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  1. Jin leaves

    To all those involved in a thread and plot with me, I apologize. I am really, really, sorry. I hate leaving plots, threads or incomplete stories. I know you're not going to like this and probably are going to hold it against me; you can, you're not doing anything wrong by doing so. I truly am sorry to all of you. The fun ppl I plotted with, had plans with. I am grateful that you took the time to plot with me and considered rping with me. The ppl who rped with me, thank you. It was fun. So, why am I leaving? Well, I'm not going to vent and call out names and speak ill of ppl. Some of you do know why I'm leaving. I just wanna clarify that it's not because of RL issues, it's not because I'm busy or can't rp. Things have happened on the forum that have killed my muse. When I first got here, I loved everything and everyone. Great community, amazing staff, brilliant systems. I kinda don't like stats too much because it makes things tense. Welp, I'm just dragging this on and boring you (whoever you are who took the time to read through this... thingy). Thank you for the short story. Farewell Shinobi Generations. It was good while it lasted.
  2. Update Type | Mission reward.Update Name | Life lessons by Pupeteer senseisUpdate Training | N/AUpdate Cost/Pay | 600 ryo & 15 exp. Update Link | N/A
  3. August

    CotM: Rei Tataru MotM: Drak
  4. Puppet part

    Name | Shōakuma (Japanese word translation: Little devil) Ranking | C-rank Type | Offensive Appearance | Imagine a little ball and then surround the ball in tiny holes (the holes are 2.5" in diameter). The puppet is exceptionally small, basically 2 and a half feet in height, it's width is 1 and a half feet. The fun part is, it's a puppet and a puppet part. It resides within Gekido's chest compartment. When inside the compartment, the chest is closed and this part is not visible. Jin can open the compartment via a chakra string. Material | Stainless steel. Crafter | The wacky blacksmith that does Jin's other stuff. Description | As mentioned, this isn't just a puppet part it's also a puppet itself. Basically, it has two modes. One is the projectile launcher mode and the other is the melee mode. For the projectile launcher mode, it uses the holes inside it to direct senbons and fire them at a target. For melee, it protrudes the senbons out of those holes and spins (with speed equivalent to its rank), attempting to pierce through a target. This puppet or puppet part resides within Gekido and is normally not within view because the puppet's chest compartment is closed. The compartment can be opened from either side (from the front and the back) to use shoakuma. If a chakra string is attached to this puppet part, it can be used to move it out of the compartment and used as a puppet. Due to the whole body being a single puppet part, this puppet or puppet part uses only one chakra string. Jutsu | N/A Status | Personal
  5. Link to Involved Characters | Jin, Kenji Link to the Missions | Life lessons by Puppeteer Senseis Brief Overview | Jin and @Kenji Haruka meet up and teach an ill disciplined boy a lesson he would never forget. And they slightly traumatize the boy as well with Jin leaving behind a really small scar on the boy's neck. Ha! That'll teach em.
  6. The two young shinobi, now young ladies, approached the rich ill disciplined boy. Jin took the lead and got closer to the boy, "Oh my, such a strong fellow"; he would say in an attractive tone. The boy would fall for the charm of Jin's transformed character. Noticing the blush on the boy's face, Jin would get close and appear to touch the boy's bicep. The boy would be too busy staring at the places on Jin; where he shouldn't normally be staring at. That would be the moment that Jin would act. Suddenly, Jin and the boy would envelop in white smoke, as a result of Jin releasing the transformation jutsu and using another jutsu immediately. What Jin had done other than releasing the transformation jutsu was that he had retrieved Hikari's scroll and unsealed Hikari. The six foot tall puppet appeared next to the boy and using his chakra strings, Jin used Hikari's chain tail to wrap around the boy before his mind could read what had just happened. To onlookers, the scene would appear in the following manner: the attractive girl and the boy would be enveloped in the white smoke and as the smoke gently dispersed. Jin would appear in his real form, with Hikari next to the boy and the boy tied up by Hikari's chain tail. Realizing that this was a trick, the boy would attempt to resist; moving a bit as he would realize a sharp piercing pain on the left side of his neck. That would also be Jin's doing. Jin would use Hikari's steel claws and gently place them on the boy's neck, piercing a little of his skin (half an inch deep). "What is this, you .." the boy would begin to question but then stop. He would notice the murderous intent that Jin would emitting. "Oh please, why did you stop? Move, try to use a ninjutsu. Try and fight back. While you have to make hand seals, I just need to twitch a finger and the claws would pierce through your neck" Jin would explain the boy's situation to him with a smirk. Realizing that this weird makeup covered man was not bluffing, the boy broke in cold sweat. Jin still had Hikari's large 5 inch steel claw gently pressed against the boy's neck, so there was no chance the boy would go against Jin's instructions. "What'd you want?" reluctantly, the boy would ask but instead of looking at Jin, his gaze would be directed at Kenji. Obviously, Jin was too scary to talk to for the boy at the moment. Jin would let Kenji reply to the question and then he would add his part. After Kenji would speak his mind, Jin would have his say: "The next time I'm told to come help straighten you out, I won't hold back" he would say, finally letting the boy go. Frightened for his life, the boy would fall to his knees. Jin wouldn't retrieve Hikari back in the scroll, just to be sure that the boy wouldn't try anything behind their back. It was highly unlikely though, the shock and awe worked nicely enough. Letting the boy rethink his way of living, Jin would walk away from the boy. After walking a distance and making sure that the boy didn't follow or tried anything funny. He would reseal Hikari back in her scroll. Finally, he would say his good bye to Kenji and depart. This had been just another pain in the posterior for the humming puppeteer. [Exit] Word Count: 584 CP Used: 28/100
  7. Welcome to the forum Shiranai. I can actually relate to the part about forgetting rules. I'm notorious among my friends for my lousy memory. I don't usually remember stuff. However, the stuff on here is pretty simple and still balanced. So, I'm sure you're gonna like that about this place. Other than that, the staff and the community is super awesome. They're all super heroes in their own right. Great ppl honestly. Looking forward to your creations, your experiments, and your stories.
  8. Welcome to the forum Banshi and welcome to Mizu (water village) as well. I'd be happy to rp with you, be it a social or a mission. As for alliances, my character is not exactly the type. I may not be against that stuff but the character kinda is. However, that doesn't mean interesting things can't be developed. Whenever you're ready to rp, pm me and I'll respond; may be a few of my friends will tag along too. Looking forward to rping with you. ^.^
  9. Puppet part

    Details added to the part. Awaiting another review. Please and thank you.
  10. Puppet part

    Well, the interesting way to go about it is that there are bolts that hold the two blades together. These blades are specifically designed in a way that a 'mechanical' sort of device can insert and remove them. Said device is embedded in the nails of the puppet using this part. So, the puppet puts in the bolts making the blades into a big shuriken or the puppet removes them, turning them into two blades. In turn implying, that the blade can only switch from one mode to the other when the puppet is holding it. Is this acceptable? Should I add this to the part?
  11. Now that Jin had come up with the name, he was going to stick with it. "I'd like to have you close, if things go bad but I think we should avoid fighting. Specially because if we go overboard, things might get bad" , JIn would say hinting to the Tataru's innate murderous intent. They were all excessive when it came to inflicting pain and fighting, Duke probably fell in the same category; he was a Tataru after all. And so the two set off, to the location that was described in the mission details. It was place well camouflaged in the slums and yet bustling with gamblers and contestants. It was an abandoned building, to be precise it was the basement of an abandoned building. With the underground location, the noise of the fighting and the cheering didn't reach the outside world. Hence, it wasn't a bad location. However, not many things could escape the watchful eyes of the shinobi. The two Tataru would arrive at the entrance guarded by some guards. Jin would introduce himself as the gambler and Duke as the contestant. "This is my fighter. I'd like to enter him in the contestant but before he goes into battle. I wish to delay his fight a bit. We need to gauge the opposition and enjoy some gambling first", said Jin to the receptionist. The receptionist entered the information and nodded in reply. After Jin was searched, they would allow the two to enter the premises. Obviously, they didn't search Duke because he was carrying weapons but he needed to, for the fights and what not. So they let it slide. And that's how Jin smuggled in his explosive tags. The two had already discussed their strategy, so after getting inside; Jin would nod to Duke and separate with him for a little while. Before they could cause the distraction and call in the military police, Jin needed to pick some targets. That was part of the mission as well. Identify high value targets and ensure their capture. Meanwhile, Duke would be able to case the premises and devise a battle strategy. Jin had little intention of fighting, the military police was nearby and on standby. All he needed to do was complete the first part of the mission, then cause the distraction and cover the exits. The rest was up to the police. So Jin moved around the place. There was a cage, where contestants fought each other. Outside of it, odds were written on a chalk board and bets were collected. Some security goons were also moving on about, keeping a watchful eye on the processes. With his third eye, Jin identified the most tainted spirits in the crowd. Battle hardened mercenaries and merciless fighters along with addicted gamblers. The military police would have a good haul of criminals if the mission went well. And it would, as long as the two did their part. Hoping that Duke was doing his, Jin focused on completing his part: collecting information and mingling with the crowd, as well as identifying targets and marking exit locations. Word Count: 515
  12. Jin didn't have to wait long, he approved of Kenji's punctuality. Kenji moved towards Jin with a smile on his face, probably to greet him so Jin stopped leaning against the wall and walked a few steps ahead. General courtesy and such. As Kenji introduced himself and extended his hand to shake Jin's, Jin did the same. He shook Kenji's hand but there was no smile on Jin's face, nor any warmth in his demeanor. His posture and aura remained as cold as it always was, he replied: "Yes, I'm Tataru Jin". He would say and then let go of Kenji's hand. Then he would turn his head and look at the subject of this mission, his gaze would stay there and then return to Kenji. The tall sixteen year old puppeteer would then begin to explain the strategy he had thought to Kenji. Obviously, he wanted to get things over with. He wasn't going to 'waste' time casually conversing with this non-Tataru fellow. "I have a plan to go about this mission. I hope you'll help me get this done. First, we have to move out of the line of sight of the target. Then, we transform into ladies of his age and appear in revealing outfits. I'll need this to get closer to him with his guard down. Once we are close, I have a way to tie him down and stop him from using any jutsu. After that is done, we can teach him a lesson and conclude our mission" He didn't explain how exactly they were going to teach the fellow a lesson. His idea consisted of him first tying the boy in Hikari's chain tail and then, using the steel claws of Hikari to incur a permanent scar on the boy's face. It worked last time, it'll probably work for this boy as well. And then, he would continue to press the boy into giving up his unacceptable ways and become a more disciplined individual. Cutting a boy's face and threatening his life should be a learning experience, right? At least from Jin's perspective, it was. So, that was his plan after they successfully did the earlier part of course. Concluding his explanation, he would wait and listen and reply to whatever Kenji had to contribute to the plan. And then, if Kenji did agree, he would leave the training ground. After hiding behind a wall, Jin would use the transformation jutsu and turn into a girl of the boy's age wearing slightly revealing outfit. Deducing that the boy, who was full of himself, would be attracted to his transformed form and let his guard down; because that would be cliche stereotype. He would wait for Kenji to follow suit and then, assuming that Kenji did as per Jin's plan. He would reappear in the training ground and into the visual range of the boy. Giggling and jumping on about, Jin would approach the boy along with Kenji; provided Kenji actually did transform and was tagging along. Jin would attempt to get closer to the boy, to take advantage of the moment that the boy would let down his guard. Word Count: 522 Cp Used: 5/100
  13. Plot

    Jin was in the perfect position to observe the people entering the abandoned building for the meeting. Not to mention, he could even peek through the walls. However, he could only see the spirits through the walls. He could recognize the ones that had met up with him earlier for the strategy meeting and obviously he was familiar of the spirits of the Tataru. He watched and sipped through his coffee until everyone entered and the guards went in. After that, Jin noticed the arrival of some exceptionally violent spirits. He immediately knew that something was off about this and things were definitely going to go bad. The Tataru are capably of differentiating the good spirits from the bad. These spirits that had entered into the room with everyone else, were spirits that displayed the perfect color of murderous intent. That was when Jin left his coffee and sweets behind and began to prepare for what was to come ahead. This was even before the speech began and right when the masked individual appeared on the stage with his comrades. While he moved, Jin communicated with Rei to keep him updated with what he was going to do from the outside. "I'm planting explosive tags on two walls: One wall right behind the crowd and in front of the stage, the one farthest from it. The other wall is the one opposite to the side that has the entrance and the door in it. I'll be making my explosive entrance from the door", that was probably all the information Rei would need. Obviously, Rei too could keep an eye on Jin's movement through the wall if he needed. So could the other Tataru in the building but not the others, unless they had byakugan. So as planned, while the speech progressed, Jin planted one explosive tag on the wall behind the crowd and in front of the stage. And then planted another explosive tag on the wall to the opposite side of the door's wall. Finally, he arrived at the door and planted two explosives on that thing. And then, he awaited his cue. Obviously, he didn't stand in plain sight. He had done all his actions in a shinobi like stealthy manner. And was now hiding at a place that allowed him to remain closer to the front door and probably the only entrance of the building. Unless you considered broken windows as entrances, for some reason. While hidden, Jin could hear the speech through the wireless radio that Rei was wearing. The crowd liked this fellow and that could be a problem. However, Jin wasn't worried because he expected things to go south when this fellow showed his true colors. If for some reason, they didn't do anything then Jin could undo his actions by simply not activating the explosive tags. Surely enough though, as Jin expected, things did go south. First, a renowned jounin was dragged to the stage. Jin could recognize the jounin through his spirit and then he saw that spirit flicker. Almost as if it's life was threatened. The words used in the speech gave a hint to what was happening. He almost wanted to peak in and see this strange ability but decided to control his urge to do so. Rei was in there and he would get all the information he needed later. Once the jounin was dealt with, the main villain disappeared and then began the massacre of 'innocent' civilians. As the masked individuals jumped to the stage, Jin began his plan. He used the ignition jutsu and exploded the two tags on the walls he had placed earlier. The explosion would be deafening for the ones inside and would create openings large enough for people to run out of. Following these two explosions, the next explosion would occur with only a moment's delay. The two tags on the door, guarded by 15 masked individuals would also explode. Thanks to Jin using once again, the ignition jutsu. And then Jin would appear, with his Hikari puppet; which he had already unsealed from the scroll he had brought just for this occasion. The explosion on the door would knock down all 15 of the villains, probably not take out all of them but for those seeking an opportunity to take them out; this was it. However, JIn's explosive entry in the scene was not done. He followed up these three major explosions, with three lesser compact charges that were fired from Hikari's mouth using the projectile launcher part in the puppet's mouth. The charges propagated through the door and on top of the fallen villains when Jin made one of them explode. They were three in number; however, with one exploding the other two also exploded due to the heat; thus resulting in three explosions with a total diameter of 3 meters. The shinobi that had yet to get up from the previous explosion of the door fell victim to this attack and then Jin threw in a smoke bomb. The bomb would fall on the ground, in approximately the center of the room; give or take one meter of difference. And then wait three seconds to explode automatically resulting in a smoke cloud. For the Tataru, the smoke would mean little. They could see using their third eye and identify the numerous villains attempting to attack people. Jin could see the villains, even without using a jutsu (because they're NPC, you need the jutsu for PCs). With the ground shaken and his explosive entry concluded. Jin would hurl the giant puppet within the smoke, attacking the villains and hindering them into getting close with civilians. I guess I'm just mentioning this because I forgot to say it and I don't like vague manipulation. Jin had already attached his chakra strings with Hikari. Otherwise, how else would he make the puppet use the puppet launcher or attack other people? He was using three strings to move the gigantic puppet. One string for the body movement, one was used earlier to activate the puppet launcher. That same one was now controlling the steel claws weapon part; while the third string was using Hikari's chain tail. This chain tail was moving around, in the smoke, knocking and attacking the villains. Word Count: 1039 CP Used: 38/100