight into this?
  12. While the woman's face contorted with a mixture of fear and confusion at the statement that Chao did not have a family, the concern was mostly lost upon him. He saw, but did not fully understand nor did he know how to react to her shock. For her, perhaps, the notion of going without a family, either close personal or extended, tread upon inconceivable territories, landscapes of thought which simply could not exist within her particular mind state; but for him, this sort of loneliness was little more than the day to day existence he endured, though he paid it little mind. He simply shrugged it off, waiting for her to speak once more. At her suggestion that he joined her family, he paused briefly, eyes rolling up to look into the sky as he contemplated. Ultimately, he responded simply, rolling voice resonating through their part of the park. "Ok, that sounds alright. From now on I'll be a part of your family." He nodded, as if to solidify it, and his face broke into a huge beam of a smile, directly contrasting the overcast mists which rarely left the frozen north of their homelands. He raised up one massive, six-fingered fist to engage in a bump with the younger newfound sister of his, an action he almost constantly attempted to repeat with most people he met and one which almost no one reciprocated. "Well if you don't want to be I guess we'll just have to find our own leader."
  13. The conversation continued amiably, Chao finding himself rather enjoying the company, though this did not surprise him; he had always liked chats with company, though he rarely found people who wanted to tolerate him for much time at all. Between ninjas, always on important and serious business, and the couple civilian friends he spent any amount of time with he had struggled to find people who either wanted to slow down for any amount of time at all or who didn't quake in fear at his massive stature, grinding, resonant voice, and extreme tactile tenancies. Few existed between those extremes, though this girl seemed to rank among that tiny group. When a small smile flitted across her lovely face, a massive smile lit up the angles of the man's. He had always smiled easily and the sight of other's happiness tended to bring him huge amounts of joy. Again, people found this off putting in a ninja and most higher ups could hardly take him seriously, but the particularly warm and well-lit day made a strong argument for why he should always smile, his white teeth almost glinting in the clearing left beneath the canopy above them. Then, reassured that she did not find him creepy or too invasive, he relaxed further, his arm collapsing under his head as his face met with the grass, his body melting like an iced cream cone abandoned in the grass. He still maintained eye contact, but one of his had to close lest the green blades stab into it. "Hm..." The sound escaped from his chest in a low rumble, projected mostly into the soft earth beneath him. "No, I guess not really. I like talking to people but ninja don't ever have time. And people get annoyed with me when I talk usually. I suppose I try and talk to people but they rarely talk back. Plus I'm only a genin so all the chunin an just tell me to shut up in the barracks and I have to listen." The words came out as if a mumble, though only because his mouth was partially pressed into the ground and the grass damped some of his speech, though he still projected rather loudly, so no one should have notable difficulty understanding him. "Do you like to talk to people?"
  14. He sat, mostly impassively, as the other spoke. He head tilt would generally indicate that someone had not fully understood the content of one's words, but Chaohuan breezed directly past this, instead moving on to more interesting or pressing portions of the conversation. Most of the family business when directly above his head for a number of reasons, including that he lacked the proper context to realize that she was specifically speaking about a much larger ninja clan and that he had grown up without anything like that, either in the sense of close personal relatives or an expansive network of people possessing any shared experience to him. "I don't have a family." He paused and let that sit for a moment, though not for effect; he simply still needed to gather his thoughts about the matter. "I think I know what you mean though. You guys need a leader." He thought on this, realizing that the village also needed something similar. He realized that they had a kage, someone running the ANBU, and of course that police officer he had seen a ways back at that rally, but the village felt as if it lacked any central thesis, any guiding sense of central purpose. He was not able to generate of hand out missions for people, and of all the people in the village he may have the least capacity for rousing others through words. That said, he did have a few ideas for ways of building increased unity within the village. He turned then to the girl, meeting her fully with his presence, bright blue eyes searching her. "Why don't you do it?" He had come to a rather similar epiphany on his own, realizing that he may need to affect some sort of change within the village and, likely, the world around him; very little of the world around had filtered its way down to his lowly ears and that alarmed him. He meant what he said though and wondered why she could not serve as the head of her family that she had realized that unit needed. She looked young, but greatness had no age limit.
  15. Having met briefly and headed back to the village barracks, the pair had prepared themselves fully to leave, or at least Choa hopped that his new partner had adequately prepared himself. For Choahuan, he had toned his garb down, but only slightly, swapping his puffy white shirt for a sleeker button-down and a pair of brown leather suspenders, attached to some casual but tough khaki pants made for travel. He had chosen some less-than-dressy-boots, combat style things which would not restrict motion while moving but who had a leather color which matched his overall attire. Over this all he had thrown a stiff, dark green traveling cloak which served to ward off the chill and conceal the twin blades he stored beneath them. He had, prior to finishing his preparations, drug the boy he had paired off with to the local markets to buy a few last minute purchases, specifically a radio with which the two could communicate, especially if separated within a town or small forest, for a small forested area would soon find them. Once fully outfitted, bow and quiver prominently displayed, he lead the way off to the docks from which they could request a ride off to the island. Chaohuan had been given one further mission, one which was an optional quest to pick up and which would require the assent of his newfound friend, but it did not seem overly challenging and was already on the way. Along the journey he could ply the man with the temptations of additional monetary gains and village-wide renown. But for now, all that remained was a pitifully small trading vessel, manned by about fifteen people, and the open waves. It would be a bit of a jaunt, having to wrap around to the western side of the island they searched for, but they should make good times with the wind and the fact that they did not need to sail around the entire continent. Regardless, it would prove better to move now than later, for who knew what other entities sought after the same information they had been tasked with acquiring? "Well, are we ready to go?" @Kazuo Enomoto