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  1. Name | Gojyo Uchiha Nickname | Go Title Name | The Demon Gender | Male Age | 16 Home Link | Village | Water Clan | Uchiha Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Bukijutsu (beginner) Secondary: Bloodline | Sharingan Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
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  3. Name | Genma edge Type | Chakram (melee) - Sub-Type | projectile Ranking | c Material(s) | Leather, Steel Dimensions | Central ring 45cm diameter, outer circles 15 cm diameter spikes 10cm length by 8cm at largest width Nature | Wind Appearance | Abilities | howling Gale - C rank The user Imbibes the chakrams with chakra then launches them forward creating a gust of wind in a cone infront of the user (6m long 5m width capable of knocking opponents over Description | Forged high in Windswept mountains by a Smith using ores mined deep within the mountain. Comprised of one central circle and 4 outer circles Laden with 8 spikes surrounding them The Red on the interiour edges of the the chakrams is purely cosmetic Availability | Closed. Requirements | BukiJutsu Ryo Cost | 700
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  6. Update Type | Dojutsu Update Name | Sharingan Update Training | Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links | Unlocking the Sharingan
  7. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Fire style: Phoenix flower jutsu Update Training | Update Cost/Pay | 200 Update Links |
  8. Konan: 21Kisame: 15Deidara: 22Hidan: 28Obito: 14 Save konan, kill kisame Konan: 22Kisame: 14Deidara: 22Hidan: 28Obito: 14
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  10. After spending the better half of a hour finding and sending as many Shinobi as he could to the blazing slums Gojyo decided it was time he himself went and tried to aide the efforts in quelling the inferno and rescuing as many citizens as possible. His most predominant thought on his way was "I've got to prove that i'm not just another pathetic Genin". Arriving on Scene Gojyo notice three main buildings that seemed to be where the fire originated from, Pulling up the first civilian he sees Gojyo begins his inquiries to try and discern where and how the fire started. "Which building did the fire start in?" He asks the old man, "I'm not sure, I think it might have started by the old bakery. I'm not completely sure as i was woken by my wife saying she smelt something burning, next thing we new it was like this" The old man gestures to the burning buildings, smoke laden air and civilians running all around. "Tch. I guess there's nothing more to it than that perhaps it was just misfortune. I will keep investigating, thank you Old man" Gojyo replies. Moving on with his mission Gojyo starts running towards the old bakery taking as much care as possible while avoiding citizens and falling debris. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a shadow dancing behind the flames, looking for a clear path to where the shadow was. To his left 2 burning buildings lumbered , in front of him a burning bridge and to his right more burning buildings. Taking the only viable path to try and discover what or who the shadow was Gojyo decided the risk of dashing under the bridge was worth it, running forward through the tunnel Gojyo notices a dead child still smoldering from being caught in the flames, a slight tear forms in his eye "such a waste of life, I hate seeing things like this" he thinks to himself as started coughing due to the smoke "Shit I knew I shouldn't have come down this stupid tunnel, this was a absolutely stupid idea.". Covering his mouth with his sleeve Gojyo ran as fast as he could to escape what could be the death of him if he doesn't get out of the tunnel quickly. As he reached the end of the tunnel a beam fell from above him and he noticed it despite it being on a odd angle. "hmpff that was strange i swear that should have hit me, oh well ill just count it as luck" . Looking up he takes a few deep breaths and goes to the spot he saw the dancing shadow, To his shock and horror someone had fallen out of a burnt building and impaled their throat on a Steel pole that looked to be the remains of a standard. Pulling out his Moon's Fang Blade he activates the mechanism and launches the Crescent blade at the pole to sever it and drop the corpse. Jumping forward Gojyo catches the corpse and lays them on the ground running his fingers across the corpses eyes forcing the eyelids shut. Looking around he decides he should try to do something about the flames on the buildings arround him, He looks at a two story house "Hmm i dont really have much in the way of water jutsu or anything that i could truly be effective to put these flames out... but i might be able to do something about some of the smaller blazes" getting annoyed by the heat he starts flicking the Crescent at the base of the flames in an attempt to put them out. Gojyo accidentally strikes a weakened support beam from the building causing a wall to crumble, Four burnt corpses fall out of the buildings rubble and land ontop of him "Shit!, What the fuck is this, this shouldnt be happening this is too much" He pushes them off jumping backwards as he gets up only to then be hit by a searing pain in his eyes. Sitting there for a few minutes waiting for the pain to subside he starts to wonder if it finally happened. Had his sharingan finally awoken? Deciding to go try to find any other shinobi with water jutsu Gojyo got up and jumped to nearby rooftops to begin his search once again.
  11. Name: Motonori swamplands. Region: Region 11 Appearance: Description:These dense Swamplands have not been explored in many years. Filled wit exotic wildlife, new materials and even unknown herbs and vegetation.... what mysteries lie within its fog and marshes ... (To be extended ) brain fart
  12. Hearing screams echoing in the night Gojyo awoke and looked out of his window and saw the village in utter chaos. His natural instinct was telling him to go right to the scene and try and help as his gut was telling him but following protocol he rushed off to the mizukage's office to inform his lord of the situation incase by some rare and unforseen circumstance his lord had not been informed of the situation that had arisen within the slums. Once he arrived at Lord Mizukages office he was informed of the situation more in depth, "Fires have sprung up all across the Slums, the cause as yet to be confirmed" Said the Mizukage. At that moment a Jounin leapt through the window into the office "Lord Mizukage the fires show no signs of weakening we need more men in the streets, the civilians of the slums are hysterical and the criminal element might rear their heads". Hearing this the Mizukage ordered Gojyo to go awaken and gather as many shinobi as he could to aid him in quenching the fires and organising the villagers. Gojyo thought it was wierd that he had been assigned the task over the Jounin "But my lord would it not be more effective to send the Jounin" he protested. Whilst he was protesting the jounin stepped forward and stated "Your lord has issued you orders Genin. Move out immediately or you will be punished for your insolence" . Gojyo reluctantly left the office to do what he had been ordered to, as he got to the street he stopped for a moment and lit a cigarette muttering "pfft stupid Jounin doesn't know what's good for him, he could have had this slackers job". Finishing his cigarette Gojyo leapt off once more to go find and request the aide of as many of his fellow shinobi as possible.
  13. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Transformation technique Clone Technique Update Training |Free Update Cost/Pay | Free Update Links | Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Fire Release misty flame dance Update Training |Free Update Cost/Pay | 100 Update Links | Update Type | Weapon Update Name | Moon's Fang Blade Update Training |Free Update Cost/Pay | 700 Update Links |
  14. Jutsu Name | Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns Rat-Tiger-Tiger Range | 15 Meters Duration | 3 Description | The creates a volley of small fireballs from their mouth, which are sent flying in an unpredictable manner assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled individually with chakra, so the user is capable of minor directional shifting. The user is able to hold their breath after doing the seals until they are ready to activate. Other Effects | Projectile weapons can be concealed within the flames Requirements | Status | Open
  16. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Surface Walking Technique Update Training |Free Update Cost/Pay |Free Update Links |
  17. Name | Moon's Fang Spade Type | Stave - Sub-Type | Sickle and Chain Ranking | C Material(s) | Carbon steel Dimensions | 1.3m Hollow stave with a 30 cm crescent blade and 25cm spade 1.3m chain Nature | Fire Appearance | Chain is hidden inside the stave attached to crescent moon with a slide to release it for use Abilities | c-rank molten Retreat Description | The user Imbibes the Weapon with Fire nature chakra causing the weapon to heat to searing temperatures so when they strike they Scald or burn the target, can provide a excellent retreat opportunity. Availability | Personal Requirements | Bukijutsu, Flame Release Ryo Cost | 700
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  20. Name | Gojyo Uchiha Nickname | Go Title Name | The Demon Gender | Male Age | 16 Birth Date | October 7th Hair Color | Blood red. Eye Color | Crimson Height | 5"4 Weight | 75kg. Appearance | Gojyo has Shoulder length blood red hair which he was born with despite his family having Jet black hair typically, He has 2 scars under his Left eye from a battle when he was attacked in an alley when he was 9 years old. Tone in body from the intense physical training that is required to be a ninja. Rarely seen without a headband be it either his forehead Protector(which is typically wrapped around his cigarettes or his bandana. Attire wise Gojyo wears singlets and jackets typically avoiding the mainstream attire of his comrades and Sensei's Claiming that he'd rather die than be seen it it. Gojyo is a oddity Due to his eyes being Crimson from birth No-one knows why or how he was born with them but it lead to rumors of him being cursed not that he cares. Typically the one thing he can be seen wearing is Jeans Village | Water Village. Clan | Uchiha Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | c Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Bukijutsu Bloodline | Sharingan Favorable | Peaceful days, Enjoying meals with those he trusts, Playing practical jokes, Cigarettes , women, Sweets. Unfavorable | Needless fighting, Vendettas, Greed , Liars, Ebi, Personality | Gojyo's been inquisitive from a young age whether it be sneaking into places, pulling stuff apart, trying new things he would always be up for the challenge this is part of his drive, his motivation is unparalleled when he sets his mind to something it will be done. In times of great stress Gojyo lights a smoke and starts making witty remarks, being seen as frivolous and impish by his peers and friends Gojyo's main ambition is to end the hatred and revenge in this world to make it a peaceful place for all. Gojyo has always been compassionate, when someones injured he will lend a hand, always keeping an eye out for danger he still keeps an open mind when it comes to things. While some of his friends spend their time gambling Gojyo has stated many times how much he dislikes it and thinks it is a "wretched habit worth no more than a speck of dust" so while they gamble he just relaxes on the roof having a smoke thinking about how he will bring about his ideal world. (OOC Gojyo is a relaxed guy who has some morals and ideally a agenda which he will strive towards whilst keeping those he cares for as safe as possible) Philosophy & Beliefs | "if we continue to seek out revenge, killing each other .. we will certainly kill ourselves as well. In allowing bad feelings like greed and hated to grow and fester inside of us breeds only more of the same" History & Background | While Giving Birth to Gojyo his mother Mirune Uchiha died leaving Gojyo at his father Ieyasu Uchiha's whim and will to raise. Ieyasu always told Gojyo that if he had never been born he would have his beloved Mirune still and not some pathetic and weak little brat. One day Gojyo heard another child of his clan talking to another about Gojyo's Blood red hair. The child told his friend that he had heard from his father that the Blood red hair and Crimson eyes Gojyo was born with was his curse for being born that fateful night and killing his mother. The children noticed Gojyo watching him and started yelling "go away demon, leave us alone or we will tell our parents you tried to kill us too" this made Gojyo lunge at the children yelling all the time "I NEVER KILLED ANYONE" despite this he kind of liked being called Demon and chose to call himself "the demon" Gojyo spent most of his formative years cleaning the Home while Ieyasu punished him at any opportunity he was given, One such time was a beating with a bamboo rod which left him with two scars below his left eye. The punishments lead him to be rebellious Starting with Practical jokes at the expense of his father and clansmen. Gojyo became interested in ninjutsu and fighting when he met some academy students while out buying some groceries. Gojyo then decided it was time to ask his father why he couldn't go to the academy and learn to be a brave and strong warrior like the rest of the Children his age, To which Ieyasu Replied that he could just die for all he cares this really annoyed Gojyo so he punched Ieyasu claiming that he'd rid this world of hate and greed. The next enlistment opportunity for the academy was in a couple of weeks. The now 15 year old Gojyo started making friends with some Academy students who showed him some things they had learned during their time at the academy. One showed him some basic Ninjutsu which Gojyo appeared to be adequate as the elder student put it. Another student Gojyo met showed him some basic weapons Techniques. To the students surprise Gojyo picked up a Staff for his first lesson and was on equal grounds with him, The student taken aback didn't know what to think as he was told by others of Gojyo's troubled past and upbringing.Gojyo entered the academy and quickly became favored by his Peers and teachers for his natural aptitude weapons while still being able to assess the situation. Gojyo still continued with his antics through the academy, when he finally graduated his father never attended the ceremony, Gojyo went home and found that Ieyasu had drunk himself to death, he took the packet of cigarettes from the floor and lit one as he exhales he commented to himself "blasted fool why didn't you just give me a chance, too late now this is where hatred and greed get you" Farewell father. During his first mission as a Genin Gojyo's Team was sent to protect a merchant from bandits while he took his wares back to his Village. While his Jounin teacher was busy fighting 4 bandits another 5 appeared and attacked Gojyo and his two team mates. Gojyo tried as hard as he could to protect his two teammates One teammate died that day. Once they had dispatched the bandits Gojyo clutched his eyes bellowing in pain screaming "my eyes what the hell is going on why do they hurt so much". The Jounin Leader of their team came to check on Gojyo only to notice that his eyes were not just a crimson now they bore the Sharingan, Gojyo asked why it hadn't awoken During his time in the Academy to which he was told "The Sharingan only awakens during great emotional conditions, Gojyo realised that this meant the death of his teammate would have caused this as regretful as he was for it. That day he vowed to end the fighting , end the hate and revenge. He himself would change this world and make it a peaceful haven for all who live there.
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