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  1. Done.
  2. Update Type | Equipment Update Name | Breast Dagger, (2 Sets) Glass Kunai, x2 Kunai Leg Holster. Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | 300 + 100 [2 Sets] + 200 [2 Kunai leg Holster left & right leg) = 600 Ryo. Update Links | Breast Dagger, Glass Kunai and Kunai Leg Holster
  3. Thanks for the information! I've made adjustments accordingly.
  4. Update Type | Adding Jutsu Update Name | Syrup Clone[c], Cutting Pulse[c], Water Whip[c], Teppoudama - Water Gunshot[c], Water Encampment Wall[c], Water Bullets[c] Update Training N/A Update Cost/Pay | 6 C-Rank x 200 Ryo = 1200 Ryo Used. Update Links | | Suiton † Syrup Clone, Cutting Pulse, Suiton: Water Whip, Teppoudama - Water Gunshot, Water Encampment Wall, Water Bullet
  5. Jutsu Name | Suiton † Syrup Clone Ranking | C-Rank. Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | C-Rank: 15 CP Per Clone. (2 Clone Max.) Handsigns | Snake, Tiger, Ox. Range | Can Travel 10 Meters Max from User. Duration | 3 Post Max. Description | Sayuri will form the Snake seal and spew Syrup from her mouth. The syrup itself is physically similar to the water, with the exception that it's sticky to the touch (Think Honey). The chakra within the syrup will then form into a clone that will appear three feet from the user. The clone itself is capable of using physical combat, but cannot use Jutsu. The clone can easily be destroyed by hitting it with a C-rank technique or higher, and when it does, it will explode releasing syrup 4 ft in all directions. If a person is covered in Syrup, it will generally slow the movements of equal rank Shinobi. The clone will last a total of three posts before naturally exploding on it's own. Other Effects | Slow movement by 1/2 rank. Requirements | Suiton User. Status | Personal, unless taught by Sayuri.
  6. I'm game. I had heard a little about it, but didn't get the details. o:
  7. Hello! I'm looking to dive into the roleplaying world. I'm pretty active in regards to role-playing and my goal is to eventually become a Chuunin with my character Sayuri. If anyone has an opening on a team or just wants to set up something temporary, let me know!
  8. I updated the sheet, no biggie.
  9. Can the 2500 Ryo for creating my C-rank character be added to the sheet? Thank you.
  10. Name | Setsamura, Sayuri Nickname | Sin. Title Name | The Flower Kunoichi. Gender | Female. Age | Fourteen. Home Link | Sayuri. Village | Flame Village. Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin. Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank. Element(s) | Suiton [Primary], Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu [Primary] Secondary: Genjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | --- Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  11. Based on this Link, I believe I should receive 2500 Ryo?
  12. What's up! My name is Alex and I'm pretty familiar with the role-play world/Narutoverse. Essentially, I'm just looking to have a good time and enjoy some writing, it's my stress from the real world. I look forward to learning more about this place and role playing with everyone. ^.^
  13. Name | Setsamura, Sayuri Nickname | Sin. Title Name | The Flower Kunoichi. Gender | Female Age | Fourteen. Birth Date | March 23rd. Hair Color | Strawberry Blonde. Eye Color | Hazel. Height | 5'5" Weight | 128 Ibs. Appearance | Beauty, is just the word to use to describe her. Sayuri took after her mother Hana and is known amongst the village, due to her mature appearance. Sayuri’s sun kissed skin allows her to not have to wear any make-up, although she does choose to wear eyeliner and lip balm, as most girls her age do. Shoulder length hair is always straightened or in a ponytail, often leaving strands of hair dangling across her face when her locks are held up. Sayuri’s body is that of your average young girl, she is still growing and filling in certain areas. Finger and toenails can be seen as a shade of violet or pink, as she always makes sure that they're painted. Rather vain and caring about her appearance, Sayuri’s outfit is fairly simple, yet stylish. Starting from the feet up, Sayuri wears the typical Shinobi sandals. The Kunoichi’s shoes extend past her knees, right underneath her thighs. Lower body consist of crimson shorts, with black trimming on them. They aren’t particularly low cut, but they do show off skin. Sayuri’s upper body is covered by a tight black undershirt, the shirt has a red lining to it along each arm. Wrapped around her waist as a belt, her Hitai-ate rests. It’s the same shade as her hair, during missions she will place the Hitai-ate on her head to symbolize her pride for the Flame Village. . Strapped behind the belt are Sayuri’s two steel Tessen. Village | Flame Village. Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin. Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank. Element(s) | Suiton [Primary], Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | --- Favorable | Sweets, the scent of vanilla, regularly working out and staring at attractive men. Unfavorable | Sayuri is absolutely terrified of snakes, due to her being bitten by one while climbing a tree as a kid. She believes they’re very ominous and evil creatures. Personality | Going by looks, and what Sayuri wants to do with her life, it's easy to label her as stuck-up or prude. While she may initially come off that way, at her core is a rather shy, immature little girl with a love of cute things, slacking off and laughing. But a ninja is a calculating, purposeful being. At least, that's what her father tries to instill in her head at every available opportunity. Sayuri is a jokester at heart, a persona' who radiates light and always trying to make others laugh. Sayuri has this idea due to her father telling her that male Shinobi's have somewhat of a advantage against Kunoichi, at least physically. Sayuri's father always told her to train her mind, because someone can be stronger than you, yet if you outsmart them..the ball will be in your court. Sayuri lets her attitude get the best of her at times, being that she is a teenager, she can act somewhat spoiled in certain situations. Although she can be immature, the girl has a brain. She can think for herself, as well as her group. Philosophy & Beliefs | Sayuri is a firm believer that we are all created equal, so long as we reside in the Flame Village. Although she is young, she is willing to lend an ear or a helping hand to all of those around. Considering herself somewhat of a mentor to academy Students, Sayuri's ultimate goal is to be remembered for her helpful ways and beauty. History & Background | All of her life, Sayuri has found herself fascinated with people. Her interests started from a particularly young age, taking in her surroundings and committing the most interesting things around to memory. Awareness of one's surroundings is already something that everyone who can function gains an awareness of, but maybe in Sayuri's case it's more true than for most others. It's hard to accurately pinpoint when the girl gravitated her focus from "things" to "people", but her focus on the latter has been prominent in her growth towards the young woman she is today. Being an only child and only having one parent, Sayuri's father dedicated his life to raising her right. You see, Sayuri's father was also a shinobi. The man was of Jounin class and well known in the hunting field, his main job as a Shinobi was to hunt down missing nin, a bounty hunter for the most part. Shinzo (Sayuri's father) was a very intelligent man, which one would say where Sayuri received her ability for quick thinking and tactics in combat. In his prime, Shinzo was a great help to the Flame Village. Now the man is retired, living off of the funds that he has saved through the years and taking the time to raise his daughter into a talented kunoichi. Sayuri isn't very sure what happened to her mother, the topic seems to be rather awkward every time she questions it. The girl believed that her mother may have abandoned the village or been slayed on a mission, but for the most part she kept away from those thoughts. Sayuri's childhood consisted mainly of her father teaching her the difference between right and wrong and staying as pure as possible. At a very young age, Shinzo had determined that the girl would follow the path of Kunoichi; regardless of what she wanted. At the age of 9 Sayuri was placed into the Konoha academy, the girl hadn't yet grasped the concept that this is the path that she would be following for the rest of her life. During her time in the academy, Sayuri excelled in most areas; although she wasn't all that great in Taijutsu. She made many friends and learned many things, ninjutsu being her favorite style. Sayuri wasn't one of the most popular girls, although she did have many offers to join the little females group. At the age of 14 Sayuri was promoted to Genin status, now she eagerly continues to push herself in order to move forward to that of the next rank; Chuunin.