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  1. Need this management checked when convenient so I can update my character sheet.
  2. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Standard Starting Jutsus, Witch Hunt: Mark (asked and received permission), Sealing Technique, Bullet Seal, God's Hand : Kratos, Substitution Jutsu Update Training |N/A Update Cost/Pay | 600 R (50 for Witch Hunt, 100 for Sealing Tech, 200 for Bullet seal, 200 for Kratos, and 50 substitution, the other three are free.) Update Links | Witch Hunt: Mark, Sealing Tech, Bullet seal, Kratos, Substitution Jutsu, (The three academy techniques Clone, Transformation, Surface walking)
  3. Name | Hiringu Uzumaki Nickname | Hiru (By his brother) Title Name | TBD Gender | Male Age | 16 Home Link | None for now Village | Flame Village Clan | No clan Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | None Specialties | Primary: Fuuinjutsu (Beginner) Secondary: (None for now) Bloodline | None Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | None for now Friends & Family | Mifune Kamikaze (Twin Brother) Recent History | Recently graduated from the academy. More will be added as time goes on.
  4. I got you.
  5. Name | Hiringu Uzumaki Nickname | Hiru (by his Mifune) Title Name | The Healing Maelstrom Gender | Male Age | 16 Birth Date | April 1st Hair Color | Sangria Eye Color | Rose Height | 5ft 7in (174in) Weight | 135Ib (~61kg) Voice | Melodic Appearance | For an odd reason Hiringu likes to wear primary colors sticking to colors on the red spectrum when he can get away with it. Set against other ninjas from the flame village his skin tone stands out. Being a caramelized shade of brown he inherited from his mom, along with his Sangria colored hair and Rose colored eyes. While lean his body is a bit curvy around the waist with a bubbly butt. He likes to wear baggy Arabian Night-esque clothes to draw attention away from his feminine appearance. Only wearing tighter attire when necessary. His hair is often kept in a manner that makes it seems like he just woke up, to make it look a lot more tame at times he wears a headband. Not a fan of dark colors he likes glitter and a bit of the old razzle dazzle. Still if he is needed to dress a certain way to complete a mission he will do it with no complaint. Village | Flame Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | None Currently Specialties | Fuuinjustu (Beginner) Bloodline | None Favorable | Kids, smiles, drawing, and cute guys Unfavorable | War, bloodshed, violence, and the feeling of being utterly powerless. Personality | Hiringu is a laid back go with the flow kind of person. Very pacifistic by nature most would wonder if he is even a ninja. Very honest and airheaded at times really makes him seem like he has a split personality when he actually get serious about things the things he cares about (mess with his bro and watch him f*ck you up). You can often find him sketching outfits or drawing pictures, his head appearing to be in the clouds. For a person who appears carefree he is often very meticulous and prefers to plan things out ahead of time. His genius only hidden by his appearance of lacking common sense. Hiringu acts so carefree in order to keep other at bay from the darkness he feels in his own soul, like a stain he can never erase. Those that truly know the real him would try to pity him at times. Philosophy & Beliefs | Hiringu believes all life is sacred. As such he refuses to kill unless necessary. He has too many morals about hurting innocents that he would try to avoid fighting in a village as to not injure bystanders. His philosophy is to be the best that mankind has to offer and inspires others to do the same. A true chaotic good he will do the best for others even if it means breaking the rules and becoming hated for it. Hiringu is all about peace and love. Another belief he holds dearly is the fact that although sacred life ends to abruptly. So Hiringu tries his best to put a smile on others faces. So when death comes they can feel a sense of fulfillment in their lives. Being a ninja to him means being a protector. So he understands that at times to protect the people or things you care about. Other things or people will get hurt in the process. It may be selfish but the joy and safety of the people he cares about comes first. Even at the risk of becoming depressed for damaging his own morals against killing, even when he is wronged. As such he avoid direct confrontation and prefer to set up traps to take down an enemy, trying to spare them from pain or suffering. In the case of a direct attack he prefers to help his comrades by making sure they stay alive as long as the mission needs to be done, and patching them up as much as possible later. He thinks seals are the future, as learning and creating them allows for a chance to change the tide of battle. Look forward to meeting the optimistic weirdo with a heart of gold. History & Background | Hiringu is the fraternal twin of Mifune Namikaze . His father is an alcoholic retired ninja that just stopped caring after his mother died. Not that Hiringu could remember her well. From what he was told his mother was a medical ninja from the Lightning Village. Well known for her healing arts and kind nature she was a boon to all graced by her presence. She captured the heart of the Flowing Wind Namikaze of the Flame Village, and the two fell in love. Not long after the two fell in love she became pregnant with two twins. The first to be born was Hiringu himself inheriting his looks and hair color from his mother, next was his brother Mifune. For a short time the family was happy until the Lightning Village found his mom while picking medicinal herbs, branded as a traitor, she was killed on the spot. After that his father was never the same. His drinking problem became terrible. Bills started to pile driving the little money the family had down the drain. At the age six Hiringu learned what hell was. His father secretly took him to the forest and sold him weekly. He was told "he was the pretty one", "do it for papa", and even "would you prefer if it was your brother?" the words acting like a chain that forced his obedience. It was a miserable existence but he learned to hide the pain, if not for himself but for his brother. The abuse becoming a normal reoccurence for him he often found it normal at times. When his brother decided to join the Ninja Academy he decided to join as well using his mother's maiden name. He refuses to let his brother be alone or suffer as much. His brother is all he really believes in and is willing to lay his life down to protect him. From graduating the academy to studying as often as he can, he does his all to give Mifune a good life.