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  1. glad you made it out safely and welcome back.
  2. Edited. Ready for checking.
  3. Edited. Ready for checking.
  4. Unapproved for edits to fit new system.
  5. I havent read a single post of this thread. Nor do i intend to. This will be locked and moved. And everyone will move on. Anyone violating this by justxmaking a new thread to continue tgis will be banned for 24hrs. Whats done is done. We are moving forward from this point on.
  6. Ok. Mix, I know you know better than to apply for something as vague as this. I'm gonna need thorough detail on the resistance (in comparison to ranks). Immunity is out, as nothing is allowed to be immune. Very resistant, but never immune. Please look over the guide again and make the edits where best fit and I will look this over again. Shame on you, by the way lol I know you could have made this much better.
  7. Easily two abilities, since they effect to different attributes. Also, using the ranking system, how much is this increae in comparison to their base rank. Ability 3. Spec. Increased by 1 Rank. (Basically your saying if your a Beginner you get access to Novice). Ability 4. You basically made a bloodline that grants a free rank up. Which isn't allowed. However, since we have rules that prevent that anyway, I wont press the matter. Your only allowed 2 abilites. You have 4 and I havent even looked at the Supremacy ability yet. Before I continue with a full grading, please view the guide located in the template and make sure your application meet the requirements specified within.
  8. Ready To Be Graded

    Just one last thing and this particular ability will be all set. Please state that you must actually be intending to hear something in order for this to work properly. Meaning if you arent trying to listen for something in particular, as in expression in the thread that you are purposely listening for an enemy sneak attack or listening in on a particular conversation. All passives that have no cost, that are like what you have here, have to show intent of use prior to use. This is more a balance thing on the site more than its a "what makes sense" thing. Also, can you say discern specific sounds in a sea of sound? Like if say you were in a room full of people at a party, could you pick up on a conversation being had by two people across the room? What about hearing though walls or other obstructions that might dampen sound? Would this interrupt you doing a jutsu or technique? If so, specify that it does please. This cannot be a passive, which is why you must provide a activation cost and a sustained cost. These numbers are provided in the bloodline guide. Please apply those into the application where they best fit. Also I will need all of this to fit within the (lower than the users rank) scope of power in terms of resistance. Meaning piercing, cutting, chakra coated fist or weapons, and blunt force as you have stated them, will only have these effects if the attack is below their rank. In addition to this, in terms of ranking, I will have to make you cap this at about S rank (which would mean A rank and lower attacks would have the effects you specified). Any further increases will need to be made into an actual jutsu and would follow the rules for jutsu. This is mostly to keep the potential OP that could come from this in check, essentially just for balance. Also keep in mind, some weapons come with special abilities that may bypass your own ability (i.e. increased damage and so on). Also, even if they are bouncing off you, they will still hurt depending on what it is. I just want you aware that you aren't nigh impregnable when it comes to this ability, and that there are ways around it. You dont have to add this bit in, I just wanted to make sure you knew how it would fit in with the site mechanics. Longer by how much? Do they increase by one post? or two posts? Due to the fact there are numerous ways a medical jutsu can be used with varying potency, you must specify a number.
  9. Ready To Be Graded

    This has to be specific. This site deals in specifics in regards to the range in which an ability can work, Read through the guide provided below in a link Click Here We have provide ranges and parameters for which all abilities are confined to. Please make the necessary edits and give this a bump afterwards. This needs to be scaled from D-X rank or where the ability caps off at. And be aware how the mechanics of the site work, a higher rank physical attack will damage you. Also, what happens if your hit by a non chakra based attacked that is coming from an opponent who outranks you. Like if your a C rank and the Opponent is S rank, are you saying the punch will do nothing at all? That is a no. If this isnt the case, clarify in the application and provide examples please. You will also need to make a scale by rank (D-X or whatever your ability cut off rank is). Explain by rank how durable the ability is and provide examples on the types of punishment it can endure.
  10. .....
  11. Bloodline Guide Updated 1.2 ~ Stages Incorperated into activation abilities. ~ Set ranges, duration, and cost have now been added. ~ Explanations of Weaknessess has been updated, as well as, updates to the bloodline ability explanation.
  12. Not trying to make this hard, but I must ensure I hold all applications by the same specifications. This same request I have made of you, I have made to others. So I'm not doing this to torture you or draw this out, trust me, I want to wrap this up just as bad as you. We appreciate your patience and ask that you please trust in the process. This same method is to ensure all members are able to rp in a fair environment. No method is without its flaws, but we are doing our utmost to get it just right. I promise if you cooperate, the process will go much more smoothly.
  13. Because this makes it easier for use to correspond it to the rules without inventing another system for it. It is still an ability, I just want the ability double checked and to fit in accordance to the rules for jutsu. Since essentially that is what is going on here. Others have been asked to do similar jutsu applications for their ability, so this is not a situation where you are being singled out. And to be honest, i do not think I am making a request that hampers what your trying to do here. If anything it organizes it. What exactly is the issue with what was requested? Also, the bloodline guideline is being re-worked to fit exactly what i am requesting. If you'd prefer you can wait for further edits, or allow me to guide you the direction of how the revamp will work so you wont have to wait. There is no confusion, I know exactly what I am asking for.
  14. I don't spot any other issues, so... Approved!!
  15. I apologize for not being more clear in my request. You will need to make this in jutsu format Once you have done so then you link that application back to this application. What is required here is simply the explanation of what you can do and how it works. The effects and things will be the information you put into the jutsu that you use exclusively for this ability. In regards to range and effects, all abilities will be forced to fall under the rules of jutsu provided in the link above. Be sure that your ability falls within the confines of these rules.