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  1. Name | Clay Type | Mineral - Sub-Type | Misc Ranking | E Material(s) | Fine Grained Rock or Soil Dimensions | 1 pound Sack (10 uses) Nature | N/A Appearance | Abilities | N/A Description | Basic Clay used for Making things Availability | Open Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 100
  2. Referrer Name | Lark/KiroyashiReferee Name | Gojyo UchihaCharacter Link |
  3. The group had finally left the Lightning Border and started their way towards the Earth Country, Before they left they had Introduced themselves and told each other what they could do and Left any symbol that they were Lightning Ninja Behind because they would not be getting any help at all from here on out. So Kiroyashi gave his Tools To Hitomaro to look after for later in the mission, His Part of the Mission would be simpler then the rest because he was Paired with the Female Shinobi named Rue. His part was to be a "Couple on Honeymoon" So all he had to do was act the part to not arouse suspicion simple enough. As they were travelling they went over some of the information again and other parts to get themselves better acquainted with each other because knowing your allies weakness and strength helps in the long haul. The Main Goal for the first part of the mission was to Get Access into the Village, then they were to make their way to The Dancing Lotus that was a Geisha Bar and that was were it would Really start. Getting their shouldn't be too hard if everything went to plan, So Kiroyashi parted ways with the others and Followed Rue and then started his Part as the Husband who was a High profile Citizen of Lightning who owned a Large Winery. The Pair had started to make their way off towards the Earth Country boarder they would have to pass to enter the Village and as expected there was guards and patrols waiting for people to pass thru once they had checked their Identification papers. Upon Getting to the Boarder Security they handed over their Identification Papers and at that point Rue started to talk ''-I do not even understand how Mirai can claim such a thing! Like who even goes to The Land of Water for their Wedding AND Honeymoon? How cheap can you be!'' Just going along with it Kiroyashi waited on the Guard to finish checking their Belongings all the while Rue continued ''At least my lovely Kiro here proved his love for me by holding our Wedding reception at Maiden's Falls and then granting me an extended Honeymoon on a cruise that Ports from Earth Country then travels through the Chuukan Sea to The Land of Fire. Kurenai tried to tell me they make some of the best wine and of course, I just had to try this supposed Wine for myself just to rub it in her smug little face that the wine we ferment is beyond compare!'' At this point Kiroyashi was thinking to himself "Jesus and people call me Crazy?". The guards Seemed all too eager to let them go at that point so taking back the Papers Kiroyashi and Rue entered the Boarder of the Earth Country and started to make their way towards their destination. Getting into the Country had proved easier then they had expected and he sighed to himself a little because he wanted a bit more action but he knew that this mission wouldn't always just be a walk in the park so he kept it to himself, At that time Rue started to talk again 'Do you think the mission will go without a hitch?'' To that Kiroyashi looked towards the sky and said "I hope so, because there was this dog back at the village i wanted to pet..." Kiroyashi said to him it made sense to anyone else they would end up being like "what the hell is this guy on about?" But He didn't pay any attention to that type of thing because he thought he was pretty Sane. They had now Finally Arrived in the Desert town of Toredo at this point Rue parted ways with him and made her way towards the Geisha Bar the Dancing Lotus while Kiroyashi slowly followed to make sure he kept an eye on her and also to see if the other guy Aito he thinks the guys name was, would also enter or if he would have to go and search for him. Once Rue had entered the building he waited to see where Aito was and sure enough Aito started to walk towards the building and start to enter it, That was then Kiroyashi's Queue to slowly walk towards the Bar and enter after the two. Opening the Door and entering the building he Noticed that the outside looked better then the inside but he didn't really care a building was a building to him, He walked up towards the Bartender remembering the next part of his Mission he asked the Bartender "Excuse me their was another man that entered who was a builder do you know where he went?" He then got the reply of "He's over in the East Wing" Kiroyashi nodded his head in Thanks and started to make his way towards the Eastern part of the building, getting towards the door of the Room he looked in and there stood Aito making himself Look the part of a builder "Okay we made it safe and sound and so did you it seems" he said in a Low Voice as he entered the Room with Aito. Kiroyashi stretched himself and then he started to move over towards the wall and lean against it while he waited on the next part of the Mission also so he could prepare himself if any trouble was to happen just in case so he could get to Rue as quickly as possible. He thought to himself "The only person left now is Hitomaro lets hope we have good luck" WC 933
  4. Name | Kiroyashi Nickname | Kiro Title Name | Mad Hatter Gender | Male Age | 16 Home Link | Village | Lightning Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth,Bakuton Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu [Novice] Secondary: Bloodline | Bakuton Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | None Friends & Family | All Dead Recent History | Just Attained Genin The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  5. Update Type | Spec Training Update Name | The Art of Training Update Training | Beginner to Novice Update Ryo | Update Links |
  6. Kiroyashi was out for another stroll around the village and the Village outskirts, Having his Equipment on him like he normal would he found himself on top of the Canyon looking down at the Village for absolutely no reason at all. I guess to him it was just something to do and he started laughing to himself thinking how easy it would be to Just Destroy the Village from here with one of his Bombs. But Alas he didn't do it because he would be killed because his bombs Are not powerful enough to do any massive damage at the moment. So he turned around and started to slowly walk himself back down the Canyon towards the Voltage lands, He was told that this area was home to bandits and thieves you name it but that just made him all the more excited to go there. As he started to make his way towards the Area he noticed there was a Dog looking at him, he stopped and looked at the dog thinking to himself "what you are looking at?" the Dog still stared at him, so he started to move himself closer towards the dog to see if it would walk away or not. He got a few feet away from it then it started to turn around and walk away as if asking him to follow, Kiroyashi decided to follow the dog and see where it was going to lead him to. Having slowly following the dog towards what looked like an Abandoned Hut Kiroyashi looked inside to see there were puppies that seemed to have been locked inside, He walked towards the door and started to try and break the door down to get to the Puppies. The Dogs themselves didn't seem to notice anything going on but as soon as he got the Door open and the Puppies Mother rushed in to them they started to bark happily and they started to slowly follow their mother out of the Hut off towards another area. Having helped the Dogs Kiroyashi started to walk his way towards another Area himself. Getting himself to an Area that looked like a Bar he walked in and sat down at the counter and asked if he could have a some water because he had travelled awhile to get to where he is now, The Bartender handed him some water and Kiroyashi drank it up and then started to make his way outside of the Bar again. Now that Kiroyashi had finally found himself an area that looked good to him he went and started to sit himself down, Upon sitting down Kiroyashi started to close his eyes and then he started to Focus his Chakra in a Meditation type Trance to try and get his Chakra to run faster thru his body instead of the speed it was at. This was to try and get his Chakra control up higher then it currently was so he could start to become more experienced in using his Jutsu and His explosions themselves, he sat by himself for what seemed like hours on end just slowly making the Chakra inside of him flow faster but it just wouldn't move as fast as he hopped it would or as easily as it he hopped for. Kiroyashi's Chakra had slowly started to move a bit faster for him he could feel his chakra getting a bit stronger too but he knew if he stopped now he would have to waste even more time doing this later, By the time he had opened his eyes because he was Mentally tired he could feel himself slowly getting more chakra stored up then before. He slowly got himself up off his feet and moved himself to an area that was under Cover and out of the way where no one would go, Once he figured he was safe in that area he found a area on the ground that was big enough for him to sleep on and he laid himself down and had a sleep. By the Time Kiroyashi woke up it was already the next day and he had accomplished what he had set out to do by coming there, Getting up off the floor he started to make his way out of the Voltage lands and back to the Village so he could then start his training on some of his own personal Jutsu and see what his new enhanced chakra could do for him. Upon getting back to the village he noticed that same Dog and its Puppies was there too and he figured out that the dog was actually a Dog owned by a shop owner so he didn't bother going up to the owner and telling him because the dogs were fine. Kiroyashi made his way back to his Apartment and got himself changed into a new fresh set of clothing and off he went again on another stroll around the village, this time to get himself some food and maybe find himself an area to sleep in next time. WC 844/750 Beginner to Novice Training Complete~
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  8. Kiroyashi had been strolling around the village at Twilight spinning and singing not paying attention at all that it was Dark as all hell outside he was just excited because he was going on a mission to another Land. He already had his equipment on him his tools,his vest you name it he had it all on him underneath his Black Cloak he was set to go. But there was still some time before he had to leave so he was just exploring a bit more of the Village because there is less people awake at this time of night and more things to see, He saw a Cat step out in front of him so he started to follow the cat wherever it went trying to see if he was making it scared or if it was just getting annoyed at his presence following it, He didn't care anyway it made him want to try and blow it up but he thought against it because its night time and the explosion would wake people up and he would have to deal with all the flak and wouldn't get to go on his mission that right there made him a bit annoyed. Finally deciding on leaving the cat alone he started to wonder his way towards the Entrance of the village were he was to meet everyone, He noticed that there was three other people already waiting he slowly waddled up towards them, "Hello Hello" Kiroyashi said as he finally got within ear shot, He started to Giggle to himself a bit. So this was to be his First mission with a group of people well it would be interesting to see how others worked in a team as well as he himself, Finally getting himself into place with the others he now was just awaiting the Next Orders. WC: 310/250
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    Welcome Finally to the site Eiko, Join us in Lightning Momo is here, Ever has a character in it too so, Whats better then to just be with people you know hey? Lets hope you have fun here~
  10. All Jutsu and Weapons Purchased Are in Sheet Current Ryo on Creation: 2500Ryo After Purchase on Creation: 0Ryo Remaining Current Total of Ryo: 0Ryo Balance
  11. Name | Kiroyashi Nickname | Kiro Title Name | Mad Hatter Gender | Male Age | 16 Birth Date | 14/07 Hair Color | White Eye Color | Silver/Gray Height | 174 cm (5'8) Weight | 56kg (123 lbs) Appearance | He has medium-Length Gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length. He has Silver/Gray eyes and his skin is somewhat pale. Kiroyashi has an unusual scar on the left side of his face that starts as a pentagram on his forehead, trailing down in a line that severs his eyebrow and mars his eyelid, and hooks slightly at his cheekbone and follows down his cheek down close to his chin. It also has an extra line of scar tissue that runs parallel to his lower eyelid, Kiroyashi often wears concealing jackets and gloves, as well as pants and heavy duty boots, Kiroyashi is of Muscular build that is Lean. The colours of his clothing he wears are normally black and red because he likes those colours the most. His belt is also black so are his pants and Shoes that he wears. When he is off duty he is normally wearing just his black clothing minus his Jacket to show his white/Gray hair. Village | Lightning Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth, Bakuton Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | Bakuton: Favorable | Cards,Explosions,Laughter,Fear,Money,Jokes Unfavorable | Vegetables, none funny jokes, waste of money Personality | Kiroyashi is a man of Laughter Kindness and good wishes, ha who am i kidding Kiroyashi is a man that likes to make others laugh but in bad humour ways like using explosives on Kittens and causing groups of people to run in fear because he has set off some fire crackers, So you can say he is the type of person that will do things just for a laugh or for a bang. He likes to see himself as a joker and a prankster but because of his bloodline Bakuton he takes it to a whole new level with his pranks and jokes. When he is alone he likes to make up plans on his next pranks and other ideas on jutsus he can use his bloodline on to make himself more into a street performer then an actual ninja. Using Decks of Cards and other little gadgets to help him have some fun is also another way he also likes to fight. Philosophy & Beliefs | To bring Love and Joy into peoples hearts with nothing but explosives. History & Background | Kiroyashi was born in a Travelling Circus's Wagon during a cold winters Night, he was a small baby with unusual Gray/white hair with Gray/silvery eyes. His mother and Father were both performers in the Circus but they were also adapt in Ninjutsu to help them with their acts, Around the age of three Kiroyashi was already trying to explore every area he could find. But that sadly landed himself in a bit of hot water causing himself to get attacked by a Bear Cutting his eye giving himself a Scar he now has on his left side of his face, He already had a Pentagram type Birthmark on his forehead so the Scar just continues off that down his face. By the age of 5 Kiroyashi's Parents Got into an accident during their performance and passed away leaving him all by himself with the Circus as his only family. But because the Circus was always moving from town to town they couldn't help him forever so they sent him to the Lightning Village to get him to try and become a Shinobi. By the time Kiroyashi started at the Academy he got attacked by a pack of wild dogs and freaking out he threw his hand out towards them to try and cover himself only to throw chakra at the Dogs, the Chakra that was thrown at the dogs was actually a mutated chakra that did Explosives. Not knowing what he did Kiroyashi ran for his life and hid while he tried to recall what had happened, Once he had calmed down he thought back to it and remembered what he did. Throwing his hands out again he accidentally blew up a boulder that was near him and that just made him start laughing maniacally because he now had a power that he found entertaining and that just started him off on his now Joker type life. Once Kiroyashi had gotten himself Familiar with the village he started at the academy where he would later Graduate and become a Genin.
  12. Name | Yoshimaru Uchiha Nickname | Yoshi Title Name | Gender | Male Age | 16 Home Link | Village | Water Clan | Uchiha Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Fuuinjutsu ( Beginner) Secondary: Bloodline | Sharingan Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  13. Link to Involved Characters | Yoshimaru Uchiha Link to the Missions | Brief Overview | brought dog back to owner gg win.
  14. Update Type | Jutsu AddedUpdate Name |Elemental Sealing JutsuUpdate Training | Update Cost/Pay | C Rank -200 RyoUpdate Link | Total Ryo 1750~ Mission got approved for 8xp and 300 Ryo so I messed up my Count D:
  15. Jutsu Name | Elemental Sealing Jutsu Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C-B-A-S Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Fuuinjutsu Energy Cost | C-Rank | 25 + 10 Chakra for Activation of Scroll B-Rank | 50 + 10 Chakra for Activation of Scroll A-Rank | 75 + 10 Chakra for Activation of Scroll S-Rank | 100 + 10 Chakra for Activation of Scroll Handsigns | C rank: Boar,Snake,Dragon B Rank: Boar,Snake,Dragon,Monkey A Rank: Boar,Snake,Dragon,Monkey,Ox S Rank: Boar,Snake,Dragon,Monkey,Ox,Ram Range | Self Duration | One Post Description | The User pulls out a scroll and does some hand signs as a jutsu is being fired at them, They then open the scroll and Seal the incoming Jutsu being fired at them. The Chakra being fired at them is sealed into the scroll so that the Jutsu can be used at a Later time. The Jutsu that is stored into the scroll can be used at anytime for the Activation cost of the scroll Plus the cost of the Jutsu itself. So C Rank Jutsu Stored C rank Chakra used + Chakra for the Activation B for B so on so on. This Seal Does not work on None Chakra Based Jutsu like Taijutsu, BujiJutsu Anything Physical that is not of Chakra Based Element. Other Effects | Requirements | Fuuinjutsu Status | Closed (Ask Lark to Learn)
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  18. Update Type | D Rank missionUpdate Name | Catch that PetUpdate Training | Update Cost/Pay | 8XP 300 RyoUpdate Link |
  19. It was a Nice sunny day in Mizumura Village it was a cold morning so there was early morning Dew still around on tree leafs,flowers and grass. Yoshimaru woke up Early in the morning begrudgingly but he knew that he had to go to the Mission Office to pick up a mission today, He got himself up out of bed and slowly got himself dressed making sure his clothing was all tightly done up. Once he was dressed he put his Headband on and started out the door and then started to make his way towards the village gate to enter the village, As he walked his way towards the village he smile and nodded his head towards the passing by villagers who were making their way out of the village to the local Fields and the traders who were coming and going. Finally getting to the Gate he showed his Headband was let into the village and he continued his way towards Missions Office to get himself his Mission, As he got to the office he Knocked on the Door and waited for a response "Come In" Said the voice. Yoshimaru opened the door and entered the office to see a Jounin Sitting behind a Desk with different shelves behind him with the Different Ranks on them ranging from D Rank the easiest missions all the way up to the Expert Level X Rank Missions, He walked himself to in front of the Desk and asked "I would like to get myself a D rank Mission today please" He said as he looked at the Jounin. The Jounin Looked him up and down and said "I only have one mission currently, Unfortunately it is just a Dog Capture mission" Yoshimaru didn't mind the mission he was given because it was a Nice easy one, He just had to find and capture the dog and make his way back to the office. The Jounin Handed the mission to Yoshimaru and he opened the scroll looking at it and it showed a Picture of the Dog they wanted him to Collect. He looked at the picture and saw a very beautiful dog that looked like it was looked after very well so he thought to himself "This Dog must of just got out of its house and gone to explore" Taking the scroll he started out of the office and made his way towards the local Parks and other Open areas were Dogs would likely go to try and explore. Walking the street of the local market he saw a few butchers and fruit markets so he walked up to the stores and asked the owners if they had seen the Dog anywhere, "No sorry i haven't seen it" said a few of them until he finally got himself towards the end of the Market where he asked one who answered "Yes i saw him he was running towards the Park over that way", Pointing towards the East so Yoshimaru thanked the Owner and started to make his way towards that park. Finally getting towards the park he was told about Sure enough there the Dog was it looked like he was playing with the small children playing Tag chasing after them and then in turn running away from them, Yoshimaru sat down beside a tree and watched the dog and the children run and play until the children looked as if they were getting ready to start home that is when he got up and started to move over towards the Dog and the children. "Excuse me" he said, the kids looked up towards him and said "Yes mister?" he then told them about the dog and that he would be taking it back to its owner now so that they wouldn't have to worry about the dog getting lost or injured, With the Kids holding onto the dog petting it and hugging it, it gave Yoshimaru enough time to tie a rope to it in a Make shift Lead so he could start to lead it back towards the missions office. "Thank you guys" He said to the kids and they smiled and pet the dog a few more times before they left leaving Yoshimaru to walk to dog back to the office, Getting to the office with the dog he knocked on the Door and entered when he was told and there sat the Dogs owner waiting for him to return with the dog. "Thank you!" the owner said as he saw his start to move towards him with its tail wagging happily "The dog was playing in the Local Park passed the Markets, it seemed to like playing tag with the kids there" The owner smiled and explained how he didn't have all the time in the world to play with the dog like he would want to because of working but none the less he thanked Yoshimaru and payed the Office Jounin the reward to be given to Yoshimaru as well a Doing the other Paperwork for the mission Completion. With the Dog and the owner leaving the Office the Jounin looked at Yoshimaru said to him "Good work on your First mission, Mission Complete". Mission Name | Capture the Pet Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Reward | 200 Mission NPCs | A missing pet, be it a cat, dog, bird, etc. Mission Description | A villager has reported one of their pets missing and may be roaming about the village. The shinobi is tasked with finding this pet and safely returning it to its owner. The mission is considered failed if any harm comes to the pet. Word Count | 400 Words Requirements | None
  20. Update Type | JutsuUpdate Name | Binding JutsuUpdate Training | Update Cost/Pay | C Rank-200Update Link | I need to get rid of these two because i Added them twice and did not notice: D-100R D-100R So total will still be 1650 because +200 for 2 D Rank refund and then -200 for the C rank Jutsu id like to Buy.
  21. Jutsu Name | Binding Jutsu Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-B-A-S Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Fuuinjutsu Energy Cost | C-Rank | 25 B-Rank | 50 A-Rank | 75 S-Rank | 100 Handsigns | C-Rank Horse,Ram,Dragon B-Rank Horse,Ram,Dragon,Monkey A-Rank Horse,Ram,Dragon,Monkey,Ox S-Rank Horse,Ram,Dragon,Money,Ox,Snake Range | C-Rank | 15 meter distance B-Rank | 20 meter distance A-Rank | 25 meter distance S-Rank | 30 meter distance Duration | C-Rank | 3 posts B-Rank | 3 posts A-Rank | 4 posts S-Rank | 4 posts Description | The user Makes some Handsigns or if they are Fuuinjutsu Specialists Write in the air the seal, to make a Seal appear on the ground or touch a person to Bind them into place for up to 3 posts. If placed on the ground the Seal will bind the feet and they will still be able to use their hands, If the seal is placed on the body it will Seal their Feet and Hands making it so they cant move. The Jutsu can be over come if the Opponent uses More Chakra then the Cost of the Seal (Like how Naruto got out of a Seal that bound him by using his Nine Tails Chakra) Or if they are Taijutsu Specialists and Use More Stamina then the cost of the Jutsu/Seal. The Seal needs to be stepped on by the Enemy to activate if it is placed on the ground, A Use of Chakra The same Rank + Five or Stamina of the Same Rank + Five is needed to Break the Seal so they can Move again. The seal placed on the ground Shows up like a Black Inky Spider Web. The Seal that is placed on the body can Either be Shot at the Enemy at C-B-A-S Rank Speed so their is Chance to dodge the Seal Or it can be just placed on Via touch. If put on via touch the seal appears on the Hand, If shot it appears in the Air. Other Effects | Requirements | Fuuinjutsu Status | Closed (ask Lark to Learn)
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  24. If the seal is placed on the ground the Person has to walk into it for it to activate it. For the full body bind they have to touch the person but if they are Fuuinjutsu Specialists they can write in the Air and it stays on there Hand regardless so its like a Write in the Air the put Hand on the written Seal and it appears on the Hand. I wouldn't Mind having it that i can Shoot it at the Person with a Chance to bind them but it would only be a C rank Speed Until Higher etc.
  25. Update Type | JutsuUpdate Name | Scroll Shrinking JutsuUpdate Training | Update Cost/Pay | D-100RyoUpdate Link | New total Ryo 1650